Bar buddy frot.


Bar buddy frot.Throwing back some drinks at the our neighborhood bar, a friend and I kinda started talking about some previously discussed but kind only in joking about eventually DPing a girl. I remember from that point forward when we would hang out having beers we would kind of talk about jacking off and watching porn and just generally get kinda dirty whispering about the bartender and what we would like to do with her etc. This one particular night, it was getting close to closing time. I lived basically across the street and noticed how excited the jokes and discussion had made me. We were the only two at the bar at the time and when the bartender walked off I said “Do you wanna go to my house and watch some porn?”. I was shocked that I’d asked but he quickly replied “totally”.So we get to my house. At this point I am feeling a little nervous. We get to the couch and he doesn’t hesitate to pull down his shorts and sit down with his semi hard cock in his hand. I was a little surprised how quickly he went for it. I still was working on getting something going on the TV but was immediately distracted. This is the first time I have ever done something like this and here is a good friend, a tall strong muscular Latino man with lots of tattoos sitting on my couch doing what I had done many times there myself. Something that until you experience with another man you kinda think, I am so weird for doing this. It was so natural. As I am trying to get the internet to work and get something going on xhamster, it just wasn’t working so he pulled out his phone and kinda leaned into me so we could illegal bahis both watch. It was a mature bukkake clip from what I remember. I was trying to keep this as straight as possible. I was obviously excited that we are doing this together and just trying to focus on myself and distract myself from what I wanted to glance at every now and then, his great cock. That said, I notice every now and then him glance at mine as I was stroking. Then I knew that it was free game. His cock is about 7 inches, like mine but with a smaller head and nice and thick. It was really awesome to compare the two as I watched him stroking and beginning to breath deep. As I am trying to fight the urge to put my hand on his thigh and grip into him when I got excited, I said “I have always fantasized about rubbing my dick on another guy’s”. He didn’t say anything but I could sense that he was thinking about it. It was then that I put my hand on his thigh and squeezed. That was the moment it all changed.As we continued to watch porn together his thighs shift and then I notice his cock is leaning toward mine as he strokes and strokes. My heart dropped with excitement at this point. So I shifted as well and we began to sword fight! I would slap my hard cock around his and he would do the same to mine. We sat up straight again and as I jack off my cock with my left hand, my right hand is squeezing and caressing his balls as he continues to jack off. The soft skin of his ball sack is just getting my dick insanely hard. Before I know it I am stroking his soft but firm and hot cock with my right hand as I stroke my own illegal bahis siteleri with my left hand. At this point I feel like I am on top of the world. My hands are full and I am working for two. I stroke both of our hot dicks at the same pace, almost getting a bouncing motion going. I was having so much fun. It was then that my mouth began to water…As I get on my knees in front of him where he it sitting on the couch I notice how much his head is tilted back with his eyes closed but his mouth open. He is just feeling good and enjoying this. He had actually spent some time in prison when he was young for a marijuana offense many years prior and for some reason that was going through my head as I made the choice so suck his beautiful cock. I knew that he wouldn’t stop me. I knew that perhaps he had had something like this in the past. My tongue finds its way from his balls to the tip, I lick all of the spots I know make me feel amazing and I thrust his soft, hard, warm cock in my mouth. It’s amazing the tongue work you can do with a nice dick in you mouth and your head goes up and down. I can’t emphasize enough how much my mouth was watering. I felt like a fucking porn star. I wanted to suck his dick so well that he just exploded in my mouth. Not sucking too hard but also trying to read his reaction to what I would do. Honestly not much different than how I love to eat a beautiful pussy. You can tell what’s working and what’s not. I gag on it once or twice more and realize how fucking hard my cock is and then I imagine the big finish. I pull his beautiful cock out of mouth and canlı bahis siteleri stand up, straddle him and with my right hand press our cocks together and I thrust forward. Stopping for a second I let a little bit of drool fall from my mouth all the way down to our now fully touching cocks and balls together. This provided perfect lube. Once this happens, I notice that he is starting to breath really heavy. I had done all of this so nervous of my next step and he was loving it. We just played with our cocks together over and over. He would take over the grip of our frot and I would take grip back. He would thrust and then I could. I am just bouncing around in his lap, feeling our balls start to slap together…His breathing becomes heavy and large. He slaps my hand away and starts rubbing them together faster and faster. Heavy breathing becomes heavier and I feel his cock flexing and flexing. Hot cum begins to flow out of his perfect cock. It was perfect. I could feel every muscle in my body begin to flex and a slow trickle of my precum became a waterfall. one, two, three, four pumps. I absolutely exploded all over his belly. I climbed off of him and got a towel for us. Unfortunately the panic set in that all of this had just transpired. I did then and continue to today consider myself bisexual but in that moment decided to say “don’t tell anyone this happened.” He chuckled as he stood up and pulled his shorts up. I then said “let’s get some beers again soon” to which he replied “sounds good, cheers.” and walked upstairs and out the door. This was only my second experience with another man but definitely my favorite up to this point. We still talk to this day but he has since moved. Sometimes I will text him to see how and what he is doing when I am naked and jacking off. Thanks for reading. Feels amazing to write all of that out.

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