Bannon’s Binge


Bannon’s BingeMichelle Bannon washed dishes. They were not hers, only her responsibility as a dishwasher. She puffed a white curl from her face and tried to blink stinging sweat from here left eye. Up to the elbows in suds, she thought about home. It had been months since she arrived on the Qadesh Hub Station, fleeing the boredom of a small family farm of a small moon of an inconsequential planet of a backwater system…The farm was all she knew, trained to work the land and care for the a****ls and just generally be a farmer, until she turned 19. She bought a book chip from one of the transport ship crewmen. An Encyclopedia Universal chip, it told and showed many things from around the many other systems she had never even known existed. instead of farming and birthing c***dren her world opened up to encompass the whole of the galaxy. Farm life was hardly enough to satisfy her curiosity, so she figured a way off planet. One bag of belongings, a little cash, and her EU Chip in hand she bartered her way off world.The Spacer was named Jallin. He was human, older than her, and was only charging 100 credits to stow away in the back of his cab. She wrote a goodbye letter to her family and climbed in the ship. She wondered why he smiled the way he did, and soon found out why. She also discovered the credits weren’t the real cost. She had never seen a penis before, but she immediately knew she loved the look and feel of them. “Hand job?” came from her mouth quickly as he grabbed her hand and taught how to start on his rigid cock, him in the pilot seat, her in the copilot seat. The cockpit was pretty small but she was able to maneuver enough to get comfortable, propping her elbow on the console between them. Jallin flipped a switch and let go of the controls, assumedly letting the craft fly itself.He slid her hand down the length of his cock, grasping firmly. He groaned when she reached the bottom, tugging his foreskin all the way down to expose the head fully.”What’s that?” she asked, poking with her other hand.”Hey, that hurts. Lube me up first.” Jallin darted watching her rub his dry dick. She looked up at him, lost as a deer in headlights. “Spit on it, lick it, suck it, just get it slippery!” She sucked her tongue, willing a wad of spit to fill her mouth. Lips pursed she brought the dribble forward…Michelle blushed with heat that started in her nether regions. She hadn’t even noticed she had been washing the same plate for some time now. She rinsed it and began another, her face cooling quickly. “That was my first cock” she thought, the warmth not fleeing from her vagina only causing moistness to develop. How many had she had since then? Not a ton, but certainly more than an ample supply. Months later she had a steady lover who helped her forge skills that had only been explored before. Only used to get what she needed, when money or a gun wouldn’t do the trick. A meal here, a ride there, a place to sleep… She understood fully what she had to barter with, and it was in high demand.It would be a week later when the second lover had come to her. This one took her virginity, though it was given willingly in trade for a hot meal and a seat on a transport ship leaving a small refueling asteroid. Ghidi 4 was barren except for the fueling station. An interstellar shipping depot it had many things needed on long runs. Showers, beds, a restaurant, and supplies. After Jallin she paid batman escort money for a ride that landed her here. She rented a sleep pod and researched her next move for a day before asking around for passage. Most she couldn’t afford, but a spacer from Claudia VII named her untouched pussy. She never forgot how it felt having four arms groping, rubbing, and penetrating her. She still wasn’t sure how, but he had climaxed without using a penis. Not one she recognized anyways. All she remembered was having her pussy fingered deep, clit rubbed, both nipples played with, and then a mess afterwards.” ‘Chel. You awake? It’s almost closing time. Hurry up with those dishes” brought her back to the present.”Oh, sorry M. Must have been daydreaming.””Maybe you should stay in tonight, then. Leave the rest for the morning” M’Tokilat ordered from under his mask. His voice was electronic static, translated and projected by the mouthpiece of his mask. It topped his enviro-suit, designed to keep his body pressurized in atmosphere similar to his home planet Svati IV. A gas giant made mostly of methane his species had evolved unable to breathe the oxygen common to a majority of species’ home worlds. Michelle often wondered what he looked like under there. In fact, could he even be male? She always said ‘He’ but had never thought to ask.”Night M.” she hurled around the door, hands already reaching back to remove her apron. All these daydreams had her worked up. She still felt warm in her crotch and would have to change panties for sure when she got to her room, ensuring a net-call to Abraham at the very least.*******The shower felt great. Michelle pushed the button to stop the water, reaching for a towel from behind the curtain. Grasping only air, she peeked her head out to find Abraham standing in the doorway holding the towel. “I was going to call you and leave a few dirty messages. ” she told him, stepping out into the cold air of the bathroom. Her nipples instantly hardened, gooseflesh rising along her spine and arms, cascading down her body. She shivered. “I was in the neighborhood already. Had a delivery. Figured I’d stop in. Don’t let that stop the dirty messages, though.” he smiled. Well, not so much a smile as a leer at her nakedness. His eyes very obviously roamed her body, from her toes to her tidily trimmed pubic hair, across her toned but not too muscular stomach, past her ample size C/D breasts bulls eyed with erect nipples, and finishing with her hazel eyes. “I never do, do I?” towel in hand and running across her body “You going to be free tonight?””Not all night. Got a while to spare now, but I have a few more deliveries. The off the record kind. Will take most of the night.””Then maybe ” she said, dropping the towel and reaching for his non-pocketed hand” we should do this now. Been thinking about you the last few hours of work.””Have you, then?” “Well, not specifically at first, but eventually I thought of you.” hand placed on her breast, nipples being kneaded, her own hand pulling his shirt up and fumbling with his belt buckle. “I’m not just a piece of meat, you know.””Shut up, you know you like it. Besides, if I weren’t the best fuck you’ve had in a long time” belt undone, pants unbuttoned, quickly swelling cock removed “you’d be making those deliveries now.” Michelle’s hands began to stroke, gently sliding up and down the shaft, balls caressed. He swelled more when she escort batman began to drop to her knees.Her lips were centimeters away from the tip of his cock. Her breath teased him while she stroked his balls. She smiled up at him before unleashing her tongue. It swirled around the head then down the shaft before trailing back up and taking him in. Her mouth teased the head, taking only it in, tongue swirling around, playing with the meatus. Abraham moaned and groaned As she took more of him in. Halfway down now, he was pumping his hips to fuck her face. She gave one slow suck and took it out to stand, hands grasping balls and shaft still. “Fuck me now” she said walking him backwards and into the bedroom. He was removing his shirt and jacket as they went, leer now a full grin, cock as engorged as possible, and then he fell back onto the bed. Still struggling to remove his shirt he felt his pants slide off. As it rose over his eyes she mounted him, reaching back between her legs to guide him into her. Her pussy sucked greedily as she slid down the length. A respectable length and girth that filled her pussy well. His hands gripped her side, fitting perfectly where the chest dips in and then out to become the abdomen. He helped her to ride, sucking and biting on her nipples. She worked her hips, rolling her pussy as she rode. He moaned before rolling her to her back. Michelle reached down to massage her clit while he fucked her, holding her ass to slide his cock across her g spot. She writhed underneath him, the pace quickening, his balls slapping her asshole. “Harder!” she gasped. Abraham took her wrists, pinning her underneath him, her arms over her head. Michelle wrapped her legs around him, using them to force him deeper into her pussy. She began to moan then, loudly, sure the neighbors could hear her and not giving a damn. Let them listen. She imagined them listening to her sounds, perhaps stroking their own cocks, fucking their own lovers, or pleasuring themselves in some other way while imagining the fucking she was receiving. This only fed her, driving her to the edge of cumming and almost forcing her off, screaming. Abraham’s thrusts were weakening, his legs preparing to give out . She ran her nails down his back forcing his back to an arch, and his cock again to it’s deepest. She pushed him off and laid him down. He needed his strength, but she needed his cock at full strength. She sucked his balls, then, taking one completely in her mouth and gently tugging it. Her hands switched off on his cock, and she let the testicle fall from her lips so she could gently lap his taint. Her tongue barely brushed it several times before she took his other nut in her mouth. He was breathing easier and groaning, his hands on her head pulling her hair. She ran her tongue along the underside of Abraham’s cock, licking from his sac to the tip, then gobbled his cock more. Time to get him to want to cum in the worst way, she slid her mouth all the way down, holding him in her throat. His fingers dug into her scalp. She pulled off and breathed a single breath before forcing his member into her throat once more. He pulled her off by her hair and pulled her to mount again. He was fucking back now, getting as deep as he could, preparing to cum in her. This was her favorite part, being filled like that. She was nearing the cliff again, hoping they would fall together into the depths of batman escort bayan the orgasm below.Hands on her ass forced her to ride faster and faster. They were both breathing hard, moaning, groaning, fighting the urge but burning to cum, wanting to cum together. They kiss lips, bit ears and necks, licked nipples, and they came in one explosion. Abraham thrust upward into her, shooting cum as deep as he could. His nails dug into her ass while her thighs squeezed him. Back arched, her mouth was next to his ear, her delighted squealing feeding his pleasure as his throbbing cock fed hers. Panting, they lay there for a time recovering. But “packages” need delivering, and she still wanted to hit the club. Abraham was dressed and at the door. Michelle, still naked, lay her head on his chest, he hugged her, and they kissed.”I love when I can taste pussy in your kisses, Chel. Especially when it’s your own.” and his tongue was in her mouth, taking as much of her juices with him as he could.”Well, I AM a piece of meat. Call me later if you want more. Maybe I’ll already have some company, but you’re always welcome to join… or watch.””Don’t count on it. This delivery’s on the other side of the station. It’ll take a while. I’ll call you when I get back.” A final kiss and he was gone, but the smell of their fucking and the cum in her pussy remained.*****Michelle didn’t bother to cover the odor much. It was like an aphrodisiac. Smelling like sex would earn you attention and eventually more sex. Laws of nature cannot be bargained with, not that she wanted to. Jumpsuit on, satchel in place, she stepped out her front door. It swished closed, instantly locking behind her. She meandered down the street to the mass transit terminal. Where would she go tonight? She laughed at the thought of night. The space station was not even in orbit around an asteroid. It hung there in space, ships coming and going all the time. Universal Time ruled the day, but light cycles were important too. To compensate for the lack of sun a fake video sky was built that cycled through night and day. There were sometimes clouds, and sometimes you could see familiar shapes in them, but those were just some bored graphic designers idea of a joke. She had seen penises, rabbits, things with wings, and even nightmarish face that would be gone just as you caught what it was in that LCD ceiling. It was much better than the farm, though. They had a sun, but it was usually blocked by the planet they orbited. To maintain regular light cycles they used lights. In the day (if the sun wasn’t hidden behind Garrus IX’s immense frozen body) lights would shine all over. Nights were difficult, to say the least, sometimes, because of this same planetary situation. She looked up now to see a moon hovering there, halfway up the sky. Sometimes there was more than one, made to mimic the various home worlds of immigrants. This one was supposed to be that of Earth, if it even existed anymore. Interstellar travel made having a home your choice. She hoped to be off Qadesh Hub within the next few months, but hadn’t decided the next destination. She stared up at the moon while she walked. If she hadn’t she wouldn’t have noticed it ripple. It wasn’t supposed to do that, was it? Maybe it was. Maybe it wasn’t earth’s moon. It rippled again, but this time she felt her legs quake. Slightly, almost not enough to notice, but she knew she felt it. She watched the moon, and it would be that image she remembered most even after the alarms stopped and the sky went dead. After the crippled station was long abandoned and she was halfway across the galaxy. The moon wasn’t supposed to shudder.

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