Ballet School Ch. 02

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Chapter Two-New love

We both got up early and looking at each other and around the still silent dorm, smiled, then laughed.

“You too Jay!”

“Yeah, I’m an early riser my friend, always like being first up and first to get going.”

“Looks like we have something in common, other than the obvious,” and he smiled looking at my erect cock, straining the thin fabric of my bikini underwear.

“You really are beautiful Jay. I can stare at that all day and dream of what it will be like. Once we get our room, the fun will begin!”

He smiled that delicious smile, that made his eyes crinkle and his soft mouth turn up sweetly.

“You’re beautiful Chris, but I think we should be careful of Jean Paul. Let’s get the room and not draw attention to ourselves. Maybe he’ll back off?”

“I like someone who thinks ahead Jay. Good plan,” he said looking around the room, he leaned forward and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

My friend Chris was a dream come true. He was so open and honest about everything, it made my heart melt and bristle with excitement.

We made a plan that I would register the room names as Jean Paul seemed to have his eye on Chris. I went to the registers office and signed our names and retrieved a key for each of us, along with a manual on rules and a set of towels, soaps and shampoos.

“You’re the first! Congratulations on making a friend and a connection. Some of our students have become friends for life after studying here. I’m happy for you.”

The registrar’s name was Gary and he was a bit chubby, with a beard and twinkling green eyes. He was very friendly and very observant.

“Well you have a great day Jay and if you ever need anything, you come see me.”

“Thanks Gary, I’ll do that. You’re a great help.”

“Jay, this place can be rough okay, so watch your back and I mean it, if you need help with anything or someone to talk to, I’m here and I’m here for the students too, if you know what I mean.”

I looked puzzled and he said,

“I’m here as a friend Jay or like a big brother, who will watch out for you. That kind of thing okay?”

I smiled and thanked him and as I walked away I began to wonder what kind of place this really was. I didn’t like the feeling I was getting and decided that I would be very careful and cautious and watch out for Chris too. He was so sensitive and beautiful inside and out, I didn’t want anything to happen to him. Already I was very protective of him.

I was hopeful today would be a great day dancing with my love, but little did I know what was to come. If I did, my light steps, would be filled with dread and apprehension.

We had breakfast at 7 and our first math class in the morning from 8-10.

Training from 10-12

Lunch 12-1

Rest period-1:00-1:30

Advanced Dance Instruction-1:30-4



6-8-study hall

8-9:30-free time

9:30-10-prep for bed

10-lights our

Our subjects rotated every day-math and science day one

English and History day two

Next semester we had our choice of options-Art, Photography or media

Geography, Finance and French made up the rest

It was a tough schedule with very demanding teachers. We were warned that dance stopped if our grades went below 70 and we could be asked to leave if they dropped below that. Study hall was to be used every day if we were to survive. If your homework was completed, you could book a room for dance practice.

The morning went well and we made our way to training, all of us stiff from the day before and dreading this class after Jean Paul’s warning.

We entered the room and were surprised to find it wasn’t him. Our instructor was a woman, a former marine, who was tough, fair and bursa escort funny. Her name was Julia Vandyke but insisted on us calling her Vandyke. She was built like a powerhouse, about 5’7, powerful sinewy legs, and a perfectly shaped torso, with a flat stomach and ripped arms. I couldn’t get over her biceps and forearm definition. She was a piece of art.

“Morning boys! I imagine you’re all a bit sore and also relieved not to see Jean Paul. Don’t worry, he’ll have lots for you this afternoon. Today we are going to work on loosening you up and strengthening your tendons and micro muscles. The workout is hard, but designed to keep you lean and strong.”

She was right it was hard, but really good. I felt myself loosening up after the first 30 of slow deep yoga stretches. We moved into Pilates, isometric holds and ended with partner plyometrics. Chris and I pushed each hard and Vandyke noticed.

She walked by and just nodded at us. We both smiled and worked even harder. I felt so good after her class. I was super pumped and looking forward to dance, even though I was nervous. My body felt lean and supple.

Jean Paul was all business, he had white tights and a black t shirt on and was already sweating when we arrived. The man was an Adonis. His legs rippled and were the perfect dancers legs, lean and strong. He seemed to have a look of grim determination. His classes were legendary for weeding out weak dancers in the first month of school. Almost a 40 percent drop out rate from students who simply couldn’t take the incredibly difficult and demanding classes. I was determined not to buckle. Like Chris I enjoyed a rigorous workout and was happiest when dancing. It was when I felt truly free and alive.

Today something seemed ominous. The room felt heavy.

“Line-up and get moving. You guys have to learn when you’re here you’re moving. If you want to stand around, there are street corners all over the world waiting for losers and washouts to stand around. Don’t ever make the mistake of coming here like you own this space. You don’t own anything when you are with me.”

He began pacing up and down, intense focus, brows furrowed.

“I’m not feeling a sense of passion and determination from you at all. I feel entitlement and superiority. Do you know what makes a great dancer? Pain makes a great dancer. Any asshole can jump around in tights. Brilliant dancers eat pain for breakfast, so in pursuit of your imminent brilliance, today I bring you pain!”

I watched in shock as he glared straight at Chris after he said it. I saw Chris turn red with embarrassment and found myself burning with protective anger. I had to stay calm or it would make it worse.

“I want 1000 spilt jumps around the room. Height and form must be perfect. Go and make every one look like a finale or I’ll make you do it till you collapse.”

This was insane, but I knew if we floundered or weakened we were doomed. The whole class was like this. Ridiculous reps and forms repeated over and over. We were so drained at the end, I could barely focus on what he was saying.

Again he paced the floor like an enraged lion.

“You all disgust me, but in particular some of you make me want to scream. You don’t know what an opportunity you have and I’ll make you recognize it, whether you like it or not. Chris and Jay stay behind, the rest of you can go.”

We stood wondering what was going to happen when the legend caught us completely off guard.

He walked toward us and said come here.

He put his arms around us and looked deep into our eyes.

I could smell his musky scent and I felt my cock growing.

“You are the best dancers I have. This means something. Do you understand?”

I waited before replying.

“I need escort bursa you to be better and work harder than anyone in class. The two of you could be great. Work with me and together we’ll do great things.”

He pulled us close to him and I felt myself tremble under his powerful grasp. We were both inches from his face, his grip taught on my shoulder, fingers digging in to let me know who was boss I think. I could smell his cologne and musky smell from sweat and the fragrance was intoxicating. I felt so turned on and appalled at the same time. I didn’t like feeling out of control.

“Now, we have a couple of things to fix, then you can go. Both of you to the barre and take position 1.”

We faced the barre and placed both hands in front holding firm to the barre.

“Plies! Give me ten in perfect form Chris.”

“Okay Jay I want you to watch Chris. His form is perfect and his body alignment is sublime.”

I watched as he stood behind Chris, close to him, too close I thought with both of his hands on Chris hips.

“Now watch his alignment Jay. You have a slight hip turn when you do this and I think you may need more leg training. Chris’ legs are very strong and this gives him the frame he needs.”

He had Chris do plie after plie, each time that bastard moved with Chris, hands tight on his hips, his groin against Chris ass, pushing into him as he went down.

“Hold your form Stephens, dammit man. What’s wrong with you!”

Chris’ face was burning with embarrassment and mine was burning with rage, being made to watch this asshole abuse my friend.

Finally after what must have been over 200 plies he let Chris stop. Chris was soaked in sweat and his legs were shaking from the exertion of class and then this brutal display of domination.

Jean Paul stood behind Chris with his hands still on his hips and his groin firmly against Chris ass. Poor Chris had a hard on to match his red face and he looked like he was going to cry again. I gave a him look of support and glared at Jean Paul. I couldn’t help myself.

“When you gentlemen perform, nerves and exhaustion will make your legs shake and you have to fight through it. If you don’t learn how under pressure you’ll never be able to do it on stage.”

“Now the two of you, dance the double cabriola together. Chris, your legs must be exhausted, more so than Jays, however, you can’t show it or you will make his jumps look weak. This is how you learn about who you really are as a man Chris. Jay if you hold back, your “friend”, will do 1000 plies before he leaves here.”

I looked at Chris and tried to reassure him and bolster his confidence. He looked tired and on the verge of collapse.

Positions! Go, I want to see 20 each, moving towards each other and at performance level.”

The first few were fine, more than fine, in fact they were incredible. Chris’ face burned with anger and sheer determination to deliver the most incredible jumps. I was struggling to keep up.

“Stop,” he screamed at us and we both froze where we were.

“Chris, I know you’re mad at me, but your anger is making you out leap your little friend here. Do you think that is wise?”

He stared intently at Chris.

Chris looked at me and then down at his feet and mumbled his answer.


“Say it louder.”

No I said,” yelled Chris almost at his breaking point.

“Good boy Chris, I knew you had it in you? Your fire will make you legendary and Jay, your have the most graceful lines I’ve ever seen, but you lack strength. If I could merge the two of you, it would be the greatest dancer the world has ever seen. So, I propose that you teach other what the other one is good at. Jay, Chris is going to build your legs up and Chris, Jay is bursa escort bayan going to help you with your lines and symmetry. This has been a fantastic session gentlemen. I bid you goodnight.”

“We walked back in silence at first then Chris said,

“Holy shit I thought we were going to do more jumps.”

I laughed and pulled him close.

“I know that was intense. He really is insane and an asshole but I think he can make us great.”

“Or kill us both trying”

We laughed at that and suddenly Chris stopped me on the path under the tree by our dorm and pulled me into him, both hands around my waist.

“Kiss me Jay. Remind me why I’m here.”

I kissed him so passionately I felt pure love between us. He was so beautiful and he was with me.

We went back to our rooms and lay in our bunks nervously in the silence.

“Hey Jay?”


We’re probably the first ones here which means, no one will hear us. Come lie with me.”

I got up and walked over to his bunk and crawled into bed with him

I pulled my tight bikini underwear tight and high and slid next to him. He was warm and taut. A beautiful body built for dance and tonite for love.

He was wearing a thong. As I slid in beside him, he held up the sheets for me and looked at me longingly

I fell into his eyes and his arms and kissed him deeply reaching for the ass that I had been dying to touch and caress since the first day I saw it. He had a perfect bubble butt and when he was in tights, he jacked them up right and high, right up his crack with his beautiful bum firm, defined and perfectly round. He was beautiful and he was all mine. We kissed each other slowly and sensually rubbing our cocks together, pulling each other close, hands on each other’s buttocks. We began humping each other faster and harder.

“Wait, take my underwear off Jay. I reached into the waistband of his thong and slid it down his slim hips onto his muscular, powerful thighs and down those divine legs. He was smooth all over and must have shaved his legs. His ass was smooth as glass too and I couldn’t wait to feel his cock and balls and hoped that his balls were shaved like mine.

He practically tore my underwear off and at the same time we both reached for each other’s cock.

We laughed out loud and started caressing each other. His balls were huge, thick round and plump. I was so turned on, I moaned as I reached down and grabbed them fully with my hand giving him a gentle squeeze that brought a satisfied moan from him. He ran his finger slowly up the underside of my shaft and I shuddered and almost came on the spot. I reached for the end of his cock with one finger and gently stroked underneath his button head cock. He had a nice thick,long shaft about six to seven inches that felt larger because of his balls that were big and full of cum. He wrapped his hand around my shaft and slid up and down, both of us moaning together, we leaned in and kissed deeply, Chris rolling on top of me and pumping his cock and balls against mine. We were grinding and humping faster and faster and almost at the same time we came, huge amounts of hot cum all over each other’s cock, balls and stomach. We shuddered and held each other hard and close.

Chris looked into my eyes and whispered,

“I love you Jay. I know this is fast and soon, but I feel so much for you already.”

“I feel the same way Chris. You make me feel things I’ve never felt before and you make me feel so loved and cared for. You’re beautiful!”

We hugged and kissed and slid together, rubbing each other all over, slick with cum our cocks sliding against each other, we humped each other even faster and harder, like wild beasts we came again, this time groaning out loud and laughing together as we both emptied our cocks all over each other.

We lay nestled in each other’s arms, a deep warm feeling running through our veins.

“Let’s shower together Jay.”

“Mmm I’d love to and this may be our only chance for a while, but we have to be quick and cautious Chris, I don’t trust Jean Paul.”

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