Back to where I am at my best


Back to where I am at my bestBeen a long time since I went back to the most exciting club I know .Id tried relationships,they never work ,atleast there’s no mental pain this way .It’s Friday and after texting the owner of the club he assured me I was truly wanted at greedy girls night ,mmmmmmmm.This also meant I would get him ,even better ! He turned me on and knew it ,some say he’s no longer in his prime ,and yes when he was younger my god his body was to die for .but to me his charm ,wit and sexual desire was still there .Big ,black and beautiful ,the curves of his body although bigger ,still oozed that ” I’ve just got to touch ,” look.He’s confident ,and you know even if you haven’t been there he would just pleasure you no end .lolI had the week to myself and I wasn’t going to waste me week at home not doing anything,this time I would enjoy my free time as much as I could .Getting ready was always a pleasure to ,it was easy to decide just what to wear ,black lace dress,short….and stockings .no ,nothing else would be needed ….perhaps a change of clothes for the journey home next day ,because canlı bahis şirketleri I had no intention of going home ,in fact it went without saying ,there was no rush .Texting he assured me that my pussy would be abused and he hoped I was ready for him ,and of course anyone else I wanted ,mmmmmmm.I shaved my pussy and moisturised after my long soak in the bath ,I liked to make sure I was ready for swinging ,which meant I had to be just right or I wouldn’t feel comfortable .Perfume ,hair done and dress on ,I opened the bottle of souther comfort and poured myself a drink ……warming my throat as I slowly drank .after I had finished my hair I stood in front of the long mirror and was pleased,I didn’t look to bad for a woman of 47 ,having had six c***dren I could look much worse .The taxi arrived ,knowing I had no knickers on made me horny as I sat In the seat ,I couldn’t wait .The club had changed a lot since I last went there,infact it was like a new club ,there were a few couples and a few single men mingling by the bar ,and there he was behind the bar with a huge grin on his face canlı poker oyna as I came up the stairs .I said hello to everyone and perched myself between two men as I had another drink .I loved to socialise and after some time I could see the gentleman next to me gradually getting closer ,lol he seemed very nice ,a lot older than myself but you could see he was well to do and looked after himself .J was still behind the bar grinning knowing this bloke just wanted to feel my wet pussy ,of course I flirted lol I couldn’t help myself ,and of course I just wanted J .behind the bar ,but you could tell he had words and I felt it was my duty to put this man next to me out of his misery .I held his had in mine and showed him to the the downstairs bedrooms ,we had many choices ,the video room ect but straight ahead we entered an opened door with a see through curtain hanging in the doorway ,we had a choice to shut the door but no not me I loved to be watched .he didn’t seem to mind ,or if he did he never said .He striped off and I removed my little black lace dress,underneath a black corset and stockings internet casino awaited his gaze ,he stood and man overhead my breasts out of there comfy space and let them spill over ,with two hands he held them and his tongue circled around my erect nipple and bit them gently .Mmmmm I so needed to cum ,he sat down and I got to me knees ,looking up I licked the wet end of his cock and sucked him slowly into my mouth ,my hand cupping his balls .He moaned as I forced his cock to the back of my throat almost swallowing his cock.he stiffened in my throat and you could feel he was getting extremely horny ,I wanted to devour his cock and took my time with my tongue and mouth ,flicking and licking my way down his shaft.69 was the position we ended up in when I realised we had an audience ,I could hear whispers as I was on top sucking his cock and his tongue was busy in my wet pulsating pussy .our breathing became faster and the attention he was giving my pussy I could take no more I let it all go I came in his mouth as he fucked me with his tongue ,this had the desired effect ,he came with a loud moan ,it splattered all over my face and dripped over my heaving boobs as I tried to catch my breath ……..mmmmmmmm ,why had I taken so long to go back their ,never again I need this .The night didn’t end there …….I still had J . To look forward to …..

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