Back to Campus Early


Back to Campus EarlyMy dad always was early in everything he did. So it was no surprise that he wanted to take me early back to college. I was suppose to start class on Tuesday and we were suppose to come back to college starting Monday. I told him I was suppose to report Friday. They never locked the dorms and there was always people at campus all year around. I figured I have 3 days off before I had to start class and be away from home. If the dorm was lock there was always the broken window in the back of the dorm that you could get the window open and get in.My Dad dropped me off next to the dorm at 6am, he got me up at 2am for the long drive. I slept and woke up when he pulled in front of the dorm. He headed back and I took my duffel bag and checked the back door. It was locked but the window in the back opened and I headed to my room on the top floor. I crashed for the rest of the day. It was 2pm when I heard a car door slam and girls giggling outside. I peaked out the blinds and saw my dorm resident director Diane and another girl who I found out later was her sister,Diane was about 5ft 7 and had large breast. She was a size 48GG with a 38inch waist and 44 inch ass. She had dark black hair and black painted finger and toe nails. She was bossy and she gave many orders. Diane brought me into her office more than once last year for stupid stuff. She once caught me on a pantie raid and maybe wear a bra on my head in front of my college buddies. They laughed but I was a little embarrassed. Her sister was Darla and she had 38 CCC and 26inc waist and 28 inch ass. She had dirty blonde hair and wore pink lipstick and matching nails. She had on little tan sandals and a small tattoo in her ankle. They were both a sight to be hold, Diane had on a black sweat suit ad her boobs jiggled as she carried her cloths into the dorm. Darla had on little jean shorts that rode up her crack and she carried the small boxes. I watched for about an hour and rolled over on my erection and went back to bed,It was 5pm when I got up and took a shower down the hall from my room. I got dressed and went for dinner in town and then a few bar before I walked back to the dorm. It was about midnight and the air was warm and the moon was full and I was feeling really buzzed as I walked and there was no one to be found around town or campus. It was about 12:30 when I got back to the dorm and I saw there were no lights on except for the Resident Director room and I figured Darla and Diane were still up from a hard moving day. I walked over to there room and tried to look through the windows to catch a glimpse of them. I peeked in and could not see through her wooden güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri blinds and noticed a small light coming at the end of her window near there front door.I crept over and leaned down and looked in and saw there room was in full view. The door to the bathroom was wide open and could see steam coming from inside the shower. I saw the shower curtain open and I heard Diane yell for her sister to bring her a towel. Diane reached down and brushed the water off her ass and shook her hair and yelled again for Darla. Darla walked past the window from the bedroom in a little white bra and panties and had her hair in pig tails with pink ribbons and handed her sister a big white towel. Diane grabbed the towel and started to dry her self off and Darla watched her and slapped Diane on the ass and laughed. This went on for about 5 minutes and then they kissed and Darla followed Diane into the bedroom.Had I just saw what I thought I saw and then was this it for the night. Were the girls going to bed and nothing else was going to happen. I saw Darla come back and she sat at a computer desk and turned on the computer and logged in. About 10 minutes later Diane came out and her hair was dry and hung down past her back. She had on black 4 inch high heels and black half bra and black leather thong and I could see 5-6 Gothic tattoos on her body. She stood behind her sister and played with Darla hair and her breast rested on her sister back. They had pulled up a web site and were scrolling through picture of large BBW ladies having lesbian sex and a big boob blonde women with a huge red dildo.My dick was starting to get hard and I could here them talk about each girl pics and Diane started to rub Darla boobs and she took ff her sister bra. She was rubbing her nipples when Darla started to play with her pussy and Diane took off her bra and panties and let them fall to the floor. Darla got up and turned around and started to make out with her sister. I reached in my pants and took out my erect 9 3/4 inch cock. I started to jack off watching them. Diane got on the desk and Darla crawled in between her sister thighs and started to eat her pussy. Diane grabbed her sister head and scream as she orgasmed and shook violently on the desk. I looked down and my dick was hard in my hand.I looked back up and noticed that Darla was not in the room but her sister had a big dildo and was playing with herself and breathing heavily. I did not here the front door open but I heard Darla say “fuck big s*s we got a pervert outside the window. There some guy out her playing with his big cock.” I looked at Darla as she stood youwin in the doorway naked and her hands were on her hips and she was staring at me. I smiled and kept playing with myself and looked back in the window and Diane was walking to the front door. Diane spoke next and said “Buck get your ass in here, you’re in big trouble again.” Diane pointed at me and stuck her finger at me and motion for me to come to her. I quickly put my dick back in my under wear and walked over with my pants around my ankles.I pulled up my pants and buckled up and stood in the door way. They both stepped back and Diane shut the door. Darla smiled and Diane said “Buck you know class doesn’t start till Tuesday and you can’t be in the dorm until Monday. What are you doing back. I thought you learned your lesson in not coming to my room last semester.” I smiled and stared at her breast and her sister giggled and looked at her big sister and whispered into her ear. Diane then said “my sister has never seen a cock before. Take out your cock and show her what a dick looks like.” I paused and unzipped my jeans and they fell onto the floor. Diane walked over and fished out my dick form my underwear and said “Darla get on your knees and look real close. Darla got on her knees and Diane stuck my dick head on Darla lips and said “kiss it first then run your tongue down the shaft. Then get it well lubed and see how much you can take in your mouth.I looked down and Darla was sucking like a pro and Diane started to French kiss me and I played with her tits and pussy. Her pussy was wet and in no time I had 3 fingers in her and she orgasmed and her wetness was going down her thigh. Darla started to jack me and stuck her face into Diane pussy and ate her juices and Diane orgasmed again. Darla went back to sucking my cock and Diane got behind me and played with my ass and squished her tits on my back. I arched back a little and Diane said “Darla here he cums and don’t top sucking.” I shot a big load into Darla mouth and white goo came out the side of her lips and onto the carpet inside there room. I smiled and Diane reached down and grabbed my dick and took me over to the desk and she sat down in the computer chair and started to suck me till I was hard again.Darla went into the fridge and drank some water and came back and stood and watch her sister suck my cock. I was hard and Diane got up and the chair and her tits hung over the chair and she spread her ass cheeks and said “fuck me in the ass you Peeping Buck.” I smiled and spat in my hand and gestured her sister to start licking Diane ass and to get it wet. Darla reached over and guided my dick youwin giriş into her sister ass and it was tight as my cock head just past her anus and a loud smacking sound was heard. I started to get into a good rhythm and her sister went around the front of the chair and they were making out and pulling on each other tits. I reached around and played with Diane nipples and after about 20 minutes started to unload into her ass. Sperm was oozing out the edge of my dick and Darla had come around and was licking her sister ass and sucking my cock.They both got off me and I followed them into the bedroom and they threw me on the bed. I lied down and they sucked on my dick until I was hard again and Darla climbed on and started to ride my dick and scream. Danie layed down next to me and I sucked on her nipples and boob and watched her sister fuck my like a good cow girl. We both played with Darla nipples and slapped her boobs as they swayed and bounced on her chest. I rolled Darla on her side and started to fuck her hard and she orgasmed and began to cry and her sister giggle as tears came down onto her pillow. I was about to stop when Darla said “fuck I love his dick, he fucks better than any women has fucked me. I never cried or orgamsed this many times. She screamed and I pulled out and shot a big wad into the air and hit both of the sister faces and breast and they started to kiss again.It was Monday morning at 5am when Diane got me up and we took a shower together. “Buck I have had fun with you for last couple of days. If you want this to continue you then don’t say anything. I don’t kiss and tell and you better not.” I smiled and nodded my head and her pussy clamped down and shot a load into her pussy and she smiled. I got dressed and let myself out. I turn around back and saw both girls stretched out and Darla was covered in dry cum and she was kissing her sister. I walked outside and peeked through the window and saw them still making out.I looked down and in front of the window and noticed about 5-6 loads of cum dripping on the bricks and a big wet area on the sidewalk next to the window. I smiled as I walked around the corner and headed up the stairs to my room. I passed the Dean of my major and he smiled at me and then my resident assistant of the floor I lived at passed me and slapped me on my back and laughed. I got to my room and two more students passed me and stared at me and gave me the thumbs up. I opened my door and turned on the light and there was the dorm custodian, she was naked and was playing with herself with a big red dildo. I looked on my computer and she was on the same website as the sisters and I saw the custodian had picture of her posted to the same website. The same picture of a huge Blonde BBW with big tits and ass and the same red dildo was in her. I dropped my pants and stuck my cock into her mouth and said “thanks dad for bringing me back to campus early”Buckxoox

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