Back Rub Ch. 03

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The last day of the basketball matches, Sophie and her teammates played their last game in the early afternoon. Their flight back to England was to leave around midnight that night so they were not scheduled to go to lodging but had several hours of free time to just hang out, get dinner, etc. They had all taken their luggage and locked it in the coaches’ office of the school where they were playing their games. Sophie told me later all about what happened after their last game, so I’ll let her take over from here in her own words.


I was sitting in the locker room after our last game, just chatting away with a few of the girls on the team. I was kind of taking my time getting undressed. Actually I was enjoying watching Kelsey, Laura, and Stacey get undressed, their tall, slender, athletic bodies glistening with sweat. Stacey was a brunette like me, and Kelsey and Laura were both blondes, and all three were as tall as Roxanne, but not as big in the boob department. Their boobs were more like mine, just nice sized C cups with big puffy nipples. I had just pulled my tank top off and my gym shorts, and was down to my panties when Maddy, another tree-tall blonde came out of the coaches’ office and told me that coach Sanderson wanted to see me.

So, there I was wearing nothing but my white panties, already damp with sweat, when I go marching into coach’s office. Coach Sanderson was a redhead, and was big like Roxanne. If anything she was a little more robust than Roxanne with bigger boobs-as if that were possible. She had apparently just finished her shower when I walked in because her hair was still all wet, and it looked like she’d slipped on her T-shirt mini dress before she was completely dry because it molded to her huge mounds for boobs like she was in a wet T-shirt contest. Her huge nipples were big and puffy like mine, except they were about twice as long and twice as thick, and they were really poking through the thin material. She was sitting behind the desk with her legs propped up and crossed one on top of the other along the top of the desk. The hem of her skirt barely covered her ass, so I just stood there admiring her gorgeous muscular long legs from her toes to her ass, and back down again.

Finally I said, “Uhhh, coach, you wanted to see me?”

She closed the sports catalogue she was looking at and smiled at me. She looked me up and down. Like Roxanne, she had green eyes, and they seemed to glitter a little when they focused on my nipples which had already started to get hard from watching the other girls undress in the locker room. But, now, after admiring coach Sanderson’s muscular long legs, and seeing her green eyes flash at my bare naked nipples they were really getting big and swollen.

Then Sanderson’s beautiful, glistening green eyes traveled down my body and rested on my panties. I knew I had a camel toe there because I could feel my panties partly inside my cunt. And my panties were so wet from sweat she could probably see my puffy pussy lips all too well. She licked her lips slightly, then said. “Yes, Sophie, I just wanted to thank you, and congratulate you for the splendid game you played today-and all through the tournament really. You put on quite a show.” Her eyes left my crotch and stared directly into mine. She smiled at me.

“W-w-w-well, thank you coach,” I stammered, lowering my head in modesty, and in shame for fear my bare nipples were getting way to aroused from trying to look up her skirt-as well as from the way she was looking at me. “I’m not nearly as tall as the other girls, but I try.”

“Oh, you do just fine. We need players like you. You’re so quick and agile you get in there and steel the ball from those bigger girls and run down court before they know what hit’em.”

“I’m just happy I can contribute.”

“We appreciate that. The whole team appreciates that. Now before you run off and take your shower, could you do me a little favor?”

“Sure, ma’am anything you ask.”

“I have to replace this catalogue up there on top of the shelves,” she nodded towards the ladder leaning against rows of shelves that went nearly up to the high ceiling, “and I’m terribly afraid of heights, would you mind holding the ladder steady for me?”

With that she uncrossed her legs as she got ready to stand up and I caught a brief glimpse up her skirt between her thighs. It was dark up there, and I only caught a quick look, but I’d swear I saw some red pussy hairs and no panties. “U-u-uhh, sure, ma’am,” I managed to stutter.

She walked right in front of me on her way to the ladder, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her huge bra-less boobs. I swear they were like gravity-defying watermelons, firm, and full, and as she moved, oh God, how they bounced and jiggled under that wet T-shirt not inches from my face. Her sexy, big nipples bobbed up and down like a couple of corks on top of the rippling boob flesh. If she only knew how I wanted to bury my face into those glorious bahis firmaları globes, and how shamefully wet I was getting.

She caught me staring at her boobs. God my mouth must have been wide open and drooling like crazy! She just smiled at me and gave my rear a little pat as she walked by. I couldn’t move. I just stood there watching her well-endowed, unbelievably beautiful ass sway back and forth as she strolled over to the ladder. I was in total awe. And I was totally horny because this woman just oozed sex out of every pore.

When she reached the ladder, she put one foot up on the first rung and arched her back a tad. This made her butt stick out and hiked her T-shirt mini up so I could see the bottoms of her butt cheeks. She turned around and smiled at me. “Well, aren’t you going to come over here and give me a hand?”

“Oh! Y-y-y-y-yes, ma’am.” I stuttered feeling so stupid just standing there gawking open mouthed at her. I just knew she saw how erect my nipples had gotten from watching her walk. My naked, tell-tale, shameless nipples were actually throbbing now, and my panties were wet with a lot more than just sweat left over from the game.

Feeling my knees tremble I shyly made my way over to the ladder.

“Look, Sophie, I’m really afraid to go up even one step without someone holding the ladder, here.” She lowered her foot back off the ladder, stuck the catalogue between her legs, reached back, grabbed both my hands, and pulled me in up against her. Pulled me up against her big, sexy, beautiful ass. She placed my hands on either side of the ladder. My tits were sticking into her back. My hard-on nipples were just throbbing and aching now and poking right into her back. No way she couldn’t feel how hard and horny my nipples were. My stomach was pressed against her ass.

She reached down to grab the catalogue from between her legs. This caused her ass to press harder into my stomach. And this intimate touch made my panties get soaked with another gush of cunt juice. As she began to lift her foot back on to the first rung of the ladder, she shifted her weight and her ass moved and wriggled against my stomach making my pussy just dribble. Placing her other foot on the first rung, she pulled herself up causing my horny, betraying, hard-on nipples to rake down her back. The feeling of my nipples being shoved upwards by the movement of her back just took my breath away. Now my nips were poking into her gorgeous ass cheeks! The only thing separating my naked tits from the bare flesh of her ass was that skimpy skirt she had on.

And she paused right there for just a moment. As my throbbing, erect nipples felt like they were trying to fuck her ass cheeks, she began to shift her weight again. Her ass wriggled against my tits, her huge, firm butt cheeks pushed my hard-on nipples to the side, then she slid up one more rung. Her ass was practically in my face now, my nipples lightly grazed the backs of her thighs.

Her ass wriggled again as she slid up to the next rung. Now my nipples were grazing the backs of her knees and I was looking right up her skirt!

No question now that she wasn’t wearing any panties! Her nice, big, long slit smiled at me from under her skirt. And, oh God, was it wet! She looked to be at least as wet as I was, and I wondered if her wetness was from me, or had she been doing things with Maddy the girl that was in here before I was? The thought of that, plus the sight of her wetness made my own pussy throb and dribble all the more. That was such an incredible sexy sight, looking up her skirt like that. That, beautiful, big hungry cunt framed by her long, shapely thighs and the bottom of her muscular butt. And, then, just in the front of that glistening, wet slit were her bright red pussy hairs. Looking up her skirt like that made me so horny I needed to masturbate real bad-but I couldn’t let go of the ladder. I caught myself unconsciously rubbing my hard-on nipples against the backs of her knees.

She sighed, and I saw an extra pulse of pussy juice ooze out of her sexy, puffy slit and start to dribble down her thigh. And that only made my own pulse race all the harder.

I thought that since maybe she was liking this I’d rub my nipples a little harder into the backs of her knees. Just then she reached a hand up high to place the catalogue on top of the top shelf and she raised up on her toes as she did so. This pushed my horny, aching nipples straight up again, taking my breath away. And my own pussy let out a new gush of girl goo, smearing my panties all the more. That move also lifted her skirt up all the higher completely exposing her ass and her cunt all the way to her clit-which I could see was very huge, and very erect.

“I’m coming down now, Sophie dear.” She looked down at me and caught me gawking up her skirt. She Smiled. “You hold the ladder real tight now.”

“Y-y-y-y-yes ma’am.” God, I was trembling all over, partly from pure horniness, and partly from fear that I may kaçak iddaa have carried things too far by rubbing my nipples against the backs of her knees so hard, and looking up her skirt like that.

She descended as slowly as she had ascended. When she reached the level where her ass was right in front of my face, she paused. She took a deep breath, and let her butt push outwards a little. Without letting go of the ladder, I had no choice but to nuzzle my face against her big, firm, athletic bum. And my aching, horny nipples were touching against the backs of her thighs, straining in their horniness as if they were trying to fuck themselves right into her leg flesh.

She began to shift her weight again, and her ass jiggled and wriggled against my face. She slid down to the next rung-and as she did so, my naked, horny, tell-tale nipples dug into the bottom’s of her ass checks, scrapped and raked their way up the roundness of her butt. And caught underneath the hemline of her skirt!

And as she settled her weight onto that next rung, my shameless, hard-on nipples lifted her skirt up and poked right into the biggest, fleshiest part of each of her ass cheeks. And she paused here again-but much longer than usual. She sighed, then began to shift her weight, and at first I thought she was going to slid down to the next rung but instead she just shifted her weight again. Actually, what she was doing was just moving her ass back and forth teasing the hell out of my sex-crazed nipples. With my naked, throbbing nipples fucking themselves into her sexy butt cheeks, pushed them she side to side, up and down, and around and around with her ass. And I thought I’d fucking cum! My steamy cunt was just gushing girl goo now! I could feel the hot, syrupy liquid drenching my poor panties, overwhelming them, and dribbling down the insides of my thighs.

And I could smell my horniness wafting up from my quivering cunt and filling the room. I smelled her horniness too, equally as strong as mine, filling the room, mingling with my own cunt smell. The heat of her huge cunt was so strong coming out from under her skimpy skirt that I could feel it steaming my tummy. God, it would be so fucking nice to just stick my hand between her gorgeous thighs, and up under that skimpy skirt and play with that big, hot, wet pussy. But, I couldn’t let go of the damn ladder, damn it! I trembled all over with lust and need. I inhaled as deeply as I could, relishing the musky oder of her horniness. I felt dizzy in the head, drunk with sex. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but a coach and her student? This was wrong. So, I dare not do anything except relish the feel of her bare naked ass making love to my horny, aching nipples as she rolled them around my chest like a couple of marbles on a plate. I could almost cum from just doing this if she’d only keep doing it a little bit longer.

But she apparently started to feel guilty about what we were doing so she stopped and finished lowering herself to the floor.

Not knowing really what to do now, I let go of the ladder and with my knees trembling and knocking, started to step back. She smoothed down her dress and turned around to face me. And her nipples were twice as big as before! They looked like rockets erupting through the skimpy still damp wetness of her T-shirt. Before my mouth had the opportunity to drop all the way open in amazement, she threw her arms around me and pulled me into a crushing embrace. Before I knew what was happening my face was buried in her bosom, right between her glorious twin towers. And, the sloppy wetness of my panties pressed against her bare thigh.

“Oh thank you so much, Sophie dear. That was so sweet of you to help me like that,” she said.

She held me in that embrace for awhile, my sex-crazed body trembling like a bird against hers, my hot breath made steam off the residual dampness in the bosom of her T-shirt dress. The sides of my blushing face felt hot against the fullness of her giant breasts on either side. And she pressed her thigh harder into my swampy hot crotch completely taking my breath away.

As she continued to embrace me, she slowly, and gently moved her thigh side to side against my horny cunt teasing my thoroughly erect clit ever so briefly before she pulled out of the embrace. As she started to pull back away from me, she turned herself slightly to the side. This caused one of her huge, cock-like nipples to press into the side of my face. As she continued to twist herself away, her hard-on nipple raked against my cheek sending goose bumps all over my body. This beautiful, erotic erection of female sex flesh was indescribable. The slight dampness left over from her shower made it all the more erotic. I really thought my knees were buckling.

As she raked her huge nipple across my face, it bent clear over to the side and I could just feel how good it must have felt to her. Right before her nipple came free with a “pop!” it grazed against my trembling, on-fire lips. kaçak bahis My lips instinctively pursed into a Kiss formation but the nipple was now out of reach. Finally free of its travel across my face it bobbed and twitched right in front of me so strongly that it made her entire boob ripple and jiggle.

And I stood there feeling so stupid just gawking and pursing my lips like I wanted to suck her nipple into my mouth, which of course I did.

She smiled at me. “Thank you again sweety, for the wonderful help.” And she bent down to kiss the top of my head, her boobs heaving right in front of my eyes. Then she stepped back just a tad and looked down at my crotch. My horny, steaming, sopping wet, tell-tale crotch with the camel toe panties stuck in my cunt.

“My, my, my, what sweet, precious panties you have.” She grinned at me reaching her hands down to run her fingers and thumbs along the waist band. “Your panties are so nice and sexy, where did you buy them?”

“O-o-o-oh, thank you. Actually my boyfriend bought them for me. He has a thing about white panties, so he got them for me.”

“Well, your boyfriend really has good taste—-in more ways than one.” She looked me right in the eye as she said that. Then she turned her attention back to my panties. She held the waist band between her thumbs and index fingers and tugged my panties up higher. “Yes, real good taste. These panties are so cute and sexy.” She pulled my panties up so high the camel toe part had completely entered my pussy and was pressing against my clit. My puffy, red-with-lust pussy lips were fully exposed on either side of the panty material.

She moved my panties back and forth making the material rub on my enraged clit.

“Yes, so very, very, very sexy, ummmmm, sexy, sexy, sexy,” she giggled and let me go.

With a hand on my butt, she began to guide me towards the door. “I better let you go and take your shower now, but why don’t you come back after you get dressed and we can talk about your . . . . .uh. . . . about where you want to go to college.”

Somehow my trembling, shaking knees did not collapse, and I made it to the door, and back out into the locker room. I took a drink from the fountain, then slipped my drenched panties off. God were they rank! Between left-over sweat from the game, and all the girl goo and cum from that experience with coach Sanderson they were a total mess.

My head still spinning from coach Sanderson and the thought that she wanted me to come back and talk to her, I made my way to the showers. Get myself nice and clean, I thought. Put on something short and sexy and then go see what Sanderson had on her mind. I thought how nice it would be to sit on her lap and play “little girl” for her.

When I got to the showers, I stopped dead in my tracks at the entrance. There was big, sexy Roxanne standing under a spigot and soaping up her fully erect nipples. I stood there opened mouth to watch. She was just so-o-o-o magnificient. And the way she was playing with her nipples as she soaped them up was downright dirty. She was practically masturbating them, making them grow to ever greater lengths.

Four other girls were in the showers with her and they were all watching just like I was. Maddy and Stacey were on either side of Roxanne. Kelsey and Laura were on the opposite side of the room. All four were totally transfixed by Roxanne. When Roxanne reached a soap filled hand down to her cunt I could hear every pair of lungs in the room suck in air. But Roxanne didn’t just soap up her cunt to make it nice and clean, she played with it quite brazenly.

The other four girls watching her started playing with their own nipples and cunts just like Roxanne was-without taking their eyes off the big-titted blonde. When Roxanne saw that the other four girls were starting to play with themselves while watching her, she smiled at each of them, her green eyes glistening with lust. Then she suddenly wrapped her long arms around the necks of Maddy and Stacy and pulled them in under her shower spigot.

Maddy and Stacey immediately dived right into Roxanne’s boobs, just fondling at first, then plunging their faces into her sexy globes they sucked her obscene nipples into their mouths. While Maddy and Stacey sucked on and played with Roxanne’s tits, Roxanne ran her hands down their bodies to fondle their butts.

Kelsey and Laura were not about to be left out. They exchanged a quick glance, turned off their shower spigots, and crossed the shower room to join the fun.

I wanted to join too, but I was also having fun watching and wanting to see how far this would go. All five girls were enmeshed in a wild group grope. Hands were flying all over butts, tits, and cunts as they all soaped each other up real good, giggling, coping feels and sucking nipples.

I was so engrossed in watching the fun develop and playing with my own pussy as I watched, that I failed to notice anyone sneaking up behind me. Suddenly from behind me a pair of hands flew around my body and clamped onto my tits. I was pressed backwards into a firm, naked body much larger than mine-my head wedged in between a pair of firm massive boobs.

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