Back In The Swing

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Sorrell and Mia, best friends since school, were sunning themselves besides Sorrell and Dan’s pool which was screened and nestled in a sun-dappled arbour, a part of the well manicured grounds of their comfortable home.

‘Baby is well, how are you getting on Sorrell, its been a pretty traumatic couple of months since she was born, although you’ve got your figure back quickly and no stretch marks,” Mia asked

“Everything has settled down, Kara is fine, I’m well now at my milks is flowing properly now, so the poor little darling isn’t starving,” replied Sorrell.

The two young women lay in the part shade, each wearing a tan through bikinis that were tiny and insubstantial, only really suitable for private grounds or private viewing. Both women were pretty if not attractive and maintained their slim and curvaceous bodies, although there were the beginnings of a mound below Mia’s rib cage.

“And how about you, sweets, what, your 6 months and only just beginning to show, you are glowing, absolutely beautiful,” said Sorrell.

“Thank you hon,” replied Mia her hands caressing her growing tummy, “but my tits are getting bigger as well,” she advised, her hands cupping her breasts,” and my nipples are getting thicker and longer too.” She continued as she squeezed her thickening nipples through the gauzy material of her bikini top. “Garry just loves them, can’t leave them alone”, she laughed.

“I bet,” replied Sorrell “Justin is fascinated with mine as well, and now that my milk is flowing he is in heaven, I’ve just about got to fight him off so I can feed Kara.”

“What do you mean?” asked a somewhat perplexed Mia.

“He loves to suckle on my tits after I have fed Kara, really turns him on, and quite frankly, I rather like it as well.”

“He drinks your breast milk? Really?”

“Oh, yes, and last night I did it too,”

“Did what?” Mia asked

“Tasted my milk, lifted my boob, took my nipple in my mouth and sucked and I tasted it and drank it” and then we fucked like crazy,” smiled Sorrell.

Sorrell and Mia had been part-time lovers since high school and after they were married they maintained their relationship gradually introducing their respective husband into their games. To their utter astonishment and delight of the girls, the 2 guys had discovered a latent bi curiosity as well, and their games had developed into scenes where lips and hands were everywhere and there were even some kinky aspects that they had developed a taste for.

Mia laughed, antalya escort “Your first fuck, after for how long?” she asked.

“Since we had that weekend away at that Nudist Camp with you and Garry, And we sucked all those cocks while they boys were fucking us”

“God! That was hot, I’ve never swallowed so much cum in my life” Mia smilingly said.

The girls lay back, remembering the torrid evening – as cock after cock, in a seemingly never ending procession entered their mouths to be sucked voraciously until erupting into their mouths, kissing each other and swapping cum –laden kisses between cocks.

Without realising it both girls had their hand cupping their crotches with a finger tapping an insistent tattoo against their hardening clits.

“May I taste?” whispered Mia.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm, what?” asked Sorrell dreamily as she continued to tap on her clit.

“You milk,” Mia said quietly, “may I taste your milk please?” there was a distinct quaver in her voice as she realised that she and Sorrell were about to stretch their boundaries once more.

” Of course you can my darling,” said Sorrell, pulling the small triangle of material covering her left nipple aside, her pink nipple was already erect and Mia was surprised how thick and long it had become since Sorrell had begun feeding Kara. She couldn’t wait for her own breasts to fill with milk, her nipples engorge and grow so she could suck milk from her own tits, but meanwhile in front of her, nipple erect and waiting, was Sorrell’s beautiful breast, kneeling beside her she cupped Sorrell’s left breast and squeezed slightly, instantly a droplet of white appeared atop the hard nipple.

Sorrell moaned slightly and with her right had exposed her other nipple and slowly cupped her breast. Mia licked around Sorrell’s left nipple feeling the bumps of her areola against her tongue and then she licked away the droplet of milk before clamping her lips around the turgid flesh and sucking deeply, she was rewarded with a low moan from Sorrell and a spray of warm milk which she immediately swallowed, sucking again and again until Sorrell’s milk was flowing into her mouth. Her hand was between her legs having pulled aside the crotch of her bikini two of her fingers were sliding easily in and out of her dripping pussy while her thumb knocked against her long hard clit, her smooth waxed cuntlips dewed with moisture.

Sorrell meanwhile had also pulled aside her bikini to allow access to her antalya escort bayan own hairless cunt, the fingers of her left hand sliding into and all over her splayed cunt.

Mia sat back swallowing the milk in her mouth, she stood and quickly stripped off her bikini she then pulled Sorrell to her feet and watched as she also denuded her self.

They closed in a tight embrace, kissing deeply, their tongues curling and licking together, Mia could feel Sorrell’s breasts pressing against her own and the warm milk leaking from them seep between their bodies.

Sorrell broke the embrace, bringing her hands up to cup both of her breasts, she squeezed and sprays of milk issued from each swollen nipple spraying Mia’s upper body in droplets of milk which quickly cooled and formed rivulets that began coursing downwards.

Sorrell slowly pushed Mia, unresisting back onto her chaise-lounge where she lay back while Sorrell began licking away the drops and streams of milk.

Miaa laid back enjoying the caresses of Sorrell’s tongue and replaying the spectacle of Sorrell’s milk laden breasts spraying forth milk. Sorrell stood from her handiwork, licking away the taste of milk from her lips, wiping away the drops still clinging to the tips off her nipples with her fingers and licking her fingers clean, she moved to foot of the lounge and knelt.

“Slide your sweet arse down her Mia,” she said.

Mia slid down the lounge until her thighs were either side of the kneeling Sorrell.

“”Open you lips for me darling, wide open, I want to see all of your beautiful cunt and that gorgeous overgrown clit of yours, it’s been so long”, whispered Sorrell.

And indeed Mia’s clit was of generous proportions being almost as thick as the tip of her little finger and almost 15cm long; it resembled a miniature cock more than its female counterpart. Sorrell’s clit, while not as large as Mia was also large, being almost as thick and almost half as long as her lover’s.

Mia’s hand moved between her thighs, fingers splaying open her cunt holding open both the inner and outer lips, her hole slowly spasaming as she watched Sorrell cup her breasts, bringing them tightly together, her thumb and forefingers of each hand capturing each of her nipples and aiming them down at Mia’s open pussy.

Sorrell began pulling on her nipples, milking them, until the streams of milk jetted forth bathing Mia’s pussy in warm wetness, pooling in her open cave, letting her escort antalya breast go, milk still dribbling from her nipples, Sorrell bent her head to begin licking and sucking Mia’s milk and cunt-juice smothered pussy, licking and sucking till she could taste no more of the sticky mess.

Mia was moaning jerking under her as Sorrell aligned her mouth and then slowly sucked Mia’s twitching clit into her mouth and began sucking hard.

” NO! No! stop Sorrell, I want your cunt as well,” Mia panted.

Sorrell stood, “oh, that was just yummy, cunt and titty-milk cocktail, I almost came as soon as I tasted you Mia.”

The two girls carefully rearranged themselves until each had their face buried in each other’s cunt, sucking each other’s elongated clits into their mouths, tongues caressing the sensitive eyeless girl-cocks, tongues straying into their cunt-holes to suck up streaming juices, tongue tips searching every crevice, lapping up any moisture they found, poking and prodding at distended pee- holes, but always returning to the sensitive clits, tongue softly swirling, now biting down, eliciting an excited scream from each cunt-filled mouth. Hands and fingers found heaving breasts, squeezing and pulling at hard pink nipples, Sorrell was leaking milk everywhere as Mia belaboured her lover’s tits, her own heaving to Sorrell’s not so gentle ministrations.

It could not last, visual and physical sexual sensations drove them to the edge quicker than either of them would have wished, but reach the edge they did, and falling over it carelessly into the throes of their orgasms, they tossed and squirmed in each others tight embrace, mouths silently screaming into the folds of each others womanhood.

They lay still at last and fell apart head to toe, “oh my God, that was so fucking delicious, I have so missed the taste of you Sorrell.”

Sorrell squirmed around until they could cuddle each other and exchange cunty-tasting kisses, “Mmmmm, your tasting as good as ever and a little titty milk is a nice dressing,” she laughed, “So, are we going to give the boys a night to remember tonight or what?” she asked.

Mia shifted slightly and raised herself on one elbow, finger tracing the areola of Sorrell’s left breast, “How about we have a nice dinner and drinks, a little touchy-feely fucking and sucking tonight, get up early in the morning and go down to the beach house for a totally debauched weekend of sex, booze and food.

Sorrell’s eyes lit up, ” great idea but I’ll have to go easy on the alcohol while I’m feeding Kara, when will we tell the boys our plans?”

“I think over dinner, so they know what’s going on and won’t want to get carried away tonight, I know Garry will want to suckle you and taste your milk, but he’ll just have to wait.” giggled Mia.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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