Back home and boxing day


Back home and boxing dayBack in Johannesburg after a great matric holiday in Plettenberg Bay my stepsister Amy arrived back a few days later, and the four of us spent a lovely Christmas day together, exchanged and opening presents and a lovely meal.The next day Boxing day our parents made plans to go see their friends leaving Amy and I alone together for the first time in 3 weeks. We had lots of catching up to do and knowing we had lots of time as our parents said they would be home late.Amy and I sat down together at the kitchen table after pouring ourselves a drink and I started off by telling her most of my stories about my wonderful matric holiday. She seemed very happy for me that I had a great time, I then asked her about her holiday with her boyfriend Kevin and she told me that she too had a good time and a bit of hard rough sex, that he also fucked her so hard and rough that she was sensitive for a few days while on holiday but she definitely enjoyed it. We had a few afyon escort more drinks as we continued chatting and catching up about verious things, throwing in a few flirtatious comments to one another.Amy eventually stood up and walked to stand in front as I sat on the kitchen counter table stool I turned it to face her. She stood between my legs and placed her arms around my neck and said I missed my baby brother, and she gave me a big hug. I placed my hands on my stepsister’s sexy ass pulling her into me as I replied into her ear telling her I missed you too. She moved slightly back and we then looked each other in the eyes. Our heads moved towards each other’s and our lips met and for a first time we exchanged a passionate kiss. Our mouths opened releaseing our tounges to massage each others. I squeezed her sexy ass and pulled her tightly into my crotch as my cock started to grow. Once our lips aparted she took my hand and led me to her bedroom. We ağrı escort stripped each down naked as we kissed passionately and I then found myself ontop of my stepsister as we laid on her bed. She guided my bare cock into her wet puss as we continued kissing and I started thrusting slowly and deeply in and out Amy’s puss. she leaned her head back, enjoying the way we slowly fucked each other for the first time in long.  I soon neared cumming and I told Amy and she said it’s fine I’m on the pill and I don’t want you to stop now. So I continued giving her slow deep thrusts in and out her pussy. I then held my cock deep in her puss, pressing it against the back walls of her pussy as it exploded shooting my hot cum deep into her. Her legs wrapped around my waist, holding me deep inside her after i finished cumming. We kissed again passionately for a while and once our lips aparted she said “I love you b*o and wish we could be together permanently. It sucks escort bayan that we can’t.”I replied back while holding my cock deep in her puss by saying,” I love you too, but at least we able to have fun with each other from time to time.” Amy smile at me as she pulled me down for another kiss before I managed to pulled my cock out of her puss. We then cuddled each other a while before Amy got up and went to the bathroom to clean my cum from her puss. We then got dressed and exchanged one more passionate kiss before getting a drink and making our way to sit next to each other on the couch in the lounge. I then asked if she got jealous from my stories about my matric holiday. She replied they did but unfortunately she can’t do anything about it and visa versa for me so we then came to an agreement that when we feeling down or in need of each other that it should be open for us to use each other every now and again. I gave Amy another passionate kiss and a big hug ending a wonderful chat, love making session and finding out how she really feels about us. Which made me extremely happy knowing that she would always be there when I need her and visa versa as we both love each other but knew we can’t be together as our parents are married.

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