Bachelorette Party: Preparations

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When Julie woke up that morning, a little smile smoothed over her lips. She remembered the plans for the day ahead and she found that she was nervous and excited at the same time. A warm and wet tingling started up between her legs and she bit her lips. Should she? Mmm… She was going to be so horny all day if she didn’t.

Julie reached into the drawer beside her bed and extracted her favorite vibrator. The collection was getting a little out of hand, she thought, but she just couldn’t resist them. It had started as a joke. One of the other waitresses at the club had bought one for her when she confessed that she had never used a vibrator. Ever since then, Julie got vibrators from all her friends at work for Christmas, and her birthday. If only they knew how much use she put each of those little beauties to.

Julie slipped her panties and her T-shirt off and turned on the little pink vibrator. When she slid it against her clit, she hissed in pleasure. It felt so good. Hot pussy juice ran down her slit and over her ass as she writhed. She felt so close.

Julie ran one hand over her flat belly and onto her aching breasts. She pinched her nipples between her well-manicured fingertips and moaned. The vibrator continued its assault on her throbbing clit and Julie arched her head back. “Unh..unh…mmm!” Her mouth gaped open as she came hard.

Afterwards, in the shower, Julie was feeling devilish and naughty. Instead of her normal bikini shave, she used her razor to make her mound smooth and bare. ‘What is up with me?’ She wondered as her pussy started to get wet again. She was known as the shy, reserved type among her friends, and here she was wet and horny with a bare pussy. She bit her lip. ‘Just get out of the shower, Leia is going to be here any minute.’

As she was getting dressed, however, Julie decided to give herself a little treat for the day. Rummaging through her ridiculous collection, she found the small butterfly that Leia had given her for her last birthday. Julie stepped though the straps and snuggled the little vibrator against her clit. The little cord and control box hung out of her white satin panties. She slipped the controller into the pocket of her jeans.

Leia honked for her and Julie ran out to the car. Leia’s convertible was already pumping out her latest dance mix and Leia flashed her a wink. Julie grinned at her blonde friend as she slid into the passenger seat.

“What’s up girl?”


Leia slid her sunglasses down to reveal her dark brown eyes. She gave Julie a critical once-over. “Do I detect a certain glow about you this morning Jules?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You look…well-fucked.”


“Well, come on! Did you get some last night?”

Julie bit her lip. In a rush of unusual confidence she said, “Only the battery operated kind.”

“Oh my!” Leia grinned at her friend. “I think my little girl is growing up.”

“Shut up!”

Leia pouted out her lower lip, asking for forgiveness in her own flirty way.

“Oh jeez,” Julie rolled her eyes.

The rode in silence for a while, the wind whipping their hair around and the music filling their ears.

“Wanna know a secret?” Julie asked.


In answer, Julie pulled the controller to her butterfly out of her pocket and showed it to Leia. Leia’s mouth opened into a surprised O. Julie blushed and started to put it back in her pocket.

“Wait!” Leia snatched the cord and pulled the controller into her lap. “I can’t believe you’re wearing it! Does it work for you?”

“Yeah, kind of. I’ve never done it in public like you’ve said though.”


“Shut up.”

Leia thumbed on the switch and Julie felt the little vibrator jolt to life against her clit. “Leia!” she protested.

“Is it on?”

“Give it back.”

“Does it feel good?”

“Come on, Leia! Give it back.” In spite of her protests, Julie could not stop the little trickle of wetness that dampened her panties.

Leia switched the vibration to a higher intensity and Julie’s head thrust back in shocked pleasure. Leia was grinning like the Cheshire cat. Julie slid her eyes shut and gripped the edges of her seat while Leia toyed with the speed control. She could not believe she was letting Leia control her vibrator as they flew along the highway. A whimper escaped her lips.

“You gonna come, Jules?” Leia asked.

Julie bit her lip and nodded as the pleasure gathered in her low belly. Her nipples ached with the need to be fondled.

Leia cranked up the speed to high and Julie was pushed over the edge. Her mouth flew open in a silent cry. Waves of pleasure washed over her body. The little vibrator continued to assault to clit until she thought she would scream.

Suddenly Leia flicked the controller off. With a last spasm of pleasure, Julie slid down in her seat. Her panties were soaked inside her jeans.

“I guess it works for you,” Leia teased, tossing the controller in Julie’s lap. “Ooh, and look, there’s bahis firmaları our turn!”

Leia cranked the wheel and the little blue convertible rolled into the parking lot of the ADULT ENTERTAINMENT CENTER.

“I can’t believe I just did that,” Julie confessed feeling embarrassed now that the haze of orgasm was clearing.

“I was just priming your pump, sweetie. We’ve got some shopping to do.”

Julie crept out of the car after Leia who bounced toward the entrance like a kid toward a toy store. Julie’s knees felt like water and a trickle of sweat ran down her spine.

Inside the door, Leia already had a carrier basket and she was heading straight toward the display of dildos. Julie followed behind her. They were picking out gag gifts and toys for one of the other girl’s bachelorette party. Kim, a.k.a. Dream, was getting married in two weeks and the rest of the girls at the club had decided she needed some accessories for the honeymoon. Leia and Julie had drawn the shopping responsibility.

“Mmm, this looks like a nice one,” Leia exclaimed pulling out a flesh colored dildo of slightly-larger-than-average size. “What do you think?”

Julie tilted her head. “Nice, but maybe it should have more features.”

“Good point.” They moved on to dildos with internal vibrators.

Eventually they settled on a long purple one with a small attachment to stimulate the clit at the same time.

Roaming the aisles for more ideas, Leia found something called “The Tongue” and squealed with excitement. “I’ve always wanted to try one of these!”

“What is it?” Julie asked, peering at the shockingly pink object.

“Look!” Leia flicked the power switch of the display unit and the toy began to move. It had a soft, gel covering and underneath was some kind of device that caused the thing to move like a slowly lapping tongue. Leia found a speed control and increased it. The licking motion accelerated until the tip was flicking at an unbelievable rate.

Julie’s mouth went dry. She could see what Leia was talking about. Her already damp panties got hot with fresh juices. Julie wondered if she had a wet spot on her jeans.

Leia looked around the store quickly, and spotting no one nearby, she knelt down on the floor with The Tongue. Setting the speed back to medium, she set it on the floor and positioned herself over it. She was wearing a short pleated skirt that covered the toy completely, but the look of immediate pleasure that flew up to her face made it obvious she was up to something.

“Oh my God, this is good,” she moaned in a low voice. “Oh God, Julie, I need one of these.”

Julie glanced around nervously. “Leia, I think you should stop. I don’t think you’re supposed to use the display toys.”

Leia didn’t answer. Her eyelids were fluttering and her head arched back.

“Leia…” Julie tried again. Her pussy juices were now running down her thighs. Leia looked so turned on.

“Julie, please,” Leia gasped, “my nipples.” Julie could see them rock-hard and braless beneath Leia’s white shirt. The blond girl’s eyes opened, “Please.”

Julie knew that Leia’s nipples were ultra-sensitive. Leia said she couldn’t come without having her nipples teased. One of the other dancers, Angela, or Destiny, like to try to tease Leia’s nipples just before she went on stage. Leia danced like a woman possessed when she was on the verge of orgasm. One night she had actually come by rubbing on the pole.

Julie, who had started as a cocktail waitress, was still new to dancing, and although she was not shy about a seductive dance with another girl on stage, she had never actually helped a woman get off. Leia’s blue eyes pleaded with her, and Julie felt her inhibitions fade as her pussy began to throb. She knelt down in front of Leia and unbuttoned the top two buttons on Leia’s shirt. Her large breasts nearly burst out and Julie ran her hands around the swollen orbs to free them further. She teased the nipples to hard points then began to slowly flick her thumbs across them.

Leia moaned and licked her lips. Julie watched in amazement as Leia’s hips began to grind. Her mouth opened then froze in the shape of an O while a moan eased out of her throat. Leia’s body shuddered once, then again, and then she pressed her hands over Julie’s so both of them were cupping her breasts.

“Mmmmm…” she sighed. “That was great.” She leaned forward and kissed Julie’s open mouth. “Thank you.”

Over Leia’s shoulder, Julie saw a man staring at them with a lazy grin.

“Omigod, Leia!” she hissed.

Leia looked back, her bare breasts still heaving.

“Having fun, girls?” the man asked.

“Yeah,” Leia answered, smiling slowly.

“I think I’ve got something you’d like in back.”

“Not likely,” Leia retorted quickly, trying to pull her blouse closed.

“Trust me.” The man crouched down at the end of the aisle, and whispered. “Last booth in the video room. Pull the screen toward you and go downstairs. Tell the man Oscar sent you.”

Julie raised her kaçak iddaa eyebrows as the man walked away. “What is this, some kind of bad spy flick?”

“Let’s go check it out!” Leia countered immediately.

“I don’t know. Sounds sketchy.”

“Come on, it’ll be fun,” Leia protested. She got to her feet and Julie was afforded a clear view of her shaved pussy. She was definitely not wearing underwear. She held her hand out for Julie and the other girl got slowly to her feet. “You feel what you did to me?” Leia whispered, guiding Julie’s hand under her skirt. Her pussy was drenched. Julie thought she would be shocked and want to pull away, but Leia’s folds felt so good. She stroked Leia’s lips once before taking her hand back. “Come on,” Leia repeated.

They headed into the peep show room. A row of five booths lined one wall. They could hear a man grunting in the first one and the unmistakable sound of fucking in the third booth. The fifth had a sign on it that said ‘Out of Order’.

The two girls crowded inside the dark booth. Leia ran her hand along the sides of the screen and suddenly her fingers slid into a concealed handle. She pulled it toward them, revealing a staircase. Halfway down, a neon signed informed them, ‘This way to Paradise.’

“Oh brother.”

“We’ll just stick together and everything will be fine,” Leia encouraged her.

Through another door at the bottom, they found a brightly lit room decorated all in red. A tall, muscular man sat in an armchair near a door on the opposite wall. “Well, hello,” he said as they entered.

“Oscar sent us,” Leia said immediately.

“I can see why,” the man replied. “You ever been to Paradise before?”

“No,” Julie answered.

“I didn’t think so. Okay, here’s the deal. You can put your clothes in one of the lockers in there, he gestured toward a doorway on the left. Then come back here and I’ll send you through.”

“Through to where?” Julie wanted to know.

“Paradise Park. Trust me.”

Leia had a look in her eye that told Julie they were definitely going through that door. She followed Leia into the locker room. There were about one-hundred lockers arranged in banks. Each had a dial on the front that told them whether it was currently ‘In Use’ or ‘Open’. A sign posted on the wall read, ‘Fetish Wear and Jewelry Only in Paradise Park.’

“I think we’re going to an orgy!” Leia cried. She sounded thrilled.

“What!?” Julie demanded. “I don’t think I’m ready for that.”

“Really?” Leia pouted. “Aren’t you the girl who had an orgasm on the highway this morning? In a convertible?” She was moving closer to Julie, pinning her against a locker. “And got me off in an adult bookstore?” She pressed her breasts against Julie’s, her mouth nearly touching the other girl’s. Julie was breathing raggedly. Leia ran her hands up and down Julie’s sides, then cupped her ass. “Let’s just check it out. We can always leave.”

“Okay,” Julie agreed through a haze of lust. Her body had been on overdrive all day, and Leia was doing all the right things to make her helpless.

They found two empty lockers and undressed. Leia had only her skirt, blouse and sandals to remove, so she turned her attention to watching Julie. They had been naked together before, all the girls were nude backstage as they prepped for their shows, but somehow, knowing that she was being watched made Julie’s hands tremble. When she revealed her newly bared mound, Leia squealed.

“Ooh, we match! Doesn’t it feel good?”

Julie had to admit it did. She took off her bra last, revealing her perfect C cups. Everyone said that Julie had the most gorgeous breasts at the club, perhaps in the country. They were perfectly symmetrical, round, full and tipped by pink nipples.

Nude now, the two girls returned to the red room. The man stood, his eyes wide. “Wow. You are gorgeous. Both of you. Look at those tits.” He was staring at Julie. “May I?”

“What?” Julie cocked her head.

The man took her question as an affirmative and he approached. He lifted Julie’s breasts in his hands and trailed his thumbs over the nipples. To Julie’s surprise, he bent and took one nipple into his mouth. A gentle suckle had Julie whimpering. She saw Leia bend close and whisper, “I’ve always wanted to taste…” before closing her lips over the other nipple.

Julie’s knees buckled. Her head was spinning. Her breasts throbbed with pleasure. She’d never had two people suckling her before. It was un-fucking-believable.

Suddenly the pleasure stopped. The man stepped back, rubbing his groin and opened the door by his chair for them. “Have fun, ladies.”

They stepped into a humongous room. It must have been a warehouse. It was painted like the sky inside and small clusters of trees around a stone path gave one the distinct impression of entering an amusement park.

“What the hell?” Leia breathed.

To their right, the path led to a wooden arch reading ‘Eat or Be Eaten,’ to the left, another arch bore the title ‘Dexy’s Saloon, home of the kaçak bahis tongue races.’

“Where to?” Leia asked.

“Saloon. I need a drink,” Julie declared.

They passed under the arch and entered a small wooden structure. Inside, they found a collection of about twenty people, most of them naked, others sporting corsets, PVC and latex fetish wear. They were sitting at small tables in groups, drinking beer and mixed drinks. Along the right wall was a bar.

Leaning her elbows on the bar, Leia asked the bartender—a woman wearing nothing but nipple clamps—for a couple of beers. Julie took a long drink from hers.

“Maybe this is some kind of nudist colony,” she suggested.

“Maybe,” Leia agreed.

Just then, the bartender rang a bell behind the bar and hollered, “Anybody up for a race?!”

A cheer went up from the assembled group, then a few couples approached the bar.

“You in?” the bartender asked Leia.

“What do we have to do?”

“Newbies, hey? It’s easy.” From beneath the bar, she started pulling up Tongues, just like the one Leia had ridden upstairs. She lined up five of them on the bar top. “We just see who can get off the fastest.”

Beside them, a man helped his partner get onto the bar and position herself over the Tongue.

“Oh, we are so gonna win this!” Leia squealed. She climbed onto the bar and knelt low over her Tongue, grinning at Julie.

When all five Tongues were occupied, the bartender rang the bell again and the Tongues turned on. Almost immediately, Leia was back in the throes of ecstacy, gyrating her hips and humming. Overwhelmed by the surreal nature of this experience, Julie just stared for a moment, watching the other four women on the bar start their own paths toward orgasm.

“Julie…” Leia moaned. “Do it now.”

Julie turned her attention back to her friend. On the bar like she was, Leia’s breasts were bobbing in Julie’s face. She decided to use her mouth. Julie pressed Leia’s tits together, bringing her nipples close enough to fit in her mouth at the same time. She sucked and nibbled, swirling her tongue around Leia’s dark nipples with abandon. Above her head, Leia moaned and groaned her pleasure.

Within fifteen seconds, Leia was yelling out, “Yes! Yes! I’m…coooommmmmmmiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggggg!” She sagged forward, wrapping her arms around Julie’s shoulders.

The bell clanged again. “We have a winner!” The Tongues turned off, and the other four women whimpered in dismay. “Sorry ladies, better luck next time.” The bartender presented them with their winnings, two free rounds of beer.

Leia drank her first down still straddling the Tongue on the bar. Slamming it down, she swung her legs off the bar and hopped down in front of Julie. “Oh my God, girl, you make me so hot!” She kissed Julie again, this time plunging her tongue into her friend’s mouth. Julie responded, bolstered by her beers. “Mmm,” Leia sighed. “Let’s drink these down and find out what else this place has to offer.”

They lingered a few minutes over their last beers, watching one of the losing couples finish off the woman back at their table. She moaned and bucked her hips as her partner rubbed her clit furiously. Eventually she sagged in the afterglow and began stroking her partner’s cock.

“This is definitely more than a nudist colony,” Leia grinned.

They left the area and made their way back to the Eat or Be Eaten arch. Inside, the could see a large wall with holes cut in it. It was divided into three sections: Men, Women and Mystery. On the side they could see, a line of people waited across the sections. Suddenly, the face-height holes were occupied by the lower halves of people they couldn’t see. The Mystery section was filled by both hard cocks and pussies. The people on their side immediately went to work, eating pussy and sucking cock.

Leia smiled. “I like the mystery element. You never know who you just got off.”

In front of them, the line separated into two sections, Eat and Be Eaten.

“I don’t think I could come again so soon,” Leia declared, choosing the Eat line. She gave Julie a gentle push toward Be Eaten. “But I bet you could.”

Soon they couldn’t see each other anymore. Julie followed her line around the back. She didn’t have to wait long before there was an opening in the Mystery section. She decided to go for it. She had to climb a short set of steps before settling into a padded seat that forced her to sit with her knees wide apart. When all the seats were loaded, they slid forward into the wall she had seen from the other side.

Her pussy was already dripping with anticipation when a hot mouth sealed over her clit. She jumped, moaning. God, it was so hot not being able to see anything! Whoever was working on her pussy was a genius. It was a slow tease, with gentle sucks on her clit and long laps along the length of her slit. Her thighs were quivering. Suddenly the mouth went back to her clit and sucked on it like it was a miniature dick. Julie gasped, then bucked her hips, feeling her orgasm building. She was moaning and shaking like a leaf. The pressure in her belly built to a peak then burst, flooding her with pleasure. The mouth continued to suck her gently as she came down from her high.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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