Babysitter gets educated by an older woman


Babysitter gets educated by an older womanJade had been asked to do an evening of babysitting for a friend of her mothers, Alison. Alison had a 5 year old daughter but the father had never stuck around to be of any use. At 18 Jade was desparate to earn a little money to let her go out at the weekend.Alison was not without means and lived in an old barn conversion in a nearby village. Being 5 miles out of town Alison had invited her to stay the night after she had returned from her night out. What exactly the night out was going to entailed had not been mentioned.The evening had gone quietly and the little girl had gone to bed easily at 8pm. Laying in bed later that evening Jade heard the return of the c***ds mother at around midnight. Accompanied by laughter and stumbling, the noise of a party in progress drifted up the stairs and into the guest room. As suddenly as it had started it seemed to subside. Listening to the voices Jade could hear what sounded like kissing, intrigued Jade crept out of her room in the darkness and half way down the stairs to where she had a view of the events proceeding in the lounge.Jades eyes could believe what she was witnessing. The 43 year old Alison had brought back what looked like two young men in their early 20s. Seated between them on the settee, Jade could see that Alison’s top and bra were off and both men were sucking her large tits and she lent back and had closed her eyes.As one ran his hand up her thigh Alison spread her legs wider. The other lucky guy reached up too. By now Alison was moaning, her pussy was being invaded tuzla escort by the two urgent lovers. Unfastening the front of one males pants Alison extracted his thick length. A purple headed rod sprang out in the woman’s tight grip. At the same time the other man got between her legs and started eating her wetness like a thirsty c***d. Alison was getting close, she pulled one cock to her mouth and took it deeply into her throat. The feeding man raised himself and pushed his cock up her. Writhing on his thrusts Alison began to masturbate her clit shamelessly in front of them. Jade could see how wet she was. The older woman’s clit glistened in the lamp light. This was too much, Jade searched under her night dress and started playing with her own pussy. Her clit was on fire and her juices was already running down her thighs and leaving droplets on the stair carpet. Desperately she worked 2 fingers up herself in an effort to catch up with Alison.Fucking her hard and fast Alison started to cum. Her cursing became louder and her rubbing more frantically as her orgasm raged. The man shoot his cum up her, holding his cock inside her as his spasms unleashed his cream. As he released her hips from his grip his spent cock flopped out of Alison’s cunt. Sitting back on the settee Alison got off and knelt between his legs and began licking and kissing his soaking cock like it was a sick infant. The other man now got behind her and quickly inserted his cock up the pussy presenting to him. He was highly aroused and fucked her with his 8 inches. Pulling nearly all the way out tuzla escort bayan before slamming back into her. Jade held her breath as forcing 3 thin fingers up herself she started to cum. Her pussy went into spasm as wave after wave of pleasure went through her. Meanwhile the man grunted and left his cum mixed with that of his friends up the old woman’s pussy. Jade watched as Alison’s efforts were producing results. The young mans cock was erect again. As Alison sucking the juices off his hot cock the blood returned and inflamed it. Suddenly Alison looked directly up the stairs at Jade.”You can come down now Jade I know you’ve been watching.”Jade froze, and a terror took over.”Come down Jade, we want you to have a better view!”The men both smiled as Jade slowly rose from her step. As she approached the living room Alison patted the place next to her for Jade to be seated. One of the young men sat there too with his rigid member throbbing in anticipation. Jade was shy but under the control of the older woman. Hesitantly she sat between them.”Take it off Jade, David and Greg want to see all of you.”Jade obeyed. Pulling it over her head Jades large breasts bounced into freedom, her nipples already hard and protruding.”Sit on his cock Jade, Greg wants you, he hasn’t finished. He has saved some cum for you!”Jade straddled Greg’s lap and lowering herself slid her tight pussy over the head of his penis. Sitting down she gasped as his length hit her cervix. Putting her arm over his shoulders onto the back of the settee Jade fed her nipples into Greg’s mouth. Greg’s gentle escort tuzla sucking quickly raising her excitement. Alison lent back and casually fingered her used cunt. Massaging the ooze that flowed around her clit, she displayed her fucked pussy for the benefit of her babysitter. “David suck me” Alison requested. David sat next to her and nuzzled a breast.Greg fucked slow and long. He had time now that his first eruption had been released. He savored her sweet smell and warmth of her cunny welcoming his cock each time she lowered herself onto him. It was obvious that she was new to being fucked but not a virgin. As his tempo increased Jade knew what he would do. She felt his grip on her waist tighten, then he drove her harder down onto his stiffness. Finally he whispered into her ear.”I cumming my sweet. Ummm you’re so hot, I’m filling you with cum.”Jade didn’t resist but let him empty himself until his breathing returned to normal. Then the scent of his cream injected inside her reached her nostrils. As she sat down next to him the middle aged woman’s fingers examined and probed her labia for traces of Greg’s cream. Jade had never had another woman fingers in her but she relaxed and went with the experience. Alison kissed the young girls mouth passionately, then worked her searching lips lower and lower until finally going down on her, tonguing her quim as deeply as she could reach. Kneeling before the nubile, Alison now placed her legs together but raised them high. She looked at the sweet naked pussy of the 18 year old. Alison’s tongue repeatedly ran through the channel, up and down the weeping slit. Within a few minute Jade was grinding herself against the face of her employer. Without inhibition Jade let them all do as they wished.”Oh please don’t tell my mother!”

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