Away From Civilization

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My name is Joanna. When I was 18, I was still living at home. I grew up in a house that was miles away from town, so I didn’t see too many people. I was home schooled all my life, so to sum it all up, I really didn’t have much of a social life. There were plenty of things to do to avoid boredom, but my favorite pastime was masturbating. I didn’t have a car, so I was basically stuck out here, and at the same time, my sex drive kept getting bigger and bigger. I was sick of just using my fingers all the time, and I desperately wanted some physical contact. It wasn’t until my horniness was at an unbearable level that I was just about ready to fuck anyone. I was, of course, a virgin, but this was no obstacle to my desire to get boned.

If I lived in town, I would have no problem finding a guy to pop my cherry. I was 5’5, and 105 pounds. I had dark brown hair, soft skin, with a nice firm ass, and 34c breasts. I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I was pretty sure that I was a hottie. However, there was no way I could keep a stable boyfriend by being so far outside of town. Then, after nearing despair that I would never be able to end this horniness of mine. That changed one day, after my brother, Aaron, and my dad were working outside. I went to bring them lunch, and I caught eye of my brother without a shirt on. He was so sexy looking, with his perfect abs, pecs, and other muscles. I was left in a daze, as I walked back to the house, thinking about my brother. I got back to my room, and couldn’t help myself. Just thinking about my brother made me so wet. I finger-fucked myself to an amazing orgasm, all the while thinking about Aaron. However, I knew that I couldn’t casino şirketleri have him. He was, after all, my brother; my own flesh and blood.

Multiple times, everyday, I would masturbate to my brother. I wanted him inside me. I wanted to be his whore. Ever since he came back from college, he was such a hottie, but I never knew how hot until I saw him shirtless.

One day, I was heading across the hall to the bathroom. I got there, and found the door partially open. I was surprised to find Aaron beating his meat hard. My pussy immediately flooded with juices. His cock was HUGE! It must have been nine or ten inches, and had a girth to match its length. I reached under my skirt and started rubbing my pussy, through my panties, which were soaked with my girly juices. I looked at his face, which was soooo cute. Then, he whispered something. I couldn’t hear him. Then he whispered a little louder: “Oh my god, Joanna! Yeah, suck my cock!”

Holy Shit! He was fantasizing about me sucking his dick! I felt my nipples harden. That was the final straw. I was finally gonna fuck him.

That night, I snuck into his room, wearing a thong and a bra. He was fast asleep. He was only sleeping in his boxers, with no covers, because it was so hot outside. I knew he was a heavy sleeper, so I shut the door, and went right up, and started rubbing his crotch. I had never touched a real cock before, so I was a little nervous. Even in his sleep, his cock twitched and spurred to life with my rubbing. I peeled back his boxers, and his humongous dick flopped out. I took it into my hands, and slowly stroked it up and down. It got harder, and bigger, with casino firmaları each passing stroke. I got a little nervous, but set my nervousness aside, and took him into my mouth. It actually tasted really, really good. My own brother was in my mouth. His cock got so big that I could no longer go all the way down. I took him in my mouth as much as I could, and I could still fit a hand almost all the way around the extra meat near the base. I sucked him off until I saw his ball sack tighten up, with the corner of my eye. Then, he sprang awake, with his cock still in my mouth, as he unloaded what must have been a gallon of semen into my formerly virgin mouth. I swallowed all that I could, but a good majority of it flowed out onto my tits.

“Joanna…that was amazing. I’ve wanted you for so long.” He said breathlessly.

“If you want me,” I said as I climbed on top of him, “You can have me.”

He kissed me, sliding his tongue deep inside my mouth. As he did this, he unclipped my bra, letting my large tits fall out. He kissed and caressed them, and let his free hand slide into my thong.

“Oh my god, Joanna, you’re so wet!” he said.

“It’s because I was thinking about you all day. I masturbate to you all the time, and I nearly came as I sucked your cock. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard!” I said.

He started rubbing my clit, and finger fucking me, getting me so wet. Then he slipped off my thong. He went down on me and started licking my clit. All the while, he was finger fucking me hard. I felt my pussy lips stretched wide. I looked down and watched my own brother eat my dripping wet pussy.

Then, I couldn’t take güvenilir casino it anymore. I needed him to really be inside me. I started to cum. Then my intense orgasm hit me like a train.

“I’m fucking cumming! Please don’t stop…Aaron, you’re so good. Eat me, eat my pussy. Oh my god! I just have to have you. Do me. Do me doggy style, Aaron. Fuck me like your bitch slut. God, I’m so horny, I just want your cock deep inside me.”

He flipped me over, onto my knees. Then, I felt the tip of his head against my labia.

“Should I—”

“Just put your dick inside me now!” I told him.

Then he thrust his prick all the way inside me, with one thrust. Both of us let out a loud yelp at once. I yelped because his cock was so big, and it actually really hurt, and he screamed cause my pussy was so tight around his bulging member. I pulled in and out of me, harder, and faster, with every thrust.

“Jesus Christ, Joanna! I thought you said you masturbated!? You’re so tight, I don’t believe you ever put one finger up your tight little cunt.!” He said.

“Ohhhh, shit! Oh my god! Fuck, your cock is too big! I’m cumming! HOLEEEE SHIIIIT!” I exclaimed as I bathed his balls with my sweet smelling girly cum. He rode me like a little slut, and came and came again.

Then, I felt his dick throbbing in my swollen cunt. I knew he was about to cum. I suddenly felt flooded by his sweet jism. It filled up the depths of my swelling cunt, and started dripping out of my pussy, mixed with my own juices.

We both collapsed, and fell into each other’s arms. My sweet brother just took my virginity and made sweet, hard, love to me. Every night, we would fuck again, and again.

Now that I’m moving out, I’m going to college, and Aaron has a new job in a nearby town, so now we’re getting an apartment together. We’ll be fucking almost non-stop. I’m my own brother’s little nypho-slut, and I’m happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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