Autumn Blues Ch. 01

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Author’s note: All characters are 18 and above, in British schooling you can choose to stay on and study until you are 18 before going to university.

Credit to allaboutne for all her help with editing this story!


It was a typically bleak Thursday evening in the middle of November with all the usual characteristics of an English Autumn; it was wet, windy and because the clocks recently went back, it had been dark since 5pm. All these factors contributed to Scott retreating to his bedroom after dinner to toil away the hours online. He liked his family a lot, they were all very close and had always enjoyed each other’s company immensely. When he and his sister were young their parents worked very hard; dad was often left for work before they woke and made it home just before their bedtime so when they were all together it was always quality time well spent. Simple things like board games and playing cards whilst dad tried to introduce them to “real” music was usually how it went.

As the kids grew through their teens the family’s finances settled and their parents’ work hours went back to normal, bringing a start to their tradition of always eating dinner together at the table. Now in their late teens, it wasn’t a case of their time together being of less quality, it was just less frenzied, without the need to cram as much fun into Friday and Saturday nights as possible. The kids had their friends, mum had her programs and dad had started to learn to play guitar (again!) so the environment was much more relaxed. They could all be in different rooms, or all in the same room in total silence, and be completely comfortable and at ease.

However on nights like tonight when it came down to a choice between watching the soaps with his mum and sister or messing about on his laptop, there was only ever one winner. Truth be told he was already thinking about the fun that was waiting for him online whilst he made quick work of washing the dishes, before discreetly taking himself upstairs. Once in the privacy of his bedroom he duly signed into messenger in the hopes of some exciting conversation but was instantly disappointed by the small list of online contacts, all of whom were ‘real-world friends’ he’d spoken to just a few hours ago at school. Given that he had nowhere to be for the rest of the night he settled in for some serious indulgence and soon he had a chatroom open in one window and endless tabs of galleries, movie clips and erotic stories in another. All whilst keeping an eye on messenger, waiting impatiently for any of his ‘online-friends’ to sign in.

As the hours passed by he talked to countless girls in the chatroom, often filling his screen with private messages as he flirted with several at once. Sometimes the conversations would go well and really start to heat up before fizzling out. Other times they would just come to an abrupt halt when the other person left, but as far as he was concerned they all ended the same way; prematurely and unfulfilling. Frustrated, he continued to flick back and forth between his porn and trying to seduce every female that entered the room, but by 10:30 he had given up on chat and was feverishly scouring the net for something to scratch his itch. Seemingly growing more excited by the hunt rather than the kill he found himself almost not wanting to masturbate because he was enjoying himself too much to imagine it ending. Every other picture or video inspired a new fantasy. The look on a model’s face and the mood it created; the setting in a video and the events that would have unfolded for him to be in that situation… All these things he played around with in his mind before moving on in search of the next exciting idea. His left hand rested on his lap and gave a brief squeeze through the front of his skinny jeans every so often as if to reward himself for abstaining, but each short pinch just added subtly to his already soaring arousal. His eyes darted to the corner of his screen when a new contact signed in, his excitement rising already as he tried to recall the conversations he’d previously had with: *~°Starlight_Sparkle°~* Delighted to finally have a girl to talk to his fingers spread across the keys in a flash typing out a cheeky welcome message:

Player_1: Hey, you’re up late… hope you’re not up to anything saucy on your webcam?? 😉

As soon as his pinky hit the return key to send he felt a warm shiver fizz up the back of his neck as his brain finally caught up, *~°Starlight_Sparkle°~* was his sister’s messenger name! He closed his eyes and cursed his own eagerness/desperation. Certain that she’d know exactly what had just happened he braced himself for the merciless ridicule that was bound to come his way… But it didn’t come. To his surprise and great relief she simply replied:

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Always!

Deep down he knew he’d gotten lucky and he should have embraced that let-off as a warning, but unfortunately he was long past thinking straight. Somehow his horny brain was reassured casino şirketleri by her jokey response and he pressed on with another bold retort; clicking the request to start video chat button, letting it sit there long enough to safely assume she’d notice it, before he cancelled the request with another winking smiley.

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: LOL! Perv :-O

Again he was encouraged by the tone of her response, reasoning with himself that she didn’t seem angry or disgusted so it was ok. He figured he could always pass it off as a joke if he ever went too far, besides that’s all this was, a joke… His hands sprung back to the keyboard to deliver his next line, if he were asked he’d say he was just doing it to get a rise out of her but deep down he knew that wasn’t 100% true. A grin swept across his face as he revelled in the suspense between messages, waiting to see how she’d react each time he pushed his luck a little further:

Player_1: I take it from the short replies you’re typing one handed? Want me to leave you to it?

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: lol no it’s fine. What you up to?

Player_1: Just the usual, staying up late and being saucy on my webcam!!

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: LOL!!

Although her replies could hardly qualify for an erotic novel, they were more than enough to spur his current mood. His horny mind, warped by the sheer amount of porn he’d been looking at all evening, began to retrospectively justify his actions. The fact that she was replying was proof that she didn’t mind the way he was talking, the speed with which she replied suggested she was enjoying their conversation and the fact that she laughed at everything he said? Well how could he not be encouraged?? As he continued to message her as if she were one of the girls from the chatroom earlier, he found himself falling into his usual routine; more jokes and flattery crept in and his teasing subtly became flirting as he cautiously steered the conversation down darker paths.

Whether she didn’t notice or didn’t mind, neither of them really knew for certain. The partial-anonymity of a generic messenger box made it easier to forget who they were talking to and allowed them to be braver with the things they said and the jokes they made, but as she continued to laugh and play along he couldn’t help remind himself that this was indeed his sister he was talking to. Of course she was well used to what guys want to talk about when they’re online, and although these two were talking very tongue-in-cheek, the few times she replied with something equally salacious would land like a lightning bolt, forcing him to think about his sister differently. She was nearly two years older than him so obviously she had her own sex-life but up until this exact point he’d chosen not to think about it.

(The closest he’d come was probably when his friends would try to wind him up by saying how much they wanted to get with her, but those conversations were always instantly shut down and usually followed up with the threat of violence if anyone dared to continue).

But now, far from feeling uncomfortable or guilty about the way he was talking to her, he couldn’t deny that he was getting a bit excited by the thought of her having a naughty side that he knew nothing about. Whether serious or not, any suggestions of watching porn or ‘getting off’ were quickly turned into mental images by his oh-so eager mind. The relieving ‘pinches’ through his jeans began to turn into slow, intermittent rubbing as his hand moved back and forth between his lap and keyboard.

Bailey was having a similarly tough time with her conscience; she’d come up to her room solely because she’d grown bored of the TV and only signed into messenger for the first time in months out of curiosity, and yet here they were laughing and pretending to flirt with each other!? She was no stranger to this kind of talk but obviously not with Scott. Despite their closeness there were certain things the siblings didn’t discuss and sex was definitely on that list – she didn’t even know if he was still a virgin, but the way he was talking tonight made her begin to wonder. Their chatting was light-hearted for the most part and even when he complimented her directly she didn’t feel like she was being hit on; he was sweet but not in a relentless way, which made her feel good without feeling like she was hearing some guy’s best lines.

That said, the positively charged atmosphere they were creating was definitely having an effect on her. The occasional racy comment about porn or what happens in teenagers’ bedrooms initially caught her off guard, even bringing a flush of colour to her cheeks, but it was always done in a way that made her smile and before long she was playfully responding in kind. Time seeped by as the messages continued to shoot back and forth, the pair of them barely registering when their parents called ‘good night’ through their bedroom doors. casino firmaları Throughout all the chatting, teasing and naughty jokes, the grin on her face remained steadfast and even though she knew it was wrong she didn’t really want to stop. The truth was she was enjoying their conversation and each time she caught herself writing something a bit risqué, she would justify her lack of guilt by telling herself it was just a bit of fun. Though her resolve was soon put to the test when completely unrelated to their conversation he sent her a link to a video clip.

Player_1: website/movies/2_orgasms

Player_1: Sorry!! Obviously not meant for you!!

Player_1: Shit!

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: wtf??

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: OMG what do you mean not meant for me? Are you talking to someone else as well?? You slut!! :-O

Curiosity immediately had a hold of her and she was definitely clicking that link, but more curious was the pang of jealousy she felt and was trying to mask with mock outrage.

Player_1: I meant I was supposed to paste that into my browser, not messenger…

Player_1: There is no one else I promise!! You’re the only girl online. for me 😉

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: omg SWOON!!

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Well this is awkward, knowing what you’re watching whilst talking to me!

Player_1: er, what we’re both watching whilst talking to each other!

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Who says I’m watching it??

Player_1: Well it’s a pretty tempting title, I’m not sure you could resist… Plus it’s a 6 minute clip and you’ve been quiet for the last 5! 😉

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Pfft! That was just a lucky guess cos I’m only 3 minutes in…

He couldn’t believe what he was reading, the smirk on his face kept growing as he thought of his sister in her room watching one of his favourite clips. ‘What will she think of it? What will she think of me? Was this finally the step too far? Or will she like it? Maybe even get turned on? Oh my god, what if she starts playing with herself??’ All these thoughts rushed through his mind in a microsecond. His fingers tightened against his swelling cock as it strained between his thigh and the restricting denim. The modicum of guilt he felt proceeded to fade as he mentally crossed that line and allowed himself to think of Bailey in a sexual way.

Things weren’t much different along the hall either, in unfamiliar territory Bailey’s mind was filling with thoughts and questions she’d never even considered before. Some questions were easy to answer but others she tried to ignore, because the answers were not what she expected! Finding herself torn between wanting to continue their little game and needing to pull herself back into reality, she cowardly chose to avoid making a decision either way and put all of her attention into the movie. However that just made matters worse. After watching intently for a few minutes she started to fidget in her seat, feeling a tingle between her legs start to grow. She nibbled on her fingernail nervously not knowing what to do with her hands, squirming more so as she watched the woman in the clip being licked to her first orgasm. Fighting to contain herself she was soon relieved that she had a message to reply to.

Player_1: You alright over there or do you need a moment to get yourself together?

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: lol! It froze so I had to reload it, but it’s surprisingly good!

Player_1: surprisingly?

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Yeah, usually guys like totally retarded porn. She gives him a blowjob – they have sex – she begs him to finish on her face, all while she’s moaning like she’s possessed! It’s good to see the guy wanting to please the girl too!

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: I hope you were taking notes, your future girlfriends will thank you!!

Player_1: pfft! I already know what to do down there

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: you reckon?

Player_1: I’ve been told 😉

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Oh really?? :-O

Player_1: Yeah all the time. My theory is the more she cums, the more likely she’ll want to fool around again! 😉

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: That literally made me lol! But tbh I can’t fault your logic 😀

This time it was Bailey’s turn to be dumbstruck. She’d never heard her little brother talk like this and she certainly couldn’t imagine him saying words like “cum” aloud. In fact it was so unexpected that she managed to give herself a fright when her abrupt laugh burst from her lips; the only other noise she’d heard for the last few hours was the near constant tapping of keys to güvenilir casino a backdrop of rain being forced against her window by the wind. Now, more acutely aware of how quiet the house had fallen, she started to really relish her solitude. Parting her legs slightly and slipping a hand between she was not at all surprised by the amount of body heat emanating through her pyjamas. She returned to the video and watched it again from the beginning, unable to shake her brother’s recent confessions from her mind. ‘I guess he’s not a virgin then? Unless he’s only done ‘that’ with a girl… I wonder who it was..?’

Just as Bailey had presumed, merely typing that last message had Scott all flustered and he’d noticed his hands had started to tremble with all the nervous excitement. Using words he’d never have the balls to say to her face was oddly thrilling and he couldn’t help but wonder if she was feeling the same. He unbuttoned his jeans and gripped his cock tightly through his boxers, instantly returning to fully erect. He defended his actions by insisting that it was the video clip that had got him wound up and allowed himself a few ludicrously pleasurable strokes before his taskbar flashed once more.

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Well whoever she is, she’s a lucky bitch 😛

Player_1: Jealous? 😉

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Yeah!

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Wait, I didn’t mean that as in, jealous because I want you to… you know…

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: OMG! That is not what I meant lol!!

Player_1: Hahaha

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: I meant she’s lucky to find a guy who is actually happy/willing to do it, without having to be blackmailed

Player_1: Blackmail?? Kinky…

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Tut, you know what I mean. No blowjobs unless he returns the favour…

Player_1: Is that really something girls have to do?

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Yeah! Either that or just grab his head and push him down there lol!

Player_1: wow.

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: hahaha even I can’t believe I just said that!!

The pair of them were unable to resist getting caught up in the moment and in her fumbling attempt to explain her definition of jealousy, all Bailey managed to do was thrust the idea of Scott going down on her to the front of both their minds. All night they’d been referring vaguely to themselves & someone or what nameless, faceless ‘kids their age’ got up to, but this was the first time either of them had insinuated the two of them together. Despite it passing without comment they both briefly envisaged the act, and neither of them cared to remove their busy hand from the front of their underwear whilst doing so.

Player_1: “Grabbing his head and pushing him down there.” Now THAT’S kinky!!

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Shut up!!

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Can’t believe I made myself blush! I went all hot and everything lol!

Player_1: You know what they say… If you’re getting all hot under the collar, take your shirt off…

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Literally nobody has ever said that!

Player_1: Are you sure? I’m sure I’ve heard that somewhere…

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: I’m not even wearing a shirt anyway

Player_1: Oooh 😉

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Not like that!

Player_1: mm u snd hot. wot u wearin babe? 😉 😉

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Lol pyjamas and a vest top – not exactly sexy!

Player_1: well, I feel over-dressed for the occasion!

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Why?

Player_1: I’m wearing a bow tie

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: LOL!

*~°Starlight_Sparkle°~*: Just a bow tie??

Player_1: and a smile…

Even he was shocked by the things he was typing, or more to the point, the things he was getting away with! As soon as his brain had processed what she’d written his fingers were busy typing out a reply, and he was frequently left asking himself should I really have said that??

Remembering Scott’s joke from the start of the evening Bailey tried to be smart and turn it around on him, hitting the start video chat button and beaming proudly to herself. However unbeknownst to her he was set up to accept video chats automatically so before she could cancel the request the blank webcam screens started to load. She quickly removed her hand from between her legs and tried to act normal as his cam started, she hadn’t see anything too incriminating, but the manner in which he rolled his chair right up close to his desk aroused her suspicion, enough to persuade her to keep the cameras on for a little while at least. Instinctively she started to run her fingers through her hair, using her camera as a mirror without giving any consideration to who it was she was trying to impress.

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