Autobiography of a Collar Submissive


Autobiography of a Collar SubmissiveSince 20 June 1996, Violet has managed to successfully deliver commercial sex-dating services to at least 34 males and 3 females. Her track record shows she has a preference for white western males of middle age, but also had intercourse with at least one BCC. Prior to her enterprise in commercial sex dating, she had her first sexual relationships with four Indonesian males. Her career already spans more than two decades.The secrets to Violet business success are among other things her excellent soft skills, especially with men of her target group, her innate disposition to enjoy and reap the benefits from her insatiable libido, as well as her natural talent and personal interest in any type of hetero and bisexual activities. Violet’s success could also be explained in terms of her loyalty and commitment to her Master by building and maintaining an authentic long term relationship full of personal intimacy with an abundance of outstanding three-hole bareback sex activities using a wide variety of imported sex toys and BDSM kinkiness while enjoying herself as much as her caring Master, who happens to be around eleven years her senior. Lastly, Violet’s success could be evidenced by the increasing number of hours, days and nights spent in in the presence of her Master starting off at only 6 hours during her initiation sessions on 20, 21 June 2013 up to 11 to 14 days and nights per month as his mistress and personal sex slave since 7 July 2017. In the past five years Violet has gradually undergone a truly remarkable mental, physical and lifestyle transformation from being an overweight, moody and unhappy working mum with an unbalanced menstruation cycle to being a healthy, fit and dedicated collared submissive and all-round cum slut with a regular monthly menstruation.At age 42 Violet sports a sun tan and boasts a slender physique, maintaining a stable body weight of 50 kg. She could easily become anyone’s favourite Asian MILF cum dump. At present Violet’s monthly earnings of IDR 10.000.000 exceed the income level of most highly educated Indonesian female office workers, while in fact her average hourly service rates are among the lowest in the world offering her Master an outstanding value for His money. With such an outstanding track record Violet is fully expected to keep devoting her mind, body and soul to her Master for many years to come. In 2019 Violet could expand her services under the tutelage of her American Master by offering sex holidays, sexcam, adult photo and video modeling to paying clients worldwide.The following report covers a time span of more than illegal bahis five years from June 2013 to December 2018. It provides statistical information about the increasing frequency and duration of Violet’s visits and offers an explicit description of her evolving lifestyle as collar submissive to John Major from the USA. It all started on the evenings of 20 and 21 June in 2013 when Violet made her first acquaintance to John Major at the Borobudur hotel in Jakarta. He took her to his apartment, where her initiation took place over the course of six hours, of which a more detailed recount can be read in this hyperlink.Violet managed to exceed the expectations of John Major and was sent home with IDR 1.500.000 million which is the equivalent of USD 102.90 or USD 17.15 per hour.During the first year after they first met their encounters were infrequent as they did not live in the same city. They kept in touch with one another via yahoo messenger, sms and telephone Occasionally, John would stay in Medan to attend business meetings. In the evening Violet would meet him in his hotel room for uninhibited sex.They had repeated sexual intercourse on four occasions in the late evenings on 19 and 21 February 2014 and again on 12 and 14 June 2014. Each encounter lasting 3-6 hours. Violet was paid IDR 500.000 for 3 hours, which was to become her standard rate with him. She accepted this amount without making a fuss.Meanwhile, Violet continued to be going about her online business as usual, locally executing numerous sex-dates with both western and Indonesian men and going on three to four day stints overseas to get fucked a lot by American, Danish, German and Swedish clients in cities such as Hongkong and Shanghai.Violet’s relationship with John Major really took off after he successfully applied for an executive position with a competitive remuneration and benefits package which allowed for his relocation from Jakarta to Medan in May 2014. On 1 July 2014, only two months after John Major moved to Medan and settling into a spacious three bedroom condominium, all paid for by his employer, a big palm oil company, Violet agreed to become officially certificated as collar submissive under ownership of John Major with international slave registration number: 539-755-591. His willingness for Violet to become His collar submissive, was the direct result of progress made under his immediate patronage and ongoing personal slave training in the preceding year. Violet had started to refer to John Major as Master or Abang, the latter endearingly meaning Older Brother in the local vernacular. Becoming a collar submissive illegal bahis siteleri meant that their relationship gradually intensified. Violet’s visits from her home in the suburbs to his condominium in downtown Medan became regular fixtures as it became required to be with him almost every weekend. She had to make rearrangements in her weekly schedule to be able to meet the increasing demands of her new lifestyle. Before every visit Violet would go through the same rituals at home. First she would take a long shower, and if necessary she would shave off her pubic hair, and rinse her genitals internally with a vaginal shower bottle filled with a special soap and lukewarm water. Then, she would spend considerable time to apply full makeup. After that she would dress up modestly to avoid attracting the attention of the neighbours and pour herself one or two glasses of gin tonic on the rocks to help her relax and get in the mood for things to come. Usually she would be on her way around 5 p.m. and be back at home around 1 a.m. on Saturday night with IDR 500.000 to IDR 1.000.000 of extra pocket money. In the period from 6 July 2014 to 28 September 2014 the number of weekly visits increased from two to three per month. As a result the money also went up from 2.000.000 IDR to 3.000.000 IDR.Starting on 4 October 2014, the duration per visit quadrupled from 6 hours to more than 24 hours. First of all, Violet agreed to be present around 3 p.m. on Saturday afternoon instead of arriving at 6 p.m. in the evening. In addition, it became the new norm to stay overnight at the condo until Sunday instead of going home late Saturday night. Initially, she would come home in the early morning on Sunday but that quickly changed to late Sunday afternoon allowing them to continue their sex marathon throughout Sunday. She would be riding herself silly on his big cock and forcing her body to have as many as possible multiple orgasms. He liked to make her squirt a lot fucking her relentlessly and brutally with three of his big fingers digging away in her distended and swollen pussy meat.The number of hours per visit rose dramatically whereas the frequency of GFEs remained stable at three per month. However, in November 2014 a peak of four weekend visits was reached and for the first time a total 96 hours of intimacy.Intensifying her slave training, Violet became conditioned to squeeze orgasm after orgasm, big ones and small ones, from her body. Slaving away on top of her Master’s stiff cock by grinding her genitals onto his crotch with endless hip gyrations. She was let to loudly moan and groan, listen to his canlı bahis siteleri dirty talk, whisper her kinkiest fantasies and to french kiss him a lot while enjoying the intense stimulation of his wonderfully big cock buried into her fully stretched Asian pussy.She had quickly grown addicted to the many multiple orgasms caused by the intense friction of the big American cock inside of her and had no qualms performing the (reverse) cowgirl position during long morning, afternoon and late evening sessions. Soon she started craving for the stimulation of his member deeply inside her, especially when it was not around during the week. Whenever it was time for Abang to cum then she would make him cum in her mouth. She would start off by rubbing and sucking his nipples, tugging on his rock hard cock with its big magic mushroom head until she had to stick it in her mouth and bob her head up and down using her skilled tongue to stimulate his cock head and sucking his shaft deeply until he dumped a mouth full of his cum inside her oral cavity to be swallowed in whole. In all those five years Violet had never been allowed to waste one single drop of his precious semen and sperm. Meters of it had already gone down her stomach which undoubtedly contributed to her present state of healthiness and happiness, the magical result of regular ingestion of fresh portions of high quality semen and sperm consisting of the finest proteins, vitamins and minerals produced by an white American male with upper middle class dietary and health habits.In the second year from December 2014 to December 2015 the number of GFE visits remained stable between 3 or 4 per month, with the exception of October 2015 when 6 GFEs and a total of 144 hours of intimacy were entertained.In March 2016 there was a second upward shift in the duration per visit from 24 hours to 48 hours. Following Abang’s direction Violet started to stay over for a second night so that she did not return home until early Monday morning. That same month her earnings also peaked at IDR 12.000.000 delivering a total of six GFEs totaling 234 hours of intimacy. In January 2017 Violet agreed to stay over for three nights arriving every Friday evening at 8.00 p.m. and going back home on Monday morning again extending the duration of her visit from 48 hours to 60 hours per visit.In the month of May 12 to 12 June 2017 the duration per weekly visit went up once again from 60 to 84 hours as Violet started to accompany Abang for a fourth night arriving at the condo on Thursday evening 8.00 p.m. Since 07 July 2017 Violet has been moving in and out with Abang for 11 to 14 days every month. Typically she would go to him on Thursday or Friday to spend a first weekend with him. During weekdays she would be available to him to serve lunch, cook dinner and offer sex before returning home on the Monday after the second weekend.

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