Aunt’s Panty Lesson Ch. 02

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As I drove out to see my family, my mind was racing. I could hardly believe the day I had experienced. I had been confronted by my beautiful Aunt Jane about stealing her panties and confessed all to her. She had dressed up in sexy lingerie for me and made me wear her panties. Then she gave me a practical lesson on how to make love. Unbelievable!

I caught up with my family and they were pleased to see me. After catching up with all the news from the championships and having dinner with them, I headed back to my Aunt and Uncle’s house.

After the exhilaration of the afternoon, I was a little weary about heading in. What would my Uncle say? Did he know that Aunt Jane and I had ‘enjoyed’ ourselves together that afternoon?

It was after 9pm when I walked in. My Uncle came over and greeted me with a warm handshake and a pat on the back. He was glad to see me. I could see my Aunt, sitting on the lounge, smiling at me as if nothing had happened. We all talked for a while, my Uncle catching up with all my news about my impending move for University and the like.

After talking and catching up for about an hour I said to everyone I was heading for bed. My Aunt and Uncle both wished me a good night’s sleep.

I then said “Thank you for having me. Without you letting me stay here I wouldn’t have been able to come down and see my brother play in the Championships.”

“No problem at all.” My Uncle replied.

Aunt Jane then said with a smirk on her face “It’s a pleasure to have you.” I tried not to give the game away by laughing as I said goodnight.

I went into the bathroom and washed up for bed. As was now becoming a habit I looked in the clothes hamper. I was disappointed to only find the bed sheets in there from our ‘exertions’ earlier. No sexy little panty treats on offer. I could hardly complain after the afternoon I had just enjoyed. Returning to my room, I put on some boxer shorts and hopped into bed, my mind filled with the events of earlier in the day.

I lay on the pillow and it felt a little lumpy. I went to fluff it up when I noticed something under my pillow. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a pair of beige silky panties, with a post it note on them. I picked up the panties and read the note.

‘I was wearing these today waiting for you to arrive. Enjoy them.’

The panties had a very distinctive ‘stain’ on the front where Jane had been pressed in them. She was obviously excited to have me staying here as her scent was very strong. I smelt the panties, inhaling Jane’s musky fragrance that I had experienced in person earlier. I stroked my ever hardening cock taking the panties and sliding them over my cock. The stimulation of the silky smooth panties, combined with the thoughts running through my head of my earlier adventures with Jane, meant I came quickly. I cleaned myself up, slipped the panties on and had the most restful sleep of my life.


The next day I woke up about 8am. It was another hot summer’s day. I went to the bathroom, returned Aunt Jane’s panties by putting them in the clothes hamper, showered, dressed and headed downstairs. I was eager to see Aunt Jane, as I wanted to talk to her about what we did yesterday and was really hoping to do it again. I did have plans this morning, helping my brother’s team out as a favour to their coach, but I wanted to see her.

I went into the kitchen and found my Uncle finishing his coffee and reading the paper. I poured some cereal and casually enquired where Aunt Jane was. My uncle replied that she had a few things to do this morning and had left a little earlier. He also said that Jane had spoken to my family that morning and had arranged for us all to go out to dinner together that night. I thought that was a great idea.

My uncle then said that he would have to meet us at the restaurant tonight, as he had a huge day ahead at work. I thought this was even better. This would give me the opportunity to talk with Jane this evening before we went out. I finished up breakfast and headed out at the same time as my uncle.

I helped my brother’s team out with their warm ups before their game and then went and sat with my mum up in the stands. We talked about the game ahead and other family stuff. I mentioned that I was looking forward to going out for dinner tonight. Mum was also looking forward to it.

Then Mum surprised me. She said it was good that I was helping my Aunt this afternoon with cleaning out their office. It was very mature and responsible of me to do that as a ‘thank you’ for letting me stay. She said Aunt Jane had mentioned that I was leaving about midday to help with the clean up when they spoke that morning. Trying not to look too surprised and excited, I then said it was the least I could do for them letting me stay there.

Midday couldn’t arrive quickly enough. I headed off as soon as I could for the short drive back to my Aunt’s house. When I arrived I was pleased to see that her car in the driveway. I entered through casino şirketleri the side door and called out “Hi Aunt Jane, I’m back.”

“I’m in the lounge room.” She replied.

I walked in and saw that she was wearing a light singlet top and shorts, showing off her tanned body. I could see that Jane had a white bra on which contrasted beautifully against her tanned skin. She stood up, gave me a hug and a light kiss on the mouth and motioned me to sit next to her on the lounge.

Jane then started to talk. “I want to talk with you about yesterday. I imagine you would have some questions about our afternoon together. I just wanted to start by saying it was beautiful and I had a wonderful time with you. If there is anything you want to ask, or want to talk about what we did we should do that now while we have the chance.”

“Aunt Jane I had an amazing time too with you yesterday. I still can’t really believe what happened to be honest.”

I paused, thinking of how to word the main thought running through my mind. “I do have one question in particular Aunt Jane. Please don’t get me wrong I loved what we did yesterday and would really like to do it again, but I have to ask…….. Why did you want to do it with ‘me’?”

Jane laughed and replied “I thought you might ask that.” She paused for a second and then continued “You have always been my favourite nephew and I have had the pleasure of seeing you grow up into the handsome young man you are now. I have also noticed how your looks have changed towards me over the years, from those of a nephew, to those of someone physically attracted to me. I must admit I have been flattered to experience your attention. Knowing you are heading away to University and haven’t had a lot of experience with women, I thought I could use this opportunity to teach you a few things that will help you out. And the chance for a fling at my age was too good to pass up.”

“Glad I could help” I said in as macho a voice as I could. I laughed and said in my normal voice “Yes you did teach me lots. I didn’t know half the stuff you showed me yesterday. I still cannot believe that you were my first experience.” Jane smiled when I said this. “Can I ask you something else?”

“Of course, there are no secrets between us now are there?” She replied.

“I guess not. How did you know I was interested in panties and stuff? I have never told anyone before yesterday.”

“I first had an idea when your mother told me that someone was going through her panty drawer many years ago now.” My face dropped. I must have looked mortified as Jane took my hand and reassured me. “She didn’t say you were trying them on or anything. More that you were looking at them. You would have been about 13 at the time. I assured her that it was probably your curiosity more than anything else. She hasn’t mentioned it since.” I was relieved by this and Jane smiled at me.

She continued “Next time we visited with you, I noticed you looking at my panties hanging on the clothes line and also spotted you looking over the fence at your neighbour’s panties hanging out to dry. I didn’t say anything as you were a teenage boy with hormones raging through you. As you got older I could see that you were still interested in panties and swimwear.

“I remember you looking at my pink one piece hanging out to dry after a swim here once. It might have been that time you saw me rubbing sun lotion on my legs by the pool. I also noticed that you were looking at me in a more ‘physical’ way that day too. Anyway, I saw you from the kitchen window looking at my swimmers drying over the rail. You briefly stopped by them, picked them up and felt the material between your fingers and put them back down. You also used to look at my panties hanging on the line here.

“When you visited here last time, you were looking at me in a more lustful way, and you wanted to talk to me and be around me a lot more than before. I also noticed that you had grown up into a handsome young man too. I then decided to see if you were still interested in my panties. I arranged my panties to be at the top of the hamper so I could tell if you had looked at them.

“When I went upstairs to see if you were ready to leave and you came rushing out of the bathroom in a hurry I knew you had seen them. When I went back later and saw that they were taken, I was a bit surprised. I didn’t think you would take them, but it did excite me to think that you were enjoying yourself with my panties.

“That weekend really confirmed to me that you were interested in me, and that you still liked panties. From that time I knew, if I had the chance, I’d try to spend some time alone with you and teach you a bit more.

“I also wanted to let you know that a panty fetish is not bad, or something to be ashamed of. It is just a fetish. Whatever you enjoy, continue to enjoy it. But please whatever you do, don’t go stealing panties. That is just wrong.”

“Aunt Jane, you might find this hard to believe, but casino firmaları they were the first and only panties I had ever taken.” I replied.

“I’m glad about that. Anyway if you like wearing panties and women’s swimmers that’s ok. If you ever want to talk about this later, you can ring me any time. I will always be here for you.” She said, squeezing my hand.

The look in Jane’s eye showed that she didn’t judge me for my fetish and that she really cared for me. I felt even more pleased to be able to have someone to confide in.

“It has been great to be able to talk to someone about this at all, let alone be able to learn with what we did yesterday.” I replied.

“You were a fast learner. I haven’t had an experience like that for years. Your Uncle, I love him dearly, is often too tired from work for fun in bed. It was fun to be with someone who could keep up with me.” She laughed.

“I could only just keep up with you.” I laughed back. “I do have another question for you Aunt Jane?”

“What is it?” she asked.

“What do you want me to help you with this afternoon? My family told me I ‘offered’ to help you cleaning up this afternoon?”

Jane smiled a big, seductive smile at me, stood up taking holding my hand and said “Follow me my panty lover.”

She took me upstairs to her bedroom. As we walked into the bedroom Jane said “I went out this morning and bought some new swimmers. I like them and I think you will like them too. Anyway, I’d like you to help me clean out my swimwear drawer. I will show you what I have and we can decide together what I should keep, and which ones should go. Will that be fun?”

“Oh yes Aunt Jane.” I replied, very enthusiastically.

“After that, we might go for a swim together, so I can show off my new one piece”.

“That will be excellent” I replied, blood rushing from all parts of my body to my gradually swelling groin.

Aunt Jane went over to her chest of drawers. Reaching the drawers, she touched the top drawer. “I won’t open this one up. There are too many things in there that you would like.” She said with a little laugh.

Jane then opened up the third drawer. From where I was standing I could see it had clothes on one side and her swimmers on the other. Jane scooped out a pile of swimmers and put them on the bed. Reaching back she picked a pair of bikini bottoms out of the drawer that must have dropped out of the pile.

With the swimmers now on the bed, Jane started arranging them. She said “Let me just sort these out. I know you will like some of these, but we have to decide which ones don’t suit me anymore. And I want you to be honest with me about which ones look the best. Ok Dan?”

“I will do my best Aunt Jane.”

By this time she had sorted them out. There were 6 swimsuits altogether, two one pieces and 4 bikinis. The two one pieces I recognised. Both were pink, one hot pink scooped low at the back and hi cut at the front, the second was pink with two stripes across the body, one green, the other blue, with spaghetti straps.

“Aunt Jane,” I said excitedly “The pink one piece with stripes was the one you were wearing when I watched you oiling your legs.”

“Really,” she said “I didn’t realise I have had it for so long.”

The bikinis were all different. A white and blue bandeau bikini, a pink ‘triangle’ bikini with tie side bottoms, a navy blue triangle bikini with small white polka dots, and a black halter top bikini with fold over pants.

“Ok Dan, which of these don’t suit me anymore?” Jane said looking back across to me.

I stepped over to the bed and had a good look. They all looked so gorgeous. I felt the material on some and they felt great to me. “I can’t decide Aunt Jane. They all look good.” An idea then flashed into my head. “Why don’t you try them on so I can get a better idea of how they look on you?” I said with a grin on my face.

Jane smiled back at me. “I can see what you are up to. And that’s a good idea. Which one should I try first?”

I chose the black bikini, handed it to Jane and then sat down on the bed to enjoy the show.

“Now I know we had our fun yesterday and we ‘might’ have some more fun today, but you’re not just going to sit there and watch me change. Go and wait outside and I will call you in.” she said. I started to grumble a little and she put her hand on my shoulder as I was walking out and said “We will have fun, trust me.”

I went outside and paced around, with a big smile on my face. My Aunt was trying on her swimmers for me. Unbelievable. Jane called me back in and she stood near the bed with her hands on her hips, posing for me.

“How does this one look?” she asked. She looked great, and the black colour looked great on her tanned body, but the bikini did look a little old. It didn’t seem to have the stretch in it that it once had. Being a bit bold, I went over and felt Jane’s bottom and held her close. “I think this one is a little old Aunt Jane. Perhaps this one isn’t a keeper.”

“Ok güvenilir casino Dan. I’ll try this one on next.” As she then chose the blue and polka dot bikini next. “Oh Dan, would you look after these for me.” She said as she tossed me her panties that she been wearing.

I caught the panties she threw at me. They were another pair of beige silky bikini panties, this time the fabric had a beige stripe effect running through it. They felt beautiful. I started to go out of Jane’s room when she called to me.

“Don’t get too excited with those. I will only be a second trying these on.” She said as took off the halter top of the black bikini, turning away from me so I couldn’t see her beautiful breasts again.

I stood outside her room and studied the panties. They still felt warm from her body. The gusset was slightly damp from her excitement, and her fragrance was the freshest I had ever known on a pair of panties. I felt the material and ran the fabric over my cheek feeling the softness and silkiness of the fabric. My cock was rapidly hardening, with the multitude of stimulating influences around me.

Jane called me back into her room. She was again posing with the bikini on and this one looked great. The navy really suited her and the bikini top held her breasts much better than the last one.

“Does this one look better?” she asked.

I went over and again felt her bikini clad bum and pulled her close to me. This time I gently ran my hand down her chest and lightly cupped her breast. Her nipples were just starting to get hard. “This one looks much better than the last one. Definitely one to keep.” I replied, with a big smile on my face and a ‘tent’ in my shorts.

Aunt Jane gave me a big smile. She could feel part of me up against her leg. She reached down and gave my growing cock a gentle squeeze saying “I can tell you like this one. Or is ‘that’ from my panties?”

“Both” I replied with a giggle.

Jane laughed, and picked up the pink bikini. “Go on and wait outside. You will be back in here in a second”.

I again went out and looked at her panties again. In no time Jane called me back in and posed again for me in the pink string bikini. This was the most revealing of her bikini’s so far and the colour looked great with her tan. “So Dan is this one a keeper?”

I went over and again held her. I pulled her bottom close so that our crotches were together. Her breasts were a bit more natural in this bikini, with the pink triangles of the top covering her breasts, rather than ‘holding her breasts’ like the previous bikini. I noticed that her nipples were a little harder than before. Again I ran my hand down her chest and this time I lightly squeezed her left breast.

“This one looks stunning Aunt Jane. Definitely keep this one.” I replied. I leant I and gave her a little kiss on the lips. Jane looked back into my eyes. She was enjoying this as much as I was.

Jane gave my bum a squeeze and said “Go on get out of here. Only a few more to go.”

As I let go of her, I slid my right hand down her side, catching the end of the tie side on her bottoms. I pulled at the string, the knot came away and the bikini bottoms started to fall off Jane.

“Dan, let go of that.” Jane said playfully, grabbing the bottoms to keep them on her. She laughed at the situation. “I’ll be ready in a second.”

I turned as I walked out and Jane playfully let go of the bikini bottom, giving me a little flash of her ‘landing strip’. I laughed as I left the room.

When I went back in, she had on the bandeau bikini. This was a cobalt blue and white stripe bikini. It looked great, a bit lower cut in the bottoms that was fashionable back then. Jane played around this time, turning around and bending at the waist, showing her fantastic bum being tautly covered by the bottoms.

Feeling very bold (and horny), I went around behind Jane, reached out, grabbed her hips and pulled her against my groin. Jane gave a little jolt as I did this and said “I can tell you like this one”. She broke out of my grip and turned around to face me. She leaned in and kissed me. It was longer than our other kisses that day, but not a French kiss. Breaking the kiss she playfully smacked my bum and sent me out of the room.

I returned to see her in the first pink one piece. Jane had her back to me and I could see that this was low cut at the back. Jane turned around and had her hands on her hips. The pink colour was similar to the bikini and looked just as nice on her.

Jane called me over “Dan come and see how this one feels on me.”

I went over and held her close. Jane took my hands like she did yesterday and ran them all over her one piece clad body. Her nipples were now erect and poking into the material. I bent my head down and took her right nipple between my lips and gave a gentle suck. I then flicked it with my tongue, wetting the pink lycra, forming a little darker circle around her nipple.

I looked into her eyes and said quietly “I like this one too.” I kissed her again, lips closed, but a little longer again. I broke off the kiss and Jane smiled at me.

She gave me a loving look and said in a breathy voice “I had better try this last one on then.”

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