Auntie Marilyn chapter 2


Auntie Marilyn chapter 2Ronnie Goodge hoped that he had handled the situation correctly as he watched hiseleven-year-old son saunter out of the house on his way to school. He had had agood talk with his son and had gotten the boy to finally admit that he and his friendSeth Roberts had been fooling around with young Jenny Phillips … the only thingthat troubled Ronnie was that Peter swore that the girl’s sweater was down when hissister-in-law had entered the room … which meant only one thing … that Marilyn hadbeen watching at the door!It wasn’t easy for Ronnie Goodge to bring up his young son alone, his wife had lefthim when the boy was only three years old and he had never heard from her since,nor wanted to for that matter. Over the years Ronnie had had more than onegirlfriend and several times he had been tempted to re-marry but he had never quitefelt strong enough about any one girl to tie the knot. He was fatally attracted to hissister-in-law Marilyn, and now with his brother’s death he had ataşehir escort grown even fonder ofher. He knew that it wasn’t proper for a man to want his own dead brother’s wife buthe did. He never got very far with Marilyn, however, even on the occasions whenthey were drunk together, she was always aloof … holding herself back, not quiteletting her hair down altogether with him.Ronnie knew however that she must be madly frustrated, he knew that she hadn’thad a boyfriend in a long, long time and now, realizing that she had virtually been apeeping tom with the c***dren, convinced him even more than she was ripe to befucked. The only problem is, he thought to himself, how can I do it!* * *Later on that day, after school, young Peter Goodge and his friend Seth Robertswere hanging out at Seth’s house, talking about their mishap the previous day.”So was your Dad hopping mad?””Not really, he just told me that I was a little young for such things and that I shouldwatch my step from now escort ataşehir on, he was kind of embarrassed if you know what I meanand didn’t really want to talk about it anymore.””Did he say anything else about your aunt?””No not really, only one thing did puzzle me, after Dad made the remark. Do yourealize that my aunt must have been watching us for quite a while before she camein because she told my Dad I was sucking Jenny’s tits, now you know we heard hercough and Jenny shoved her sweater down, so her tits weren’t even exposed whenAunt Marilyn came into the room.”The two boys looked at each other, their eyes widening with excitement.”You realize what that means, don’t you Seth,” young Peter Goodge grinned lewdly.”No … ” puzzled the other boy.”It means that Aunt Marilyn was watching us through the crack in the door becauseshe’s frustrated. She hasn’t had a man in a long, long time and I think she’s horny.””What!” exclaimed Seth.”That’s right and what’s more I’m going to find out ataşehir escort bayan if it’s true.””What do you mean Peter?””Well … I want to lose my virginity, you’ve already fucked your sister and your cousin,how about if I get to fuck my aunt.””You’re k**ding!””Nope, I’m not … I’ve thought about it all day long, I’m going to go to my aunt sort oftearful like, then I’m going to ask her to explain the facts of life to me, tell her I don’treally know about girls or anything and that my Dad is too embarrassed to talk to meabout it. Make her feel sorry for me, not having a mother and all. I’ve got somethingelse too that will loosen her up a bit.””What?””Some hashish.””She’ll never smoke it, she’s too uptight.””I know, but I talked with Jenny at school today, her mother is at work all day longand tomorrow Jenny said she would bake me some brownies. I’m going to give hersome hash for the brownies and then I’ll give one or two to my aunt, tell her they areBoy Scout cookies or something! “”Oh boy, do you think she’ll go for it?””She won’t know what’s hit her, she’ll eat the brownies, then I’ll start talking to herabout sex, she’ll start getting all worked up, because I’m telling you she’s really hornyand then hopefully after that everything will be a cinch.”

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