Aunt Edna’s Needs Ch. 06

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Chapter Six

I didn’t sleep long before she was playing with my dick again.

“Christ,” I murmured as I woke up, feeling myself getting hard, “I have created an insatiable monster.”

“You love it,” she said, a soft giggle in her voice as she rolled up, smoothly, straddled me, and took me into her body.

“Davey,” she said, her lips right at my ear, her breath warm and moist as she spoke, “thank you. I never imagined anything like this.”

I moved my legs to lock our knees together and she sighed, very deeply. She was completely relaxed and loose and hot and wet where I was inside of her. It felt good, our bodies just joined, our lips brushing each other, nuzzling and touching and enjoying.

She sighed, a deep soft sound almost in my ear, and murmured, “I am yours.”

I reached down and patted her ass gently and replied, “you are mine.”

We lay like that for a long time, not moving, not seeking sexual release, just joined, merged, one perfect body where, before, there had been two imperfect bodies. I stroked that line of down along her spine and she breathed, slow and easy, nuzzling my neck.

I felt a sudden tension in her body and felt something hard touch the end of my dick. There was a sudden added wetness, a sharp intake of breath, and then the touch was gone and she relaxed again.

“Oh my,” I breathed softly into her ear.

“Yes,” she whispered, her tongue lightly tracing the shell of my ear, “Oh my.”

My hands were drawn to that strip of downy fur down her spine and lightly stroked it, enjoying being merged with her.

We lay like that for a few minutes, relaxed, joined, content when I felt another sudden tension, another touch at the head of my erection, and another sudden spill of her ambrosia wetting my scrotum and running down the crack of my ass.

We held like that, both enjoying the waves of her ecstasy until my need to pee took over.

“I have to pee,” I said and she giggled.

“Well go ahead,” she whispered.

“Christ,” I said, “not only insatiable but a pervert too.”

She giggled and repeated, “well, go ahead. I have some issues myself and there’s a rubber mattress cover.”

I chuckled, patted her ass, and said, “that’s not how it works sweet cheeks. When I’m all worked up, as you have me, I can’t pee.”

She rocked her hips, adding to my discomfort, “Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said, “but first,” she hadn’t locked her knees with mine and I had some leverage. I rolled us over so I was on top.

She giggled and wrapped her legs around me.

“I’m going to take care of business and then we can shower and pee together you pervert,” I said and kissed her, “and then I’m going to do some research before bringing you back to bed.”

“Research?” she said, holding still now.

“Research,” I said, and on some level, I understood how bizarre it was to be fucking my aunt, and at this point, it was fucking, while discussing questions of research and negotiating how we would pee together, “I want to learn more about what happened last night. That was new to me and I want to be sure you’re not being hurt.”

There was that push and the pressure against my escort bayan erection again.

“Does that feel like I’m being hurt?” she asked.

I laughed softly and said, “no.”

I pulled out and felt the pressure chasing me. When I pushed back in there was resistance from her cervix, a sensation like I had never imagined.

And that is how we made love. It shifted, as it sometimes does. It was no longer fucking, it was making love, and that wonderful pressure she was holding against my erection added to the sensation for me.

When I came I pulled out quickly and left a line of semen up her belly.

She made an odd little mewing sound.

As I softened and slipped out I rolled quickly out of bed before she could grab me, and went into the bathroom and set the water in the shower running to get it hot before going back into the bedroom to get her.

She was laying on her back, her fingertips playing in the line up her belly, touching and then tasting.

I watched for a few seconds, fascinated at the way her eyes closed and she looked so damn happy, and then grabbed her hand and pulled.

She giggled, rolled off the bed, and followed me.

In the shower, with the hot water running over us, I pulled her to me and kissed her. I was holding her, my hands cupping her ass when I started peeing. I felt a sudden tension and then relaxation in her body and then felt the other warmth as she started too. The scent of our urine was strong and acid in the steam as I held her and kissed her.

Finally relieved, and I had REALLY needed to go, I picked up the bar of soap, got my hand lathered up, and started washing her face.

We bathed each other, giggling a lot as we did, and then dried each other. It was wonderfully sensual while not being sexual.

Clean and dry I patted her ass and said, “make some coffee while I figure out what happened.”

She giggled, kissed me, and said, “what happened is you made me cum like I never did before.”

I chuckled and patted her head.

“No,” she said, “that’s far too gentle a word. You made me cum like I never imagined was possible.”

“I know,” I said, “but I really don’t know why or how.”

We went into the kitchen and as she started making coffee and breakfast I got my little Google Chromebook and started searching.

I worked my way through a dozen search terms – “Cervix play” – “Can you touch a woman’s cervix” – things like that until I finally got to “cervical prolapse” and “uterine prolapse.”

By then she had coffee, bacon, eggs, and toast ready. She sat beside me at the table, watching the computer screen while I searched and ate breakfast and read.

“Oh my God,” she sort of sighed as a picture of a woman’s pussy with what looked like her entire uterus protruding formed on the screen.

Her hand slid up my thigh and found me, not quite erect but getting there.

I worked the touchpad and found another site, the National Institutes of Health as a matter of fact, and read the article on whether sex with a prolapsed uterus was safe.

“Good news,” I said, “I really didn’t hurt you.”

She giggled and said, “I really didn’t need you to tell tuzla genç escort me that, honey.”

“Well, it was new to me too,” I said, smiling.

We finished our breakfast with that image on the screen.

When we were done we did the dishes together. It was a wonderful intimacy, doing simple house chores naked. I liked it.

When we were done, the dishes dry and put up, the table wiped, the chairs put tidily back under the table, the dishtowel hung, I took her hand and led her back to bed.

I kissed her, tenderly, and let my fingertip explore the mass of her pubic hair. She smiled, made soft humming sounds, and parted her legs.

It was full daylight now, and the drapes were open so the light was bright and I could see details I hadn’t seen in the dimmer artificial light of last night. There was a faint tracery of stretch marks across her belly and hips, reminders of the five daughters she had born. I brushed them very lightly with my fingertips, fascinated by the fact that there was none of her body hair in the marks themselves. I noticed a little scar on the side of her belly, touched it, and she said, “appendix.”

I was, well, I was inspecting her, and she was enjoying the inspection.

Under her right breast was a small scar, small but very deep. For some reason, the image of fitting a quarter into it sprung into my mind’s eye. When I touched it there was a sudden tension in her body, just a momentary thing but I knew I had struck some sort of nerve.

“What?” I asked.

“I had a lump,” she said. “It was almost 20 years ago now but I was so scared they’d take my tit. But they did something called a lumpectomy, nuked me a few times, and I’ve been okay since.”

I bent and kissed that scar, drawing a sharp little gasp from her.

And then I touched between her legs again, my fingertip finding her clitoris and just touching.

I was surprised not at all to find her wet.

I rolled up onto my knees, sitting on my feet, and started truly inspecting her pussy.

That wonderful mat of silky hair was the most obvious thing about her. Well, her body hair everywhere I suppose is more accurate. The line of downy hair that ran from between her breasts down to form a delta at her groin. The very light hair on her thighs and the much thicker hair on her shins. The dusting hair across her feet and toes.

I gently parted her labia, those full outer lips of her pussy, exposing the pink delicate inner lips, and I touched them.

“Can you push like you did last night?” I asked.

She closed her eyes and I felt a tension in her body. She took a deep breath and lifted her knees. When she pushed her lips parted slightly and her cervix, very pink, very shiny, peeked out.

When I touched it she jerked and there was that image again, the prairie dog or the meerkat disappearing down its hole.

“Honey,” she said, and her voice was shaky, “I want to see.”

“Huh?” I said, taken completely by surprise by that one.

She giggled, a throaty sound, and said, “get my dressing mirror, baby. I want to see.”

“Oh,” I managed and went to the corner and got her dressing mirror, a free-standing, almost tuzla kendi evi olan escort full-length mirror that tilted. I carried it to the foot of the bed and tilted it so she could see.

“Get me a couple of pillows from the other bedroom, baby,” she said. So I padded into the other room and grabbed the pillows from that bed. She sat up and I put the pillows behind her head and back so she was in a not-quite-sitting, reclined position. I adjusted the mirror she could see what was happening between her legs.

“You know,” she said, “I never looked at myself like this before.”

I grinned and got back onto the bed, on my knees beside her, sitting on my feet, and said, “now push.”

And there it was, on command, her cervix peeking out from the forest of her pubic hair.

“Oh my God,” she breathed softly.

“Relax,” I said and touched the tiny dent, the entry to her uterus, to her womb.

I used my fingertips to very gently part her lips more, brushing around the dent of her opening.

“Push,” I said, as softly as I could.

I felt the tension in her body again as she took a deep breath and then made a soft grunting sound as she bore down.

As I watched her uterus, pink and shiny with her natural lubricant, slowly emerged.

I used my left hand under it for support, and my right to lightly caress the top, urging her on.

“Push,” I said again and this time she cried out as she bore down and I had almost her whole uterus in my hand. It was hard and muscular and I was caressing it. I bent to kiss it, licking and tasting her.

When I leaned back and looked at her face her eyes were big.

“This,” I said, giving a gentle squeeze, “is the core of your womanness. Not your breasts, or your mouth, or your pussy, or your pretty ass. This is your core, the very center of your femaleness.” I bent and kissed it again and then said, “and it’s beautiful.”

I bent again, this time opening my mouth wide and taking her cervix and the end of her uterus into it. She was hard and muscular and when my tongue touched the tiny opening I could feel her shiver but she did jerk away. I nursed at it, sucked it, my head bobbing a little, and I realized that this must be what it felt like for a woman to have a cock in her mouth.

I liked it.

When she came from what I was doing her body jerked and she disappeared back inside so I buried my face between her nether lips and started on her clitoris with my tongue.

She came explosively and I couldn’t swallow fast enough to keep up, but I kept at her clitoris between coughs.

With one final push, she prolapsed again.

I held her uterus in my hand, stroking it, kissing it, fascinated by how hard it was.

As she relaxed it slowly retracted into her body until, with a final little shudder, her pussy was, well, normal again.

“Make love to me,” she said.

I smiled and kissed her, slipping inside.

“Oh Jesus, God,” she said softly, “what have you done to me.”

“Reminded you you’re more than a mother or a grandmother,” and I flashed the grin and kissed her, “or an aunt or great aunt,” I said.

I kept my rhythm up and when I came it was easy and gentle, almost the opposite of her explosive climax. I flowed into her, easy, filling her. It lasted longer than usual and I was struggling for breath.

I kissed her. No, I covered her face with soft kisses as I slowly softened and ultimately slipped out.

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