Auditor Tales Ch. 10

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Author’s note: This will be the final chapter of the auditor tales. The story is partly fictional, partly accurate. Francis is real. I have met her in the office and we had a great time whenever we were together. We don’t live together after all. I left the company to explore other things. We still have contact. On a regular basis we talk to each other over the phone. Sometimes we discuss the great moments we had and sometimes we both have an orgasm whilst talking over the pleasures of our sexual encounters. The sex we had together, including all the pissing parts, seems to be unreal as we don’t experience those things at the moment. Although I had my share later, about I will tell you in another story, the way Francis and I enjoyed the sex, is one of a kind. And I am pleased about that. Thank you reader for the response I have received. Much appreciated. Enjoy this final story. May you ever meet a woman like Francis, be nice to her. She deserves that.

As we drove off from Francis’s apartment she told me she was really exited by the prospect to spend a whole week with me. I was exited too. I mean, how many times you have a change to spend five or more days with the most beautiful body in the world. It took only an hour to get to the apartment at the sea. Francis was delighted.

“My goodness, this is a wonderful place. Is it yours? It is so well decorated. You are still full of surprises, Martin.”

“Yes, it is mine, but I don’t spend much time here. My friend is the estate manager here, and it is rented out for a full year, expect for twice a week during the year. Those weeks I want to have it for myself, whether I am here or not.”

“It is really, really nice.” Francis walked to the windows and opened the glass doors. She spread her arms and said “I love this place already, come join me here and absorb the splendid view. I can almost touch the sea.”

I moved over and stood behind Francis. I took her breasts in my hands, those wonderful tits I have not touched for a long time. I opened her blouse and unhooked her bra. The tits felt down on to her belly. Even from behind looking over her shoulder I was exited. Her nipples were already hard. So was my penis. It was touching her behind and she slowly moved her ass from left to right.

“Can anybody see us, Martin? I maybe do not mind, but I want you for myself and now I don’t want anybody to share you with.”

“No, nobody can see us here. Don’t worry. What ever we do, we do it in private, even if we make love on the terrace.”

“Can you show me around, Martin, please? I want to get familiar with this place.”

I guided Francis through the apartment. It may seem small, but it is very spacious. The bedroom contained a king size bed and a wardrobe, the living had a large sofa for at least 8 to 10 people to sit on and of course an open fireplace. The bathroom is big. The shower area is so big that a minimum of 4 can shower together and still have enough space. Also a huge bath is there and a toilet of course.

“You are prepared, I see” Francis said when I showed her the bathroom. “Yes, I am, but it has never been used as I had foreseen. Although I don’t know what the guests are doing when staying here. You are the first one to baptise this bathroom.”

“Let me have a pee then. I want you to watch me. It has been to long. Just watch and realize what you will get the rest of the week.”

Francis sat herself down on the toilet and hiked up her skirt. That was the only thing she was wearing anyway. Not even a panty. I heard a hiss, and I kneeled down to see her piss erupting from her hairless cunt. My penis was still erect, and I started to stroke it.

“Oh, I missed that stiff dick, Martin. Keep masturbating. You know I like that. I love you watching me piss. You will drink much of it later. Enjoy what you see, my dirty lover. I have so much to offer you. You will love it.”

Finally, her piss stream ended and I stopped stroking my dick. Francis didn’t bother to wipe her cunt knowing I would lick her pussy later and enjoying the smell of her piss on her cuntflaps.

We went to the kitchen to prepare lunch. The kitchen has everything you need. The fridge was of course full with fresh food. I opened a cabinet and took out a bottle of white wine. There is another one for the red wine, both on the exact temperature.

Within half an hour we sat on the terrace, enjoying the lunch and the wine. The weather was perfect. Not to warm and certainly not cold. Francis was still naked, except her skirt. She is so nice, lovely, attractive and hot. How many words are there to describe her?

Silently we had our lunch. We both looked at each other and enjoyed what we saw. “Shall we walk alongside the beach, later on?” I asked Francis. “I would love that Martin, but I don’t have a bathing suite, so we can’t sit on the beach. I don’t really like people watching me half naked.” “I love to see you half naked or naked or fully clothed. I mean, you look fabulous anyway.” “I know you do, but I am fat and seeing all those small women, whit small and perky tits, make me a bit uncomfortable.” “Francis, I like, I love your fat. Look at me. When you are around my penis is constantly erect. I am sure other people have that as well.” “I do agree, but you are the one I love. You are the one I care for and you are the only one that can lick my pussy so well and drink the fluids I loose.”

I poured Francis and myself another canlı bahis glass of wine. When we finished lunch, we just sat at the terrace, smoking, drinking and enjoying the afternoon sun.

“Martin, is there anything to do here other than making love with and have the most perverted sex we can think of?” “No, I said with a smile. You have to stay inside or walk down the beach. Sex is the only thing – compulsory – that can happen.”

“You are kidding me, aren’t you?” “Of course, I am, but on the other hand, would you like to do other things then sex?”

Francis stood up from her chair and ordered me to lie down on the terrace floor.

“This will be a punishment for being foolish.” Francis said. She spread her legs and without any warning a hot stream of piss landed on my face. This was what I was longing for. Hot piss from the nicest cunt I have ever laid my eyes on.

I rubbed my eyes and licked my lips. What a start of the week. My penis was so erect it did hurt. Francis only stroked it ones and the sperm flew up and landed on her tits. “Oh, yes, drown my tits with your sperm, I will rub my tits with it, I will lick my own tits. I need to get drunk with it. Look at me, look at my tits, look at my cunt. Lick my fucking cunt, Martin, make me come.”

I started to lick her cunt between those lovely fat thighs. I grabbed her big breasts with my hands. Moved my hands down to her hips and up again. Her body is so lovely. She should show everybody that perfect body. Each man would instantly come seeing her. I kept licking her cunt and pushed my tongue into her vagina.

“Yes, yes, keep going. I want to spray my juices over your body.” And she did. Now I was wet with her piss and come. Francis collapsed over me and we lay on the floor for it seems a long part of the afternoon.

Finally we got up and went for a shower. Francis sat on the floor and without needing to say something she grabbed my penis and pointed it at her tits. I knew what to do and my piss splashed over her big tits. Meanwhile she had a few fingers in her wet cunt. Rubbing the inner walls of her vagina and the piss on her tits made her come.

After finishing our shower we dressed ourselves for a walk along the beach. The sun was still warm although it was already late afternoon. When walking Francis told me some things about her past, being a young girl with big tits. Her tits grew faster compared with her girlfriends. Her first sex was with a girlfriend who was skinny and small perky tits. This girlfriend seemed to be obsessed with Francis’s breasts. She found out that her breasts were very sensitive. Another thing that amazed her was that she had wet herself once and that she liked it very much.

“Let us sit for a while here, Martin, I have to rest a bit, lot of weight for me to carry around and I will tell you more about my past later this week.”

I took the bottle of wine from the rucksack. Poured my beloved one a glass of white wine, which she grateful accepted. “You are so nice to me Martin, I really love you.”

Francis lifted her dress to give me a good look at her pussy. “I am already wet, Martin. Actually, I am always wet when I am with you. Have a good look, Martin.” Francis spread her legs wider, lifted her ass and showed me her arsehole. Suddenly a spurt of piss came out her cunt. She grunted loudly and a small turd left her arsehole. “Oh, what a relief” she cried out. More piss left her body. My penis was very hard. I moved over and stuffed my dick in her cunt. Francis pissed more and my balls were soaking wet. I took my dick out and put it back but now in her arse. It did slide in easily. “Oh, yes, fuck my arse. I love you.” Francis pissed more. Slowly I withdraw my dick and with a huge push I shoved it back into her arse up to my balls. I came instantly. I felt the sperm leave my dick to shower her inner walls with my wetness. Then came the piss. I pissed in her arse. Francis had to piss more as well. Whilst pissing in her arse I felt it coming out to get mixed with hers. I withdrew my dick, still pissing, and wetted her cunt. Francis rubbed her cunt fiercely and pushed two fingers in her arse. “Oh, this is so good. I have to come, Martin. Piss over my cunt, my arse, my tits.” Francis collapse and breathed heavily. After a few minutes she came back to her senses. She looked at me and smiled.

“This was amazing, Martin, and the first time making love on a beach. If this is what we will do the rest of the week than I am very happy. Shall we go back to the house?”

It was around six we arrived back at the apartment. Whilst Francis was taking a shower I started to prepare dinner. Francis entered the kitchen, wearing nothing. Just by looking at her lovely body made me warm again. Her lovely big breasts, hanging down on her tummy, the nipples hard and poking out made me quiver of pleasure. Her fat thighs, her big rounded bottom made my dick stand out.

We kissed each other, our tongues mingled together in out mouths. Francis took my hard dick and squeezed it lightly. She bended over and took it in her mouth. I felt her tongue over my dickhead and going down to my balls. Francis made me so horny, but I didn’t want to come now. Francis gave a final kiss and said “you have a shower now and I will set the table for dinner.”

Later on we sat on the terrace enjoying the nice and warm evening. We were both drinking cognac and smoking. We chatted about ordinary things. I poured ourselves bahis siteleri another glass of cognac and we had another cigarette. “Shall we go to bed and make love, Martin?” Francis asked. “We better do, yes. Otherwise, we may fall asleep here, and that may not be too comfortable.” I replied. “Ok. Let me have a pee first. Do you mind I pee on the terrace? I mean, you may do it as well.” “Don’t worry. Let it go as you please. You don’t mind me watching you, do you?” “Of course not, silly. You know I love it when you watch me pissing.”

Francis let out a stream of piss from her cunt while I was watching her. I had to go as well. I let my stream out and hit her stream of piss.

“Oh, that’s nice. But, who is cleaning this up. I mean, a may get a bit stinky by tomorrow morning.”

“Not to worry about that, Francis. Tomorrow morning Annabel will be here to clean up the place. She will change the bed sheets, and will mop the floor.”

“Oh, Annabel you said, and at what time? Do we have time to do what ever we want when we wake up? Or, is she coming – excuse me the phrase – early.”

“I will let her know when we want her to come.”

We went to bed. Francis laid herself down and I stood over her to look at her for a while. Her body is so lovely. Her big breasts, her fat thighs, her wet cunt. I sucked her nipples and caressed her tits. Francis spread her legs and led my cock into her wet pussy. Slowly I moved my penis up and down her cunt. “Oh, this is nice, Martin. Do it slowly, make me cum at the end.” I continued my movements and Francis took her tits and sucked her nipples. Francis started to shiver, for me a sign she was on the verge to an orgasm. I kept up the movements of my dick into her cunt. She became wetter and wetter. Finally she let her breasts go and fell beside her body. “Now, Martin, move that dick faster in my cunt. I am coming!”

I laid myself next to her, my penis still erect. After a while Francis moved over and had one of her breast rubbing my penis. That was very nice of her. I love her tits rubbing my penis. It will become more erect. Then she put my dick between her two big tits. I was in heaven. To me these were gigantic tits at the moment. My dick was lost in her flesh. It didn’t take her long to make my penis erupt. The semen splashed against her tits. She licked most of it.

Our bodies crawled into each other and we felt asleep. The early morning sun and the singing of the birds woke us up. “Good morning my darling.” I said to Francis. “it will be another lovely day, lets enjoy that. What do you want to do first? I will have a shower first and will prepare breakfast for both of us. You may stay in bed if you like.” “I’ll stay for a while until you have everything ready. The bed is so nice and warm, but I need to piss. My bladder is so full. You want a taste my cute handsome man?” Francis replied. She stepped out of the bed and went into the bathroom. I walked behind Francis, my dick poking her big bottom. She laughed at it. “I am sure you want to put that thing in my arse, don’t you?” “Be polite talking about this thing. It is what you like to have in your arse.” I said. She laughed again. She sat herself on the toilet and let out a stream of warm piss. “I need to do more than just pissing, Martin, you may stay or leave. It is your choice.” I stayed stroking my hard dick. This would be the first time I was present whilst a woman was relieving herself completely. Francis started pushing her logs from her arse. She spread her legs so I could see the logs coming. She pissed again and I could not figure out what was more exiting. I know that Francis’s pissing made me always horny but this combination was extremely exiting. When she seemed to be done she turned around and gave me her big bottom. “Put it in my arse. I want your warm sperm in my hot arse, Martin.” It was easy to put my dick in her arse. It was all greased up. I moved slowly but the hot scene of Francis relieving herself made me come instantly. “Oh, yes, I feel your hot sperm in my arse. I want more. Piss in my hot greasy arse. Fill me up with your hot piss.” Francis cried out. The feeling of my piss leaving my dick into her hot slippery arse was incredible. I pissed her completely full. When I was finished, Francis walked straight into the shower, spread her legs and started pissing. Then she opened her big cheeks and my piss left her hot arse. Looking at her made my dick rise again. I am so in love with this beautiful woman. Big tits, big bottom, fat thighs and a wet cunt. Why should I wish for more. I have everything. I kissed her tits, sucked her nipples and moved down to her piss wet cunt. Francis started to shiver when I licked and sucked her clit. It didn’t take her long to orgasm. This was so intense.

I went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Half an hour later Francis came in. She was naked of course. She looked gorgeous. Her big tits were swinging over her belly. She sat herself down at the table and took a zip from the fresh orange juice. “This tastes delicious, Martin, and the breakfast looks great. I am sure it will taste good. And I am hungry, hungry for food, hungry for you, my lovely stud. What will we do today?”

“It is lovely outside. Let’s go to the beach first and in the afternoon we can go to the town. It is small but nice. How does that sound?” I said.

“Seems nice, Martin, but shouldn’t we fuck at some moment during the day.”

“Is there anything else you can think bahis şirketleri about Francis?”

“No, being with you makes me horny. Feel my cunt, it is wet already.”

“I feel horny as well, Francis. Your body excites me, you know that. Look at my dick, it is always standing up when you are around.”

I kissed Francis full on her lips. She guided my face to her big tits. I sucked one nipple then the other. She was rubbing her pussy. While sucking her tits I jerked my penis. Within a few moments I felt my juices coming from my balls. “Open your mouth please; I want to feel your tongue over my dick while coming into your mouth.” Francis opened her mouth and I shoved my penis into it. She started sucking and I came immediately. She was still rubbing her wet cunt. “Lick my cunt, I want to spray my juices over your face.” I moved between her legs and started licking her lips before going inside with my tongue. She was soaking wet. After a couple of moments Francis had her orgasm. She sprayed my face with her fluids. I swallowed her juices as if it was the most delicious drink. We came back to our senses.

“This was nice Martin. You really give a woman lots of pleasure. Shall we start breakfast? And when is your housemaid coming?”

“You are a great woman. You deserve to be pleasured. Annabel will be here around two in the afternoon. We don’t have to hurry.”

After we finished breakfast, we got dressed and went to the beach. Only a few people were there so it was not difficult to find a good spot to spread our towels onto the sand.

“Can I be naked here, Martin, or will we be arrested?” Francis asked. “To be honest, I don’t know. But there are so less people here, I can’t imagine someone will be embarrassed. I will be naked as well.”

Knowing Francis by now, I knew it would not take long before she wanted to have sex. I was right. Francis moved her body towards me and her fingers caressed my chest and went down to my penis. It was already erect but her hand on it made it even more erect. “I love to touch your dick” she whispered in my ear. “Somehow it makes me horny, knowing that someone may see this.”

Francis kept stroking my dick until it erupted its semen. She rubbed it over my balls and my anus. Using the semen as a lubrication she shoved a finger in my arse. “I am going to fuck you, whether you like it or not.” I love to feel her fingers in my arse. “Are you thirsty?” Francis did not wait for an answer. She moved herself on top of me and sat on my face. “Open your mouth. I want to pee in it. I know you like that.” Francis started to piss. She wetted my whole face and I drank as much as I could. Although I had my orgasm, my dick was erect again. Francis moved down and put my penis in her arse. It wasn’t that difficult to go in. The only resistance I felt were here turds in her arse. It made me very horny. Francis lifted herself and my penis flopped out. “Oeps,” Francis said, “that was naughty of me. I should have had my arse completely emptied before you would go in.” She laughed because she didn’t mean that.

“Let’s go back to the apartment to have lunch and after that we can go into town. In the meantime Annabel can come in and clean the place.” I said to Francis.

Late in the afternoon we came back and prepared a lovely dinner. We both were tired and went to bed early. I kissed her lovely big body from top to toe. I caressed her well shaped breasts. I licked her wet cunt and arse. Francis closed her eyes and went to sleep immediately.

The next morning we both woke up almost at the same time. Francis looked at me and moved her body over mine and we laid on the bed for a while. I had my hands on her big bottom and my finger was touching her arse. I moved it in slowly and felt hardly any resistance. Francis spread her legs and I felt the warmth of her cunt on my erect penis. I moved my finger further into her arse. Then I felt some wetness on my body. Francis started to piss slowly over my penis and balls. That felt amazingly well. She moved up a bit more so I could kiss her tits, and moved my finger even deeper into her arse. Slowly her piss left her cunt and wetted my body. Again she moved her body up. Now her warm piss wetted my breast. And again my finger went further down her arsehole. She moved up and her cunt was almost above my face. I gave her a little push so I could lick her pissing cunt. Her taste was incredible. My finger was still in her arsehole and I started to move it up and down. Francis sighed heavily. She wetted my face with her warm piss. Francis grabbed my penis and squeezed it hard. I let a spurt of piss go splashing against her big bottom. She squeezed again and another spurt hitted her back. Francis moved around so I had to remove my finger from her arse but now I had her arse above my mouth and put my tongue in it. Francis squeezed another time and my piss hit her tits. She held my penis very firmly so I only could piss when she wanted it. However her piss was still leaving her cunt and now in my mouth. I swallowed eagerly as if this was the last time I would ever drink from her source. Other squeeze and another spurt at her tits, Francis was very playful this morning. Francis had to do some more effort to let her piss go and she was pushing her muscles. My tongue was still in her arsehole and due to this pushing I felt something hard touching it. Francis was not only pushing her muscles, she was pushing me to do something I was not sure about. She squeezed again and another spurt of piss hit her tits. Her breasts were soaking wet by now, and her piss on my body mixed with mine. Finally she let it go. Her last piss was hitting my face, mine was hitting her tits.

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