Attack of the Ass-Eater

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I stepped out of the shower and began to towel off. I heard the door and knew Daisy was home from work. I lingered a few minutes, hoping she would join me, but decided to put my robe on and go out to meet her. She was standing in the kitchen area of our apartment drinking a glass of white wine. She was still wearing her clothes from the office, a silk blouse and black skirt.

“How was your day?”

She smiled as I drew near to her, “I’m hoping it is about to get much better.”

We kissed for a few moments before she began to nudge me towards the living room, our lips and tongues still entwined.

When we reached the couch, she slid her hands inside my robe and slid it off me in one smooth motion. I pressed my naked body against her and moved from her mouth to her neck. Daisy reached down and rubbed my cock which was nearly fully erect. She grabbed my hips and brought me with her as she sat, then laid on the couch.

I laid on top of her as we continued to kiss and I ground myself against her polyester bahis firmaları skirt. Daisy and I looked into each others eyes as she smiled and began to move me forward as she slid down to kiss my neck, then chest and abdomen.

Daisy lingered, kissing and running her tongue gently across my flesh, before reaching and grabbing hold of my ass to pull my cock to her mouth. Her warm mouth enveloped the head and half of my shaft. Her tongue circled me and she slid me in and out of her wet mouth. I moved my hips in rhythm with her sucking until my cock sprung from her mouth with an audible pop.

Without missing a beat, Daisy slid her tongue down the underside of my shaft until she reached my balls. Slowly she sucked in my left ball. Gently she mouthed it before sucking it harder.

“Uh.” I groaned as the pleasure I felt combined with a hard ache in my scrotum.

Daisy released me and went to work on my right testicle, repeating the gentle oral massage preceding a hard drawing down which caused me to gasp.

Again, kaçak iddaa she released me. Now she kissed the back of my scrotum.

She seemed to hesitate as I felt her hot breath below me. She pressed her tongue against the space between my balls and anus. My heart raced, and I wondered what was next.

Daisy answered my silent question by flicking her tongue across my asshole. I gasped at the sensation. I had never felt anything quite like the sensation. Daisy responded by pulling on my thighs and plunging her tongue against my sphincter.

“Oh yeah”, I whispered, “oh fuck yeah.”

Daisy attacked me more and more passionately, but quickly scooted out from under me.

Before I could move Daisy pushed me forward, until my posture went from upright, as it had been as I straddled her to being on all fours. Daisy buried her face between my cheeks and darted her tongue into my anus. She grabbed my rock hard cock with both hands and pumped me methodically.

I turned my head and bit into my own bicep. kaçak bahis My breath came in pants and I felt Daisy’s hot breath in a place I had never felt moist breath before.

Daisy released my cock, grabbed my ass and pushed me over so now I was on my back. Daisy smiled before diving back down to that darkest place. I now felt like a woman in child birth; on my back with my legs pulled into my chest.

Daisy tongued my asshole as if it were a pussy. She would dart into my bunghole before sliding her tongue up to and quickly sucking my balls before returning her attention to my anus.

I moaned incoherently at the most astonishing feeling I had ever had. Daisy traded her thumb for her tongue and moved her mouth to my engorged penis. She slid her thumb in and out of my asshole while attacking my cock.

I could hold out no longer. I was as if someone else blurted out, “I’m coming!” as the contractions began in my balls and my prostate.

Daisy braced herself as I began to shoot into the back of her throat. She never relinquished her hold on my cock or anus as spasm after spasm went off.

Finally, when the streams of salty ejaculate ran out, Daisy moved up and allowed me to taste my own ass, my come and our love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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