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At the storeThe end of the year is always a busy and stressful time for me what withvarious family and work commitments, I feel like I’m constantly on the gountil the first of the year. So now that we have finally changed to thenew year, I feel relieved to be done with that stress.I woke up just before noon on January 1st on top of my bed and still in myblack sequin cocktail dress and my black Soma Vanishing edge bra andmatching black high cut lace panties.My hair and makeup were a mess and I felt a little hung over. Once I wascoherent, I woke in a panic thinking I had to be somewhere, so I quicklytried to get up and get moving out the door again. I headed to the bathroomto quickly pee and since I was in a hurry I took off my dress and bra andjumped right in the shower.As I got the water going since I was already wearing dirty panties Istarted to pee. The release felt great and it was erotic to watch it streamthrough my lace panties. I rubbed my clit a little and it felt amazing,electricity shot through my body.”What am I doing?” I thought. “I don’t have time for this! I must be solate!”I stopped my naughty play time took off my panties and used them to cleanmy lips and slit as well as my little brown star and hung the panties up.I said “Alexa, what is on my calendar today and how much time until myfirst appointment?”My Alexa said “you have no appointments today as it is New Years Day”I was reaching for the shampoo bottle when she said that and was sosurprised that I dropped the bottle on the floor. I turned to reach and thewater stream was directly on my ass and shot the electricity through meagain.This stopped my mind in its tracks. I was unprepared. What do I do now? Istarted zoning out thinking about a relaxing day at home, some lightcleaning, a smutty novel, and a nice glass of wine sounded wonderful.However, I realized as I was thinking I was staring at my dirty wet pantieshanging on the hook and that there was a small hole staring in the lace.I frowned thinking how my favorite lucky panties were ruined. Maybe theyweren’t that lucky any way. I woke up alone and definitely didn’t get a NewYears kiss.I thought to myself ” I should do some shopping today. Maybe that cutelittle sales girl can help me pick out some panties?”These panties may still be lucky after all I thought.Now that my plan for the day was formulated, I was able to get back to myshower. I stepped back and let the warm water drench me from head to toe.I washed my long brown hair and then cleaned off my face from the nightbefore.I then took my Twilight woods body wash from Bath and Body works andapplied to my soft smooth wet skin. I washed all over, allowing my hands toroam over my pert 38C breasts and down to my luscious heart shaped asswhere I fingered my brown star a little. I wanted to be clean and smellgood today.I applied some more gel to my hands and ran it over my legs and then backup to my pubic area. Guess I should shave my little sweet patch I thought.I continued on and made sure my vaginal area was nice and clean. Onlypaying a little extra attention to my clit than normal. There will be timefor that later I thought.I rinsed and grabbed my Gilette Venus Swirl razor to shave my legs andmake my bikini area nice and smooth. Stepping out of the shower, I towereddry and then headed to my closet to pick out my outfit for this adventure.I decided on a grey pencil skirt from The Loft and a Blue Ruffled blousefrom J crew. I also decided to wear a light blue push up bra from Aeriefrom their Sophie line and matching vintage lace cheekie panties also fromAerie. I grabbed my favorite black fuck me pumps as well to finish it off.Now that I had the outfit. I straightened my hair and did my makeup,deciding on my favorite Bubblepop Pink shade of Mac lipstick.Now that I was ready, I grabbed my favorite strap on and the aforementionedlucky soma panties, placed them in my purse and headed to my car. Backingout of the driveway I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I was verypleased and felt like a huntress out on the hunt. I place my car in Drive,put on my Tory Burch Sunglasses and said “Hey Siri, play Nasty Girl byVanity 6”.I was getting excited and pumped up for my shopping trip. Hoping beyondhope that the cute sales girl was there and that I wasn’t setting myself upfor a letdown. By the time I made it to the mall and parked it was almost3. Surprisingly it wasn’t too busy and I was able to find a spot withease. It was cold out but dry which I was grateful for as I was so excitedI forgot my coat.I entered the mall at Macy’s and started heading towards Soma where littlemiss cute sales associate worked. I loved the click of my heels on the tileof the store. I was walking with purpose to my chosen hunting grounds. Thethought of this girl on her knees before me was turning me on. I could feelmy pussy begin to drip into the gusset of my lace panties.After I excited Macy’s I decided to take a quick stop in the ladies’ roomto freshen up. It was empty so I took the large handicap stall for someextra privacy. Looking at myself in the mirror I saw some sweat on myforehead and also noticed I was still wearing my sunglasses. Oops.I put them in my purse and sat on the toilet to pee. I lifted my skirt andpulled my panties down to my knees. I saw a nice white line in the crotchwhich pleased me. I lifted the crotch to my nose and got a nice whiff of mysweet aroma. As I peed I realized I needed to do a little more than pee. SoI took that moment to do number 2. I wiped myself but not all the way andused the lace panties to finish. Leaving a nice brown line was well. I thenwashed and dried my hands and then dabbed my face with another paper toweland touched up my lipstick.I was ready now for my encounter and shopping trip. Waking out of thebathroom I began to sing to myself from the song in the car “don’t youbelieve in mystery, don’t you want to play my game.”I walked right up to the Soma Intimates store and saw this gorgeous greenbra and panty set in the window. I knew I had to get that. I walked in thestore and I hear “my, my, my I was not expecting to see you here today.”Just then the words came to my head “Nasty girl,Nasty girl, do you thinkI’m a nasty girl”I illegal bahis turned my head to the counter and started to smile as I was expecting tosee the cute blonde sales girl who was the object of my desire. However, mysmile faded as there was another sales clerk up there. A dark haired heavyset woman in her mid-40’s. This woman was actually looking past me to amall security guard who was right behind me. My heart sank as I realizedthe sweet sales girl was probably off today. Of course, she was, she wasyoung and beautiful, probably had plans with her friends or boyfriend, oreven worse girlfriend. I kicked myself for being impulsive.He said “yes here I am. I couldn’t let you work on a holiday withoutme”. The lady at the counter laughed and said “I am actually almost donewith my shift. Mind walking me to my car?”Security guard smiled and replies “not at all. I am ready when you are mylady.”Her reply back was “Ok, let me get my things and tell my coworker I amleaving. I love being assistant manager.”At this point, I discovered the assistant managers name, it was Carla. Idiscovered this as she walked out from behind the counter and finallyturned towards me. I saw her name tag on her green and white floralblouse. “Good Afternoon hun, I just finished my shift but Stacy is in theback and will be out to help you.”I replied back “Ok, thank you.” Normally I would have been extremelyannoyed by this horrible customer service but, Stacy. Maybe her name isStacy and I still have a chance to scratch that itch today.As I looked around the store at the beautiful panties, bras, and lingerie Istarted to imagine how I hoped the end of this trip would turn out. Itincluded me with a bag or two of new gorgeous lingerie and panties and thenumber of the cute sales girl.Carla pulled me from my day dream as she made a beeline for the door, whereMr. Personal Escort Mall Security was standing, and in an after the factmanner called out “Stacy will be with you shortly”. Which was followed by alouder “Bye Stacy! Text me if you need me! Don’t forget you have acustomer!”I was glad to see Carla and Mr. rent a cop leave. Now it’s just me and themysterious Stacy, who may or may not be my sales girl. I turned and headeddeeper into the store in anticipation of Stacy’s reveal. I rounded adisplay of thong panties and say Stacy as she appeared from out of thestockroom. She was about 5’4 had straight blonde hair pulled back behindher. Her hazel eyes were bright and alive. She was wearing a cream coloredv neck knit sweater and tight black slacks with white and black polkadotted ballet flats.She wasn’t looking at me as she walked out but appeared to be scanning thestore. She said “Hi, I’m Stacy. Sorry about my coworker. How may I helpyou?” As she was saying this, she made eye contact and a realization cameacross her face so that the “you” came out a bit breathy.”Oh! Hi it’s you. You came back.”I smiled at her and was pleased she remembered me from before. “Yes, I cameback. I had a bit of a crisis and need to pick up some things.”She blushed and gave me a knowing look “Oh ok, Did you now? Shall we beexpecting your friend?”I shook my head and said “No, I don’t think we will be seeing her again.Actually, I was hoping you might be able to help me out. You see, I lovethat green bra and matching panty set in the window. Maybe you can get mefitted for that bra and assist me in making other selections?”She turned and starting walking “That is a very pretty bra and pantyset. One of my favorites. I would love to help you. I thought you wouldnever ask. Let’s get ourselves a dressing room. This way please.”She turned and walked towards the dressing room, her slacks were tightacross her ass and I could see the lines of her panties through them. Ifelt that jolt of electricity again and I could feel the gusset of mypanties get even wetter.As I followed that luscious ass, the lyrics to Nasty girl flooded my mind,”don’t you believe in mystery, don’t you wanna play my game?”We arrived at the dressing room area and Stacy turned and looked at meagain. I noticed her ears were pierced and she had a pair of small silverbutterfly studs in. I thought it made her look very cute. As if I didn’talready know that with my wet panties.She said “I think you are a 38C and a size 6 in panties. Does that soundcorrect?”I replied “That has been what I have been told. Wow. I am impressed”Stacy unlocked the door to the larger dressing room and said “Let’s go inand measure just to be sure.” She stepped aside and gestured for me toenter.I entered the room and she followed behind me and closed the door. Finally,we were alone, just where I wanted to be. The dressing room was meant forhandicap people and was large enough for a wheelchair to move freely. Italso had a nice bench that ran the length the room. It was black leatherand went well with the light purple colored walls and the grey carpet. Onthe far wall was a wide floor to ceiling mirror. I could hear some softjazz playing from some speaker above.”Well since I already guessed your size, I guess I should go get you somethings to try on.” After Stacy said this she began to turn and leave but Idefinitely didn’t want that. I told her “I might not be the right size. Ithink we should measure just to make sure.””Right, good idea.” She said nervously as she removed a tape measure rollfrom her pocket. She unspooled it and began to wrap it around the outsideof my top.I interrupted her by saying “Shouldn’t I have my shirt off for a moreaccurate measure?”Stacy stepped back and stuttered a bit when she said “uh yeah that would begood. Take off your top please.”I eagerly complied and was standing there in just my bra waiting for hernext move.She continued her measurement and I couldn’t help but notice her handlingered on my back and on the front of my cleavage where the cups of mybra meet. Her touch on me ignited the flame of desire I had beenfeeling. My skin went flush and I had the most wonderful sensation flowthrough my nipples down to my clit. My panties became completely soakedfrom my vagina to the point I thought I might be leaking and then shestopped.”38C, I am very good with my sizes. I will be back with some things foryou. It will be just illegal bahis siteleri a few minutes.”Maybe she didn’t know the effect she had on me but I was incredibly hornyand desperately wanted her. “Hurry back, please.” She unlocked and openedthe door and started to leave to pick out some items for me. As she wasclosing the door, I said “I don’t like to shop alone. Maybe you can picksomething out for yourself to try on. I hope that is ok. “Stacy looked at me with her hazel eyes shining and her gorgeous smile andsaid “normally it wouldn’t be but I am beyond flattered. I think I will.”And she closed the door and left me alone. While I waited, I looked myselfin the mirror and thought I looked beautiful. I smiled thinking of how hotStacy was and how sweet she was being. Was it her job or me? I hoped it wasthe latter.I was brought back to reality, was this reality I thought, as there was aknock on the door and it began to swing open with Stacy walking in saying”I’m back. I found that bra and panty set you wanted to try on plus I got amatching set for me. I wasn’t sure how much you wanted try on first so Ithought this would be a good start.””Good idea. That works for me. Can you help with my bra? These hooks giveme trouble sometimes,” I said. They didn’t really, I just wanted her totouch me again. I turned my back to her and she unhooked my bra and alsohelped me get my arms out and the bra all the way off. “Also, could you bea doll and help me with my skirt?”I felt her hands on my hips as she found the zipper and unzipped it andthen she kneeled down as she guided my skirt down to the ground and allowedme to step out of it one foot at a time and making sure my heels didn’tcatch on the skirt. She placed the skirt on the bench and while stillkneeling she asked if I needed help with my panties, which she alsocommented were very pretty. How could I say no to that?”Of course, please.” I said as I felt her mouth and teeth grab at the waistof my wet panties and her pulling them down and off my ass. Once they wereto my knees, she switched to her hands and guided them off my legs andaround my heels. She held them in her hands like they were gold and thensurprisingly lifted them to her nose and took a deep breath. She almostfell backwards but steadied herself and said “These smell amazing. Oh my! Ihave been wanting to do that for awhile.”My pussy which was free at this point ached and I became even more turnedon at the site of her actually smelling my panties. I reached for her handand helped her stand up and pulled her into me, where I went in for asensual kiss on her sweet red lips. The kiss started out slow and thenbecame more desperate as we opened our mouths and explored the others withour tongues. I could feel her desire as palpable as I noticed she had ataste of cherry to her. My hands roamed from her back down to her ass. Isqueezed both cheeks and started playing with her panty line that myfingers could feel through her pants.After what seemed like forever and nothing at all we pulled back and myhand moved to hold hers she said I guess we had better try these things on.She let go of my hand and took the green bra and panties for me off theirhangers. She brought the bra to me and helped me put it on, adjusting thestraps and hooked it in the back. She also adjusted my breasts in theircups and her fingers brushed up against my rock-hard nipples as she did.Next, she helped me step into the green hipster panties. There was somelace around the leg openings and she put her fingers between my skin andthe panties and straightened them out. She also grabbed the sides of thegusset that covered my mound and pulled it away from my swollen pussy lips.She stepped back and asked me what I thought.What I thought was this girl was amazing and so perfect for me. What I saidwas, as I looked at myself in the mirror, “wow these look great! I lovethem. I love how these panties make my ass look. This bra has an amazingplunge too! However, I think it is your turn now..””Fair is fair” she said as she bit her lip a little. “Want to help me outof these clothes.””Would I ever!” I accidentally said out loud instead of in my head tomyself. This moment was like a dream to me, I seemed to have lost myfilter. “Uh, sorry I didn’t mean for it to come out like that. I meant tosay of course.””Haha, that is ok. I think I am liking the effect that I seem to be havingon you.” Stacy said back to me. I stepped forward and grabbed the hem ofher sweater and started lifting it over her head. As I did so I used thepalms of my hands to rub up against her chest. Her skin was warm andincredibly soft. Then my hands hit the front of her pink lace bralette Itwas a soft pink color with a lace flossed pattern. It felt amazing to feelher firm breast through the bralette… once the sweater was off, I reacheddown and unzipped her slacks, then I kneeled behind her to do the same moveshe did to me. I pulled them down to expose her small bum covered in canaryyellow cotton panties with a purple bow and heart pattern on them. Theywere not my style but in a way suited her. She seemed a bit embarrassed andsaid “I didn’t think anyone would be seeing those today except me, had Iknown I would have worn a different pair. I am sorry.””They are cute on you. No need to apologize hun. Please don’t feelembarrassed around me. I want you to be feel safe and comfortable.”I decided to use my teeth and pull her panties off the same way she did tome. I placed my mouth near the waist of her panties and took part of thewaistband in my mouth. Her skin had a slight glisten and I could smell herall over those panties. She giggled a little as I did this and allowed meto continue until they were all the way off. Her smell drove me crazy so I,like her, had to take a deep breath off her panties. They smelled amazingand the fact they were still warm continued to turn me on. I place herpanties on the bench and then took my hands and spread her ass cheeks andsaw her cute little brown star. I was so turned on by her smell I neededthe source so I started licking her hole. Stacy let out a deep moan as shefelt my tongue swirl around her most private place. I kept one of my handson her ass cheek canlı bahis siteleri and reached around with the other and started stroking herclit. I hadn’t seen the front of her yet but my hands could tell she wascompletely smooth and had a longer than normal clit. I could tell I wasdriving her wild but I wasn’t ready for her to come yet. Besides, I wasdying to see her in the matching bra and panties she picked out. Not justmatching to bra and panties but, matching to my bra and panties.I stopped my advances on her pleasure centers and stood up and movedtowards the bench. “I am not ready for you to come yet. Let’s see you inthe bra and panties you picked out.” I sat on the bench as she removed herpink bralette and put on the green bra and panties. “Wow, you look betterthan I do in that.””No, you look better than me.” Stacy replied and the way she said it mademe truly believe it.”Let’s agree to disagree, now come sit by me on the bench” I said as myhand tapped the bench to the right of me.She sat down and I pulled her near to me. We started making out and rubbingour breasts together through our bras. I reached down and started pushingthe gusset up into her and was going in and out on my fingers. This wasdriving her very wild.After several minutes, Stacy pushed me back on the bench and told me to layback. She spread my legs over her and then started licking my pussy throughthe panties. It felt so hot to have her taste me through these panties. Shethen pulled them to the side and penetrated me with two fingers, while herthumb rubbed my clit. With her other hand, she squeezed my left breast. Mybody was on fire and my pussy ached. I was so relaxed and happy in thatmoment and I finally had the most incredible orgasm. I moaned “Stacy oh mygod, oh my god, thank you! Fuck!””Your welcome sweetie.” She said and I could feel my orgasm subside. Stacymoved away from my crotch and came up and cuddled with me on the bench. Sheopen mouth kissed me on the lips and I could taste myself on her tongue. Itwas very hot. She then put her head between my breasts and we laid theretogether for a minute.After my recovery, I said “your turn now!”After the wonderful attention that Stacy gave to me, it was definitely herturn and I fully intended to take care of her. I had her sit up on thebench and I came to the front and started kissing her lips and then workingmy way down to her neck and her breasts, I spent a little bit of time ather navel area, and finally I found her sweet pussy. My tongue ran up anddown on the gusset of the green panties that was covering her beautifulpussy lips.I could taste her juices seeping through the panties. They were very, verysweet and fueled my internal fire. Eventually I pulled her panties to theside and exposing her pussy to the open air. I inserted 2 fingers into herslit and my tongue found her clit. I started pumping her pussy in and outwith my tongue flicking her clit like someone turning off and on a lightswitch.Stacy started to grab a hold of me to steady herself in order to cum. Istopped at that moment because I was not ready for her to cum. I said “holdon love, I am not ready for you to cum just yet.” I reached into my bag andgrabbed my strap on. It had a black harness and a realistic cock as well asa small vibrator attached to the harness to go inside myself. I also pickedmy lace panties off the floor.I instructed Stacy to get on all fours on the bench and place my dirtyblack lace panties in her mouth to help keep her from screaming out. As shewas doing that, I got into the harness and placed the little vibrator intomy pussy. I then stroked my pretend cock and it felt good in my hand. Ispread her ass checks and found her little brown star where I startedlicking it to help lube it up for my new cock to penetrate.Once it was lubed up, I slowly entered her ass, as I was doing so, youcould her tiny yelps and moans. Good thing she had my dirty panties in hermouth to keep quiet. Eventually I was all the way in to her sweet ass andthe hilt of my cock was right up against her. I went slowly in and out ofher to help increase the pleasure. I was able to find a rhythm and gotgoing on her which was getting not only her off but me off as well. Hermoans were getting louder now, even though she was muffled. I could feelthat she was close to cumming and so was I.In and out, in and out, faster now, in and out, in and out! Now we are bothcumming and I pump even faster. Eventually Stacy collapses on the bench andI on top of her. She takes my panties from her mouth and says “That wasincredible and so hot! I loved having you in my ass. Thank you!””Your Welcome” I said as I stood up and starting to remove the strap on. “Iguess I found what I needed. I will take this bra and panty set and I wantto buy that same set for you. Seeing as they can’t be sold to anyone elsein its current condition.””Thank you for that and haha you are right. I will get changed and get thattaken care of for you.” Stacy said.We both started putting ourselves back together. I then asked if we couldtrade panties and Stacy readily agreed. So I place her yellow panties in mypurse and she took my black panties and the tags for all of our things andsaid “I will go ring you up and have you ready to check out whenever youare done in here.” At this point, she had on the new green bra and pantiesalong with her slacks, sweater, and shoes so she me alone again in thedressing room. I was a little bit slower than she was in changing and tooka few more minutes to put myself back together, touch up my makeup, and fixmy hair.True to her word, Stacy was at the counter waiting and all ready for me tocheck out. She still looked amazing, even though a few minutes earlier Ihad fucked her good. You could see her skin glisten a bit as well, whichmade me smile knowing I was the one who did that to her.I paid for our items, thanked her for picking them out and this amazingafternoon and then said “I know this may seem a bit backwards but, can Ihave your number? Maybe we can go out sometime.”She smiled and winked as she said “I was hoping you would ask but, Ialready wrote it on your receipt. You know if you need any furtherassistance and I would love to go out with you sometime.””Ok, it’s a date” I said as I turned and walked out of the store. Before Igot out the door I heard “Hey, wait. Uh this is awkward but, I never gotyour name.”I turned back to this beautiful girl, hopefully my girl, and said “It’sMindy.”

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