At 64 My First Gay Experience Ch. 02

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Big Dick

I would like to thank all those who sent e-mails; I was pleased by the positive response.


It’s been a week since my first encounter with Bill and John so I decided to give them a call. I was able to reach John first and asked if we could get together some time soon.

He said that he had been thinking about me and that yes we should, then he asked when would be a good time for me as he was always available and that Bill was too.

We decided that 1:00 pm that afternoon would be a good time and we would meet at his house instead of Bill’s.

I have kept my pubic hair trimmed for at least 20 years as my wife liked it that way, but mainly because I thought it made my cock look bigger. Vanity? The old size thing, I just like it better this way.

I arrived at John’s house at exactly 1 o’clock; I noticed that there were 3 other cars in the drive but thought nothing of it. I knocked on the door and Bill opened it, he gave me a big smile and a hug then led into the back of the house where John and another guy were. The 3rd guy was a nice looking well dressed black man about 60.

John introduced him as Larry and explained that the 3 of them were old friends from their high school days. Larry lives in another state and was passing through and had stopped by to see them.

I was a little disappointed at this but what the hell, maybe he wouldn’t stay long. John got everybody a drink and we sat around talking for about 30 minuets when Bill stood up and removed his cloths.

When he was nude he said that he was horny as hell and he wanted a blowjob. He then told me that the 3 of them had been more than friends and he hoped I didn’t mind Larry joining us.

I noticed Larry and John watching for my reaction to this, so I frowned and said that I felt that I was being used but since Bill was already naked I might as well relax and enjoy myself. This brought smiles from all 3 of them as I pulled Bill over to me so I could get my mouth around his cock. I could see the others removing their cloths as I licked the head of Bill’s cock and fondled his balls. I was enjoying giving Bill a slow leisurely blowjob when I noticed Larry standing next to him, Larry’s cock was coal black and erect, he had maybe 7″ but a large head, John was on his knees and took Larry into his mouth. This was exciting to watch and I was looking forward to my turn with Larry. I returned my attention to servicing Bill and was soon rewarded by a large load of cum being deposited in my mouth and down my throat; Bill did ejaculate large amounts of semen and I just barely managed to swallow it all.

I got to my feet and got my cloths off just as Larry shot his load all over John’s face. Then Larry got down and started licking his cum off John. Bill had me sit down so he could suck my cock I spread my legs and Bill got my dick in his mouth and proceeded to give me a heavenly blowjob. He would suck me as hard as he could then move his head back until I was almost out of his mouth then he would suck me back in as he swirled his tongue around the head, this was fantastic. With this technique it didn’t take long before I whitewashed his tonsils.

Bill and I sat back on the couch and watched Larry give John’s cock a bitlis escort good oral cleaning and vacuuming.

All 4 of us had another drink and discussed who would do what to whom when we were ready for the second round. I made it clear that since I had never done a black guy before, I had performed oral sex on a black woman but that’s another story, I wanted to do Larry. This was satisfactory to everyone.

As we were finishing our drinks I moved next to Larry on the couch, he is very dark skinned and I was amazed at how smooth his skin was. I had my hand on his thigh and started easing toward his cock as I wanted to see just how it felt. Larry looked at me and nodded so I took him in my hand, his cock was warm and silky feeling, and I had to restrain myself from taking it in my mouth at that moment. I continued to stroke him until he was rock hard; I was totally mesmerized by the feel and hardness of his cock. There was a drop of pre cum seeping from the opening so I leaned over and licked it off, it tasted sweet, I wanted more. I sat up and asked Larry to lie down so I could get in a better position to suck this wondrous cock. I crawled between his legs and took his cock into my mouth, I started sucking as hard and as fast as I could, this seemed to get a good response from Larry as he started moaning and humping in rhythm to my movements. After a few minutes I let his cock slide from my mouth so I could lick his balls. I not only spent time on his balls I also decided to do a rimming of his asshole, this he really liked, I then went back to sucking his cock. Larry has an amazing staying power I sucked his cock and licked his balls and asshole for at least 45 minutes before I felt his balls start to swell and tighten. As soon as I felt this I knew he was going to cum at any time so I sucked him into my mouth as far as I could as I wanted to swallow all of his cum. It was only a few seconds before he released a torrent of his juice in my mouth and down my throat, he must have squirted 10 times before he finished, I did manage to take all he had to offer and not spill a drop. As his cock softened I let him slip from my mouth. I had to have something cool to drink to finish washing his cum down my throat and I needed to take a break.

After I had a drink I noticed a video camera on the floor next to John, I asked if he was going to make a movie of out actions, he said that he already had. He turned on the t v and there I was giving Larry a blowjob. Since there were 4 of us together for this party Bill suggested a gangbang for me as I was the only one that hadn’t experienced 3 guys at the same time. I was a little hesitant about this but soon agreed to try.

The format for this was that Larry was going to fuck my ass while Bill gave me a blowjob as I gave John a blowjob. I agreed to this as I sure didn’t want Bill putting his monster cock in my ass. [For new readers Bill’s cock is only about 5″ long but it is also about that in diameter.]

John got on his back on the floor, I got on my hands and knees above him, Bill got under me and Larry was behind me. I took John’s cock in my mouth as Bill started sucking me and Larry licked my ass before he introduced me to his black escort bitlis cock in my ass. As we all got into a rhythm I had feelings that I had never had before. Here I was a whore for 3 guys and I loved it.

Larry took a few minuets licking and tongue fucking my ass before he applied a gob of KY jelly. He rubber the stuff around my asshole then he inserted 2 fingers in me to loosen me up. I felt the head of his cock against my anus then a slight pressure followed by full penetration, he had done a superb job preparing my ass, and I never felt any pain or discomfort. Larry started a slow easy in and out motion which I can only describe as wonderful. Bill was sucking my cock, Larry was slow fucking my ass and I was trying to suck John’s balls up thru his cock. I couldn’t contain myself any longer and filled Bill’s mouth with my sperm, it seemed like I pumped at least a quart of cum into and on Bill. This was a very intense orgasm, my toes curled and I thought I might faint from the pleasure. I must have tightened my ass around Larry’s cock because he groaned his cock seemed to swell and get harder and he started fucking me faster. He increased the speed until he let out a sigh and filled my ass with cum, I could feel his cock jerking and spurting inside me. I am afraid I bit John’s cock in my excitement as he pushed me away from his cock. I apologized and slowly sucked his cock back in my mouth because I wanted to taste his cum, it only took a second and John filled my mouth with cum.

Since Bill hadn’t reached orgasm Larry started sucking him, John and I watched as he got Bill off.

After a few more drinks and some rest John said that it was his turn to have a go at my ass, Bill said he wanted it too. I said that I would try to accommodate each of them but that I would like to fuck Larry if he didn’t mind. Larry agreed and added that he had hoped I would enjoy him as much as he had enjoyed me.

After some discussion it was decided that Larry would fuck Bill while I fucked Larry and John fucked me. Then to finish every thing off Bill would fuck me, I was a little apprehensive about Bill probing my ass with his beer can sized cock but I had committed and I hoped I would survive.

The moment of truth has arrived, Bill got on his hands and knees with Larry behind him, Larry started licking Bill’s ass to get him ready, I got behind Larry and spread his ass checks so I could lick his asshole, John did the same to me. After a little ass licking and insertion of some KY jelly we were all ready to do our thing.

Larry mounted Bill and slipped his cock into his ass; as soon as he was firmly inserted I did the same to him. I found Larry’s ass to be extremely tight which surprised me. I found out later that he rarely allowed anyone to fuck his ass and that I was one of the few. John slowly eased his cock in my ass, when he was fully inside he started humping and trying to get into the same rhythm as Larry and I.

It only took a couple of seconds and the 3 of us were in sync, this was really neat. I was thrilled with the tightness of Larry’s ass and was enjoying the sensations of John’s cock in my ass. I noticed Larry starting to fuck Bill faster so I picked up bitlis escort bayan my pace also. Larry tightened the muscles around my cock as he shot a load up Bill’s rectum; the extra tightness from this caused my own ejaculation.

After Larry finished Bill crawled away from him, since I had also cum Larry moved forward so I could lean down and give John a better angel to fuck me. John was fucking me with increasing speed and soon I felt his cock jerking as he pumped my ass full of cum.

Bill spoke up at that time and said that I should get ready because now I was going to get a fucking that I would never forget. He brought a footstool over for me to lean on, and then he got behind me and pressed his fat cock against my asshole. At that time I was glad that I had been loosened up and well lubricated by John. As Bill continued to push against me I thought that he would never be gain entrance. Bill leaned over and told me to hold on because he was going in. I was not expecting him to ram that cock in me all at once but he did. A sharp pain went up my asshole all the way to the top of my head as he stretched my anus to the point of tearing, but he was in all the way.

Bill didn’t move for a long time so that my ass would adjust to his cock, for this I was grateful. After a short while the pain was gone and Bill started to fuck me. He was moving slowly and it started to fell good, I couldn’t believe just how good it was feeling. I was really getting into the fullness and was hoping that Bill would keep this up for a long time.

John came over and kneeled in front of me and offered his cock for me to suck, naturally I took him in my mouth. This was fantastic Bill slowly fucking my ass and John fucking my face. I also noticed that Larry had the camera and was getting this on tape that also was a turn on.

The sensation of that fat cock in my ass and the other cock in my mouth was unbelievable. I thought to myself that I was a cum sucking pervert and why hadn’t I been doing this all my life. I have never felt so satisfied with myself and knew that from this moment on I would suck every cock I could and that my ass was available also.

I felt John’s cock getting harder and knew that he was about to deliver me his sweet cum. I started sucking harder and teasing him with my tongue, damn I wanted to taste him. John finally started pumping his cum into my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could then let the rest run down on his balls. After John softened up his cock fell from my mouth and I licked the cum from his balls.

I still had Bill slow fucking my ass as I finished cleaning John’s cock and balls. The sensation of Bill’s cock was still as strong as ever when he started getting faster and I knew that I was about to get the third load of cum deposited in my ass. Bill wrapped his arms around me and held on as he pounded me like I was a bitch dog. I could feel his balls slapping against mine as he started filling me with his cum. There is no way to describe the feelings I had at this time.

Soon Bill slipped from my asshole, Larry got some pictures of me and I couldn’t believe that my ass could stretch that much.

The 4 of us were exhausted at this time so we all had a few drinks then took a shower together, gave each other a big hug and went our separate ways.

Larry went back to New York and I haven’t seen him since. Bill, John and I still get together every week. Oh, just FYI we are not super studs, we all use some erection helpers.

Till next time

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