Asian High School Wife, pt. 7, Cousin’s Tale, Cont


Asian High School Wife, pt. 7, Cousin’s Tale, ContA couple of years went by since the last time I saw my cousin Kana. The last I heard she got out of her house and had married some random white guy, broke off all contact with her parents, created a huge scandal. All I cared about was her happiness though. Then one April day my phone rang, an unknown number but I answered. “Hey,” the person said. “Hey Kana,” I said, because I knew it was her. “My husband said I should reconnect with you because you were always good to me.”She always did have a way of getting right to the point. “Well that’s good,” I said, “he seems like a nice guy.” “You can’t meet him,” Kana said quickly. “Not right now anyway, he’s traveling. Actually he said I should call you because I am scared to stay alone, maybe this was a good time for us to catch up.” “No problem,” I said, “Melanie and I have a spare room, you can stay there.” I had moved into my girlfriend’s apartment for this year of college. I didn’t think Melanie would be thrilled to have my cousin stay with us but it seemed like the right thing to say. “Well I was thinking, though, sorry to be so rude, could you come stay here instead?” She rattled off an address, which was only a couple of miles from campus. “Stay for how long,” I asked. “My husband is back in like a week,” Kana said, “so just until then okay?” “I’ll talk to Melanie later, I said, I work tomorrow night but I guess I could try to get the night off and…” “Pick me up from school in two hours okay?” Kana said and hung up. So I went back to my apartment and explained the situation to Melanie. She was working on a term paper and barely paid attention to me. She said sure, bye. I packed a bag with some clothes and got into my old shitbox of a car and drove to the pickup line at Kana’s school. She looked exactly the way I remembered her, not a day older or younger. But…more experienced. She was with a crowd of girls but I didn’t even look their way. They were asking who is this guy, where’s your husband. She proudly introduced me as her favorite cousin and then opened the passenger door and slid in. The smell of her hair as she slid in and hugged me awkwardly almost made me slam down on the accelerator. My trembling foot eased off the brake and I pulled out of the school parking lot trying my best not to crash into anything. I was shaking from how close she was to me after so long apart. Her house was big. And nice. Big fancy kitchen with a fireplace and hot tub in the living room. I was impressed. She took my hand and lead me upstairs to show me her room. She showed me the big three-way mirror and nice furniture and all the things he had bought for her in just a few short weeks. I said “wow, your husband must love you very much!” She nodded and then lead me down the hall, taking my hand again, showing me the guest room and where I could put my stuff. She showed me I had my own bathroom. She said she was glad I was here and leaned up and gave me a very modest peck on the cheek. So there it was, she was behaving. Everything had changed. “I’ll cook for you,” she said, with her hand on my arm. “That would be nice” I said. I went downstairs and took a look at the pool, still covered up for the winter, then took a peek in the garage. There was a red BMW M3 convertible here and I was admiring it when she snuck up behind me and jabbed her thumbs into each side of my ribs. I jumped and she laughed. “Nice car,” I told her. “I can’t drive,” was all she said. I carefully looked her up and down. She was wearing long loose Adidas soccer shorts that looked like they probably belonged to her husband, and a long white t-shirt that came down way past her hips that was definitely a man’s size t-shirt. “Don’t you have any clothes your size?” I teased her. “Yeah but I like to wear his” she answered. “Nice pool outside, too,” I said. “I can’t swim,” Kana said, laughing. I sat down and watched her working in the kitchen. Her body was just as amazing as I remembered. I followed her long white legs up and wondered if she still had the habit of wearing no panties. I was fantasizing about yanking those shorts down and taking her as she bent over the kitchen counter so I didn’t hear what she was saying and asked her to repeat it. She said “I do like the hot tub. But, I was afraid to go in by myself.” “Oh,” I said, “well, I’m here now, we could go in later if you want.” “Oh you would go in too?” she said in her mysterious way. Kana was a good cook. She waited on me hand and foot as she had been trained to do, wouldn’t let me help her clean up afterward either. I just sat helplessly, staring dopily at her beauty. After dinner she stretched her arms above her head and I watched the swell of her tiny breasts. She said “let’s go in the hot tub.” I said okay and before I could ask she said “you can borrow some shorts of my husband’s.” I followed her upstairs to a big bedroom with a high ceiling and a balcony and big walk-in closet. She took a pair of shorts out of the drawer and handed them to me. “You are almost the same size as him” she said with that mystifying look.I changed quickly, left my t-shirt on and went down in my bare feet, took the cover off the hot tub and turned on the bubble jets. Kana was nowhere around so I eased into the water and pulled off my shirt, then sank in almost to my neck. Kana walked into the room wearing a white two-piece suit with pink trim. The colors set off her skin tones perfectly. I felt myself starting to hyperventilate and had to slide up out of the water to get enough air. Kana climbed up and sat on the side of the hot tub and reached up behind her neck with both arms to tie her hair back. She had almost no tits to speak of but I could see the outline of her nipples. I thought again about being behind her, reaching around and sliding my hands up inside her bikini top. She then asked me all about my life and how I was liking college as she splashed water up and down her legs, stirring the water with her toes. I could barely say anything coherent as I stared at my nearly naked cousin, so I was relieved when she finally plopped into the water and her distracting beauty disappeared under the bubbles. But only seconds later her feet popped up a few inches from my face as she stared at them and wiggled them, amusing herself. One of my many Kana fantasies involved watching her slowly remove her schoolgirl socks again and then rubbing lotion on the insteps of her tiny feet and then giving me a slow footjob while I stared up her skirt at her pussy. I had had plenty of time to put lots of detail into the fantasy and now, suddenly, her feet were literally right in front of my face. I told her all the news that I knew about the relatives and she listened but didn’t really seem interested. She was gazing at her own toes as if absent-minded, but then sat up a bit and looked right at me as if she had just remembered something. “We had some crazy times back then, didn’t we?” “Yes,” I agreed, wondering what exactly she was thinking of. “You were so stupid that time!” Kana said. “Which time?” I asked. “When the cum got all in my hair” she exclaimed, pulling on a strand of her long black hair and waving it at me. “You remember?” How could I ever forget. “Yeah sorry about that” I said. “No it’s okay,” she said, “I don’t think anyone noticed.” “That reminds me,” I said, “weren’t you interested in a guy, how did that go?” Kana shook her head sadly. “Not good.” She held her hands up a short distance apart. “Very short time” she said, as if that explained everything. “But,” she added, “we showed each other some things. Back then. Right?” “Yes indeed” I said, wincing internally at how dumb that sounded. I couldn’t think of what else to say though. She pulled herself up, sitting on the edge of the hot tub, adjusting her bikini bottoms, stretching her legs, not being too careful how she sat so that sometimes her legs splayed apart and I had a perfect view between her legs, just a thin strip of bikini bottom blocking the window to heaven. I did my best not to look but I probably didn’t fool anyone. She was mesmerizing. It got worse. She started telling me about her new life and how happy she was. She kept scooting around the tub closer to me. I was at 6 o’clock and she was at 12 and she kept inching closer and closer as she talked non-stop until finally at 3 o’clock she slid into the water and then came up and sat only two feet away from me. At least she was out of my line of vision I thought. But her presence so close made me just as tongue-tied. Fortunately she was doing all the talking for now and all I had to do was try to keep up and look interested. She stretched out her amazing legs and let the backs of her heels rest on my thighs as if it was the most natural thing in the world. illegal bahis Kana really never had an appropriate sense of personal space. The feel of her feet on me, just inches from my cock, made me go ridiculously hard. I swear most of the blood in my body was in that one region. If she noticed, she didn’t say. She kept reaching back to mess with the string and the ties behind her neck. I remembered that in our past erotic encounters I had never seen her bare breasts, and every time she reached back I thought “here it comes, this is it,” but then it didn’t happen. Full of energy Kana was wiggling her feet on my thigh which did nothing to reduce the swell of my hard-on. Thank goodness the bubbles were going to intensely that she couldn’t see down into the water. “Oh, I have not slept much the last two nights,” she said, stretching and yawning and pulling back her feet. She climbed out of the hot tub and reached for a towel. “I was too afraid to sleep by myself. I will get good rest tonight with you here.” I tried to play it casual as I sat in the hot tub for another couple of minutes, when I could exit the water with dignity. She was now shrouded in a towel and I followed her upstairs. She went into my room and checked that I had all of the pillows and blankets I needed. Then she went into my bathroom and showed me where everything was, turned on the shower and I thought “here it comes, she’s going to take off the bikini and tell me to get in with her.” But she didn’t. She left me, with one gentle caress of my arm, and said goodnight. I went to bed but couldn’t sleep. 24 hours ago life was normal. Now I was back in touch with Kana and staying with her, only a few feet away from me down a hallway. We were more alone together than we had ever been, but everything had changed. At least for her. And I guess I had Melanie to think of I reminded myself. I tried to think of fucking Melanie, something more socially acceptable than my married cousin, but only Kana would come up in my mind. The end was predictable. I slunk off to the bathroom and came harder than I had in months, thinking of Kana’s perfect body in that swim suit and dreaming of slipping my hands inside…. With that out of my system I drifted off to sleep. I heard a door creaking and for a few seconds I couldn’t remember where I was. Then I looked up and saw Kana. She was standing there in the t-shirt from before, but no shorts now. “I’m scared,” she said simply, “can I sleep with you?” and without waiting for a reply she was in the bed with me laying on her back and nudging me to the side of the bed to give herself more room. She was on her back, not touching me at all, but all I could think about was how close she was, what did she have on, if anything, under that shirt. All I could think to do was to ask her how she was doing in algebra. “Is that all you ever think about?” she said, slapping me playfully. “I have all A’s in algebra.” She turned over on her side and laid her head on my chest, her fingers running up and down the biceps of my left arm. “My husband wants me to go to college. I probably will but I don’t know,” she said. I tried to hold still, behave, pay attention to what she said, but the throbbing in my head and chest and especially from my groin were overpowering. I felt like the room was underwater, my mouth totally dry. Her hand was tracing the veins in my arm slowly sensually. If her hand wandered any lower she would know without question the extent of my desire for her. “School is pretty okay actually,” Kana was saying, “they are able to get you the pill and you don’t have to get permission, pretty cool right?” “Yeah,” I said, “that sounds really progressive.” “That’s what I meant to tell you earlier,” Kana said, “when I called you on the phone.” “What did you mean to tell me I asked?” I could see her frown of confusion in the shadowy room “what I just said, that now I have the pill so….?” “What do you mean Kana?” I asked. She laughed “you got mad when I said we could never do it.” “What do you mean Kana,” I repeated, “do what?” “You know,” Kana said. “We’re related, we didn’t want to have a mutant baby.” “I remember that conversation” I said, breathing shallowly, “but I wasn’t mad about it, I…” “Oh yes you were” Kana said, “I could tell in your face, you were mad. Disappointed.” As she said “disappointed” she did something to my ear with her teeth. “But, good news,” Kana said, “we don’t have to worry about that anymore.” “Except you’re married now” I said. “This was his idea,” Kana said, sitting up in bed, “he said to reconnect, finish what we started.”I had allowed myself to fantasize making love to Kana many times. It always involved a slow buildup of kissing and touching and then she would gasp as I tried to slowly work my cock inside her too-tight pussy. The reality was the complete opposite. Kana yanked my shorts down and in one deft move was straddling me. As usual she had no panties so three seconds later, and without so much as asking me, she was using my cock to penetrate her and already starting to make loud moans of pleasure. I wish I could remember more but it was so intense and happened so quickly. The room echoed with her shrieks of pleasure as she rode on my cock and I pushed my hands up inside her shirt to grip her bullet-hard nipples while she rode me frantically. Thank goodness I had jerked off an hour or two before or I would not have been able to last more than a few seconds. As it was, it was over all too soon, I couldn’t hold back and she was like a freight train, there was no stopping her as she moved up and down on top of me until she rode the very last of my hardness. She continued to grind on it until it flopped out in a shriveled husk. I pulled her down to me to kiss her, something I thought I would never get to do again, and said “I hope that didn’t disappoint you, not too short like your old boyfriend.” “No, you were good” Kana said and went to sleep with her head on my chest. I woke up to my phone ringing and saw it was 8 a.m. on Sunday morning. It was Melanie. Just the night before I had been in bed with Melanie but now she seemed like someone I used to sort of know a long time ago. “Your boss called,” Melanie said, “they don’t need you to work tonight.” “Oh okay great, thanks” I said, still dazed and trying to remember how much of the events of the last 24 hours were real and what might be a dream. “How’s our cousin doing?” Melanie asked. I looked over at Kana. She had kicked off the sheets in the night and lay with the t-shirt over her hips showing most of her bare ass and all of her legs. She was still sleeping soundly. “She’s good, fine” I said. “I guess I’ll stay here for another few days” I told her. “Okay” Melanie said, “love you.” “You too” I said absent-mindedly, then turned off the phone and powered it down. I set one hand on Kana’s back experimentally. She didn’t move. I let my hand slide down to her ass. As soon as I touched her bare skin it was like a lightning bolt struck my cock and it stood ramrod straight. She opened her hypnotically beautiful almond eyes and smiled at me. “Are you going to teach me some algebra today?” she asked with a playful pout. “Never again,” I said, “if we can do what we did last night.” She flopped onto her back and bent her knees, yanking the shirt up a few inches and my hands slide between her thighs and slipped a finger inside her wet pussy. She bit her lip when my finger entered her and said “remember how we had to be so quiet doing this?” “Yeah,” I said, “this is so much better now.” And I finger-fucked her and she made all the noise she wanted to. She sounded like she was desperately crying for help but whenever I stopped she told me to keep going. When I could stand it no longer I rolled on top of her and took her, giving her a good long fuck this time while she moaned in appreciation. She whimpered “cum on my face” as I was inside her and I said “what did you say?!” as I felt myself tremble and unload. The naughty saying had completely taken me by surprise and ended me. She frowned and said “maybe next time?” Then she explained it was a joke she had with her husband. She told him the story of the first time she had given me, and him, a blowjob, both times ending in messy miscommunication. “So now I always say ‘cum on my face’ to him,” Kana concluded, “he seems to like it.” From there the day tried to start normally. Kana went downstairs to make breakfast but I got behind her and fulfilled my fantasy of bending her over the kitchen counter. After that we more or less fucked for 18 hours straight. After the kitchen we got to the shower where we took turns soaping every inch of each other. Then she got on her knees and sucked my cock. She paused, looked up at me and said “cum on my face,” and I did, illegal bahis siteleri on her face, on command. From there we went naked to the hot tub and I was very quickly hard for her again after staring at her body for a few minutes. She got on her knees and lifted her ass above the surface of the water and I rode her doggie style. I had cum so many times already that I was able to last a pretty long time, but Kana never seemed to get tired of fucking and her loud orgasms were ear-splitting. I went to my room to try and study, maybe take a nap. After half an hour or so Kana came in and sat on the bed. She was wearing a think silk robe and probably nothing under. I couldn’t concentrate any more and found myself staring at her. Before long we were kissing and then the robe was open and she was spread-eagled on my bed and I was eating her pussy and then I was fucking her yet again. She probably weighed 96 pounds I thought, and at least one pound of that was probably my cum. “Cum on my face” she said when she could sense I was close, and I pulled out and assumed the position, pinning her shoulders to the bed with my knees, but she surprised me by taking me in her mouth, and swallowing. That day was paradise, I finally had Kana to myself the way I had always dreamed of, no chance of discovery, no need to be furtive or quiet. We alternated between my room, my shower and the hot tub for the rest of the day and I finally went to sleep after one last round of intense fucking that ended after 2 a.m. The alarm went off at 7 a.m. “I have to be at school in an hour” Kana said. “Okay, I’ll drive you” I said groggily. “That’s okay,” Kana said, reaching down for my cock and gripping it between her fingers, “I’ll walk.” When we finished and Kana dressed and left for school I collapsed onto the downstairs couch. I had never been more exhausted in my life. When I opened my eyes it must’ve only been a few hours later but Kana was back. “I’m a senior, I get to come home for lunch,” she said. At the sight of her in her school uniform all my exhaustion left me. I told her about my fantasy of watching her taking off her heavy black wool school socks and then giving me a footjob. “Sounds fun,” Kana said, reaching down to roll one sock over her calf. I never even sat up. She sat at the end of the couch and removed her socks and then rubbed her feet on me. I took out my cock and she rubbed her soft soles against it on either side. “This is my first time let me know if it’s okay” she said. It was a professional foot job for sure. She knew exactly what to do with my cock and this time I was the one shouting out when she finally used her feet to make me cum. I was already going back to sleep as she was heading back out to school. I still felt worn out, hung over when Kana got home from school, but I had managed to shower at least, and I read half of a chapter for one of my classes before I started thinking about Kana. I greeted her as I always had, like she was just my little cousin. Old habits die hard. Who was she to me, really? What would happen when her husband came back? “Kana what should we do for dinner tonight?” I asked. “My husband likes to go out for dinner sometimes,” Kana suggested. “Cool let’s go,” I said, “where to?” She named a trendy and expensive sushi place on the north side. “Don’t worry, I’ll pay,” Kana said, taking out a credit card. “Can we go to a club after dinner?” Kana asked. “My husband doesn’t like them…I don’t think,” she said, “probably he doesn’t, and I’ve never been to one. Please?” I said “Kana you’ve never been to one because you’re 18.” “You can get me in though, right?” she pleaded, wrapping herself around my arm and looking up at me. “I can try” I said, “but I don’t know any good clubs really.” “I know one!” Kana said, holding up her phone, the address already entered. “Okay” I said “but I don’t have anything here that’s good to wear to a club.” “Oh just wear jeans, nobody cares what a guy wears” Kana said and ran happily upstairs. An hour went by. Eventually she came down in a little black dress and very high “fuck me” heels and her hair painstakingly pinned up, amazing makeup job. She could pass for mid-20s. She took my breath away and I came over to her, wanting to kiss her or just touch her but she backed away and said “not right now” but then lifted up her skirt and showed me the black lace thong she had under. “I got all of this from the internet, with a credit card. Pretty good huh?” “Yeah,” I said. She picked up a handbag that looked really expensive and said “ready?” I lead her out to my shitbox 2004 Honda Civic. She wrinkled her nose and said “we should take my husband’s car, he won’t care.” I guess he won’t if I’ve already lost count of how many times I’ve fucked his wife, I thought. We raised the garage door and I found the keys on a peg. The car was beyond amazing. I started to put the top down but Kana stopped me and said she wanted her hair to stay nice. Kana used her iPhone to direct me to the sushi restaurant. For a teenager who couldn’t drive and had no practical sense of direction she was pretty bossy. The restaurant was valet parking and I regretfully turned the keys over and reached in my pocket. Kana got a $10 bill from her high-fashion purse and told the guy matter-of-factly “he’s my cousin” as if that settled something. We walked into the crowded restaurant and were immediately asked if we had a reservation. Kana said nothing to the guy, just stared at him and it did…something to him. He said “I think we have a table” and a few seconds later we were sitting down. I was aware that the noise in the room changed from the second that Kana walked in. Everyone was watching her. The men were eyeing her legs, looking impossibly long in the high heels and short skirt, and the women were staring daggers at her and whispering poisonous things. The meal was exquisite and expensive but Kana put it on her card and then the M3 was being brought around for us and Kana already had the directions to the club she wanted to go to. I was a little worried about the car in that neighborhood but Kana told me to relax. The club was in an abandoned warehouse and there were k**s everywhere, loud pulsing music and laser lights inside. The bouncer at the door was easily 6’7” and had arms as big around as Kana’s waist. “ID?!” he demanded of me and I meekly showed him my driver’s license. He checked it with a pen light and handed it back, nodding. Then he looked at Kana. Kana looked at him and…same reaction, he jerked his thick neck side to side and said “you all enjoy yourselves” and we were in. As soon as she got inside Kana went wild. She elbowed her way to the crowded bar, piled six deep with people waiting for drinks. It’s amazing how many people will step aside for a stunningly beautiful woman. I followed her in. She was stroking the bartender’s forearm asking him for a strawberry margarita, and he was explaining to her that they didn’t have that. She worked her magic and he said he’d fix her something almost as good. Whatever was in the drink she liked it. It was in a disposable plastic cup and she drank it down quickly and then she was pulling me onto the floor and we were dancing. I knew Kana was musically trained and that she was almost competition-level ice skating at one point, but her dance moves didn’t seem to have anything to do with that. They were way more primitive and sensual and half of the men on the dance floor were watching her. There was a five or six foot space between where we were dancing and it was all for her. Pretty soon she was elbowing back to her new friend the bartender and he was pouring out another round. “No more for me” I said, “I have to drive.” Kana tipped him a $20 and then we were back dancing. Pretty quickly her shoes were off and the buckles tied together, d****d around her neck. A few guys were circling her and she smiled at them, but waggled the big rock on her finger and they kept their distance. I was starting to worry about having her out in this crowd late at night with all of her expensive shit, but Kana was going for broke. I realized I had maybe had four hours sleep in the last 24 and kind of wanted to go home and maybe fuck her once really good and get a long night’s sleep. But she would have none of it. One song and one drink lead to another and at some point Kana asked me to help her up onto a table on the edge of the dance floor. Now, I had seen for a fact several people getting pulled down off the tables by security earlier in the night. Nobody told Kana to get off the table. She stood above the crowd, the alcohol in her system just enhancing her moves, not making them clumsy. Some guy came around begging for her shoe and she gave him one. The other one went to another suitor soon after canlı bahis siteleri that. I offered to hold her bag. I had pretty much taken the job of holding her drink and standing beside the table while she danced. As a matter of fact though, I had an incredible view up the inside of Kana’s black dress for most of the time and I was pretty damned happy to be the guy who came here with this woman, and the one who was going to go home with her, assuming we didn’t both get rolled later. Somebody tapped me on the shoulder and it was a woman, one of Melanie’s friends. She asked me how Melanie was and I said Melanie was great. I was actually trying really hard to remember what Melanie looked like. “I’m uh…” I started to explain, “this is my cousin,” I said pointing more or less up her skirt at the black panties underneath. “She’s uh…she’s married and her husband is out of town.” The woman gave me the cold stare of death I probably deserved and moved on. It was right about that time that Kana was really feeling the beat of a song and yanked her black dress up above her hips and gave the entire club a view of her black lace thong. A deafening cheer went up through the club and I thought there was no way this was going to end well. It didn’t. The bartender gave Kana one too many of his special drinks but the guy at the door came to her rescue and tossed her over his shoulder like rag doll and carried her out to the front of the club. I thought the big meathead would feel her up or something but he very respectfully lowered her into my arms and I said “Thanks I appreciate that, I can take her from here.” He looked her over once up and down and the look on the guys face, it seemed like he would happily die for her. His throat moved up and down and he nodded and said “she’s something else, you better take care of her, you hear?” “Always,” I said, “she’s my cousin.” I mostly carried her, barefoot, back to the car, which I was relieved to see had not been stripped. The car clock said it was 3 a.m. I started the long drive back home. Kana slept soundly in the passenger seat. At a stoplight she whispered my name. When I answered she said “can we have sex when we get home?” Then she was out again. I left the car in the driveway. It was so late I didn’t want to make more noise by raising the garage door. I propped the front door open and then scooped her up and carried her inside. I laid her out on the couch and stared at her body. She didn’t stir. I set her bag on the counter and heard her phone vibrating. Someone had been sending her texts all night asking if she was okay. I took a guess at her password. Not her birthday. Then I tried 6969. It worked. “Hey” I texted “this is her cousin, Kana’s fine she’s sleeping right now.” “Good” came the reply “glad you guys have reconnected, make sure she eats and gets enough sleep.” “You got it,” I replied looking guiltily at wasted Kana resting on the couch, her legs slightly splayed showing off the black thong. To distract myself I scrolled up through her other messages. What can I say, men are pigs, I wanted to know what their relationship was like. I could tell he was kind and gentle to her and I started to like him. He was a good husband for my little cousin. I had just about gotten bored with snooping when I saw an attached video from a few weeks ago and the text “here it is—no more Mexican nights out for a while!” I pressed play on the video and was treated instantly to a view of Kana’s snatch and then a white cock slipping inside it. And all the while Kana looked about like she did right now….dead to the world. “God dammit, what a fiend!” I watched the video to the end when he creampied my little cousin’s pussy and I was mad, offended. But was it my place to be so angry? “Can we have sex when we get home?” Those were her last words. And now even though it was impossibly late, I wanted her as bad as I ever had. And I was suddenly possessively jealous to the point of desperation. I went up to Kana’s room. The whole room had an air of a kind of sanctuary, a holy of holies. We had never had sex in here. It was like her essence lived here. It felt and smelled like her. I grabbed her iPad and unlocked it (password 6969) and then I was downstairs again, propping it up on the table across from the couch. I turned the video recording on and then slowly moved the tablet up and down to scan her entire body, lifting the black dress to show off her panties, even pulling down on the top of the dress to display her dark brown nipples. Then I set the tablet back down and pulled the dress off of her. Then I slowly pulled the panties off and positioned her legs for a perfect view, then positioned the tablet between them, recording everything. Then I set the tablet back down and climbed on top of her, kissing her neck and breasts, trying to wake her but she never did. I wanted her to come to and start her loud wailing — I wondered, did she do that for him too — but it never happened. And I just couldn’t do it. I was originally going to send this asshole a video back of me pounding his wife. That would show him, I guessed. I wasn’t sure exactly what it would prove but that was what I wanted when I set out to do this. But was banging his u*********s wife a good look for me? decidedly not. And then, not being able to bring myself to bang his wife, that just didn’t prove anything. I turned off the video and deleted the recording. Then, and I’m not proud of this, I did what she asked me to do. I fucked the darling of the club and she only flinched a little when I pulled out and came on her face. Guilt overcame me instantly and I carried her upstairs and pulled a shirt over her, wiped her face clean and put her in bed with me. The alarm went off two hours later, time for school. But I could see she was too wasted and would never make it. I didn’t know who to call for school. I had only one option so I got her phone and texted her husband: “Kana is a little under the weather today, can’t go to school, do u know who to call.” The reply came right away: “What’s wrong with Kana?! Is she okay? I’ll call school but let me know.” Then her phone was ringing and I was talking to him. “What’s wrong with her?” he demanded, “tell me.” “She’s just….she got a little too drunk last night that’s all.” I heard his sigh of relief and he said “thank god. Okay just make sure she gets some rest alright? Let me know how she’s doing.” I said I would and he hung up. I stared at his name on the phone. I would probably like him except that he was married to the only girl I had ever really loved. My head swam. I fantasized about waking Kana up and fucking her and then taking a video of her saying ‘cum on my face’ and then doing it and then sending it to him with the note “see told you Kana was fine.” “Cum on my face” Kana was saying and I was holding her phone at an angle showing my cock ramming in and out of her hole. She had an “innie” pussy with puffy lips and perfect inner labia that looked like expensive sushi, with the white pearl of her clit at the top. She had been fucking so much lately that you could see the pink inside her lips and even the black hole beyond whenever I slid the tip of my cock out. “Cum on my face” she said again and took the camera from me and then I was spraying her perfect face with my cum and then it was streaming down her cheeks and over her lips. I had put my plan into action without ever even consciously deciding to. Kana looked at me and knew. She took her phone back and said “he should know,” and then she sent the video. Suddenly I was seized with apprehension and regret but then she was stroking my arm and saying “it’s okay I told you it was his idea” but still I felt like an asshole, cuckolding him and fucking my cousin and sending him the proof by video. The next time I tried Kana’s phone and iPad the password had been changed. The following five days followed a lot of the same pattern. Every day I swore we would get some rest, go to bed at a normal time. Every day we wound up fucking first thing in the morning, usually between and always after school, and then at least a couple of times at night. I hadn’t talked to Melanie in days. I was obsessed with Kana and like a zombie. My dick felt like raw hamburger but Kana never got tired of fucking. Saturday morning came and I realized I was almost dreading a full day with Kana. She would surely wear me out. How many times could I give it to her today before I couldn’t stand anymore tearing the flesh of my cock? And my deepest inner fear: If I said no, she would have to find someone else to satisfy her. I made some coffee and went outside. A nice Lexus was pulling up in the driveway. A white guy got out of it and looked at the M3 sitting there. He looked at me and said “how did it drive?” “It’s an awesome car sir” I said, cursing myself forever for calling him sir. He looked into my eyes and saw something. “She’s quite a woman isn’t she?” he said. “The most amazing woman in the world,” I said. “And she’s my cousin,” I said proudly.

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