Ashley’s Campaign Ch. 03

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Part 3: Friday Night Delights

I feel I need to respond to some of the reader’s comments. Some have suggested that since Ashley is a smart girl she didn’t need to become a cock slut in order to beat Ellen in the election. Well first off this story is published on Literotica so naturally it has an erotic theme. It was not published under erotic couplings but under incest/taboo so there should be no surprises. Maybe if I was smarter I could have Ashley beat Ellen without resorting to any sexual activities but what would be the fun in that. (Actually I didn’t start out with the idea of writing an incest story. I started with the end of the story and tried to figure out how Ashley got there. The rest just followed. In fact I have two daughters and can say I have never had any urges to have sex with them. When they were born, I was concerned since I was raised with two sisters and often had fantasies about them and their girlfriends. I guess it is just different with daughters. I feel much more protective.)

Perhaps I am missed the point of the comments. It could be the reader was simply objecting to the idea that Ashley was going to be engaging only in blow jobs. In that case I totally agree. That would be boring. Ashley had to start somewhere and her tastes (pun intended) will grow. I think that this chapter has her exploring some new territory (again pun intended). There used to be a genre where the female protagonist was stripped to her panties in scene after scene but never every lost them. In that genre the female had lots of sexual intercourse but all with panties intact. Although I love women in nothing but panties, I found that the genre was repetitive and boring. (Originally Ashley was going to finally loose her hymen after homecoming but that seemed too much like the panty genre.) So Ashley will get beyond blow jobs. Even the pool party she is preparing for will contain surprises.

My second concern is more serious. I believe that sex between consenting adults is a beautiful thing. One of my daughters regularly sends me material on discrimination. One article dealt with slut shaming. This is a vile practice often used by girls to keep other girls in their place. Strangely the higher class girls doing the shaming have been shown to engage in more sexual activity than the ones they shame. Men also engage in slut shaming. The vile part is that people are shaming other people for engaging in sex which I firmly believe is a beautiful thing if the parties are consenting. Unfortunately America has a long history of sexual puritanism. It has taken me years to even partially recover from what the priests and nuns did to me. I can only hope that my readers can accept their sexuality and that of others (no matter how strange) and move on to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

The job of an erotic story’s author is to somehow get the characters to engage in sexual activity. Often the ploy used is unbelievable but then these stories are just sexual fantasies. Some authors take longer than others to get to the sex part. Some are more believable than others. One of my current favorites (Pas in non-consent) wastes no time getting his female characters into trouble in only one or two pages. Meanwhile another favorite (mxwtt in erotic couplings) does an excellent job of character development and takes longer than most to set up very elaborate sexual encounters.

I am willing to include reader’s suggestions if they fit with my overall concept. In fact this chapter is in response to a suggestion from my volunteer editor. I had no plans originally to write this chapter and may never get to the conclusion at this rate. Even the pool party is a week away. Finally I am still undecided as to who will take Ashley’s “technical” virginity. Readers can vote by sending me $10 or dumping a bucket of ice water over their head. (Or just post a comment.)

When Ashley’s alarm went off she woke up disoriented. She was lying on her back naked. Her legs were slightly spread and her right hand was pressing against her vagina as if trying to keep her insides from coming out. At first she had no idea why she was naked. She had been dreaming about swimming with Ryan at his house. He had removed her bikini top and was sucking on her breast. When the alarm had gone he had pushed his hand into her suit bottom and inserted his fingers into her cunt. She felt stuffed. As her dream faded she realized she was still holding the vibrator inside of her. Her other hand was touching her breast. Her eyes flew open and she looked around the room in alarm. The house was quiet and she was alone in her room. She pulled the vibrator out of her vagina that was still wet from her dream. However, the sense of fullness was still there and she felt like she needed to shit.

She reached down between her legs and was surprised that the plug was still buried in her ass. A mild tug failed to dislodge it. She pulled harder with no more success. It was lodged in tight and her sphincter was clinched around the narrower part of the plug below the T shaped handle. casino şirketleri Ashley drew her knees up to her chest and grabbed the handle with both hands. She pulled hard. It did not budge. She twisted the handle back and forth and pulled again. She pulled with all of her strength until her whole body began to shake from the effort. Her body was coated in sweat. Ashley was trying not to panic.

Ashley rolled over on to her knees and snatched the leather case from the night stand. She desperately searched through the instruction book for help. It offered the advice that one should start with the smaller plug first. She looked at the case and realized she had accidently grabbed the largest one in her lust driven haste. At the bottom of the page was a section discussing removing an anal plug. It recommended applying lubricant to the anus and working it inside by slowly moving the plug in and out. It also suggested twisting to get the plug well lubricated. Finally it said to relax as much as possible and try to push it out as if taking a bowel movement. If necessary it indicated that a trip to the emergency room might be required.

Ashley was horrified at the idea of going to the ER in a small town. Everyone in town would know and she might as well just join a nunnery on the spot.

Ashley found the lube and applied it to her fully stretched anus. She lay on her back and slowly wiggled the plug in and out with one hand while applying lube with the other. She twisted the plug in her butt while trying to relax by breathing slowly and deeply. It started to feel looser. She pulled her knees up to her chest and concentrated on pushing out the plug as if she was taking a shit. She grabbed the handle and pulled hard. She twisted and pulled with all her might using both hands. She pushed like she was constipated. Once again she started to tremble and tears came to her eyes. She pulled her knees up to her head and pushed as if she was trying to shit out her bowels. Suddenly the plug shoot out and Ashley cried in relief. It took several minutes for her to calm down.

Ashley crawled out of bed for a much needed shower. She cleaned the sex toys and returned them to the case. She put the case in the back of her closet. She pulled on her soccer clothes and headed to the kitchen for breakfast.

“Morning Ash!”

She was surprised to see her Dad in the kitchen. By this time he was usually out for his morning run.

“Morning Dad. Are you skipping your run today?”

“Oh I had a great night’s sleep and got up early. I already did six miles. Thought I’d cook you kid’s some breakfast. Are you interested in an omelet and some home fries?”

Ashley was even more famished than usual. She was a big fan of her Dad’s omelets. He had a mound of cooked onions, peppers and sausage flavored with herbs from the garden.

“Wow! Aren’t you chipper this morning? Please give me a serving of your bliss along with a three egg omelet.”

Her Dad laughed and started to prepare breakfast for the two of them. Ashley grabbed a mug of steaming hot coffee. She sat at the counter that included the built in stove. She was very aware of her well reamed cunt and ass as she sat on the bar stool. She squirmed slightly on the stool as she beamed at her Dad.

Her Dad gave her a big smile and said, “Well I had the best night’s sleep in months and I signed a new client last night. But I think someone else is overflowing with ecstasy. I take it everything is going well – soccer, Ryan and the campaign.”

Ashley said, “Yeah it’s all great. I’m almost over being sore from practice. I’m really looking forward to seeing Ryan this weekend. We have a lot of catching up to do. As for the campaign we are making progress on all fronts.”

Her Dad said, “Speaking of the campaign, I can shoot your photo for the poster anytime. Tonight if you want. I think your khaki pants would work great. Your track jersey has your name and the Rivervale Raiders logo on the back.”

Ashley agreed, “Then one of the standing poses where I look over my shoulder would show the school logo nicely. I can wear my hair loosely draped over my far shoulder.”

Robert said, “Great then it’s a date. All you need is a campaign slogan and the poster will be ready to print,”

Ashley put her dishes in the sink and headed to her room to gather her soccer bag.

“See you tonight. Love you!”

“Love you too!”

It was another long and hard practice in the late August heat. At lunch Ashley described the poster idea and said that they needed a slogan. The girls liked the photo idea and were eager to brainstorm slogan suggestions. They started shouting out ideas.

“Time for a change”

“A new school spirit”

“Let the fastest girl rule”

Beth wrote down the better ideas on her smart phone. They agreed to talk to some of their friends and select an idea tomorrow.

After practice Ashley drove home and repeated her routine of shower, swim and shower.

Because of all of the showers she and her brother were taking casino firmaları after practice, they were all out of the large bath sheets Ashley preferred. She had to settle for one of the smaller bath towels. After she dried off she wrapped her torso in the towel. With the top of the towel just covering her generous breasts, the bottom of the towel barely covered the bottom of her buttocks. Her brother was probably home by now but she only had to make it to her room. Well as long as she didn’t bend over she would be fine. After she finished blow drying and brushing her hair she grabbed the bottle of body lotion and left the bathroom.

She had almost made it to her room when her brother yelled, “Hey Ash, I think I have the answer to your sore jaw.” He was sitting at his desk using his laptop and talking over his shoulder. Since it was so hot he was wearing only a pair of boxers.

Ashley said, “What? Oh you mean when I was practicing giving you a blow job.”

Josh said, “Yes. I found a TV series on YouTube by the BBC. It’s called ‘A Girl’s 21st Century Guide to Sex.’ Interesting the first episode covered blow jobs and some other stuff you might want to see. Come on and take a look.”

Ashley walked into his room and set the lotion on his desk. She looked at the screen over his shoulder.

Josh said, “It’s not HD quality so you need to get closer. You can sit on my lap if you want.”

Ashley said to herself, “Oh well I did give him a blow job yesterday. No reason for false modesty.”

Ashley sat on his lap. Since his legs were together, she was forced to straddle his legs with hers on the outside and slightly spread. She realized that the short towel meant that her bare bottom was in direct contact with his legs. Only his thin briefs separated her ass from his already firm penis. At first she tried not to wiggle.

Josh started the TV show playing. It described what they were going to cover in the next 8 one hour shows. The first episode was going to start with female squirting orgasm before getting to oral stimulation of the penis followed by the missionary position. Later episodes included spanking and anal sex along with a lot of other sensational topics.

They finally got to the oral sex part. The woman presenter said that the idea was for the woman to simulate a vagina with her mouth. There were three key factors: warmth, moisture and pressure. The mouth supplied warmth and moisture but not pressure. She said that making the mistake of using the mouth to produce pressure would lead to a sore jaw. The hand should be used to supply pressure as it pumped the penis. Extras included using the tongue to stimulate the head of the penis and using the other hand to massage the balls. They warned that everyone was different and some men could not stand having their balls touched.

Ashley had been leaning forward with her elbows on the desk in order to see the small video. She leaned back and said, “Great that all makes sense. No more sore jaws for me.”

Josh went to stop the video but Ashley said, “Wait I’d like to see the missionary position.”

The video introduced a pair of actors. They were both very good looking. The announcer said that they were both porn stars. There were several cameras attached to the couple’s bodies with cables taped in place. There was even a camera mounted in the woman’s vagina mounted so one could see the tip of the man’s penis as it thrust into her. Ashley was surprised that the walls of the woman’s vagina were rippled. When she had inserted her finger the night before, her vagina had felt very smooth.

Ashley said to Josh, “You might as well do something useful while we watch.” She handed him the lotion bottle and said, “Can you do my back please?”

Josh was completely aroused by the heat of Ashley’s loins pressed into his crotch and the sweet smell of her body. He said, “Ok but you will need to unwrap the towel.”

Ashley untucked the towel and let it drop to her waist. Josh sucked in his breath. He could see the reflection of Ashley’s rounded breasts in the laptop screen. He started to apply lotion to her neck and shoulders. He massaged Ashley’s vigorously like he had done out by the pool. Ashley leaned forward again with her elbows on the desk. She wiggled her ass to try and shift Josh’s penis that was poking her in her ass crack. Finally she raised her ass off of his lap and tugged his penis away from her ass. Her effort resulted in his penis poking out of his briefs between her thighs. Now it was resting against her bare vulva. Ashley held her breath and stopped moving. Josh’s penis felt warm and hard against her pussy lips. It was wonderful.

Josh continued working lotion onto her back and tried to ignore what Ashley had done with his cock. The BBC video was now showing the man’s penis thrusting into the women’s vagina. The camera alternated with shots of the man’s ass pumping into the women. Finally the man came and one could see his cum spurting out inside the women’s vagina. It was a much smaller load of cum than the typical güvenilir casino porn novel’s description with globs of semen shooting out in buckets. Both Ashley and Josh were entranced by the beautiful couple and what they were doing in the video.

Josh had finished applying lotion to Ashley’s back. He had gone as low on her ass as he could with the towel gathered around her waist.

Ashley said, “They mentioned anal sex. Do you know which episode?”

Josh replied, “Well OK, There is an index on Wiki.” He brought it up and it searched for anal. He went to the fifth episode and found the segment.

The same gorgeous couple was preparing for anal sex. The announcer emphasized the need for a lot of lubrication and patience. After she lubricated the man’s penis, she moved around so that she was on all fours. He applied lubricant to his middle finger and inserted it into the women’s anus. He slowly worked his finger around in her anus. After withdrawing his finger, he carefully replaced it with his penis. This time there was no camera in the women’s ass. Ashley was riveted on the couple as they slowly worked into a state of complete passion. The woman looked over her shoulder and smiled to encourage the man. The woman’s breasts hang down and undulated with the man’s thrusts.

Josh started applying lotion to her shoulders and upper chest. Ashley did not object and even gave Josh encouragement when he reached her breasts. He put a bunch of lotion on each hand and started on the bottoms of her soft breasts. He lifted them and softly squeezed. When he reached the nipples he gently pinched and pulled them. Ashley was fully aroused and her pussy was leaking onto Josh’s penis. She started to slowly rotate her hips rubbing Josh’s penis with her cunt. At first it was so slow Josh just thought his sister was having her normal trouble sitting still.

Josh now started to apply lotion to Ashley’s firm abdomen. He massaged these muscles more firmly than he had her sensitive breasts. His hands continued to work lower until they reached the towel. Josh thought that might be the limit for the night. Instead Ashley raised her ass up slightly and pulled the towel away. She placed it on the desk in front of her giving Josh full access to her sex. Josh spread his legs more which forced his sister open. He took some lotion and rubbed it into her skin between the tops of her thighs and her labia. He rubbed this area firmly for what seemed an eternity to Ashley. Ashley was now panting softly. She was having a hard time concentrating on the video.

Ashley said, “Please put your finger in my vagina if you want. I’m still a virgin but the hymen is gone.”

Josh felt a shock go through his penis at the thought of fingering his sister’s sweet cunt. But he did not want to rush it. He took more lotion and started to rub his finger up and down her slit. He gently pinched her labia between his fingers while working his hand up and down her slit. Finally he concentrated on her clit. This sent Ashley over the edge. She slammed her back into Josh and cried out as the waves of her orgasm crashed over her.

When she calmed down Josh began an assault on her vagina. He spread his legs even further apart which forced Ashley’s vulva wide open. He used one hand to separate her labia and stimulate her clit. He pushed his other middle finger slowly into her vagina. It was wonderfully tight and wet. He felt her muscles clamped around his finger. He rotated his finger as he slowly gained ground. Every little bit he would pause and pull his finger out a little. Ashley was rubbing her breasts and had a nipple pinched between the fingers of both hands. She was squirming in Josh’s lap rubbing against his penis.

Finally Josh’s finger was fully inserted. He paused to let Ashley adjust. He started again by rotating his finger in her vagina. His other hand started rubbing her clit faster and faster. He began pumping his finger into her vagina. The tip of his finger was rubbing on her G spot. He was kissing his sister neck when she turned enough to lock her lips on his and thrust her tongue into his mouth. She broke the kiss to gasp for breath as she panted into his ear. Again Ashley climaxed and it went on and on with more intensity than the first. Josh’s fingers continued to rub and probe her body. Ashley started to cry and collapsed against Josh. Her body was trembling from the tension. They sat there for several minutes with Josh cradling her warm sweaty body.

Finally Ashley looked up at Josh and said, “Take some of that lotion and lube my anus. Make sure you use a lot and work it deep. Just go slow at first.”

Josh was having a hard time believing his ears. Was Ashley trying to repeat what they had just seen on the video? He was not going to argue. Ashley was raising herself up and offering her ass to him.

He took some lotion and rubbed around her anus. He put more lotion on his finger and pressed it against her anus. He slowly increased the pressure. It went in easier than he had expected. He pushed his finger in to the first knuckle and paused. When Ashley said she was ready he moved his finger from side to side and up and down. Then he slowly rotated it around. After a while he pushed his finger in farther. Again he paused. Finally he had his finger in as far as it could go.

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