Ariel Chronicles – Cougar of Soho Pt. 02

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My students continued to fuck and gang-fuck me, incessantly for the next two months.

These young men were supposedly intelligent, but like most men, their cocks were ruling their decision making.

With all of the photographic and video evidence they had on me, they assumed they were blackmailing me in to partaking regular sexual deviant activities with them.

They were playing into my obscure sexual kinks perfectly.

I wanted the attention of these young cocks. I craved the attention of these young men and I willingly co-operated with every sordid act they could imagine.

I even added a few of my own on some occasions and these guys were so cunt struck they never grasped that I was actually playing them.

I was scheduled to meet the black student and two of his friends for lunch in a pub in Covent Garden. His two friends weren’t students but were actually small time criminals who dealt recreational drugs around the nightclubs of Soho, which brought them both a very healthy but rather dangerous income. The illegal and dangerous aspect thrilled me and only added to my sexual arousal.

My young student insisted I wore something extremely tight and revealing, which would show off my curvy cougar bimbo body. I was only to happy to oblige with this request.

We enjoyed a very civilised lunch with a few bottles of merlot, all paid in cash, from the huge roll of notes one the guys pulled out of his inside jacket pocket.

This was probably performed to impress me, but my attention would be more impressed if his cock was as thick as the roll of notes he put back inside his jacket pocket.

“Let’s get round to some of the sex shops in Soho and get this fine cougar a sexy outfit for the Halloween ball tonight!” My student said, running his masculine hand up my bare thigh, stopping just below the hem of my micro mini skirt.

I parted my legs slightly, stretching the material of my micro mini skirt. His fingers brushed lightly on my exposed shaved pussy, sending and electric tingle through my excited pussy.

His friends leant across the table, making acerbic comments about how this cougar bimbo slut would look awesome decked out in skin-tight latex.

Little did they know everything they were doing and saying was food and drink to a seasoned cougar bimbo slut like me.

I smiled knowingly, enjoying their blissful ignorance of how I was actually controlling them,

The arrogance of these men, they firmly believed that they were in charge and calling the shots, but I could see a pattern emerge where I was the circus mistress to my private menagerie of faithful pets!

I allowed my student to pleasure my pussy beneath the table for a few moments then indicated we should head out to Soho and make this purchase.

The walk from Covent Garden to Soho is not as far as you would imagine.

My skin-tight electric blue micro mini, with my matching platform high heeled shoes, made the walk a little difficult but not impossible.

With a skin-tight white shiny turtle neck top, hugging my large bra less breasts, along with my micro mini skirt and shoes, ensured, that male eyes were studying my bimbo form as we walked along toward Soho.

My recently pierced nipples were stretching the limits of the white shiny top, ensuring my erect nipples and sexual jewellery were evident,

The autumn sun shone brightly as we walked along Greek Street, watching the Soho aficionados go about their business, as roaming eyes cast furtive glances at my Cougar Bimbo slut appearance.

I was in exhibitionist heaven, parading myself to every male in the vicinity.

Turning left we stumbled across an artistically window dressed sex shop.

The theme of the window was Halloween and witches and this excited the dark side of my sexual deviancy.

The four of us walked into the sex shop to be greeted by a PVC clad goth girl canlı bahis in shiny PVC leggings, a PVC Corset style top and extremely high heeled PVC ankle boots.

The young lady had a majestic body, long legs, tight ass, trim waist and what looked like a 36 DD bust spilling out of the skin-tight latex corset.

Her perfume was heady and stimulating, as she gave me a very sultry smile.

The three young black guys smiled arrogantly as she approached us.

“Can I help you with anything?” She smiled confidently as her eyes glanced across at all of us.

“Yeah, my Cougar Bimbo bitch needs a sexy outfit for tonight!” My student stated with a dominant level of arrogance I didn’t think he was capable of.

His arrogance and confident manner pleased the sub slut side of my personality, and his use of Cougar Bimbo bitch sent tingles of delight directly to my aroused pussy.

I felt like his personal property as he treat my like a sex slave for his carnal pleasures.

“I’m sure we can find something that will look magnificent on the sexy lady!” She smiled, eyeing me up and down in true predator fashion.

She held out her hand and said.

“Come with me and we’ll get you into a costume, then you can come out front and show the gentlemen your outfit!” she smiled, pleasing my young black gentlemen escorts.

We walked hand and hand into the back of the shop where she guided me to a rack of PVC and Latex clothes.

Standing next to me she looked elegant and statuesque. Her was a bright yellow, almost the colour of fresh watermelons. Her hair was scraped back and tied in a high top pony tail identical to mine. With our colourful hairs we contrasted perfectly. She smiled a very sexy smile and said in an almost whispered tone.

“You’re pierced nipples are truly a thing of sexual beauty!” she smiled, almost purring as she looked at my large firm breasts, shimmering in my skin-tight white top.

I smiled back her, feeling myself blush slightly.

“My own pierced nipples don’t show as prominently as yours!” she giggled scooping her left breast from the confines of her latex corset.

Her breasts were milky white, with a light pink aureola. Her nipples weren’t as prominent but there was something sexually enticing about her erect nipple.

“You can touch them!” she offered, holding her prefect breast.

I placed my right hand on her smooth flesh, gently squeezing her firm breast. A delightful moan left her made up lips as she shuddered slightly at my delicate touch.

My state of arousal was incredibly high at this unexpected scenario. She moved forward and brushed her lips lightly across my collagen filled cock sucking lips.

Her feminine tongue, gracefully traced my lips, exciting my sexual libido, as she moved her the tip of her tongue along my mouth.

I moaned into her mouth as her lips gently shrouded my own and we enjoyed a passionate kiss.

Breaking our kiss she smiled at me and said.

“I love the way those guys treat you. We should get you into an outfit and you and I should go together wherever they are holding this Halloween ball!” She said with a very wry smile.

Her elegant right hand grabbed the zip of my micro min skirt, as her blood red manicured nails, eased the zipper downward. The tightness of my Micro mini, required her to ease the tight material down my hips and over ass. The skirt moved down my thighs, exposing my shaved mound.

Again she smiled and grazed her taloned nails along the smooth shaved flesh of my mons.

I shuddered with excitement as her index finger slid between my hairless slit, scraping my clitoris gently. I moaned ecstatically as her finger expertly aroused my sub slut needs.

“You are a delightful surprise!” She whispered, kissing me gently “You’re going to love what I’m going to do to you!” She said in an assertive tone. She picked a jet black twelve inch long bahis siteleri strap on dildo from the rack and began to strap the buckles around her slender waist. As she tightened the final buckle, the black dildo thrust forward menacingly. The sub slut within me, knelt before my sexual goddess, as I held the immense shaft with both hands and began to run my tongue along the veined length.

My saliva was coating the huge cock, making it glistening in autumn sunshine. My cock sucking lips shrouded the paler domed head as I looked up into her eyes for approval.

She moved away from my face and knelt directly behind me.

The tip of the huge strap on was nudging at the opening of my incredibly wet pussy.

She eased the tip between my labia and continued moving forward, stretching my cunt with the magnificent dildo.

In one perfect movement, the dildo was inside me in its entirety.

I came instantly.

She slowly slid the huge cock in and out of my drenched pussy, creating a wonderful squelching sound with every thrust. I pushed back on to the cock, wanting as much of it inside as was sexually possible.

“We are a greedy girl!” She said in a stern tone, removing the magnificent dildo from my quivering pussy.

“You will obey all that I command!” She said in the same stern voice, as she placed the head of the dildo on the puckered flesh of my soon to be fucked asshole.

“Yes mistress!” I whimpered as she plunged the black dildo inside my tight asshole.

The pain was excruciating and at the same time sensationally arousing. The searing heat and stretching pain, soon rolled in to abject pleasure as she fucked my ass with the monstrous strap on.

“You don’t just belong to those guys!” She snarled “You belong to me also!”

The stern tone of her voice aroused me and I submitted to her willingly.

“Yes Mistress!” I panted as she gave me a deviant anal orgasm.

She unbuckled the strap on Dildo, leaving the incredible length impaled in my ass, as she stood up. She picked up an item of latex clothing from the rack and whispered.

“Your cougar bimbo slut body will look divine in this!” She smiled handing me the costume.

She unplugged the huge strap on from my ass leaving me gaping somewhat as she helped me to my feet. She eased the tight white top over my breasts and over my head, leaving me naked except for my high heeled shoes.

“Take the shoes off and put the latex outfit on!” She ordered.

I held up the latex catsuit. The flimsy tight latex shimmering in the sunlight as she grabbed my arm and said.

“Once you’re ready I may just fuck those young friends of yours!”

I pounced like a panther, placing my right at her throat. Squeezing her larynx I snarled furiously at her.

“Those are my prey!”

Her eyes widened with shock at my sharp response.

Still clutching her throat I could see her confident demeanour diminish somewhat, as I gained the Domme position. Her eyes glazed over with lust as it became clear to me she was more sub than domme.

She nodded her head subserviently as I released my grip on her throat.

“Once I’m ready, I will fuck them, but you can have my left overs!” I grinned as her long eyelashes fluttered in agreement.

“You can ensure they’re hard and ready to fuck me, and when they’ve finished, your tongue will clean all of my holes!” I demanded.

“Yes mistress!” She said in a soft obedient voice.

I looked at the hand-mark I’d left on her pale slender throat. Although she wasn’t smiling, everything about her told me she was sexually contended and was enjoying her submissiveness toward me.

She knelt down at my feet and began to unbuckle the ankle strap of my high heeled shoes.

Removing my feet from the shoes, she stretched out the bottom of the latex catsuit, easing my pedicured feet through the tight latex. She stood up and began bahis şirketleri to stretch the latex catsuit over my naked body.

The crotch of the catsuit was absolutely skin-tight, hugging my ass and the smooth skin of my hairless mound.

The latex was almost like a second skin, as the defined slit of my pussy was evident, contoured to the erotic latex.

My new slave held the arms of the catsuit open, guiding my taloned fingers through the tight black latex sleeves.

My arms pushed through the arms of the latex catsuit, as the material snapped tightly to my wrists.

My large firm breasts were standing proudly as she squeezed them together and began to zip the suit up, stopping just below my cleavage. Her hands went inside the catsuit as she repositioned my breasts, allowing the skin-tight soft latex to cup my large firm breasts. My pierced nipples were testing the stress limits of the shiny black latex, as the shimmering material formed around my erect pierced nipples.

As my slave pulled my zip all of the way, I was astounded at how glamorous, erotic and fuck me horny my appearance was. She went back to the latex rack and brought a Catwoman cowl mask.

This was also skin-tight with a small circular opening on the top, to pull my long pony tail through. She fed my hair through the small circle and positioned the cowl mask on my head.

With smokey eyeshadow and purple shiny lip gloss, this will look devastating. I made a mental note to wear the longest false eyelashes I have in my possession.

Once more she walked over to the latex rack and returned with a pair of black shiny PVC opera gloves. Placing these on my hands carefully, then easing them up the arms of the latex catsuit.

Smiling at her accomplishments, she looked into the insole of my shoes and nodded, saying quietly under her breath.

“I thought so!”

She went over to a shelved wall, bringing a large box with her. Opening the box she pulled out a magnificent pair of shiny black leather thigh length boots.

These had a silver spiked stiletto heel with a bondage lock and strap across the instep. Holding the boots at my petite feet, she eased my toes into the boots and seductively guided the zip up my inside calf and thigh.

With both boots in position, I stared at my reflection in the mirror, feeling my pussy fizz with carnal excitement. My hour glass figure was born to wear this outfit. Unless I had seen with my own eyes, you would swear this outfit had been painted on.

“All that’s missing is a nice black whip!” My slave said as smiled endearingly at me.

I nodded my head in approval, as she handed me a black leather bull whip. Holding the whip in my hand and wearing this outfit, I felt incredibly aroused.

Irrespective of anyone else, as I looked at my reflection I concluded that I would fuck me.

My slave looked at me with a very satisfied smile.

“My mistress is now my goddess!”

She knelt before me in subservient submission, as I held her head and said.

“You will place anal beads in my asshole and an eight inch remote controlled vibrating cock in my pussy for tonight!”

Her eyes widened with glee as she looked up at me and whispered.

“Yes mistress!”

Less than ten minutes earlier, I was on my hands and knees being anally bitch fucked by this slut, with a huge black strap on dildo. Now here she was cowering unashamedly, aroused beyond all reasonable doubt as I dominated her mercilessly.

The catwoman latex outfit looked fantastically dominant and pussy tingling erotic.

Once my little pets cast their eyes on this, my Mouth, Pussy and Asshole will be enjoying the stretching sensations of hard young black cock.

“Go and lock the door of your shop!” I ordered my shop slave “Then bring my pets back here to pleasure me!”

She bowed her head obediently and walked out of the back shop to lock the main entrance. I heard the lock clock as she said rather sternly.

“My Mistress wishes for you to come through the back!”

This afternoon was beginning to look very interesting!

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