Anything Ch. 02: For my Sister

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Copyright 2021 by Limnophile

Permission granted to print or repost for non-commercial use if author is credited.


I only offer this to entertain. If at least a few people get their feelings tugged around, I consider my mission accomplished. If I can give somebody a few laughs, or inspire an orgasm, that’s even better.

Thanks to the editors and authors who have helped me improve my writing from ‘Painfully Godawful’ to ‘Average’. I hope at least one of them will look at this and smile.


This is chapter 2 of my series “Anything”, “Anything for my Sister”

If you don’t like something in the following list, this may not be the story for you:

Incest, smoking, alcohol, blackmail, anal sex, orgies, lesbians.

If you like the above, please continue, and I hope you enjoy.

My phone rang in the middle of the night, and I groggily answered. “Hullo?”

“Is this Kurt Joelsen?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“I’m police sergeant Bill Thomas. I’m sorry to give you some bad news. There was a car accident, and your sister Karen is on the way to the hospital.”

“How bad is it? What about my other sisters, Kim and Kelly?”

“Karen was the only one in the car, and I think her arms are broken. She’s lucky it wasn’t a lot worse. You should come talk to her at the hospital. The address is…”

At the hospital, Karen told Mom and I the twins were staying with great-aunt Hildy. I felt sorry for them. Hildy had been a high school principal for thirty years and wouldn’t take any crap from anybody. At least the two of them were safe.

Karen had broken both of her wrists, but the doctor said she should be fine once they healed in two months. When it was nearly time to go home, Karen bashfully explained her situation.

“With casts on both arms, I need somebody to take care of me. I can hold a fork or spoon and eat, but I’ll need help getting dressed, bathing, even going to the bathroom.”

Mom looked annoyed, like she didn’t want extra chores. I told Karen about the movie I found, where her and Mom had lesbian sex and let Grandpa have anal sex with them for money. Karen looked extremely embarrassed. I said, “If you’ll share our bed and never run away again, I’ll be happy to do whatever you need. Anything for my sister.”

When we got home, she wanted to smoke, but couldn’t work the lighter with her casts.

“I’ll help you smoke, if you do it sitting in my lap?”

“Well… okay.”

She sat on me, encouraging a growth in my shorts. I lit her cigarette and watched her suck on it while I fondled her breasts. Mom’s were larger, but Karen’s were still very nice. I had a raging hard-on by the time she put the cigarette out. When she stood up, I slid my pants and boxers down, saying; “Have another one.” I slid her panties to the side and guided her pussy onto my stiff rod. Mom was walking past and froze, staring at us.

“Come sit with us, Mom. Give her a light, and watch your babies fuck each other.”

I held Karen’s hips, helping her bounce up and down, as Mom sat next to us and smoked too. Watching them suck their cigarettes, the wet warm pressure on my cock, and seeing Mom’s tremendous cleavage got me off before they finished smoking. I had Karen sit beside me and pulled my shorts and pants up. Karen started masturbating with just the tip of one finger, trying to finish herself, as I noticed Mom was crying a little. “Help her finish, Mom.”

Mom reluctantly played with Karen’s clit, making her cum. I saw the speed of Mom’s tears increase, and she began to sob.

I asked; “What’s wrong, Mom?”

“I did this! You two are 26 and 27! You should have a husband and wife, and kids of your own, by now! I made you into this! I’m so sorry!”

I said, “But we’re happy, Mom. At least I’m very happy.”

“You two doing incest is disgusting and creepy!”

“And fucking your son five times a day for years isn’t?”

“That’s different! You blackmailed me! I didn’t have a choice!”

“Karen doesn’t have a choice either. It’s exactly the same. Since neither of you has a choice, I think I’m going to buttfuck both of you while you get each other off with your mouths.” I grinned from ear to ear.

Mom angrily said, “I need a drink!” She stormed out and went to my late father’s study, where he had kept his collection of fine whiskeys. We let Mom sulk, listening to sad country songs, and getting wasted on some expensive Burbon. Only an hour later, I saw her sleeping on the loveseat in the study. I hated sad music and turned it off.

I helped Karen with her needs all day, including five more cigarettes and a couple of fun moments on the toilet. I loved to watch her pee. At bedtime, I undressed Karen and laid next to her on the bed nude. “Sis, Mom does anything I want, because of the video you two made with Grandpa. We’re going to watch them all, so I can see the rest of what YOU did.”

“But Kurt, I’ll do what you want already! Please don’t make me watch them! I need help with everything! It’s not like I can dress alanya escort myself and run away in the middle of the night!”

I started to put a DVD in the player, “Karen’s Kunt Kissers”.

She cried as she said, “I’ll do whatever you want, anything, just don’t make me watch! Please?”

“What’s on it?”

“When… when I turned 19, Mom got a bunch of money for making me screw some of Grandpa’s friends. It’s horrible! Please?”

“It’s ok, sis, it’s ok.” I wiped her eyes with tissues and hugged her.

When she calmed down she continued. “While I was away this time, I married a jerk, Tim. He would hardly ever pay for anything. If I complained, he slapped or hit me! I was working two jobs and it was barely enough. I couldn’t even afford a babysitter, so I had to get Hildy to watch the girls last night. I was going to celebrate my divorce being final, then do another movie.”

Tears came to her eyes again. “I really wish I had a guy I could trust to be nice to me, and really take care of me! I’ve always wanted that, but never found a decent guy.”

She paused a long time, and I saw she was considering if she should ask me something or not.

“You’re safe now, sis. What’s on your mind?”

“It’s wrong, but I don’t care! My last name is ‘Carter’ now, instead of ‘Joelsen’. If we go to another state, we can probably get married. Then I can be sure you’ll stay with me and support me. You’re the only one who’s ever been good to me for long. If I do whatever sex you want, will you love me forever, and marry me?”

I had a huge smile, as I said; “Of course, I’ll marry you! Anything for my sister!”

She smiled. “I can’t wait to see the look on Mom’s face when we tell her!”

We laughed a lot, and I gave her a wet kiss and a hug.

“Kurt, could you have Mom do something tonight? I want to sit in your lap with you in me and have her lick us. Could we do that?”

“Anything for my sister!”

Karen and I had a great night. Mom hated doing it, with her recent discovery of morality, but we didn’t really care. I had Mom lay on her belly and lick Karen as I buttfucked her until we both came twice, then had Mom finger her and blow me as Karen and I kissed.

Predictably, Mom was extremely upset when we told her about our upcoming wedding. She cried and drank heavily for three days. When I told her that she was going to give me custody of Kimmy and Kelly and be one of our witnesses at the wedding, she flatly refused. “NO! There’s no way I’ll help you do this! Never! I won’t help you wreck your lives even more! Give the videos to the cops, I don’t care! I’m not going to help my kids marry each other!”

I figured out a way to get her to agree. I asked her, “Will you do it for your freedom and some money? I’ll give you all the videos you made, and fifty thousand. All you have to do is sign over custody of the twins to me and pretend to be happy at our wedding.”

I shouldn’t have been surprised that her response was “Fifty grand? A personal check, or a bank check? Or cash?” Her eyes seemed to light up when she mentioned cash. It was obviously the most important part to her.

“Whatever you want. Once we’re married, and the twins are mine so we can take care of them.”

Mom hated Karen and I having sex, so she pretended to be very horny. Every day, I’d get a couple of blowjobs from her, and she would ask me to fuck her at least three times a day. She asked Karen if she could finger or lick her several times a day too.

I loved to watch the two of them share a cigarette, as Mom slid a double-dildo in and out of both their pussies at the same time. I recorded them doing it, and for several years it was my favorite masturbation material, the few times I didn’t have a willing partner available. Another video I made and enjoyed watching, was the two of them licking my cock as they smoked.

I picked up the twins and gave Hildy a pie and some cash for watching them. Being Hildy, she gave me a ten-minute lecture about the pie having sugar, and why sugar is bad for people.

I bought a larger house a few hundred miles away in another state. We moved at the end of the school year, a month after Karen got her casts off. It had six bedrooms instead of three, and a pool and hot tub in the back yard. Kimmy and Kelly were happy to have their own rooms but hung out together most of the time anyway. It seemed they spent half the summer in the pool.

It was no surprise when Mom disappeared the day after our wedding. If it hadn’t been a total loss after the crash, she probably would have stolen back the rusty heap of a car Karen had stolen from her three years before. Mom could barely drive a stick but had still stolen my pickup truck. I planned to replace it soon anyway. Knowing Mom as well as I did, I left the key on the dash for her, so she wouldn’t ransack the house searching for it.

The twins had a little difficulty adjusting to their lives as my new kids. They weren’t used to having three regular meals a day alanya escort bayan and were often in the middle of making something when Karen or I went to the kitchen to start dinner.

They thought it was odd that a brother and sister would share a bedroom when there were more available, but let the strangeness of it go, since they were so happy.

One morning Kimmy confused me by asking what they should tell their friends about our family. After thinking a moment, I said they should tell people I was their big brother, who adopted them, and Karen was my wife. They shouldn’t say anything about them being related to Karen, or her and I being brother and sister. The now eleven-year-old ‘twins’ thought it was very weird Karen and I got married, but knew it was important that they keep our secret. They were mainly happy to have two parents who loved them and provided for them well.

Since we had plenty of money, Karen and I both decided to be stay-at-home parents. Instead of jobs or hobbies, we spent our time loving each other as much as possible, whenever Kim and Kelly were asleep or in school.

Karen was a great partner. Even when she was on her period or sick, she would help me take care of my sexual needs. If she wasn’t in the mood to fuck, usually she would give me a blowjob. The few times when she was feeling really bad, she would at least watch me jerk off and ‘play catch’ with her mouth when I came.

I thought I was the happiest man alive, and nothing could be better. At Halloween, Karen proved me wrong.

She convinced me to get a costume with her and go to the annual Willowbrook Halloween party. I dressed as a pirate, and Karen went as a buxom pirate wench.

The Willowbrook party was famous, and infamous. A billionaire couple, the Willowbrooks, had over two hundred guests at their mansion. The couple stood at the top of the grand staircase. Thirty-year-old Mrs. Willowbrook, dressed as a panty-free nun in a black mini-skirt, tapped a glass with a spoon to get everyone’s attention. I was shocked. I’d never seen a sexy nun before. I didn’t think it was even possible.

Fifty-year-old Mr. Willowbrook, dressed as a Roman Emperor in a toga, gave a short speech. “Friends, Romans, Countrymen! Every Halloween we have a costume party. It’s important to make sure everybody knows the rules. Privacy and confidentiality are paramount. Nobody says anything about what they do or see here tonight. Condoms are also important. There are plenty all over the house, use them. Fun is most important of all. Do anything you want, with anybody who’s willing! Let the orgy begin!” He strummed a lyre badly, and the make-outs began.

I decided to let Karen have some fun. I told her she could do whatever she wanted if I could watch. I had sex with a ‘naughty maid’ and played with her boobs, as Karen fucked a ‘fireman’, a ‘cop’, and then a pants-free ‘Sherlock Holmes’. Later an ‘angel’ asked me to do her ass, in front of her ‘devil’ boyfriend, as Karen double-teamed ‘Zoro’ and ‘Superman’.

I saw the Willowbrooks had changed costumes and were now ‘Tarzan and Jane’. I was surprised Mr. Willowbrook could make a convincing Tarzan at his age, but he was really in shape. He threw Karen over his shoulder, carried her to the top of the stairs, then leaned her over the railing and screwed her silly in front of the crowd. I fucked ‘Marie Antoinette’ from behind as we watched.

Karen and I rested awhile and had some snacks and punch as we viewed the happy orgy. Near midnight, a butler rang a bell loudly at the top of the stairs, announcing; “It’s time for everybody’s favorite part! Sit with Santa or Mrs. Claus, and make your Christmas wishes!”

I saw Mr. Willowbrook was now dressed as Santa Claus, minus pants, sitting in an exceptionally large chair. Two girls dressed as elves recorded what everybody wanted, as they sat in Santa’s lap and let him play with their bodies. ‘Mrs. Claus’ was in an identical chair, with two male helpers taking notes, as ‘Mrs. Claus’ licked or sucked the men making their wishes. When ‘Mrs. Claus’ asked what I wanted for Christmas, I thought I might like to have a boat.

I played with her big tits and pretty blonde hair, as she licked me. After cumming so many times already, I didn’t climax, but it was nice. Our final encounters of the night were Karen getting screwed by three ‘football players’ who only wore jerseys, shoulder pads, and condoms. I watched them, as two ‘cheerleaders’ took turns riding my cock.

A week after the Halloween party, we got a delivery of two small boxes. The return address on both was the Willowbrook estate. I opened the one addressed to me, and found a remote-controlled toy boat, with a letter from Mrs. Willowbrook. That night the girls and I took turns driving the boat around the pool.

Mrs. Willowbrook had written, “I had a nice time with you at the party. A couple of friends and I would like to have some more fun with you, on your new boat next summer. Mrs. Willowbrook.”

There escort alanya was a picture of her in a bikini, licking the tongue of a pretty brunette, while holding hands with another cute blonde in a bikini.

Karen opened her gift which only contained three small plastic football helmets and a note from Mr. Willowbrook. “Let’s make the Superbowl truly super. Watch it with us and spend Superbowl weekend in a hotel room with a few friends and I. Mr. Willowbrook.” Inside was a picture of two burly football players carrying Mr. Willowbrook on their shoulders.

I told her; “You can go with him for Superbowl weekend. Just come back to me.”

“Of course! I love you.”

She gave me another wonderful smoky blowjob, as I fantasized about Mrs. Willowbrook and her friends.

When I woke the next morning, there was a dual outboard eight-seat boat on a trailer in the driveway!

Karen encouraged me to wear the football jersey and shoulder pads she got, but only in bed, every night for a week. With all she had done for me, I was happy to do it for her.

On the Friday before the Superbowl, Kimmy and Kelly went to a friend’s house for a birthday party and sleepover.

I watched Karen smoking a cigarette as she finished her makeup. I always thought there was something especially sexy about watching a woman doing her makeup in the mirror, as she went from ‘nice’ to ‘gorgeous’.

She saw me watching and told me; “I know you’ll miss me and get horny while I’m gone.”

“Very much. I miss you already.”

“Don’t worry, brother. Your naughty wife has a solution.”

As she was putting in her earrings, there was a knock at the door. I opened it, and saw two cute high school girls, a blonde and a brunette. I let them in as I asked; “Who are you two?”

“The babysitters, Jenny and Cassie.”

I was confused, and Karen started to explain; “I don’t want my boy all alone while I’m gone. Their families are having some financial trouble, and I thought I’d be nice and let these girls earn some money babysitting.”

The pretty brunette Jenny looked around and asked, “So where are the kids?”

Karen smiled as she ignored the question. “How much do you usually charge for babysitting?”

“Six an hour, or a hundred for a whole day and night.”

“I’ll be gone three days. How about a thousand a day each?”


“We’ll be happy to pay you when I get back. Feel free to have food and drinks from the kitchen, and smoke or have some wine if you want. But don’t forget, you’re babysitting. I want at least one of you sitting in my boy’s lap most of the time.”

She pulled my shirt off over my head, saying; “Clothing optional, but use condoms.” She blew me a kiss, as she walked out the door.

The three of us were surprised and felt very awkward. I put my shirt back on and introduced myself, “Sorry about her. I’m Kurt.”

Cassie, the tall thin blonde, looked very afraid as she said; “But… but, we like girls.”

I reassured them, “It’s ok. Nobody will make you do anything. Relax.”

Cassie hugged Jenny tightly, saying; “We’ve been together three years, since we were fifteen. We want to get married.” I noticed both had a plain silver ring on the ring finger of their right hands.

I sat in a recliner, and told them, “Make yourselves comfortable, girls. Get a soda or something from the fridge and come talk to me.”

Jenny asked, “She said we can smoke? Really?”

“Sure, I don’t mind. There are some cigarettes in the drawer next to the pantry.”

Jenny grabbed a pack and got a big smile, as Cassie got a couple of colas from the fridge.

The two of them sat on the sofa smiling, as Cassie opened the sodas, and Jenny opened the pack of cigarettes as fast as she could. She lit up and took a huge puff, exhaled, and quickly sucked in another deep drag. “Aaah! I haven’t had one since yesterday! PUFF I wish I could smoke at home. PUFF”

Cassie took a small puff and didn’t inhale it. She wasn’t very convincing, as she said; “Yeah. I love to smoke too.” She held the cigarette a long time, before sucking in a small mouthful, and exhaling it immediately.

“So, how long have you two been smoking?”

Cassie said, “A couple months, but only with her.”

Jenny said, “Off and on since I was ten. I really got into it last year. I LOVE it! I spend over half my allowance and babysitting money on cigarettes.”

“Where do you live?”

“I’m two houses to the East, and Jenny lives across the street from me.”

“It’s cool that your parents accept the two of you dating another girl. My dad would have been pretty upset if I were gay and he found out.”

Jenny said, “They think we’re just friends, and we got our rings from boys. PUFF My Mom would be pissed if she knew. And HER parents would KILL US! PUFF”

“Well, that kind of sucks. It must be hard for the two of you to get together?”

“Yeah, the only time we can do it is when Cassie’s parents are out of town. PUFF Even if my Mom were gone, my little brothers would tattle on me in a second. PUFF”

Watching the pretty young girls smoke was very arousing. I crossed my legs, to hide the growth in my crotch.

“Since you two are only 18, and you don’t like guys anyway, I’m not going to ask you for sex or anything. You don’t have to worry about that. I think it’s great that you have each other.”

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