any of you male weirdos of characters keep those s


any of you male weirdos of characters keep those s
good morning, good afternoon, & good evening I say, well I myself being of that of my person may as well get it all out ahead of time regardless of whatsoever, or whatever that being of the weather’s temps may be like for a cold fall, or cold winter, & a hot summer season.

& with that being of the way that certain scientists being of whom would be much more commonly called, &/or likewise be much more commonly known as ‘mad-scientists’ are, or is however said be I myself, or that being of the, or a person of my same self however said am speaking some, or such correct, proper, standard English being of the American dialect, or not, continuing to attempt to throw that being of some kind, sort, or type of a monkey-wrench in that being of mother-nature’s program as maybe a part of some kind of a cointelpro, or mlk-ultra experiment.

but then, &/or all the while thinking, or rather permit me myself that being of the liberty/ies to say, correction, assuming that by screwing, or messing up the natural environment, or offsetting that being of the ecological balance/s of the planet earth like say, or how you say as if that is going to put caucasians at an advantage, & disadvantage the many different races of the ethnic minorities.

if any of the likes of some sort/s, or such type/s of ‘mad-scientists’ are, is, or could be possibly thinking like that then from there I would say that they themselves would be sadly mistaken being that because when anybody attempts to alter that being of the climate for wherever within that being of the global community for this post-911-era of our new-millennium for this apocalyptic-day-&-age, &/or güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri these rather biblically-prophetic-times whereas that being of the-doom’s-day-clock is now, or presently at a couple, or a few minutes to midnight compared on to how last it was at a quarter to midnight then it being of any man-made changes to some, or such effects everybody representing the human species regardless of race, walk of life, faction of society, or lifestyle preference, &/or etcetera.

fortunately for me though, or as I myself reflect upon some, or such matters whereas I can, or could possibly honestly say that as of the present given moment in time that I myself am not homeless, thank God for that, & don’t intend upon going that route anytime too soon enough again, God forbid, been there, done that, & don’t want to do it again as I was saying, & so I say again, in other words let it being of a dilemma, problem, or predicament of an existence as that being become a long post-poned regimen of trying to survive with one’s own personal plan, or program as someone, or such a one being of one of the statistical ratio percentiles of the homeless, & this is to be possibly taken into account how certain proverbial neighbors-from-hell of public-nuisances of problem-neighbors be going all out of their way to attempt to drive certain ones of their fellow neighbors of residents, or tenants out of house, & home enough as it is that being of a case, &/or situation of a challenge, &/or threat to one’s existence, & besides all that I myself can, or could possibly likewise say, &/or state for that being of the record that I myself have never really been homeless güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri by choice anyhow, or anyway.

the temperature/s of the weather as it stands presently, & in some, or such accordance/s to what that being of the persons of the weather-men, & weather-women were like saying for that being of the many different news station channels is suppose to be something like that being of a rather bone-chilling twenty(20), or thirty(30) degrees below zero(0), & therefore that being of my person am not really looking forward to it so far as concerning venturing out of my place of residence where I myself pay some, or such monthly rent, utilities, & homephone service fees for unless of course I myself being of that of my person am trying to think of it being of a mind’s intentions to possibly resolve some, or such business matters of importance for that being of mine own personal survival, or checking upon some, or such elderly female relatives, &/or friends of my, or mine own personal immediate family household, or paying that being of some kind of a visit to a would be girlfriend being of whom don’t add up to that being of more than three of my fingers upon one hand of both, no, I didn’t say upon both.

i mean whereas this here present weather temps just really sucks, & I myself am talking about literally, actually sucks whereas it can, or could possibly literally, or actually suck the breath, &/or life’s blood from, or out of anybody if you stay out there too long whereas you can catch hypothermia, dehydration, pneumonia, &/or etcetera.

after all they had said that there was a measles outbreak that had developed being güvenilir bahis şirketleri of which is suppose to be one of those airborne diseases due to that being of the fact of the matter that somebody upon premises of properties for a mode of public transportation regardless of whether that being of the atmosphere could have possibly been for a bus, train, plane, or whatever other mode of transportation, & whereas the c.d.c./center-disease-control headquarters with all of it’s affiliates have had to send out memorandums to different businesses, or companies to alert those being among ourselves representing the general public that more than quite a few persons may have become infected, & are to take some, or such special precautions when travelling, & likewise, or as well that they being of any persons who believe, or suspect that they themselves could have been possibly infected is to go to that being of the nearest local vicinity area hospital to have any developing concerns checked out.

excuse my language, &/or pardon my French, but damn is it ever cold out there, & whereas the last time that it was so cold like this here was for a time-frame-period of something like that being of at least a couple, or a few decades ago for this time of the year.

you can literally, or actually get some, or such frost-bite within a matter of a time-frame-period of just a couple, or a few minutes with the weather temps being quite monstrous for this time of be careful everyone, & be alert to your surroundings at all times.just think if one can, or could possibly conduct an alternative study of it being of some, or such then a good test to try it out to see just how cold it is would be to get ahold of a botte with liquid, or fluid in it, & then put it upon that being of the outside of a window, & then from there get the results of that being of the development of that, or this, & I would think the beverage would more, or less become rock solid, yes it is just that cold upon the outside, …

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