Any Chance We Could Ch. 11

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This is work in progress, 20 chapters are complete and will be submitted in four day intervals. It’s in the Incest category because I had to choose one. The chapters include Romance, Incest, and Group Sex. I couldn’t find an editor so all mistakes are mine and are copyrighted along with the rest of each chapter. This is a continuing series, no chapter is written to stand alone so if you’re just starting I recommend you start at the first chapter. Enjoy, please comment, and vote. Love those red ‘H’s.

Saturday Afternoon, October 6.

“If you think I’m a temptress now, wait until this afternoon,” she replied, turned and headed into the house. As she was walking through the kitchen Katrina came in the front door, dropped the small canvas bag she was carrying and asked, “Getting an early start?”

“Kinda. Come here,” as Katrina reached her they wrapped their arms around each other and deeply kissed. Katrina dropped her hands to Ashley’s hose covered ass and began caressing her cheeks.

“I missed you after you left last night,” sighed Ashley, and she moved a hand from Katrina’s back to begin squeezing her breast.

“Hi, Dad!” Katrina said after breaking the kiss. “She does have a nice ass doesn’t she?”

“You both do,” I diplomatically said.

“Did you see Mom’s new car?” asked Ashley

“Hard to miss, yeah, it’s nice,” replied Katrina.

“Mom should be home soon, let’s get our stuff together. Have you got some more in the car?” asked Ashley.

“Yes a couple of dresses and skirts, some shoes. The tops, underwear and stockings are in there,” as she nodded toward the canvas bag.

“I’ll help and then we can start lunch.”

“Ashley, is the car in front?” I asked.


“Put on your shorts, please,” I said.

Veronica arrived as they were carrying hanging bags and a bag of shoe boxes in. “Hi handsome!”

I walked toward her and very shortly we were in a tight embrace and a deep kiss. I dropped one hand to her ass and began caressing, enjoying it immensely, and getting so hard it threatened to push her away.

“I’m assuming you missed me and that that isn’t a battery pack that’s poking me,” she said.

“Oh, it’s a battery pack of sort, it needs to be plugged in and lovingly discharged from time to time to keep its charge,” I said.

“Really, between my lips or between my legs.”

“Both, either, often, soon, now,” I said.

“Ooh, what an offer. Come on upstairs now! Katrina, Ashley, we’ll be back soon,” said Veronica.

“Play nice,” Katrina replied.

“Ashley, let’s sit on the couch, I need to touch and kiss you some more.”

“OK. Take off your shorts and blouse please.” said Ashley.

They sat with Ashley straddling Katrina’s bare legs, face to face and began caressing and kissing. Katrina untied Ashley’s top from her back then the neck and pulled it off and threw it over her shoulder then did the same with her own bra. They cuddled bare breasted, and Ashley began to lick and suck Katrina’s nipples.

“Ooh, God that feels good, keep it up.”

After a few minutes Katrina pushed Ashley back a bit and began returning the favor to her nipples. She also dropped her hand between Ashley’s legs and began rubbing her pussy through her hose and panties. Ashley began moving her hips back and forth and sighing.

“Keep doing both, I’m going to cum if you don’t stop , O God, don’t stop. Ummm, nice, right there,” she let out a deep sigh and pushed hard against Katrina’s fingers. “Oh, shit, that was nice, very nice,” as she held Katrina tightly.

“Have you ever been eaten, Katrina?” asked Ashley.

“No, why? Do you want to?”

“In the worst way,” panted Ashley. “Get those panties off and scoot your ass forward after I get off of you.”

Ashley got up, helped Katrina pull down her panties and then helped her to the edge of the couch cushion, kissed her mouth and after pausing at her lover’s breasts she left a long meandering trail of little licks and kisses as she journeyed to her pussy.

Katrina’s breathing became more rapid and irregular as she eagerly watched and anticipated what Ashley was about to do. Only this morning had her father talked about doing this to her and Ashley was about to be the first to pleasure her pussy with her mouth.

Knowing that she was Katrina’s first, Ashley put her hands against each thigh and gently, lovingly pushed Katrina’s legs apart a bit more, then with her thumbs spread Katrina’s labia and began to lick from her vagina to her clit. Ashley’s first light licks caused Katrina’s heart to soar. As Katrina’s clit began to emerge, she lightly nibbled it with her teeth and began sucking on it while vibrating her tongue on the head in her mouth. She then moved her mouth and began to tongue-fuck her vagina.

“God, Katrina you’re so wet and you taste so damned good. You like?”

Katrina moaned, “Jesus, Ashley what’s not to like? Right there. That’s very sensitive, Oooh, umm, there, there, more!”

Ashley continued to lick her pussy and a minute or casino şirketleri two later Katrina began bucking her hips and Ashley stuck a finger deeply into Katrina’s vagina. Katrina groaned, “Oh, that’s good,” then loudly sighed and put her hands in Ashley’s hair and became still. Wow, she thought, I want more of this. Katrina was sold on her lover doing this as often as possible.

Ashley moved slowly back up on Katrina’s body and kissed her. Katrina whispered, “Is that what I taste like?”

“It is. You taste so sweet. Don’t you think?”

“Yes, I’ve tasted myself from my finger before, but it hasn’t tasted that good.”

“Ashley, am I spending the night?”

“Scott said you could, do you want to?”

“Yes, I want to learn how to return this pleasure to you. Will you teach me?”

“Umm, let me think about that. …Absolutely!” she replied joyously.

Meanwhile in Veronica’s bedroom, I had removed her blouse and skirt and was caressing her legs and stomach as she lay on her back on her bed.

“That’s the nicest touch, handsome, now my nipples are crying out for your lips.”

“Lover, I think I can stifle that cry, let me pull the covers off the poor deprived things.”

I removed her bra and began to rub her nipples with my lips and moved my hands around each to lightly squeeze each breast. “Still crying?” I asked.

“Yes, wrap your lips around the poor things. Yes, just like that, both of them.”

“Can I change direction for a minute?” as I began to sit. “Lift that gorgeous ass up so I can pull the panty hose off, nice touch, no panties.” I removed her heels and pulled the hose all the way off. I then lay down on my side facing her feet, kissed a toe or two and began working my way up her leg. As I reached her knee, she turned onto her side facing my legs, raised her top leg and put her foot on her knee.

She reached for my waistband and began pulling my briefs down. I raised my hips and she pulled them all the way off. “Ooh, a lip recharge!” I remarked.

I continued to kiss and lick her thigh, and as I approached her pussy, she scooted down on the bed and licked the head of my battery pack.

I opened her lips, breathed deeply of her arousal, and began to lick. She took me in her mouth and began to caress my shaft with her tongue. I sought, found and began to suck her clit and she was soon moving her hips into my face. We maintained this slow gentle pace the rest of the afternoon and into early evening or maybe ten minutes before I filled her mouth and she mine as we came together. I turned and took her in my arms, kissed her, sharing my cum and her sweet, sweet juices.

I sensed the bedroom door opening and Ashley quietly said “Lunch will be ready soon, or have you already eaten?”

I rolled on my back and looked at her. Smiling with an obviously wet mouth and chin and asked, “Do you ever knock? Oh, never mind, we’ll be down shortly.”

“Just discharging his batteries sweetheart,” said Veronica.

Ashley walked over to the bed, leaned over and kissed me on the mouth with a generous amount of tongue and when she broke the kiss, licked my chin. “Umm you both taste nice,” she said.

She then reached down and wrapped her hand around my flaccid dick. “Sorry, just had to touch. I don’t remember you ever being in this state.” She lightly squeezed bringing forth the last few drops, then slid her hand slowly up and off me, smiled, slowly licked her hand, turned and with a grin bounced out of the room

“Well, that was interesting,” I said.

“Which part?” Veronica asked.

“That I was somewhat cool, collected and of course debonair talking to Ashley while I was naked, and her kissing and fondling me while you’re lying nude next to me.”

“Yeah, handsome, nice job, I love you. Let’s go eat … food.”

I put on my shorts, no underwear, and a tee shirt. Veronica pulled on a tight white tank top, no bra, a pair of black thong panties, a short knit skirt, and slipped on a pair of low heeled white slides.

We embraced and kissed before heading out the door.

As we walked into the kitchen, both girls, now topless, were putting cold cuts, bread and condiments on the table. “Tea, Dad, Veronica?” asked Katrina. She was wearing panties, and was barefoot. Ashley was wearing the same pantyhose and heels as she had had on when I last saw her in Veronica’s bedroom.

“Dad, Ashley said she saw you without a hard on, is that really true?”

Veronica said “Yep, I was there from hard to soft.”

Katrina came over, pulled my tee shirt up then stepped close enough to rub her breasts against my bare chest and rubbed her fingers over the front of my shorts and my now firming cock. “Hmm, that didn’t last long,” she remarked.

We talked about the hot tub and I glanced out the window to see how it was filling “Help me remember to check again in about forty-five minutes,” I said to no one in particular. “We can turn on the heater when it’s full.”

The doorbell rang, “Anyone expected?” Veronica asked. When casino firmaları no one responded she started to the door and looked out the peep. “It’s Carol!”

She opened the door and invited Carol in. Her red hair was down, her top was tight, her skirt was knee length, her legs were bare and her feet were in low heeled slides.

“I was driving by and wondered if I needed to bring anything for tomorrow, I saw all the cars and assumed someone must be home, so I stopped,” she said.

“What a nice surprise, Carol, come in, we’re just starting lunch,” said Veronica.

At that moment, Carol looked beyond Veronica’s face, saw me and then saw the topless ladies. After looking for a moment, a long moment, she said, “Ashley you have developed nicely. Spectacular breasts. Katrina you look absolutely luscious, you both do. Oh, Hi Scott.”

“Hi Carol.” The ladies and I said almost simultaneously, “Hungry?” asked Ashley.

“No, just finished eating, thanks. But otherwise I seem to have timed my arrival quite nicely.”

As Carol walked toward the table, Ashley moved out from behind the counter and Carol remarked, “Nice look Ashley, bare breasted, pantyhose and heels. I must try that sometime. I assume you approve Scott?”

“I do indeed,” I said as Veronica came over and put her arm around me.

“Were you getting ready to get some sun?” Carol asked, looking at Katrina.

“No,” Ashley said, “we had a shopping orgy Monday night and were going to have Scott photograph us in some of the stuff we bought. Katrina and I were just messing around before getting dressed.”

“Hmm, Scott Appleton … photography…are you the same Scott Appleton who pretty much swept the last juried show at the museum?” asked Carol.

“Yes, he is!” said Veronica. “How do you know his work?”

“Oh, you know I dabble in photography and watercolors and I remember being impressed with his pieces when I visited the show. Small world. Talented. Good looking. Good for you Veronica!”

“Hot tub Dad. It looks full!”

I walked out to turn the hose off, fiddled with the temp control and seemed to get the heater going with the pump running on low for circulation.

When I came back in, Carol and Veronica were sitting at the table drinking iced tea. I heard Veronica say, “Most any kind of hose, he does particularly like garter hose. He likes any height of heel, but three to four inches is a real turn on. I haven’t tried seamed stockings yet, but I’ll bet he would really like them.”

“Handsome, would you like seamed garter hose?”

“Lover, I wouldn’t reject any kind of stockings that were on any of the shapely legs in this house.”

“Mine too, Scott?” asked Carol.

“Carol, the part of your legs that I can see certainly qualifies as shapely, so, yes, it includes you.”

“Well, don’t buy a pig in a poke.” She stood, put her foot on the chair and pulled her skirt all the way up to her waist revealing very sheer panties. “Do I still qualify?”

Gulp, “Yes. Natural red head too!”

“He’s very observant, Veronica,” laughed Carol.

“He’s that,” said Veronica. “He also likes naturally hairy pussies.”

“Instead of ones with what? Hairpieces?” asked Carol.


“Oh,” said Carol.

“Would you photograph me, Scott? If it’s ok with Veronica?”

“Fine with me,” said Veronica.

“Could you do that tomorrow if I come early in the afternoon? I guess that’s presumptuous of me to ask isn’t it?”

“No, that’ll be fine, Ashley and Katrina will be at softball, and Veronica and I haven’t anything specifically planned for tomorrow afternoon. It’ll be a good reason for us to get out of bed,” I said.

“Thank you so much. Do you care what I wear?” Carol asked.

“Whatever you’d like,” said Veronica.

“I have several things to do this afternoon or else I’d ask to stay and watch you shoot today. Thanks for offering tomorrow though.” Carol said before kissing us both and leaving.

After Carol left Veronica and I talked about her, rather Veronica talked and I listened. “Just recently Carol seems to have regained her old vim and vigor. If you had met her three years ago and then not seen her again until yesterday, you probably wouldn’t have recognized her. She quit dressing nicely, wore only minimal make up, and didn’t socialize. Ralph’s leaving really put her into a downward spiral. I’m not quite sure what or who happened, but in June she gradually started becoming the ‘old’ Carol I’d always known and loved. The transformation has been astounding and so I’m glad you’ve just met her.”

“Hmm, I am too. I wonder how she’ll dress tomorrow?” I mused. There was something about how Carol carried herself that intrigued me and created a desire in me to see more of her and her body.

Ashley and Katrina came into the room, dressed for their first round of pictures. They both had put on evening makeup, brushed and styled their hair, and put on finger nail and toe nail polish that matched their lipstick. They were both wearing sheer dark bras güvenilir casino under sheer light colored blouses. Both had on darker colored hose, Katrina brown, Ashley grey; and both were wearing three and a half inch high heeled navy pumps. Both wore skirts, dark navy blue or black, hard for me to tell. The skirts appeared at first to be rather modest, not tight at all and just above the knee in length. When Ashley took a step, the modesty was compromised by the opening of a very deep slit on the side on the skirt.

“I like those skirts,” I said.

Katrina then took a step forward with the leg on the slit side and I noticed that it stopped three inches below her waist.

“These are supposed to be worn with short slips, but I guess we forgot them. We bought them not to wear out, but around the house for your enjoyment,” Katrina said. “And for us as well,” she added

“Veronica, what do you think?” I asked

“I should have gotten the red one when Katrina suggested it. I’m wondering about the dark bras under those blouses. I think a half cup in white or cream would look a bit more elegant. What do you think?” Veronica asked.

“I agree. You really can’t see their nipples anyway through the dark bra. Katrina, Ashley, go put on light colored shelf bras, OK?”

“Sure,” they both responded, “Be right back.”

As they were returning I intercepted them coming down the stairs. “Ok, let’s start with each of you coming down the stairs directly toward me, then when you’re on the third step from the bottom, turn sideways and put the leg away from the slit on the higher step with hands on hips. Veronica, if not enough of the leg is revealed, help them.”

“You mean help you, don’t you?” she said as she walked by and squeezed my rapidly growing dick.

Ashley came first, turned and revealed her entire leg, toe to waist. Beautiful. “Sheer to waist?” I asked.

“Very sheer, no panties, we’ll be sure to show you after we lose the skirts.”

Katrina came down and repeated the pose. Her leg show was just as outstanding.

Now I want each of you to sit with one cheek on the step, and the foot towards me two steps down. Now turn and gradually spread your legs as you face me, as soon as your knees are about six inches apart stop.

“I’m going to step over you and shoot down,” I said.

I started to step over Ashley and got fairly close to her face with my ‘tent’ and she said, “Wow, you could poke my eye out.”

“Ashley, sorry, didn’t mean to get that close to your eye,” I said.

“Next time try for my mouth. I know I could handle that.”

Veronica said, “Ashley be careful what you wish for.”

“It’s getting shady bright on the deck. Let’s go out,” I suggested.

“Scott, I really must take this top off, all of a sudden I feel overdressed,” said Veronica as she began pulling it off.

“I was wondering how long you’d last, God, I adore your magnificent breasts!”

Momentarily looking like a deer caught in the headlights my daughter stuttered, “I agree. They’re gorgeous!” Ashley smirked at Katrina’s comment and the flushed look on her face.

“You’d like to sleep with Mom, wouldn’t you?” teased Ashley.

“Yeah, as much as you’d like to sleep with my Dad!” retorted Katrina.

Veronica and I looked at each other and smiled at that exchange, and Veronica looking at me asked “Any objections?”

“God, no,” which elicited smiles from both out daughters.

“Back to the project at hand. Ok Ashley, squat down, turn towards me, flash by spreading your legs when you face me, backs straight, breasts out. Turn away. Let me see you looking at me. Katrina your turn, very nice.”

“Now take your blouses off and stand hands on hips. Turn, look at me the whole time you turn. Ashley, take your bra off and put your blouse back on while I photograph Katrina. Very, very nice Katrina you both have beautiful, sexy breasts.” I said.

“Ok now, stand straight, push those gorgeous nipples out. Ashley you look fantastic. All the way around, now hands in your hair, just like last week. Ready Katrina, same routine, absolutely perfect, look at those nipples.”

“Now topless, squatting to standing, hands in hair while squatting, and on hips when standing. Good Ashley, good, you’re a natural.”

“Scott, suck my nipples and make them hard, please.” Ashley asked opening her blouse.

“Now mine, Dad.” As I finished Katrina’s I said, “Four of the six best nipples in my world.”

With that Veronica came over, cupped one of her breasts and said, “Suck a reminder, handsome. And make that six.”

“Ladies what’s next?”

“Upskirts” Ashley said.

“Bare pussies?” I asked.

“Well for right now it’s with sheer pantyhose, but later we’ll take’em off. Come on Ashley, we’ll knock their eyes out,” said Katrina.

I had both ladies go through a series of poses sitting and spreading their legs as their skirts were pulled up. Ashley’s light public hair scarcely showed but Katrina’s darker hair was very evident through the sheer hose. God, was I hard!

“We’re going to change, be right back.”

I went over to sit on the end of the settee Veronica came over and sat next to me, pulled my arm around her shoulder, put my hand on her breast and asked me to “Caress them please.”

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