Anthony and Friends

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After Anthony had taken me for the first time he started using me – a married, white man, company executive – on a regular basis. I made sure it would happen by making myself available to him on business trips to his town. That Anthony had taken me had a double meaning. One, he took me to my hotel room from a porno video store after we had exchanged blow jobs in a sleazy, glory hole booth. Two, he took me as a slave for his big, rough workers body, 6’ 4” about 240#, and oversized cock, a full 9×6 inches. [See the earlier story – First Time With A Man for the details.]

He had mentioned a 3-way or some group things with me in the middle serving his bros. Married, with children and rather naïve since Anthony was the first man to ever fuck me, I thought he was only kidding, just saying that to heighten our sexual pleasure as I sucked him, he sucked me, or fucked me with his big cock. I just made sure I got to Anthony’s town often to service our company clients there during the workday and him after hours in my hotel room. I also made sure on the visits to Anthony’s town I would be there for several days so he could use me, please himself with me, and please me with his dominant ways several times during the visits.

On my most recent trip to Anthony’s town, we had done our usual, what had become routine for us. I worked through the day then met Anthony at the hotel bar. We had a few drinks and went to my room, stripped and got down to it. I had sucked him until he came his copious load, large wads of thick, musky, bleach tasting cum in my mouth. He had sucked me, engulfing my much smaller, 7.5x5c cock in his thicklipped mouth while pinching my buttcheeks, spreading them, rubbing a rough finger up and down my crack and finally penetrating my tight, puckered hole with his thick finger, one, another, three. Then he mounted me and started fucking me while I lay on my back on the sofa in the hotel suite watching his pleasure-twisted face as he pounded my ass with his big cock. He bent over and sucked my nipples still riding his hard rod in my tight sheath, forced to accommodate his length and girth. The big knob of his cock was massaging my insides, the shaft sliding up and down, his belly rubbing against me, his muscular thighs bayburt escort slapping loudly against the back of my legs as his cock made gushy sounds in my occasionally pooting rectum as it released air around his thick shaft.

I was about to cum when Anthony pulled out of me with a loud plopping noise as his raquetball-sized knob exited my enflamed, stretched hole. I just lay there on the sofa, moaning feeling so empty. Anthony went to the phone that was ringing. I had not even heard it, I was so filled with the lust of him fucking me and sucking my nipples. He spoke into the phone. He went to the door of the hotel room, then to the kitchenette, and came back to me as I lay still sprawled on my back on the couch.

“Here take dis, bitch,” he said, offering me two small white pills and a glass of water. Obediently I swallowed the pills washing them down with a swallow of the water. Naïve as always I figured the pills were just aspirin, and I welcomed them as the booze was wearing off a bit, my head and ass both were aching.

Anthony sat beside me on the sofa, his cock sticking up still fully tumescent. I had been watching it as he walked around, and it was arched up swinging from side to side in front of his frizzy-haired pubes, his big balls dangling between his thick, muscular legs. I was actually drooling at the sight, wanting his cock in me again, to fill the emptiness I was feeling in my so recently drilled asshole.

“Sit down on my dick, slut,” Anthony said. “Drive it right up yo tight, white asshole. Fuck yourself on it,” he commanded me.

The white pills he had given me must have been the strongest aspirins ever. I giggled as I sat on his fat knob, dropped right down on it, took all his long shaft in me with one stroke. My vision blurred, my face flushed, lips felt thick, and I slurred. “Oh yeah, Anthony, fuck me.”

“Naw you fuck me, you whitebread no good honky piece of ass. Ride your hot hole on my cock,” he commanded me menacingly. “Fuck that ass, fuck that cock, and get ready for more.”

I had no idea what he was talking about until in my blurred vision I watched a tall, slender, black man come into the room and strip off his clothes. Bouncing escort bayburt up and down on Anthony’s cock with my back to him, I watched this stranger approach us.

“Give ‘em your dick,” Anthony said. “Put it in his mouth.” I kept bouncing up and down on Anthony’s cock as a long, thin, cock brushed against my lips. It was wet already with pre-cum, slimy, sweet tasting. I licked into the pee slit, covered the head with my lips, sucked, and felt it slide deeper into my mouth. Bouncing up and down on Anthony’s cock punishing my asshole with its depth and width, I sucked the cock in my mouth.

“I want to suck him, daddy,” a voice said above me.

Anytime Anthony was fucking me, even when I was sucking him, and now with me fucking my own ass on Anthony’s cock and sucking this new cock in my mouth, I leaked pre-cum from the head of my own cock. It just flowed, covered my shaft, balls, ran between my legs.

“So suck him then you little cock whore,” Anthony hissed. “Suck this white man cock.”

The cock came out of my mouth. A mouth came down to my cock. Lips closed over it. My cock slid into a hot, wet mouth engulfing my slimy cock. Suction was applied. A tongue rippled along the bottom of my shaft, swirled up, around. The mouth went down on me again, sucked some more. With Anthony’s cock pounding into my tight hole, my cock in the mouth erupted. Creamy cum, thick globs started squirting, shooting into the mouth faster than the mouth could swallow. My cum spilled onto my crotch, ran down my legs over Anthony’s cock still fucking me.

“Fuck him now boy,” Anthony rasped. “Stick your cock in him and fuck him.”

I expected the new cock to go in my mouth and face fuck me as Anthony kept shoving his up my ass, but the long, thin cock slid right on tip of Anthony’s. I moaned, groaned, almost screamed as the other cock joined Anthony’s. Slowly, tortuously, it slid into me, on top of Anthony’s. I just collapsed in a heap as the two cocks fucked my ass.

Anthony reached to the end table. He got two red pills and pushed them into my mouth as the two cocks fucked me.

“Swallow,” Anthony said. I swallowed the pills. In a few minutes as Anthony and his son kept fucking bayburt escort bayan me, I sensed many more people were in the room. A cock rested on my cheek. My mouth was drooling saliva. I took the cock between my lips. I sucked it. It entered my mouth. A cock was in each of my hands. Now I had six cocks – mine, two in my ass fucking me, one in my mouth fucking it oozing pre-cum on my tongue, one in each hand.

The cocks just kept going. They moved all around. Anthony and his son came in my ass, shooting their copious loads. The cock in my mouth moved to my ass after turning me onto my knees, my chest down, hips up, as he fucked me hard. The cocks in my hands moved to my mouth, then to my ass, as one after the other finished, shooting their cum in my helpless, plundered, cum-filled, and oozing hole.

I had lost all track of time, was completely confused as so many inches of black cock, three or four feet or more, maybe two yards – 76” of dick – had used my body. I was all slimy with cum everywhere, oozing from my ass, coating my lips, tongue, chin, dripping onto my chest and stomach.

Finally I saw Anthony his face right at mine, his thick, red lips moving as he spoke to me, his dark, black eyes looking at me. “My daddy wants to suck you,” Anthony said, “while my son fucks you.”

I grinned sillily. I had cum five times by now. “Okay,” I giggled, “as long as your daddy likes sucking a limp dick.”

“Don’t you worry you little whore,” Anthony hissed. He gave me two blue pills. His daddy’s mouth closed over my cock. It got hard instantly as his thick gums closed over my wet meat. Anthony pushed four more pills at my mouth – another pair of red ones, another pair of white ones.

Renaud, Anthony’s son, white, I thought, a white man, slid his cock up into my ass, and he started fucking me. For the next hour, several hours, how long I do not know, mouths sucked my cock, cocks fucked my mouth and ass; a black ass sat on my cock and fucked me until I came. Ooooooooh, how many times? How much more can I stand? My cock was sore, my ass. My jaws ached.

Then I was fucking Renaud when Anthony told me Renaud’s mother was white. That’s the reason he is so light Anthony said. Then Anthony got behind me and stuck his cock in my ass and fucked me while I fucked his white son.

Anthony never tired of fucking me it seemed, and we kept meeting after that for sessions with his son, father, and the other guys. If you want to hear more, e-mail me and let me know. A good e-mail address is in the link below.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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