Answering the Ad

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So, simply said, I was feeling frisky that night. Giving in to the battle inside of my head with my evil twin, I logged onto, and began surfing, a Swinger’s contact website.

Being bisexual, and very comfortable with that, I toggled between hetero, bisexual, and gay ads, the rush from doing so being felt by my awakening cock. I was skimming the bisexual ads when a picture caught my eye. She was thirty-ish with lovely breasts, laying on a bed, her head turned to the side, sucking on a cock. Between her legs was a male going down on her while another male was deep-throating him.

Got my attention…

The ad was well written, and stated that a couple was seeking bisexual men for threesomes. Contact information was listed and, hesitating only a few seconds, I clicked and sent them a quick, short response with requested info, along with a face-pic of myself.

I was moving on to other ads when the reply signal alerted me that I had email. Sure enough, it was from the couple and, since they had skype, they suggested that I skype them, right then.

Of course I did.

Mona and Tad were their names. I was right, they were in their thirties, easy on the eyes, and easy to talk with. Evidently they liked me as well because they asked me to meet them the next weekend for a drink and, if all the vibes were right, a trip back to their house for fun and games. The date was made and I looked forward to it all week.

They spotted me first, Mona coming to me at the entrance to lead me to their table. Her hand softly squeezed mine as she led me through the crowded bar to a back booth where Tad was waiting, smiling up at us.

Formal intros and bios were exchanged, the mood easy and light. Mona excused herself and went to the restroom casino şirketleri while Tad and I continued to talk and laugh. When she returned, she slid into my side of the booth, her hand dropping onto my thigh as she did so. Leaning into me as the three of us continued to talk, she found reasons to rub her tit against my arm, her hand now sliding up and down my thigh until she found, and cupped, my erection, squeezing softly when she did so.

“Tad, I think we it’s time to head over to our place, don’t you think?”, Mona said all of a sudden.

“I think you’re right,” he replied, then asking, “Are you going to ride with our new friend to show him the way?”

“I’d like to,” she replied, “that is, if he doesn’t mind the company.”

“I’d love the company,” was my quick reply. And with that, the three of us left the bar, she and I in my car, Tad in theirs.

I had just left the parkng lot, following Tad, when she unzipped me, pulled my cock out of my pants, and dropped her mouth around it, sucking nosily as she did so.

“Mmmmm, Tad’s going to love sucking you,” she commented when she pulled her mouth from my cock with a ‘plopping’ sound.

“Do you suck dick, too?” she asked as she sat up staight, her hand stroking my dick slowly as she licked her lips.

“I’ve been known to swallow man-meat,” I answered truthfully.

Well, I have, and have no regrets about it.

“Good, I like watching two guys suck each other,” she said with a smile on her face. And leaning over me once more, she sucked on my dick for the remaining three blocks of the drive.

Tad mixed up some Daquaris and we took our drinks into their den, the lights soft, the music low. We talked, kept our hands to ourselves, and got into the casino firmaları moment with our conversation. Getting up to refill our drinks, Tad suggested that Mona get the party started. With that, Mona stood, slowly stripping while her eyes locked with mine. Stepping out of her panties, she pulled me up to my feet and began undoing my buttons and such, until I was stepping out of my own briefs. Reaching to me with her mouth, we kissed as her hands slowly stroked my erection.

She pushed me, gently, back onto the sofa, our lips never parting, when Tad joined us. He was naked as well, his erecton dancing in front of him as he walked to the sofa. Kneeling with one knee on the sofa, he placed his cock near our faces. Mona ended our kiss, dropping her head and mouth to my cock right afterwards, sucking me deep into her throat.

Opening my eyes, Tad’s cock was inches from my face. Not stopping to think twice, I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around his cock, letting my tongue play on its underside as I moved my head forward and back. Looking up to his face, he had his head thrown back and to the side, his eyes closed and a look of satisfaction on his face. Turned on as much by her sucking me as by me sucking him, I increased my sucking, my hand now stroking his cock as well. Mona lifted her mouth, sensing that I was going to come, and whispered that she wanted me to save my cum for Tad, kissing the side of my face afterwards.

I now concentrated on getting him off, the power to do so making me even hornier. I was sucking him hard and fast when he came, his hands grabbing the back of my head as he thrust his cock deep into my throat, nearly gagging me, but only just so.

As I said before, I have been known to swallow man-meat.

I güvenilir casino eagerly sucked his cum from him, my mouth and tongue lapping up the spillover on his cock-head and shaft. Swallowing, I gave his cock a final squeeze, licking the drop of jism from his slit that it produced.

We rested, we finished out second drink and a doobie that Tad had produced. Pulling me onto the floor to join her, Mona laid me flat, then straddled my head with her legs, her pussy lowering to my mouth. I put my hands on her ass, pulling her pussy into my face and mouth and began devouring her wet snatch.

Tad had moved down with us onto the floor, leaning on an elbow, his face watching me eat his wife, his hand stroking my cock back to life. When he had me hard, he slipped his mouth over my cock, sliding down my shaft until his lips were kissing my pubic bones, his head shaking just a bit, moving my cock around his mouth and throat.

Mona was now grinding hard against my mouth, moans of delight coming from her opened mouth.

Two things I do well; eat pussy and suck dick.

She exploded, riding her climax for what seemed like an hour. Finally spent, she sort of collapsed off of my face, laying next to me, her head now on my chest, her face turned so that she could watch her husband suck me off.

And he did, for a deliciously long time, until I could no longer hold back the flood. She joined him in slurpping up my cum, damned near getting me completely dry in the process.

I spent the night, none of us getting much sleep. I sucked him, he sucked me, we fucked her, and so on and so forth. While he only sucked me, I sucked him and fucked him in the ass while he fucked Mona. He offered to return the favor but that’s where I draw the line.

Yes, my ass is virgin and will stay that way, thank you very much.

We became a regular thing, the three of us, sometimes spicing it up with another bi-couple or bi-guy. It was delicious fun while it lasted but nothing lasts forever, does it?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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