Another Saturday Morning (Tom’s Dad)


Another Saturday Morning (Tom’s Dad)”Good morning Mr. O’Connor”, the cute little brunette smiled up at me from the step of the small single-wide trailer that I shared with my son Tom. From this angle I had a pretty good view of the young girls cleavage, so good in fact that I nearly missed the platinum blonde girl in the pink sun dress standing a couple of feet behind her. “Good morning Sarah”, I replied, “What can I do for you?” One thing about living in a trailer park, you get to know all of your neighbors so naturally I knew the girls. Their parents lived on the next street over, Bill was kind of an asshole, usually drunk, but his wife Cindy was okay. She looked a lot like her daughter, the same curly brown hair, slightly upturned nose but with bigger tits. Yeah, I’d checked them both out more than a few times at the trailer parks swimming pool.”Tammy wanted to know if Tom wanted to play with us today”, the young brunette explained and in the back of my mind I was thinking that if she were to lose the k** sister I wanted to play.”I don’t think that he’s up yet”, I told them noting the disappointment on the blondes angelic face, “but it’s about time that he got out of bed, come on in and I’ll get him. I stepped aside and let the two girls in, getting a good look at the older sister as she passed. She had a tight little body under her blue tank top and cut off jean shorts. The shorts were what we would have called Daisy Dukes, not that either of these girls were old enough to know who that was, and a good bit of her muscular ass cheeks were exposed below the frayed denim. Her sister followed, she was a little shorter and very petite in her thin dress with just the slightest bumps of her very small breasts pushing out from her chest. “Have a seat and I’ll get Tom up”, I offered.”Tammy can get him up”, Sarah offered, “That way you and I can hang out for a bit.”Normally there was no way that I’d send a young girl into my son’s bedroom knowing that he was probably in just his underwear, but there was something in the way this young beauty smiled at me when she said it. “Do you know which room is his?”The little blonde beamed a huge grin at me and spoke for the first time, “I sure do!” Looking back, that grin and the way she positively bounced as she headed gleefully down the hall should have been a warning, but my attention was focused on the twin points of her sisters nipples that were poking through the fabric of her tank top. When Tammy disappeared into Tom’s room and closed the door behind her should have been another red flag but by now Sarah was sitting back on the couch with one foot on the cushion which spread her shapely legs enough that I could see the white cotton of her panties beneath the thin strip of denim at her crotch. “Come sit with me”, the invited and patted the cushion beside her. I sat down beside this pretty girl who was young enough to be my daughter and suddenly found myself nervous like a schoolboy on his first date. I tried to make small talk, asking about school and how her parents were. The sight of her and the faint lavender scent of her shampoo had my head swimming. I soon found myself being drawn to this hot teenager like a moth to a flame. I wonder if the moth knows that the candle means the death of him but yet is compelled to fly into it anyway. I was beginning to understand.”I should probably check on your sister”, I suggested, wanting to cut the sexual tension that was becoming stifling in the room, “she should have had him up by now.” As I started to get up from the couch she assured me, “oh, I’m sure that she does.” With that she placed her small hand on my thigh just below my shorts and gently urged me back down. “She really likes him a lot.””And you?”Her hand slid up the front of my shorts until it rested on my growing bulge, “I like him too, he’s a lot of fun”, she replied, “but I like my men a little older.””We shouldn’t be doing this”, I told her weakly but my resistance was already crumbling as she stroked my cock through my shorts.”Why not”, she asked seductively as she fumbled with my belt, “right now I’m willing to bet that my sister is trying to see how much of Tom’s dick she can get in her mouth, she’s been practicing on everything she can find for the past few weeks.” She had my belt undone and was now working on the button and zipper of my camouflage cargo shorts. “Ever since he fucked us she’s been obsessed.”Did she just say us? Did she just admit that my son had fucked them both? At the same time? The questions flittered through my mind but were gone just as quickly now that she was pulling down on my unfastened shorts. u*********sly I raised my ass from the cushion to allow her to pull them off. In a daze I watched as she lowered her pretty face down to my lap. Her lips brushed against the skin of my sack and her warm breath tickled through my pubes. “Mmmm”, she moaned as her hot tongue left a wet trail up the length of my shaft. “Now I see where Tom get’s that big cock from.”Part of me beamed with pride at that, the bigger part of me just didn’t care about anything at the moment other than her soft lips wrapping around the head of my prick. “Oh God”, I groaned as she sucked me into her hot young mouth. I brushed her long brown hair away from her face so that I could watch this nubile angel take my cock. As she did, I reached over to stroke the silky skin of her ass. I could feel the heat radiating from her young snatch on my fingers as I let then glide over the thin strip of material at her crotch.A cool breeze chilled my drool covered cock when she let it slip from her warm mouth and stood up. With baited breath I watched as she pulled off her tank top, slowly revealing one of the most perfect sets of tits that I’d seen in a long time. They were probably the size of a good orange and standing perky and proud with stiff nipples. She turned her back to me and pulled edirne escort down her shorts and panties in one slow fluid motion. As she bent at the waist to push them towards the cheap carpet that covered my trailer floor the shaved lips of her pussy peeked out at me from between her thighs. I couldn’t help but to lean forward and grab those perfect ass cheeks and spread them wide enough to run my tongue through the furrow of her teenage twat all the way up to her puckered little asshole. Damn, she tasted good.She giggled and turned back around, dropping to the floor between my legs and practically swallowing my cock. I was lost in her deep brown eyes as the tip of her nose buried into the hair above my dick. She gagged a little but after coming up for a quick gulp of air she did it again, determined to take the whole thing. She bobbed her pretty little mouth up and down my cock and fondled my balls until finally I had to warn her, “Baby, if you keep that up I’m going to cum.”She responded by taking me deep into her throat again and tightening her lips on my shaft, so I took her hair into my hands and guided her head up and down my meat a little faster. She let me fuck her cute little face until finally I could take no more and holding her still I let my cum explode into her waiting mouth. She looked so cute as her cheeks puffed out with my load and then I saw her gulp and swallow as I continued to shoot across her tongue. My whole body jerked as she sucked clean the hypersensitive head of my cock. Damn, I hadn’t cum so hard in what seemed like forever. As she licked away the few drops of my seed that had escaped and dribbled down her chin I pulled her up off of the floor and into my lap. I took one of her perfect titties into my mouth, sucking in as much of her succulent orb as I could. I grabbed one with each hand and took turns greedily sucking and nibbling on her hard nipples.She cooed softly as I attacked her tits and ground her wet pussy on my still semi hard prick. She held onto my neck, holding my face to her chest as I lifted her up and laid her light frame down onto her back. Now it was my turn to kneel on the rough carpet. She spread her legs wide, giving me a great view of her hot little pussy. Her lips were full and slightly parted below the small brown triangle of hair. I could feel my mouth beginning to water as I dove in and plunged my tongue into her steamy cunt. I fucked her hole with my tongue a few times before running it up her slot until I reached the hood of her stiffening clit. I sucked it into my mouth and she arched her back up off of the cushions. “Oh fuck yeah”, she hissed as I ate her tasty young cunt. Looking up from between her silky smooth thighs I could see that her eyes were closed with pleasure and her fingers were busy tweaking her perky nipples.A shrill scream that came from down the hall made it clear that whatever my son was doing to the pretty little blonde in his room had gotten her off, hard. Her sister was panting and writhing on the couch in front of me, I could tell that she was getting close too. “Oh fuck Mr. O’Connor that feels sooo good”, she sighed as she ground her dripping snatch against my eager mouth.I was going to correct her and tell her to call me Mike, but it’s not polite to talk with your mouth full. I drank deeply of the sweet ambrosia that flowed from her cunt, drunk on her juices, as her body shook with her approaching climax. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut and she was biting at her bottom lip as if to keep from screaming as her sister had done. In the end the scream won.”Oh my God”, she cried out loudly as her body clenched up and her thighs squeezed my head like a vice as she came. She grabbed my hair and pushed me away from her quivering cunt and up until I was laying on top of her sweaty body. “Fuck me Mr. O’Connor, fuck me now!”As I leaned back and guided my cock towards her dripping hole I became aware of the rhythmic thumping of my son’s headboard against the thin trailer wall. I need to spend more time with the boy I thought as I rubbed my helmet in the juices that coated her pink slit. “Stop teasing me”, she whined, her hips moving to try and line up her entrance with my cock, “Put it in me and don’t you dare stop until you fill my pussy with your cum!”Not one to deny a woman in distress I pushed down on her taut belly until she was still and pushed into her hot wet canal. Fuck, she was so much tighter than the skanks that I’d been picking up at the Eagle Saloon and even those had been few and far between lately. Her velvety tunnel seemed to grip my shaft as I worked it in to the hilt. Her face twisted with pleasure and maybe a little discomfort as she adjusted to my size. I may not have the world’s biggest cock, but at seven inches and a more than respectable girth, I’m no needle dick either. She whimpered sweetly each time I bottomed out in her tight snatch as I slowly began to pump my meat in and out of her tight channel. From across the trailer we heard her little sister scream out another orgasm accompanied by the steady tattoo of the headboard on the wall. “That’s my boy”, I smiled to myself. Leaning a little bit forward I was able to cup her bouncing titties. I stroked her pert nipples with my thumbs as I pumped my rod into her sweet little snatch. “Mmmm, I love your big cock in me”, she cooed as she rotated her hip to meet each thrust of my rock hard rod. “Just think, we have all day for me to enjoy it.””All day”, I thought to myself and pumped into her a bit harder.The cheap carpet was beginning to get a little rough on my knees so I pulled out of her steamy gash and sat next to her on the couch. The little brunette got the hint and climbed up into my lap, straddling my hips and slid back down onto my cock. This new position allowed me to lick and suck on those beautiful firm tits as she rode my prick. As she rode my prick, escort edirne bouncing on it like one of those 25 cent pony rides you see outside a department store, her movement became wilder and more frantic. Her arms wrapped around my head and she pulled me in tight, damned near smothering me with her tits. What a way to go.”Fuck yeah, I’m going to cum”, she gasped. Her tight pussy gripped at my shaft and a new flood of her juices flowed around my shaft and ran down my thighs as her body shuddered with her climax. I was getting close too, so I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her small frame up and onto her back, never pulling out of her quivering pussy. Pounding into her missionary style I could feel the pressure building in my balls. I held off as long as I could, which was maybe a couple of minutes before I pulled out. I gave my shaft a couple of strokes with my fist and sprayed my cum all over those sweet titties. She looked down at her cum painted chest a little disappointedly, “I thought that you were going to cum in me”, then added, “I’m on the pill so it’s safe.” As she said this she began running her finger through my slime.”Yeah, but if we have all day, I want to eat that pretty little pussy one more time before I fill it up with cum.”She smiled at that and replied, “mmmm, I like the way you think!” With that she scooped up a glob of cum from around her nipple and slipped it into her mouth, “and I love the way you taste.”As she lay there cleaning my cum off her chest one finger scoop at a time my son’s door opened down the hall. We both turned to look as Tom came strolling out of his room, completely naked with his semi hard dick swinging in the breeze, and into the kitchen. He gave me a knowing smile and watched for a moment as Sarah gathered the last of my seed from her chest and seductively licked her finger clean. It’d been years since I’d seen my boy naked and it felt kind of weird to check him out as he stood in the kitchen watching Sarah and I. However, after what his young classmate had said earlier I had to take a peek at his cock. Even somewhat deflated it was pretty respectable hanging there over his huge balls. It made an old man proud to see that his boy was obviously growing into a man. I watched as he grabbed a couple of cokes from the refrigerator and made a quick stop into the bathroom before going back to his room.I offered Sarah a drink and went and got her a coke then poured myself another coffee. We sat for a few minutes while we enjoyed our drinks and cooled off. She looked so innocent sitting there drinking her coke, except for the fact that she was naked and still flushed from being freshly fucked. For a moment it hit me just how young she was and I felt like a dirty old man, but the thought was fleeting as she downed the last of her soda. She put the empty can on the end table and grabbed my not quite flaccid prick. Her hand was cold and wet from the condensation of the can but it warmed quickly as she stroked my prick back to life. As she jacked me off Tom’s door opened again, this time it was Tammy who snuck out and into the bathroom. As she crossed the hall I got the chance to check out her waif like body. Her tit’s were tiny, little more than just bumps beneath her light pink nipples and her pussy was completely bald, pretty much just a slit with swollen pink lips. She disappeared into the bathroom for a couple of minutes then quickly darted back across the hall and into my son’s bedroom.Turning back to the cute brunette, who was still gently tugging on my prick, I pulled her in for a kiss. As our tongues danced I could taste the faint residue of my cum in her mouth. Pushing her back against the arm of the couch I kissed and nibbled my way down her neck to her perky tits. The sweetness of her young flesh tainted in places with the saltiness of my dried cum, but I didn’t care. Her taut belly jumped and shivered as I worked my way down until finally reaching my prize, her hot creamy cunt. I could taste the flavor of our earlier fucking as my tongue explored the folds of her sex. I pushed two fingers into her swampy canal as I sucked on her hard little clit. Her lithe body jumped as if shocked every time I ran my tongue across that sweet little nub and soon I had her writhing on the couch as the first waves of her impending climax radiated from her sex. I loved the way she panted and whined as her orgasm built in strength. Her hands were buried in my hair and her thighs clamped down on my ears as she ground her gushing pussy against my face. Greedily I lapped up the exquisite nectar that flowed around my pumping fingers while she screamed out unintelligibly and her eyes rolled back into her head. Finally she pushed my face away, her clit too sensitive to take anymore. She pulled me up from between her legs and kissed me deeply before licking away her juices that coated my face. “Fuck me”, she gasped, “and this time I want to feel you cum inside me.”I grabbed onto my re-energized erection and pushed it in to the hilt. Her pussy, wet and opened accepted my rod easily into it’s hot canal. Laying across her body, propped up on my elbows, I pumped into her while nibbling on the tender flesh of her neck.I fucked her like this for a few minutes before pulling out of her steamy box and urging her onto her knees. Looking down at her firm little upturned ass I guided my cock back into her. Grabbing onto her hips I fucked her hard. The room echoed with the sounds of flesh slapping flesh as I drove into her with punishing strokes. The arm of the couch was bouncing against the end table hard enough that her empty soda can eventually fell to the floor, not that I noticed until much later. My focus was on the way her firm ass rippled with each thrust of my cock and the smooth flawless skin of her back. I fucked her doggy style until she came again then changed positions again, this edirne escort bayan time I lay on the couch while she rode my prick. Looking up at her swaying tits was mesmerizing and soon I was ready to cum again. This time I grabbed her by the hips and held her still as I rammed my cock into her eager twat from below. Reaching the point of no return my back arched up off of the couch and I buried my prick in her to the hilt as I pumped jet after jet of my cum deep into her steamy box. She collapsed on top of me, our sweaty bodies sticking together as we recovered. We fell asleep like that, her on top of me and my softening prick still inside her slimy cunt. My full bladder woke me up about an hour later. Sarah was still lying on top of me, snoring lightly so I tried to move out from under her as gently as I could, but wound up waking her regardless. “Mmmm, I could wake up like this every morning”, she sighed sleepily and I had to agree with her even if we both knew that it would never happen. I scooted out from beneath her warm soft body, the urgency of my full bladder outweighing my desire to just lay there with the cute brunette. “I’ll be right back”, I assured her and headed to the bathroom. After peeing for what seemed like forever I grabbed a wash cloth and cleaned up the crusty dried remains of our juices from my cock and balls. Once I got out it was her turn to race to the bathroom. I stepped aside to let her pass in the narrow hallway giving her a playful slap on the ass on the way. Stopping momentarily outside Tom’s door I could hear the muffled sounds of sex coming from inside. I smiled and shook my head, not knowing if they were at it again or still.I went back to the couch and waited for Sarah to finish. She emerged a couple of minutes later, looking like an angel with her hair still a mess hanging over one shoulder almost covering her right breast. Her soft hips swayed as she walked back into the living room seductively as she smiled at me. She gave the clock on the wall a quick look and grinned, “looks like we have time for one more round.”I looked down at my limp member just laying on my thigh and had some doubts, but she just licked her lips and dropped to her knees in front of me. Again her soft wet lips wrapped around my cock as she sucked it back to life. She bobbed her head on my soft cock, sucking the whole thing into her mouth and circling the tip with her tongue. Meanwhile she reached up with one hand and began to caress my balls while her other hand seemingly was playing with her twat. I could feel the blood beginning to pump into my member and soon I was totally hard again. I reached down and grabbed her tits, gently guiding her up onto my lap. She straddled me as she had earlier and guided my drool slickened prick to her wet opened hole. The soft lips of her sex opened for me and wrapped around my cock as Sarah lowered down, impaling herself on my tool until the crack of her ass met with the hair around my sack. “Damn, that feels so good”, she sighed as her pussy stretched around my throbbing shaft. Slowly she began to ride me while I sucked on her perfect breasts. From down the hall came another profanity laced scream from her sister accompanied by the steady tattoo of the headboard again. The pretty brunette rode my cock with youthful enthusiasm, bouncing wildly on my pole until finally her body stiffened and she pulled my head tightly to her beautiful chest as she came. Her juices gushed from her quivering snatch and ran down my balls as her body convulsed on my lap. When she came down from her orgasmic high I lifted her off of me, feeling the cold air blow across the wet skin of my shaft. I laid down against the back of the couch and guided her to where she lay with her back against me. From behind I pushed back into her welcoming cunt while with one arm below her I tweaked her perky nipple and with the other I reached over her sweaty body and toyed with her slippery clit. I made her cum two more times before finally filling her wonderful twat with yet another scalding load of my jizz. We lay like that for a while, panting and enjoying the post sex afterglow until my softening prick slipped from her sloppy hole. She looked at the clock and said that they had to leave soon before her parents got home. From my position on the couch I watched as she got up and headed for Tom’s room to get her sister. Her sexy ass swayed as she walked down the hall and I was sorry that she had to go. She opened the door and looked inside . Instead of going in she leaned back and motioned for me to come see. Curious, I got up and joined her at my son’s door. The room reeked of sweat and sex as I poked my head inside. My son laid on his back on the destroyed bedding, his limp cock across his thigh. Tammy laid curled up beside him with her head on his chest snoring softly. From the way that she was sleeping I could see the swollen lips of her tiny pussy peeking out from between the bony cheeks of her skinny little ass. She looked so sweet and innocent sleeping with Tom, but for the glob of pearly white cum that oozed from her puckered little asshole. Sarah crept past me and went to the side of the bed and gently shook her sister awake. “Tammy, we have to get going soon.””Do we have to”, the cute little blonde whined sleepily.”Yeah, mom’s going to be home soon so get dressed.”Oh, okay”, she relented and reluctantly rolled over and off the bed.Sarah and I went back to the living room and got dressed, Tammy and Tom emerged from his room a few minutes later looking worn out but at least they had clothes on. The girls got ready to leave and with one last kiss Sarah thanked me for a fun afternoon. Tom and Tammy shared one last kiss and the girls were out the door. I heard Tammy telling her sister, “I let him put it in my butt, and I liked it”, as they climbed down the steps.After the door closed I took a couple of beers from the fridge and sat with my son at the table. We each took a sip and looked at each other in an awkward silence. What do you say to your boy after he just got you laid. He just smiled at me and said, “snapper.”I nearly choked on my beer.

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