Another Enjoyable Evening

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I arrive home from the bar late. It’s practically 2:30 as I stumble through the door and collapse on the couch. Exhausted, the one thing I want more than anything is to pass out in peace. You on the other hand have different plans. You hear me come crashing into the living room and take the opportunity to head towards your nightstand. You reach inside and remove a large tube of anal lube, a medium sized butt plug, and a strapon dildo.

You stride naked into the room. Saying nothing you dim the lights and begin to put on a sexy show for me. You sensually rub your breasts, pushing them together and slowly dragging them across my face. I reach my tongue out and suck one nipple to attention. I move my concentration to the other nipple, not wanting to leave anyone out of the fun.

You stand again and turn around facing away from me. Ever so slowly you bend at the waist, exposing your cute asshole and slippery shaved pussy lips to me. I reach forward and use my hands to pull apart your ass, exposing your hot holes even further. Unable to restrain myself I begin lapping at your asshole with my hot wet tongue. I slowly circle around the outside of your anal ring at first, taking time to make canlı bahis your butthole slick with my spit. I slowly begin to push my tongue into your ass. You respond with a low moan and push your ass further back into my face, in effect shoving my tongue further into your hot ass. Your butt tastes amazing. I have managed to loosen your ass up quite a bit with my tongue. I pull my tongue out of your butt and instruct you to hold your ass open. Your asshole looks magnificent, gaping wide for me.

I grab the lube and begin to lube up the plug. You reach down and start rubbing my cock while I begin to insert the butt plug into your ass. I can feel you squirming and see your asshole stretch as it tries to accommodate the intruder. With a pop the butt plug slides firmly into place. Your outer ring stretches and holds back the giant toy. You turn around and smile. Taking my cock into your mouth you slowly begin to stroke the shaft. You suck gently on the head as you press your fingers against my asshole, rubbing my prostate. Your tongue makes its way downward, taking each of my balls into your mouth and twirling around them.

You instruct me to turn around and I oblige, getting on my hands and bahis siteleri knees on the couch. Your tongue dives immediately toward its intended target. You waste no time trying to shove your tongue as far as possible into the depths of my ass. You feel amazing slithering around in my browneye. I love the feeling of you jerking me off from behind while your tongue is buried in my ass. Once you have my butt nice and stretched out it’s time for the fun to begin.

You slip the strap-on on over the buttplug. Taking the lube in your hand, you squeeze some out coating the plastic dick liberally. I can feel the cock pressing against my asshole from behind, your hand still feverishly working my cock. I push back and feel the dildo slide into my asshole. You waste no time increasing the pace and driving into me, fucking me hard. You pull all the way out, impressed with the anal gape that I am able to hold for you. You lower your head again and put your tongue all the way inside my wide open butthole. I almost lose it as you begin fucking my ass with your tongue, in and out.

You pull out again and I move from the couch to the floor. I lie on my back and pull my legs back. I want to look deep into bahis şirketleri your eyes as you fuck my ass. You slip the rubber cock into my ass again and reach down to stroke my cock again. You slowly build up speed with the strapon. This feels so amazing that I know I won’t be able to last much longer. My orgasm hits me like a ton of bricks. My eyes roll back in my head and cum shoots out of my cock like a geyser. You lower your head in an effort to catch some of my cum in your mouth. You manage to catch a few jets of my cream in your mouth and on your face. “Salty” you say as you lick my cum off your lips.

I stand you up and slip the strap on off of you. Turning it around I watch as you take the entire strapon, fresh from fucking my ass, and slip it into your mouth. You savor the flavor of my ass as you lick the plastic cock clean. I reach down and begin to finger your pussy. I rub your clit, faster and faster until you scream and cum. Jets of your cum spray all over my face as I am now eye level with your cunt. Mid-way through your orgasm I reach around back and pull the plug out of your ass. This instantly doubles the sensation of your orgasm and more of your fresh cream spills forth from your slit. I bring the butt plug to my mouth, licking it clean as you watch. When I am finished we lock in a deep embrace and allow our tongues to dance with one another, savoring the flavor of another enjoyable evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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