Annis Bad Trip


Annis Bad TripAnni Goes To A Concert***A 18 year old girl, Anne Streich, wants to attend a big concert but her parents won’t let her, so she goes without their permission. They think she is going to her friend’s house. Anni takes the train, where she finds out that the world is more dangerous then she ever imagined. This trip she will never forget. (M+/fteen, ped, nc, rp, v, gb, bd)***It was a big concert. One of my favorite bands was holding a concert in a near town. I knew I had to go. It was out of the question if my parents would allow it or not. I just had my 14th birthday a week ago and I already had a big party then. My parents weren’t going to let me go to the concert. Too much for one month, they said. So I decided it’s time I take matters in my own hands. I took some of my best and sexiest clothes, made sandwiches for 2 days, took my big backpack, all of the money I have gathered in the past month preparing for this one concert, and left at 11 pm from home. I told my parents that I go to my good friend from school. She confirmed the story. I was free to go. It was quite a long road from our little town to the big city where the concert was hold. So I had to take the train to the county capital and from there to hitchhike quite some distance. I quickly made it to the train station. It was a really warm summer evening, so I was wearing a long skirt, and a tshirt. All black, of course, I was a real rocker, and I was determined, not afraid. I should have known the world is not as bright as I see it. I got on the train ate roughly midnight. The train was mostly empty, our town was a little one so no one actually traveled to the big city, and the concert was a week away so it was quiet. Only the conductors were checking on the empty compartments from time to time. So I sat down in a dark one with curtains and tried to sleep a little. It was a long way, 10 hours journey with the train. The train left the station and I turned off the compartment lights to get some sleep.I’ve only slept for about an hour when a conductor came and checked my ticket. I was kind of short on money so I bought a ticket for half the distance, and tried to pay some cash to the conductor to let me stay on. It worked for countless times before, so I wasn’t worried. But as the conductor understood my intentions, he looked at me with creepy eyes.I suddenly got worried that he won’t let me stay on the train. The conductor was an older man, about 50 or 60 years old. He asked if my mom knows I’m here. I answered yes of course; I’m traveling to my grandmother for vacation. He didn’t buy it. He already knew my type of travelers. He sat down and took a notebook out and started to write something. I asked: “What are you doing?””Writing a penalty for you,” he answered.”No please, I pay you I really need to get to that city, please let me get there.””I cannot be bribed with money, young lady.””Please my parents don’t know I’m here, and it should remain that way, can you make an exception?””Well I cannot accept money, but I suppose you could entertain me for the rest of the distance for this exception.”I blushed in a moment and a thousand thoughts ran through my mind. What is he thinking? He thinks he can blackmail me like that? He saw my hesitation and immediately said: “Or I can just write some penalty and contact your parents…””No, please. Ok I will entertain you.””Now little girl, what’s your name?””Anni.””Ok, Anni. Now understand me. This will only work, if you will not resist, and complain about every request I give you. If I decide you’re too much of a pain in the ass, I won’t care and I’ll write that penalty. Do you understand?””Yes…” I nodded.”That’s YES SIR to you!””Yes, sir.”As he saw I was not complaining, he called for the 2 colleagues of his. One was a younger man, about 30 in age, the other somewhere between 40 and 50. He explained the situation to them and they nodded about my “payment”. The old one continued: “Now Anni, you’re going to respond to whatever I call you. The next stop is a city. We’ll arrive in about 2 minutes and we’ll stay for about 5 minutes. I want u to turn to the window, and when we stopped and some could actually see you, you will raise your t-shirt, and whatever shit is under it, and you’ll push your tits to the window, so if someone looks, he can see your nice tits and nipples pushed there.”I was just about to complain but then I remembered I don’t have a lot of chances if I complained. My breasts were quite big for my age, they developed quickly, and my nipples were quite big. As my breasts touched the glass I felt it was very cold and I pulled away. The train just stopped and the conductor got impatient and pushed me tight to the window. It was very cold and my nipples got hard very fast.”Now wiggle there, you little whore. Let them see your slutty tits wiggle on that glass!”I wiggled in circles and my breasts were getting cold. Some people actually noticed me, mostly men, who were getting to night shift work. The conductor grabbed me from behind and wiggled me hard on the window, my tits pushed to it, he pushed me in circles. Then he pulled the window down. He said: “Sorry baby, I lied. We’re gonna be here for almost 30 minutes. Now put up a bitch smile, like you really want this!”He pulled the window completely down and pushed my body halfway out so my big tits and my head were out. Men came over and m*****ed my tits and me, made pictures, filmed me, closely. The conductor also showed them and the cameras my ID card; they filmed and pictured my ID card closely holding my tits near. The conductor even showed the camera my student card; they carefully filmed and pictured all the information in it, then me near it while I hold my tits. I was really scared of the outcome but those workers were nasty people, they could have hurt me if I said anything. They made me say nasty things in the camera, made me lick my tits. When they all finished making fun of me, they gave me a dirty smile and left. I was forced to remain there until the train left the station. Then he ordered me to step back and turn to him.”Don’t you dare covering them, let us warm them up for you.”They started to massage my breasts, pinch my nipples, and stroke them hard. Then they started slapping them, especially my nipples, over and over again until they got really red. It hurt a lot but I was a strong girl, I didn’t cry. They ordered me to stand near the window and massage my breasts as they took pictures with they’re mobile phones. They especially included my face and breasts. They said it’s a memory for them.”Now bitch sit down and leave your ugly tits out. You could actually teach a thing or two to my granddaughter. You’re both fine bitches to see.”He sat near me and massaged my breasts for a while then he started caressing my legs through my skirt. He made me spread and started to massage my pussy through my clothes. At first I felt disgusted. But he kept massaging canlı kaçak bahis it and I couldn’t help to get wet. I was by nature very very sensitive to touch, especially there; when I was masturbating in my bed I became wet from a few touches. So naturally, I became wet. He felt it and started to increase the speed. I couldn’t help myself, my dress got wet and he felt how the clothing on me becomes more and more wet. He gave me a nasty smile and said: “You fucking enjoy this aren’t you, little whore? Say it! I wanna hear it! Say, ‘Yes, I enjoy my cunt, I’m a little fuck-whore’.”That’s it, I’m not gonna say it, I thought. But then a hand landed on my right breast. After that, one at my left breast to. I remembered my position in all this and repeated: “Yes, I enjoy my cunt, I’m a little fuck-whore.””I wanna hear some enthusiasm in that sentence, bitch, say it like your every desire in life is to be pussy-abused and now you’re getting it. Moan in that sentence slut!”I repeated the sentence, this time with passionate and erotic intonation. I even moaned twice in the mean time.”Good little slut. Now we’re gonna film it with my friend’s phone. Now you better behave and act like your every wish is to be touched. So your part is gonna be: My cunt is burning, sir, please reach under my clothes and abuse my pussy. Please, all I want is to get fucked!. And you better make that sound like you really enjoy it bitch!”I thought I’m going to die in an instant of embarrassment. But then another slap landed on my breasts and I nodded that I’m ready. The young conductor started the filming and I repeated the phrase: “My cunt is burning, sir, please reach under my clothes and abuse my pussy. Please, all I want is to get fucked!””Tell me your full name, age, your exact address, the name of your school, and your class, name of your parents and of your brothers or sisters if you have, my whore, so everyone can know where can they find a fuck-toy like you!”The recording was still on and I couldn’t think properly to tell some lie. I told the camera the information they wanted. He took off my t-shirt and bra, and made a close camera view on my breasts, m*****ing them, and m*****ing my nipples, pushing them out to the camera, pinching them. The recording paused. He said to me: “Now you better give me the right answers to my questions, I want you to contribute to your movie. You’re gonna be a star, now act like one!”The recording resumed and he asked: “Are you a slut?””Yes, sir.””Do you fuck for money, bitch?” (For a moment I stopped but I knew what I had to play.)”Yes, sir, I do.”He whispered in my ears: “Where’s the moaning, bitch?”I resumed my sexual moaning and simulated enjoyment of his hands massaging my pussy through my skirt and stockings. Suddenly he started to slowly pull up my long skirt. He slapped my legs so I knew I had to spread wide. He finished pulling it up and my little black panties were shown to the camera. They were brand new thongs. He massaged me a little through my panties, then he tore my stockings hard wide so they exposed my panties, he lift up from behind my legs wide and near my head. The other conductors m*****ed and massaged my pussy and ass for a while, while filming. I had to moan loud and like I had the best orgasms. The truth is I’ve never been with a boy. The only reason I wasn’t virgin because in my big enjoyment I pushed a thicker pen to deep inside me once. I was really embarrassed by that, and I swore I’m gonna tell my future boyfriends that I was with a boy first time when I was 13. When they finished massaging me and making me very very wet, I admit I could not control myself, I was so sensitive at that area that pleasure waves were filling my body even if a perverted abasement was taken place over me. They took down my panties, and skirt, they tore the remaining of my stockings to shreds from me, the old conductor raises my legs the same way very wide and to the level of my head. I felt them touching my bald shaved pussy, spreading my pussy-lips, and pushing a finger inside me deep while still filming. I couldn’t help to moan this time, my hypersensitive pussy was being stimulated, and I could barely sit still.”What’s your name again, bitch? Let’s remind the people, whose dirty cunt are they watching.””Anne Streich, sir.””And what are you Anni, a student?””Yes, I’m going in 9th grade now.””What’s your present occupation, Anni?”Suddenly he looked at me with very threatening eyes and formed the word “whore” with his lips. I knew what he wanted.”I’m a whore, Sir.””And you live to get this whole pumped as many times as possible?””Yes, sir.”Suddenly he pushed another finger in my pussy and started violently pumping it with his two fingers.”I grant your wish, bitch, now enjoy it!”He didn’t have to threat me, the violent thrusts already got the effect and I was moaning loud. Suddenly he stopped and pulled out.”Taste your cunt, bitch!”He put his fingers in my mouth and made me suck on them. He repeated this a lot of times until I felt that he is pushing a finger in my asshole to. He wasn’t gentle. He started with 1 finger, then pushed 2 and he pumped my holes with his 4 fingers hard. I couldn’t help giving in to my sensitivity, and moaned from the orgasms I had. And after a time he stopped and said: “Now taste your ass, slut!”He mad me suck his fingers from both holes. He repeated many times. I could taste my own juices from both my holes. The recording was still on while the youngest one asked: “Do you like your own taste, bitch?””Yes sir, I do.”I was moaning loud while talking.”Which hole you like better, slut?”I looked at him, as he formed a silent “ass” word with his mouth. I knew what I had to do.”The ass hole, sir.”I suddenly felt the urge to go to the bathroom, I had to ask them: “I need to go to the bathroom sir.””You need to piss, bitch?””Yes, sir.””You’re going to do it here on your bag.”They opened the upper end of my bag wide, took my food out, but all my clothes and other stuff were in there.”Now stand there, spread your legs and pussy lips, aim in the bag, and get it all in there!”I tried to protest but another slap landed on my tits and I complied. I stood over the bag, spread my lips, and released my piss in the bag. I was only halfway done when they ordered me to stop and hold it in. I still had some piss to let out but I squeezed it in. They took out a glass from their bag, and poured a little coke in the bottom of it.”Now fill the rest with piss, cunt!”I complied and mixed the coke with my piss.”Drink it bitch!”I didn’t want another slap so I drank it to bottom. It tasted very weird. They smiled with that pervert smile, and the youngest conductor gave the mobile phone to the middle one to record. He wanted his hands to be free. The oldest one behind me let go of my legs but told me to keep them there, and started massaging my breasts, slapping them, m*****ed them roughly. The youngest one pushed online bahis 3 fingers in my pussy from one of his hand and 3 fingers in my ass from his other hand. He wasn’t gentle. He just violently pushed in deep and started to pump me in both holes again. I was feeling the anger of being humiliated and the pleasure of being hyper-orgasmic in the same time. When he thought he prepared me for it, he pushed a 4th finger in my pussy, violently pushing as deep as he could, stretching me wider. It was hurting and stimulating me in the same time. Suddenly he took out the fingers from my ass, made me suck them for a while then he pushed 4 fingers in my ass to. That hurt. I screamed. I received a slap at my breasts. I stopped screaming and resumed moaning like it was the best thing I wanted. He pumped me hard and rough until he saw my body is reacting to it, and continued until I had a huge wave of orgasm.”Now you see, little fuck-whore we granted your wish, now you’ll have to pay us for it. Suck those fingers clean!”I obeyed and sucked his fingers clean.Suddenly the train started to slow down. The recording stopped. The old conductor said: “Well looks like we’re arriving in another city. 5 minutes here. No you’re gonna do the same to yourself. Turn your holes to the window and finger yourself! 4 fingers in each hole slut, now! And don’t take it slow. I wanna see you forcing your own holes! If I don’t see you forcing those fingers very hard in deep from the first thrust, I’m gonna fist-fuck you, bitch!”I didn’t want that. That would hurt me and probably bleed me. So I obeyed and as soon as the train stopped I forced hard 4 fingers from my right hand in my ass and 4 fingers from my left in my pussy. It hurt a lot, I almost decided that I should attempt to run, but then I remembered that they have my clothes and backpack, I had nowhere to go naked and without money. They opened the train window so the sound can go out.”Faster and deeper, bitch! And moan like a whore you are, let everyone see how you fuck yourself!”Some men watched me amusingly while I fucked myself. I was so embarrassed I couldn’t open my eyes. I didn’t want to look at my “audience”. Those five minutes were like eternity, but finally the train started to move again.”Come now bitch, it is time to earn your pleasure.”The older one pulled me on my knees and wasted no time, took his cock out. I made a couple of my recent boyfriend’s handjob, but nothing more, so I was very scared.”Suck it, bitch, you’ll better get used to that. This is the only reason whores like you exist. Cock is like air to you. The more the merrier.”They laughed at his joke and took their cocks out. The older one did not wait for me to think about it. He grabbed my head and pulled down on his cock. I remembered the consequences if I don’t get out of this well enough, and opened my mouth. It wasn’t sucking. It was a mouth-fuck. His cock was quite big for his age, and he thrust hard and fast. I felt the other conductors raising my butt to stand. He m*****ed my pussy for a while, then he pulled my ass cheeks wide. I did not see what’s happening but I was absolutely sure he was recording a close look of my spread pussy. The older one still pushed violently his cock in my mouth and suddenly he started to push deeper. I didn’t wanted to do it, but he was holding my hair and he pulled my head down hard all the way, and his cock got in my throat. I choked, but he didn’t care. He did it over and over again, wildly fucking my throat. I suddenly felt something entering my pussy, and I knew it began. The younger one was equally violent, he thrust hard and fast in and out. I never thought I was going to experience this in this manner. I tried to focus my mind on the concert and to surviving all this, but my hypersensitive pussy had other plans for my mind. Shutting it off. From the violent impulses I started orgasming wildly. I could not control myself, my mind shut off and I was just floating and moaning in the emptiness. Then they changed their position. The older conductor lay on the ground and pulled me to sit in his cock. I didn’t sit in it. He pulled me in it, impaled me with it. When he made a couple of thrusts, he stopped. I didn’t know what it was. Someone bent me forward and the older conductor reached with his hand to my ass cheeks and pulled them wide. Suddenly I realized what’s going to happen. And I wasn’t ready for it. But at the slightest resistance I tried to do, the conductor thrust a couple with his cock still in my pussy, and my resistance crashed. The youngest conductor entered my ass and they both started thrusting hard and fast. He had a big cock, it hurt like hell. But the impulses from my pussy yet again shut off my brain and I was floating, getting fucked. The third conductor came near my head, with his cock near my face and grabbed my head. I knew what’s going to happen. He thrust his cock hard in my mouth, then in my throat, and started fucking my throat. My brain wasn’t working, I was turned off, I didn’t even realize, that I moaned loud, and I surely didn’t see the mobile phone put to a seat and recording everything. I don’t know for how long they were fucking me, but it was long. They switched their places a couple of times, then turned me so the laying conductor can fuck my ass. He pushed his cock in my ass and pulled my hard down and started thrusting. The young one pushed his cock in my pussy, grabbed my breasts as secure points to pull, and he started thrusting violently. The third conductor grabbed my head and started mouth-fucking me again. I sank yet again in the realm of sensations. I did not want to help them in r****g me. But I just couldn’t do anything, feeling many waves of pleasure and orgasm flow through me. They kept fucking me for about an hour, then they made me sit to the edge of a seat and spread wide. I had a guess what was going to happen and I started to protest again. 2 slaps immediately landed on my nipples, I grasped in pain and stopped protesting. The middle-aged conductor put his cock to my pussy, and thrust hard for a minute and then one hard deep push, I could feel him impaling my cervix, and he shot his load all up my fertile womb. He cummed a lot he filled me completely with the juice. Wave by wave I felt his cum filling my whole pussy. When he was done, he pulled out and lifted his cock to my face: “Clean it, bitch!”I had no choice I licked and sucked his cock clean, tasting his cum and my juices in the same time. When his cock was clean, he put it away and sat on a seat. The young one asked me, looking with those threatening eyes: “Are you hungry, slut?”I knew I had to comply.”Yes I am, sir.”He grabbed my hair and pulled my head over his big cock, and started throat-fucking me. But he didn’t last long, suddenly he pulled my head hard and started cumming in my mouth.”Swallow it all, bitch! This is the best nutrition for a whore like you.”I tried to swallow it makrobet güvenilir mi all, but he cummed a lot and some spilled on my face. When he finished, he made me suck him clean and he sat down to a seat. The older conductor looked at me with creepy eyes, and I knew he was planning something.”Are you really, hungry?”He meant food this time. I was hungry. I didn’t eat since last meal. He allowed me to take out a sandwich but before I could eat he took it from me.”Not so fast, you need a boost of vitamins in that.”He gave it back and made me open the 2 slices of bread with butter and salami between. I understood what he wanted. He held his cock to the lower slice of bread and started jerking. It didn’t take much, and he started to cum. He covered the whole bread with white cum.”Now put them together and eat, slut!”I had no choice, I had to eat it. It tasted weird, salty. When I finished I started to get clothed but the older one asked: “What the fuck are you doing? While you’re on this train, forget your clothes, cunt!”I complied and sat down to another seat and watched through the window, in despair, hoping that this nightmare would end soon. I actually considered turning back and going home, but the idea of that concert wrestled away that thought. An hour passed, they were talking about all sort of things, bashing me and watching the recording they’ve made.Almost 5 hours passed since I got on the train so half of the journey was done. I was finally allowed to get dressed, except my panties and bra, I was not allowed to wear them, and I was taken in the conductor’s private compartment. I took my pissed clothes from my backpack, washed them in the bathroom and put them on a seat hoping they would dry a little in 5 more hours. I was allowed to get a 3 hours sleep, but just 2 hours before arriving they woke me up.”One final party before the end, honey.”They started the filming, they put the camera on the seat, they bent me over, and raised my skirt. They made me spread my legs, and started slapping my ass, until it got red. They made me spread my ass cheeks, as they said: “Look, little whore, we bought a present for you from a salesman.”I looked there and they brought in a broom with a thicker handler. Oh my god, I thought what they have on their mind this time? As I was bent over and spreading my ass cheeks, they placed the handler of the broom to my ass hole, and pushed in rough. It hurt again, but I didn’t complain, because I was ordered to moan. Suddenly the oldest conductor whispered a sentence in my ears: “Now moan and say, ‘Yess, fuck my ass!'”I moaned and said it loud: “Yess sir, fuck my ass!”They pushed the broom deeper in my ass, and started pumping it, pushing it deeper every time, hard and fast. They also took pictures of the whole action from every angle, showing my pleasure face. Suddenly they pulled it out and pushed it in my pussy.”We won’t do the whole work for you, bitch, fuck yourself on the broom now!”I started moving on the broom slowly.”Fast and hard and let me see it getting deep, or you’re going to regret it!”I complied and slid myself in the broom hard and fast.”Moan, bitch!”I started moaning loud. For a few minutes they watched then they started pulling me deeper. They grabbed my hands and every time I pushed myself on the broom they pulled me deep. I felt the broom inside me very deep each time. One had a rubber stick like cops, and pushed it in my ass hard. They started pumping my holes, hard, and watched as though against my will, I reacted to it, moaned, and got to my orgasm quickly. They pulled them out and pushed me on my knees.”Final payment, baby.”I knew what I had to do. They stood around me and took out their cocks. I started to suck them off one after the other. They fucked my throat one by one. After that, one lay on the ground and they made me sit in his dick with my ass, facing away from him. The other pushed his cock in my pussy, the third hold my head in his hands and pushed his cock in my mouth. All three started to pump fast and hard. I started to moan, and soon I started to have orgasms, more of them. They switched places a couple of times, then they all stood up.”Now sit on the seat and spread wide!”I wanted to protest again, but I realized I didn’t have much chance to stop them anyway, so I did as I was asked. The older one stood before me and started fucking my pussy. He didn’t last long, he pushed very deep, and started cumming. I felt myself filled with it. But I wasn’t over. After he finished he made me clean his cock with my mouth and the other two did the same thing. I was sure I’ve been impregnated by now. After all 3 cummed in me, of course every cumming was filmed closely, and the cock-cleanings to, they made me spread my pussy-lips and they filmed my pussy while cum poured out on the seat, being careful my smiling face can be seen to. Then they made me lick the seat clean of cum. I was just about to get dressed and go to bathroom to clean myself when they said: “Don’t even think about cleaning that cum out of you. Take your panties on so it stays in your pussy, and kneel on the floor!”I did as I was asked. They all stood around me.”Now open your mouth and swallow, you whore!””No, please I can’t do that, please don’t ask that from me!””I don’t remember asking for your opinion, bitch, open and swallow, or I fist you so hard your holes will be gaping, slut!”I did as I was ordered. The older one put his dick in my mouth, and started pissing. At first I couldn’t do it, it spilled out of my mouth, but then I received a slap on my ass, so I started swallowing. It lasted along time but finally I did it. Of course the whole thing was filmed very closely. Then the second conductor came, and the third, and they all emptied themselves in my mouth, and I was forced to swallow it all. I was really disgusted, I thought I’m going to throw up. Each of them ordered me to clean their dicks, sucking all out. They got hard again so I was ordered to suck them off again. But they didn’t cum in my mouth. They made me take off my panties and they all came in my pussy deep. Then I was ordered to push reserve panties halfway in my pussy, so it doesn’t spill out and to take my normal panty on so it keeps in there. When I was done they allowed me to go to the bathroom and clean myself up, but they watched carefully so I don’t clean my pussy. There were 30 more minutes to go and they kept me naked for 20 minutes. Only then I was allowed to clean my pussy to, inside and out, and to get dressed properly.”Before you go, young lady, I wrote down your address, now give me your phone number and email!””But why?””I don’t remember telling you, that you can argue with me, bitch just do it!”I did as I was asked, they called my cell so they can be sure, and the train stopped. As I was getting down they said to me: “See you around, Anne Streich!”This ain’t going to end nicely, I thought, but I tried to forget all that happened, and started heading to the concert hall. If I knew what was going to be like the rest of my little trip, I would have turned back and gone home. But I couldn’t have known. So I increased my speed and started humming some song I liked.

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