Anna’s Shower With Mommy


Anna’s Shower With MommyThe bathroom was filled with steam. Anna and her mother had been in the shower for about 30 minutes now. It was Anna’s birthday, and her mother Sharon had promised her a wonderful night. It was late in the evening. After spending the day with her friends, Anna had met her mother at home.Sharon walked in the door from work, tossed her purse on the couch, kicked her heels off, and wiggled a finger at her daughter, motioning her to follow her into the bedroom. Anna obeyed. As Anna walked into the bedroom, her mother was already stripping out of her clothes. Anna walked in just as she was sliding her panties around her ankles. Anna was completely captivated by her mother’s round ass and just a glimpse of her pouty pussy lips. She followed suit and began undressing also. Anna had always had a crush on her mother. From a young age, she had begun to admire to her mother’s curvy body. Her womanly tits, her thick thighs, the slight pooch on her tummy, her entire body was mouthwatering. Anna continued eyeing her mother’s body. A favorite part of her mom’s body was her lower back. She’d gotten a large tramp stamp of a tribal butterfly back in college. She also had a pair of bright red lipstick lips tattooed on her left inner thigh. Her edginess was polished off by a belly button piercing that her slightly fleshy tummy gently hugged. The best way to describe Sharon was as an incredible 40 year old holding on to the best parts of her 20s. Except for her tits and butt, Anna was slim and girlish. Sharon’s hands were exploring every bit of her daughter’s body, washing suds over her fleshy tits, gently squeezing her nipples between her fingers. “So, how was your birthday?” Sharon asked as she began running water through her hair. “I’ve been talking about work for too long. What did you do?” Sharon gently turned her daughter away from her and held her close, resting her chin on her shoulder, right next to her daughter’s long neck.”Mmmmm…I went to the mall with Megan.” Anna nuzzled her mom’s cheek with hers. The water was very warm, almost too hot. “She bought me some shoes and lunch.” Megan was one of her older friends from high school. She’d graduated a couple grades ahead and was home for summer vacation. “That was nice of her. What kind of shoes?” Sharon was slowly rocking back and forth with her daughter in her arms. “Stilettos, red. I bought a pair of shorts to go with them.” “You’ll have to model them for me later.” Sharon kissed her daughter’s neck, sending a shockwave of shivers down Anna’s spine that even Sharon could feel. “Haha…” Sharon chuckled. “You liked that, didn’t you?” Anna had a big, shy smile on her face. “Oh yeah.” She turned around and faced her mother, hugging her close. She ran her hands along the small of her mother’s back and down to her butt. “You want to help me shave?” Sharon asked. “Of course, mommy.” Anna said it playfully, looking up into her mother’s eyes. Sharon gave her a peck on the lips. Anna dropped down to her knees and looked up at her mother, past her tiny pooch, past her large, womanly tits, and right into her eyes. Sharon watched the water run down her daughter’s face.The shaving cream was cool as Sharon applied it all over her pelvis. She’d never let her hair grow out very much in the first place, aside from a landing strip that was a little overgrown, and some surrounding stubble, there wasn’t much to shave. She ran her fingers deep between her thighs, her stubble very pronounced through the velvety shaving cream. Sharon put a foot up on the soap dish to give her daughter atakum escort better access. Anna began to gently glide the razor over her mother’s blonde pubic hair. Each stroke left a path of soft, sensitive, hairless skin. Anna spit a little water down her chin as she focused on shaving her mother. Sharon lifted the other leg and Anna continued until the landing strip and the surrounding stubble was gone. “Let me lay down and you can get the rest.” Sharon carefully sat down and slid on to her back. The water was splashing straight down on her chest. Anna was given a wide open view of her mother’s pussy. Her long labia were begging to be licked and sucked, but first, shaved. Anna gently maneuvered her mother’s lips from one side to the other while the razor glided over the folds. Again, each stroke left behind smooth, sensitive, hairless skin. Sharon smiled and bit her lip. A river of shaving cream flowed over her pussy, down her butt cheeks, and down the drain. “Aaaand, we’re done.” Anna gave one last swipe of the razor and rinsed it off. “Not quite. You’re turn. Lay down.” Sharon adjusted her self so she was in a sitting position. Anna smiled and lay on her back, her pussy wide open for her mother. Sharon scooted forward and pulled her daughter close to her, dr****g her daughter’s legs over hers and behind her. Anna reached up and turned the hot water up. More steam filled the bathroom. Sharon sprayed a large deposit of shaving cream on to her daughter’s pussy and gently massaged it in. She let her thumb linger on Anna’s clit, making Anna push her hips against her mother’s hand. “Ah ah ah…Naughty girl.” Sharon began shaving Anna. She looked up every now and then to see her daughter pulling at her own nipples and caressing her tits. She even opened her mouth to collect a bunch of water and spit it out. “Haha! What are you doing?” “Pretending I’m a porn star.” Anna laughed. “Can you imagine if that was all cum?” “Ugh. I raised such a pervert.” Sharon pressed her thumb against her daughter’s pussy, making her lift her hips against her hand. “That would take a lot of guys, young lady. I don’t know if you have it in you to handle that many guys.” Sharon carried on the naughty conversation while focusing on removing the rest of her daughter’s pussy hair. “I could too!” Anna laughed. “Hmmm…Is that something you fantasize about?” Sharon looked up at her daughter, collecting more water in her mouth and dribbling it down her cheeks.”Well…Yeah. I mean…I’ve fantasized about a lot of guys, at the same time. A lot.””Really? How many guys?” Sharon rinsed the razor and sat it in the soap dish. The conversation with her daughter was taking an interesting turn. They’d been sexual with each other, but never really discussed fantasy. “Uhmmm…Like 20? 30?” Anna was a little embarrassed to reveal that. Even with her mother face to face with her pussy, telling her about her fantasy of being gang banged made her feel vulnerable and revealed. “Haha! Wow! My daughter the slut.” Anna laughed and covered her face. “Am I bad for wanting that?” “No, not at all sweetie. I’ve never had that many before though.””Well, how many have you had?” Anna asked curiously. She ran a hand down between her legs and rubbed her hairless pussy. “Mmmmm…good job.””Mmm. Thanks. I had six at one time in college. And five at a party at Caroline’s house a few years ago.” “Mother! You slut!” Anna teased her mom. “Was there a lot of cum?””Oh yeah, tons. But, I didn’t swallow it all. I only let a couple of them jack off on my face to finish. The rest came escort atakum in me.” Sharon couldn’t believe the conversation she was having with her daughter. Even after shaving each other’s pussies, this intimacy was new territory. “Oh my god…” Anna was slowly starting to finger herself. “I don’t know what would be hotter. I mean, getting filled up with all that cum would be fun. But, I think I would feel moooore…whorish if I drank it all.” Anna opened her mouth wide to collect more water, then spit it high in the, letting it splash down on her face. “Haha! Just like that.” Sharon laughed as she began playing with her self. She pulled her nipples and ran her hand between her thighs. “Well, sweetie, 20 or 30 guys could definitely get you all that cum. Maybe for you birthday next year.” Sharon winked. “Mmmm…Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep, mommy.” “Mmmm…Don’t call me mommy unless its from between my thighs.” “Haha! Should we move to the bedroom?” “Of course baby doll.” Sharon picked her self up and helped Anna up. She turned the water off and the two toweled off in the cool air. Anna playfully ran to the bed and buried her self in the covers. “Hurry mommy, it’s cold! Come warm me up.” Anna peeked from under the covers. “On the way sweetie.” Sharon walked out of the steamy bathroom in the cold air, her nipples hard as rock, her pussy aching for her daughter’s mouth. In her hand she carried a bottle of babyoil.”Oooh…What’s that for?” Anna asked.”Just uncover babygirl.” Anna tossed the covers off and Sharon climbed on to the bed, straddling her. She opened the bottle and held it high over her daughter, drizzling the oil all over her body. “Mmmm…That feels good.” Anna rubbed the oil into her skin. Her mother drizzled more of the oil down between her thighs. Anna’s hands followed the trail of oil.Sharon tossed the bottle to the side and collapsed into her daughter’s arms. Her body was slick, and Sharon’s hands couldn’t help but explore her daughter’s body. The two began making out, and the more they fondled each other, the messier things became. The two were slick and shiny in the dim light. “Mmmm…Does that feel good mommy?” Anna asked as her mother was grinding her pussy against her thigh. “You feel so good against my body.” “Mmmmmmm…I love the way you feel sweetie.” Sharon’s breathing was getting heavier as she picked up the pace, grinding her hips against her daughter’s oily body. “Happy birthday sweetie. Are you having fun?””Oh yes mommy. It’s exactly what I wanted.” Anna dragged her fingers through her mother’s wet, tangled hair. She wrapped her legs around one of her mother’s thighs and began sliding her pussy up and down the length of her leg. Each downward stroke opened her pussy lips up nice and wide, allowing full, slick contact against her mother’s thigh. “Oh god yesss…” Anna hissed into her mother’s neck. “I think I want to taste you now, mommy.” Anna bit her mother’s lip playfully as they kissed. “Oh yes, babygirl. Do anything you want.” Sharon started to roll on to her back, but Anna stopped her and pulled her upwards. Sharon straddled her daughter’s face, gently lowering herself down to her waiting mouth. Her thick, oily thighs stuck do her daughter’s cheeks as her tongue and lips went to work on her eager pussy. A shiver went up Sharon’s spine as she looked down and could only see her daughter’s nose and devious eyes between her legs. She grabbed the head board and began to slowly rock her hips back and forth against her daughter’s face. The babyoil made everything slippery atakum escort bayan and sensitive. “Ohhhhh…good girl. Good girl. Good girl…” Sharon ran her hands through Anna’s hair. Anna’s tongue was running slow circles around her mother’s pussy. She felt cozy between her mother’s thick thighs. Every now and then she would gently suck her mother’s clit, making her drive her hips downward onto her face.”Mmmphhh…Olh mohmmy…Olh mohmmy…” Anna was moaning past her mother’s pussy. Sharon was dripping down Anna’s chin. Her pussy mixed with the babyoil into a slick, messy mixture. Sharon lifted her hips up and Anna gasped for air. “Oh fuck…you taste so good, mommy. You taste so fucking good.” Anna sc****d the messy mixture off of her cheeks and sucked it off of her fingers. “Hmmmm…Good girl.” Sharon climbed between her daughter’s legs and spread then nice and wide. “But, it’s your turn.” Sharon began to gently nibble her daughter’s inner thighs. They were warm and soft. Anna giggled and grabbed the sheets. She looked down to watch her mother eat her pussy for her. As her tongue danced across her clit, she lifted he hips up and pressed against Sharon’s face. She felt a couple of fingers slide deep inside of her. She could feel her mother pressing against her gspot. “Oh fffffuck yesssss mommy…That feels so good. Don’t stop!” Sharon moved up and held her daughter tight. She used her leg to hold Anna’s leg’s wide, and slid her middle and ring finger deep inside of her. Her pussy lips parted easily and Sharon began vigorously squeezing and pussling her daughter’s gspot. She started off slow, then sped up. She buried her tongue in her daughter’s mouth as she continued to finger her, while grinding her own pussy against Anna’s leg. “Oh yeah baby…does that feel good? Is mommy making your pussy feel good? Huh? Are you going to squirt for mommy?” Sharon hissed into her daughter’s neck.”Ooooooooohhhh ff-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-uck mommy! Yesssssss…..” Anna growled back at Sharon. “Don’t stop, mommy. Don’t stop, mommy. Don’t stop, mommy.” Anna sounded desperate and anxious to cum as she moaned and gripped at the sheets. “Oh my god, babygirl. You’re so fucking sexy.” Sharon gripped her daughter closer to her and increased her fingering pace. Her daughter’s pussy was making a set sloshing sound as she started squirting. Her pussy juice splashed all over her mother’s wrist, thigh, and sheets as she came in the palm of her hand. “HO-O-OO–O-O-LY FUUUUUCK! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY! MOMMY!……FUUUUCK! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING! MOMMMY! YESSSSSSSS!” Anna’s body tensed as her orgasm washed over her. Sharon held her body tight and locked her lips on to her daughter’s. They were both gasping for breath. The two lay there and Sharon continued to gently squeeze her daughter’s pussy. The two lay in the cool air, covered in sweat, babyoil, and cum. “Oh my god, mommy…That felt so fucking good. Thank you so much.” Anna pulled her mother’s fingers from her pussy and sucked them clean. “Thank you so much mommy…thank you mommy…””Ssshhhh…” Sharon cooed into her daughter’s ear. She then gripped her by the throat with an oily, pussy juice covered hand. Anna’s eyes were wide with excitement. “I haven’t cum yet babygirl.””Mmmmm….then spread those fucking legs, you goddamn slut. Your fucking pussy belongs to me, mommy.” Anna licked her mother’s chin. The two continued Anna’s birthday, eating each other’s pussy over and over again. The sheets were covered in baby oil, sweat, and pussy juice. As they reached their final climaxes, they collapsed on top of each other, ending their night gasping for breath, kissing passionately, and running their fingers through their messy hair. “Mmmmmm….good girl.” Sharon whispered into her daughter’s neck. “Thank you mommy…” Anna whispered back.

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