Andrea gets a big hard surprise


Andrea gets a big hard surpriseMy hot wife Andrea stands five three and weighs a hundred pounds even. After lots of begging and persuading I talked into becoming a hot wife and cuckolding me. She brought chastity for me into the relationship and I love her for it. She had made all the rules and I always follow them. I figured out that if I want to watch her fuck I must first pay the price. We have experimented with cock and ball torture but even though I was OK with it Andrea just couldn’t physically hurt me. So she bumped up chastity game. A standard fee she charges me to watch her take on a thick side cock is I must first spend two full weeks in the smallest chastity device we have. It’s always her that initiates one of these sessions. By the end of the two weeks my dick is aching and I always have a bad case of blue balls from seeing her in sexy outfits for two weeks. Last Friday when I got home from work she met me at the door wearing a long bath robe and holding an adult beverage.I gave her a quick kiss and all but killed the drink then I asked what was up. She reached into the pocket of the robe and pulled out the shortest chastity device and said this. I knew the routine and without a word I took the little cage and headed to the shower. After a long hot shower and a touch up shave of my pubic area I put the little cage on. I had to hold it into place and called out to Andrea that I was ready. She came to me with the locking pin on the key, in a flash she pushed the pin in and snatched the key out. I was locked up . She took my hand and led me to our room, then she untied the robe and tossed it on the chair. She stood before me completely naked , freshly showered and shaved. She told me that she was going to allow me to dress her illegal bahis and that she had a friend coming over tonight. I couldn’t believe my ears. What goes I asked? She said anything, this is a new friend and he doesn’t know what to expect.I went to her dresser and pulled out her black lacey corset. She cooed, I held it up and she stepped over to me. After doing all twenty five fasteners she turned around so I could pull the cord tightly. I know she loves her tiny waist so I pulled the laces as tightly as I possibly could. Can you breath I asked? She rubbed her sides as she admired herself in the mirror. Her little thirty four B cup tits where forced into pretty little softball sized globes. I handed her black lace top stockings and watched as she pulled them up her legs and hooked up all six garters. Then she stepped into a pair of black five inch heels. Again looking in the mirror she said I love how I look but what about my pussy? I said what about it? She said it’s uncovered. I said so. She said you aren’t going to make me greet a new friend with my pussy exposed are you? I said with a big smile I sure am. She looked at her sexy pussy lips in the mirror again and said OK. My dick was fighting to become erect and it was forcing the the ting cage away from my body. Andrea noticed and she grabbed the cage, then said you nasty boy you love showing your sexy little wife’s pussy off don’t you? I said yes I do , can I watch you fuck him tonight please? She said no, you know the rules, two weeks from now you can watch. But are you going to let him fuck you tonight I asked. She said yes, I have seen his cock and I can’t wait to feel it in my pussy. It was just after ten when I heard someone drive up our driveway. I peeked out the window and illegal bahis siteleri saw a tall guy get out of the car. It was dark so I couldn’t see his features. Andrea made me go into the kitchen so she could greet him alone. After letting him in I could hear his voice, it was deep and he had a dialect. I heard him comment on Andrea’s outfit. She said he likes forward women. She said well I am forward but the idea of leaving my crotch uncovered was my husband’s. He asked if I was there. Andrea called me to join them in the den. When I walked around the corner I was surprised to see he was black. I’ve never seen my wife do a black guy. He was at least a foot and a have taller than Andrea. She immediately said why don’t you go get Mark ( his name ) and me something to drink . I said OK. Mark said as I turned to go back into the kitchen that he would like a bottle water. I fixed Andrea her favorite mixed drink and got Mark a water. They were setting together on the couch when I came back. Andrea’s legs were crossed so I couldn’t see anything. After handing them the drinks I told Mark thank you for coming to visit my wife. He said you are welcome, she is a gorgeous little lady and I’m really looking forward to seeing her with my cock inside her. I half jokingly said me too but I have to wait two weeks. He looked at Andrea and said am I not getting your pussy for two weeks? She nervously answered oh no, you are getting my pussy tonight, it’s just I make hubby wait. He looked back up to me and said in his extremely deep voice oh no that won’t do. He said I want him to watch tonight as you take my cock for the first time. Andrea looked up to me and I saw worry in her eyes but she said OK. After an hour of relaxing and a couple of drinks canlı bahis siteleri Andrea asked Mark if he was ready to get down to business. He stood up and unfastened his dress slacks. As they slid down his legs I saw a giant lump in his white briefs. He folded his pants carefully and laid them on the couch then he hooked the briefs with his thumbs and pulled them down. His cock sprang out and hung at a forty five degree angle from his body. It was as thick as Andrea’s wrist. While still setting Andrea took Mark into her little hand and as she began sucking I noticed her fingers didn’t completely reach around him. I knew then what the worried look was about, she didn’t want me to see my hot wife struggle getting a cock in her cunt. But I couldn’t wait.After he was standing at full erection he sat on the couch and told Andrea to set on his dick. I watched her little white hand as it guided that black hose pipe between her pussy lips. She rubbed it back and forth between her lips over and over I could see his cock head becoming wet. Then she stopped it at her opening and I saw her thigh muscles tighten as she began lowering herself down on to him. After each stroke a little more of him was going into her. It took her well over a full minute to finally set on his legs. Her knees squeezed together as she had her first orgasm. He looked around her and at me, white wife’s always cum as soon as Im all the way in. I said I’m impressed, I didn’t think her cunt could take it. He said they always make it fit, some cry at first but they all want it. His large black hands cupped her firm white ass cheeks as he help her up and down on him. In a little over a minute Andrea again had an orgasm, I always have to work hard to make her cum but she has cum twice on this guy’s fat cock in less then five minutes. I noticed a ring of foam forming around his cock as her pussy lips held tightly to him. They fucked all night and I woke up still setting in the chair and they had moved to the bedroom.

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