And the Grand Prize Winner….


And the Grand Prize Winner….I just don’t have the heart to do this anymore…smadude09: helloheathers_cuckold: really?smadude09: ??heathers_cuckold: hello!smadude09: no one says hello here huhheathers_cuckold: nevşehir escort You sir are going to be a classic!smadude09: btw..27 m here..u?heathers_cuckold: What are you expecting….smadude09: escort nevşehir femaleheathers_cuckold: What is my screen name?smadude09: well im confused with it..thats why i askedsmadude09: nevşehir escort bayan you feel shy telling your gender?heathers_cuckold: what are you confused about?smadude09: your idheathers_cuckold: What’s confusing about it?smadude09: read it for yourselfsmadude09: what do u think people should expect it to be?heathers_cuckold: It says Heather’s cuckold…smadude09: so you are a malesmadude09: correct?heathers_cuckold: Why would you say that?

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