And Mother-in-Law Makes Three – Part 2


And Mother-in-Law Makes Three – Part 2To get the picture please read part one first……………….As we lay in silence, wrapped around each other and recovering from what only be described as sexual euphoria, my mind started to dwell on the possible consequences of our actions. What had we done? What were the girls thinking now? The same doubts that were creeping into my mind? Would this be the ruination of our previously beautiful relationships? The mental torture started.Sue was the first the first to break the impasse, her thoughts very much in line with mine. “Oh my God! I’m so sorry!” she sobbed out. “What have I done. It wasn’t meant to be like that!”D quickly wrapped her arms around her and held her close. “It’s ok darling, really. It happened and there’s no going back. I loved it and I love you more than ever. How about you Mark?” I was overwhelmed, what a beautiful thing to say. “Yes ….. on both counts. It was just mind blowing. And you Sue?””I love you both too …….. but you’re not just saying that are you?” she hesitantly kıbrıs escort replied.In unison D and I said “No!” D adding that she thought it was meant to be to which I agreed.D, now kneeling, pulled Sue up to face her and held her close. Their lips met and the most passionately embrace I’d ever seen began. Watching them like this instantly dissolved my fears. They were becoming more sexually aroused by the second. Tongues darting in and out, sucking, nibbling and swapping Sue’s fuck juices still covering D’s face. Their moans and sighs became ever more urgent as they explored each others bodies, kneading each other’s beautiful firm tits, plucking at hard nipples and fingering drenched cunts. I could only sit back, the eager voyeur of a scene of erotic female loving and carnal lust. My head was spinning, my cock getting ever harder at a sight, just minutes ago, I could never have imagined. Their frenzied love making increased in pace as they neared orgasm. They were riding each others thighs and fingers and were fucking like possessed escort kıbrıs a****ls, their moans turning to groans and muffled screams as they rode on. Bucking and shaking they reached their climaxes together, screaming out obscenities over and over “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fucking hell!”Both with heads thrown back their orgasms were intense, streams of clear juice squirting out over each others thighs and hands. A beautiful, heady aroma filled the air and they seemed to keep cumming for ever their bodies jerking and trembling.Finally it was over and they collapsed forward into each others arms, their breath laboured and both out to the world. I was in absolute awe at the sheer intensity of their love making but I needed release, and soon!Moving alongside I embraced them. Gently kissing their lips, necks and shoulders. I could feel the heat of their sex surrounding our bodies and soaked up the beautiful odour of our mixed juices which was thick in the air. After what seemed an eternity of post sex kisses, cuddles and gentle caresses, kıbrıs escort bayan the girls now came back to earth and D, spoke up.”That ….. without doubt …… was the most erotic experience I’ve ever had!” Sue and I agreed “But Mark still hasn’t fucked me!!”We all burst out laughing. ‘Can’t wait for that’ I thought!”How about we shower and get our breath back girls? We’ve loads of time and my boner can wait a wee while longer!” They giggled.”Are you sure about that sweetie?” Sue asked, pointing at my hard, throbbing cock. D giggled. “Come on, you can fuck us in the shower Mark. In fact we can all fuck each other in there!”Our ‘shower’ is actually a wet room, big enough for the three of us by far, with a bench and grab rails. Sue and I had enjoyed some great sex in there and the thought of having D in with us as well nearly made me cum on the spot, my now painfully rigid cock tweaking at the thought.Following them arm in arm up the stairs I had the most glorious view of their firm bum cheeks and the odd glimpse of their juice covered cunts leaking cum down their thighs. They both have gorgeous figures, not skinny but no spare fat. ‘Perfect’ I thought. And then the realisation hit me. They’re all mine!! My mind went into a whirl at the thought.Tbc …………………

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