Anatomy Lessons


Anatomy LessonsAnatomy LessonsBy billy69boyI was so engrossed in solving my daily crossword puzzle that I hadn’t noticed my young neighbor approaching. “Good morning, Mr. Gaines! You’re up early today,” the sweet voiced girl called out cheerily. I immediately looked up from my newspaper and instinctively closed my legs so as not to embarrass the girl, or myself, for that matter.”Hello Kendra, how are you?” I had forgotten that school was done for the summer, and as in years past, Kendra had come over to do some sunning and make use of my pool. I hadn’t seen her in a bikini since last season, and she had grown quite a bit since then. I recall her as a pleasant young lady, quite shy, and by no means was she a knockout. But she was a nice girl and I liked her even though she didn’t really register on my personal ‘Babe Meter’.”I’m fine, Mr. Gaines, and I’m so excited to be here in your back yard to start a new summer. Uh, it’s still okay if I come over, isn’t it?””Oh, of course, Kendra. I’m happy for the company. It gets kinda lonely being here by myself all the time.”So, still no Mrs. Gaines?” she looked at me with sad puppy dog eyes.”No, I’m afraid it’s still just me,” I replied, looking away to avoid eye contact. My wife Ashley had left me a few years back, and I guess I was still in a state of shock. She had a high powered position that required her to travel a lot for work, and one day she just didn’t return. She texted me and told me that she had met someone else, a young up-and-coming stud in her firm, and she was going to stay with him. She expressed the requisite sorrow and regret, and told me I could keep the house and cars and everything else we had accumulated together. She told me she would send the divorce papers to sign. And that was about it. Now years later, I was still here, too lazy to move on, I guess. I took an early retirement and never looked back.I was quite a bit older than Ashley, having plucked her from the secretary pool at work. I was fairly dashing back in the day, and I guess I had wowed her enough that she agreed to marry me within months of our first date.”Mom said to say hello,” Kendra announced, no doubt trying to change the subject.”She did? Well, that’s nice. Tell her hi back for me. I haven’t seen your mom in ages, which is kind of funny considering she lives just across the road,” I replied. Kendra’s mom Alice was a close friend of my Ashley, although Alice was considerably younger. She used to bring her daughter over to play in the pool while she visited. But I guess she didn’t feel comfortable coming over after Ashley had left me. Maybe she knew Ashley’s intentions all along…way before I did, and perhaps she felt it was better that she stayed away. But it was understood that Kendra was welcome to use the pool anytime. “Well, it’s a wonder you see anyone, considering your house is so far back from the road,” she laughed as she kicked her legs back and forth in the water. She had sat down on the edge of the pool directly in front of the picnic table where I sat. It felt a bit strange for some reason, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I continued to work on my puzzle, but I had the distinct feeling that I being…watched by her! I would look up and catch her staring at my crotch under the table, but then she would quickly look away. I always wore shorts around the pool, and considering I never had much company, I didn’t bother with underwear. Nor did I have much reason to keep my legs closed.But this summer seemed different: Kendra seemed different. She had always been so innocent and oblivious that I had never given her much thought. Until now: I put my pen down and took a good look at her. She had acquired some curves since last summer. She still had some extra baby fat to grow out of, but she definitely showed signs of awakening womanhood. Her hair was short and kind of wild, but I had to admit she looked pretty good in her modest yellow bikini with the green trim. Apparently her breasts had grown some, filling out her bra top enough so that I could make out her nipples that strained against the thin material.”Mr. Gaines?””Kendra! How many times do I have to remind you that my name is Carl, and that it’s okay to just call me Carl?” “I’m sorry Mr. Gaines, but I just can’t do it! It seems disrespectful for a girl my age to call you by your first name,” she explained.”Well, okay, but it makes me feel old when you call me Mr. Gaines.””Yes! Sorry, but you are old!” she reminded me. I just sighed: I suppose it was going to be Mr. Gaines after all. I had to give her credit. She stuck to her guns. My little neighbor girl was growing up. But even though the obvious truth was becoming clearer to me, I certainly wasn’t prepared for what happened next. I looked her way, only to see her staring intently between my legs yet again:”Um, Mr. Gaines,” she said weakly, “would you show me your junk?””Excuse me, dear, what did you say?””Er, I was just wondering if you would show me your junk.””Honey, I’m afraid I don’t understand…””Your…your JUNK! You know, your PACKAGE!” she repeated adamantly,” your penis, and…and…your other stuff!”Her face was crimson by now, and it was clear that she was feeling pretty embarrassed and probably wished she could take it all back, but it was too late.”Oh, good heavens, Kendra, I’m sorry I was being so dense. I didn’t mean to upset you,” I replied, “I didn’t understand.””It’s okay, I guess. So can I see it?” She was persistent; I had to give her that.”I admire your courage for such a shy girl, but you know I can’t do that, Kendra. I may be old, but I don’t relish the idea of spending what little time I have left in prison,” I explained, “and if anyone ever found out that I was showing you my “package”, that’s right where I’d end up.”She was silent for a moment. “I know you could get in trouble, but I swear I would never tell anyone, I promise!” “Hmmm,” I hesitated, “why are you asking me? All those young studs your age would love to show you their ahh…junk, tuzla escort bayan I’m sure. Quite frankly, it seems to me you’re a little old yourself for finally getting around to such activities.””Well, to be honest, I’ve never seen a man’s thing, or even a boy’s thing up close. You’ve got to remember, my dad died when I was young, and I have no siblings. Plus, I’ve been going to St. Mary-Margaret’s since I started high school.””Oh, that’s the all-girls school isn’t it?” “Yes it is! And I hear the girls talking about boy stuff all the time. I just giggle and laugh along with them, but the truth is, I don’t have a clue what they’re talking about: Hummers and Rim Jobs, and BMSD, or something like that…and I’m so embarrassed that I know next to nothing. So, it’s not that you turn me on or anything, believe me, but I do feel safe with you, and I thought maybe you could help me out.”I had to chuckle: an obvious put-down followed immediately by a heartfelt request for help. I certainly wasn’t going to tell her that she didn’t turn me on either, young egos being so fragile, but I did admire her for having the guts to pursue her perceived needs.”I have to tell you that I don’t feel comfortable with the idea. How do I know you won’t tell a friend or someone about this, and I end up answering my door someday and get taken away in handcuffs?””Oh please, please Mr. Gaines?””Humph.” I thought about it some more: “Okay, young lady, how about if whatever you want, I get to do the same?””Huh?””It’s quite simple: I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.””Oh, well, um, I guess that would only be fair,” she reasoned.”Okay, well then, just remember that when you ask me to do something,” I cautioned her, as I got up from the picnic table and sat down next to her at the edge of the pool. “So, what are you interested in again?””I…I ah, I want to see your um, your man stuff,” she whispered feebly, as she locked her eyes onto my crotch.”Okay then, do you want me to bring it out, or would you rather do that yourself?””Ooh! May I?” she cooed in delight.”Be my guest,” I said.With that she ran her trembling hand up my inner thigh and under the hem of my shorts. She wrapped her fingers around my flaccid shaft, and then pulled her hand back immediately.”Oh!””What’s the matter Kendra?” I asked in surprise.”Well, it’s…it’s kind of…small!” she declared, her face turning bright red.I laughed. I couldn’t help it. “Oh, so you’ve seen a lot of bigger penises?””No, no, I told you I’ve never seen one before, much less touched one!””Well, sweetie, they all start out small, but there are ways you can make them bigger…bigger and harder,” I assured her, as I slipped my shorts off completely.”There is?” she asked in her glorious innocence.”Sure, all you have to do is play with it for a while: squeeze it gently in your hand, and stroke it up and down and it will grow,” I explained, as I guided her fingers around the shaft, and slowly had her pump it. She caught on quickly, and I pulled my hand back and allowed her to control the process. Her eyes grew big as she fixed her gaze on the action. “You’re right, Mr. Gaines! It does get bigger!” Like any healthy straight male, my member responded rather rapidly, and soon she was pumping away on a fully erect stiff cock, much to her delight. I was getting aroused more quickly than I had anticipated, and so I thought I should accelerate the anatomy lesson before things exploded, so to speak.”If you keep doing that, my cock is going to start shaking and spasming, and warm cream will squirt out all over your hand,” I explained.”It will?””Yes, it’s called having an orgasm, or ‘cumming’.”Oh, I’ve heard those words from the girls I go to school with!” she responded delightfully, “can we do it now?””We can, but remember our agreement: whatever you do to me, I can do to you, right?””Oh…right…yes!”With that, she proceeded to stroke my hard cock with renewed enthusiasm, and she leaned in close to get a good look. “I can feel it shuddering!” she announced: “here it comes!” As she pumped and pumped with youthful alacrity, I blew a load the likes of which I hadn’t experienced in years. It shot all over Kendra’s face and neck, and she jumped back in shock from the rather extreme result of my ejaculation. To her credit, she continued to jerk me off until the feverish action finally stilled.”Wow! That was cool!” she exclaimed, as she used her tongue to lick her hand, and where ever else she could reach on her face: “Hmm, kind of a strange taste, but not bad!” she announced. I threw her a towel as my cock shrunk back to its flaccid state.”Okay, Kendra, now it’s my turn,” I said as I stepped down into the pool and faced her. All of a sudden she was deathly still, like she was in shock. The reality of our deal came to roost, and she was clearly uncomfortable. I had to throw her a lifeline if I was going to salvage this opportunity.”Okay, sweetheart, how about if we start out slowly? Come down the steps and sit on the last one. Good girl.” The water was up to the tops of her shoulders, so her breasts were submerged and out of sight.”Now how about if you just take off your top?” I was hoping she would buy into the illusion that her bare tits would be somewhat safe from view if they were underwater, and I was right. I watched her as she awkwardly reached behind her back and unclipped her bra top. She brought her hands forward, and removed the top with one smooth motion, and boldly threw it on the pool deck behind her.”Alright!” I blurted out in triumph, “so how does that feel?””Er, good, I guess,” she replied cautiously. “Okay, then, how about if you just back up and sit on the next step behind you?”She acted immediately, but without much in the way of confidence. Her naked breasts were now above the water in all their youthful glory. My recently inactivated penis was starting to wake up again, much to my surprise. I had to keep up with my ad lib creativity if progress was to be made. I started with a light compliment:”Your tuzla escort bayan upper package is very nice, Kendra, very attractive,” I told her sincerely. “You have no reason to hide them.”She blushed again, but she also smiled at me, and she seemed to relax a bit.”Tell you what: how about if you jump out and get that inner tube that’s leaning against the pool house. See it? The big black rubber one?”She nodded and quickly stepped out of the pool and half trotted over to retrieve the round flotation device. I was happy to note that she didn’t try to cover her chest with it, but rather she lugged it over by carrying close to the side of her body, enabling me to get a nice long look at her firm, jiggling titties. Defying gravity, they jutted straight out, her nipples proud and full.She plopped it into the pool near me, and I floated it over and met her at the steps. Without a word, she maneuvered into the middle of the tube and made herself comfortable. I started walking backward towards the deeper end until the water was chest high. She seemed to forget about her exposed breasts, as she playfully kicked her legs up and down as they dangled over the side of the inner tube. Her head rested comfortably on the opposite end of the round float, and she rested her arms along the sides.”So, how are you doing so far?” I asked her.”Um…okay, I guess.” She sounded only vaguely comfortable. She was sure something new was about to happen, but she didn’t know quite what to expect. “Okay, Kendra,” I said sternly as I looked into her eyes, “we have made a deal with each other that whatever you do to me, I can do the same thing back to you, is that correct?”She fixed her eyes to mine and nodded her assent.”Now, I’m going to give you one last time to change your mind. If you do, I will still expect you to tell no one what we’ve already done so far, is that clear?” Another silent nod of her head. “Before you decide either way, I will tell you that I plan to touch your junk and make you cum, just like you did to me. Now, take a moment to think about what I just said. If you decide you want me continue, then play with your nipples for me. If you want to back out, this is your last chance to do so. If that is your choice, then I want you to cross your arms over your breasts, and it will all be over.”With that said I turned away from her and dived further into the deep end, staying submerged for as long as I could. When my lungs felt as though they would burst, I surfaced quite a ways from her, wiped the water from my eyes and turned towards her. She had her eyes closed and her head lay back on the tube…and she was simultaneously playing with her nipples.I found myself breathing heavily for more reasons than one. I swam towards her and took hold of the float. I pushed it back far enough until I was once again chest deep in the water, facing her. She sat still with her eyes still closed.”Keep your knees together, okay?” I whispered. She nodded her head and snapped her legs shut. I spun her legs out of the way and began to massage her bottom lightly. She jumped a little and giggled in anticipation. The scene was so surreal, I vowed to make it last; I wanted it to be a memorable experience for both of us. And if I did end up in prison, I figured I might as well make this incredible affair as good as I could. I started out slowly. I teasingly ran my finger around the elastic band of her bikini bottom, causing her to take in an unexpected deep breath. Her anticipation must have been excruciating, and I loved it. I gently ran my open palm back and forth from one ass cheek to the other, barely grazing the thin material that covered her girl parts. I could tell she was getting impatient, but I figured so much the better. I could see her silent response in her feet: Every time my fingers passed over her covered crotch, her feet would lift out of the pool, and her toes would stretch out. It was really adorable, especially since I seriously doubted that she was even aware she was giving away her ‘secret’ arousal. I let my finger outline each leg hole of her bikini and then I began running my one finger up and down the crease of her labia, gradually dropping my finger downward and tracing her ass crack, and then back up to her clitoris. She kept trying to open her legs, but I admonished her each time and she would tighten her knees together again.By now I had her pretty riled up, even though she tried not to show it. I kept using a little more pressure up and down her crack, and I noticed she was squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples with complete abandon, and my cock came to life as I watched her. My final tease was to slip the tip of my finger past the crotch of her bikini, and touch her skin directly. She gasped in relief that I had finally arrived at her desired destination. Still, I only slightly grazed her bare skin, hardly separating her slick labia, and virtually ignoring her stiffened clit. She jumped a little when my finger made contact with her forbidden entrance, but she didn’t try to stop me. This girl was on fire, I thought, but I was just beginning to get to the good stuff.I leaned towards her and softly suggested that she untie the little green strings on either side of her bikini. It was done in a split second, like she had prepared for this moment all her life. The bottom half dropped down into the water just enough for me to take hold of it and give it a gently tug. She instinctively lifted her bottom up and allowed the bikini to come free as I pulled. She was now completely naked like the day she was born, and it only took about half an hour to get her there.My teasing was complete, and now I meant business: I started to slide my fingers up and down the natural vertical track of her anatomy, and she groaned audibly now. Apparently she was ready to be taken, and there was no longer any need for her shyness. She was hot! She lurched and twisted under my ever intense touch, pushing down on my hand and trying to escort tuzla get me to satisfy her lust. She growled at me, or so it seemed. She tried desperately to ride my hand to glory, only to be denied again and again. I had yet to touch her any way but superficially, although I was getting more and more familiar with her juicy wet slit as well as her puckering anus.Emboldened by her physical pleading and her obvious attempts at deeper penetration, I ran two fingers over her pussy and I squeezed her clit between both fingertips on the up stroke, only to slide them away again on the down strokes. She was clearly frustrated with me by now, even as she still managed to keep her legs closed. And that’s when it happened: instead of continuing to lie on top of the inner tube with her feet in the water, she pulled her legs back, enabling her bottom to slip further into the water. Her feet were now completely out of the water and pointing skyward. Her head was barely resting on the inside of the tube and her arms wrapped around the sides. She opened her eyes and stared right into mine: they were on fire! There was a sneer on her face, and her nostrils flared. Hissing between clenched teeth the words spewed out:”Finger me! FINGER FUCK ME, you rotten old bastard! Fucking no good fucking MOTHER FUCKER is what the fuck you are! You’re killing me! Make me cum…PLEASE make me cum, for fuck’s sake! I fucking hate your fucking guts…I mean it!”Wow, I must say, I was quite impressed with her sentiments and sense of urgency…no to mention the dirty talk, which I loved! Without hesitation, I rubbed and pinched her clit with an intensity that matched her venomous words. Her ass literally jumped each time I further violated her most sensitive body part, but she didn’t back down:”Oh my god! Oh god! Oh HELL YES! Now your fingers…YOUR FINGERS! Fuck me with them NOW! PLEASE? OH PLEASE?”Well, how could I resist such a heartfelt request? My index finger slid right in with no resistance or difficulty. So her hymen wasn’t an issue. I kind of felt relieved by that, to be honest. I buried my finger to the hilt and then I gave it to her hard and fast, like a piston in a race car, and she about went nuts. Her eyes were closed and her face was all scrunched up, her brow deeply furrowed. She bounced up and down as well as she could manage, straining for every inch of my finger:”Two please, TWO!” I brought my one finger out and switched to my two longer fingers and dove into her steaming hot cunt. I fucked her so hard; the water looked like a whirlpool underneath the inner tube. She pulled her arms down beside her body and started fondling her tits again, with her neck and ankles the only things supporting her shaking body. I knew it wasn’t part of our anatomy lesson for today, but I took a chance: I pulled my fingers out and separated them, sending one back into her shuddering womanhood while simultaneously burying the other well-lubricated finger deep into her rectum without missing a beat. She gasped so hard, she took some pool water into her mouth and coughed it back out. I wasn’t sure if she was seething mad or delightfully surprised by my sneak attack. She just slowly exhaled for several seconds of intense mystery and whispered, with her last ounce of oxygen: “oh yeahhhhh!” before sharply drawing in her next breath.My mission was now clear: she wanted fingers…she got fingers. I reached under the tube and wrapped my arm around her folded body and held onto her tight while I used my fingers on her exposed holes in all different combinations: three fingers fucking her pussy, then two in her pussy and one in her ass; she was insatiable. She thrashed around and moaned and even sounded like she was crying, but I knew they were tears of joy, because she was getting what she wanted, no demanded! For a while, I fucked her willing ass with just my thumb, as deeply as it would go, and somehow she managed to pull her arms down under the tube and pull her ass cheeks apart to be sure she was getting her ass reamed as deeply as possible. I kept penetrating her dark passage, and she kept urging me to punish her holes even more. I could feel her legs shaking against my arm, and I knew it wouldn’t be long now. She grabbed my hand and pulled my thumb out of her ass:”MY CLIT! MY CLIT! RUB IT HARD, I’M CUMMING!!I gave it a good workout, and I watched her body as her climax took over completely, transforming a shy, innocent teen into a well-ravaged, unapologetic cum whore. I knew she would never be the same again, and neither would I.I slowly pulled the float over to the steps and helped her out of it. I walked her over to the picnic table and wrapped a towel around her nude but satisfied body. She seemed to be in quite a daze, as I dried myself off in front of her. She finally opened her eyes and looked at me. A smile as bright as a full moon came over her face, and then she blushed and lay her head down on the table.”I have to go now, Kendra. You may stay as long as you like, and come back whenever you like. I’m sorry, but I have a doctor’s appointment. I got no response at all from her, but I was late as it was, and I’d work on interpreting her reaction while I drove to my appointment. I was almost to the door when she looked my way:”Are you sick?””No sweetheart, it’s just my annual physical,” I explained.”Oh.”And then I turned towards her, smiling to myself:”Why do you ask? Do you care?””Me? Oh no. Of course not.” – – – – – – – -The next morning I woke up later than usual. Not that I had any particular reason to get up at a certain time. But I didn’t like to miss my summer mornings. It was already warm out early, but it was quieter in the mornings, and I liked to read the paper and do my crossword puzzles before the heat of the day set in. So, I was a little irked at myself for not getting outside until after ten.I settled down at the picnic table, my newspaper and cup of coffee in hand, and admired the blue sky, the squirrels scampering about, and the songbirds filling the air with their delightful tunes. And then I noticed it: the big black inner tube slowly spun around, and a pink bikini clad young girl faced me wearing a huge grin and with the devil in her eyes.”Good morning, Mr. Gaines!”

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