Ana wants to go to the adult movies (INITIAL)


Ana wants to go to the adult movies (INITIAL)
That night after dinner, my beloved Ana confessed me she wanted to fuck; but she warned me she wanted another cock instead of mine…
So my sweet Anita told me she would be ready in less than ten minutes, to go downtown to a well-known local adult movie theater, because she had the intention of doing something wild.
Soon Ana came back from our bedroom, wearing a tight short black dress, black shiny stilettos, thigh stockings and of course, no underwear at all.
She lifted the hem of the dress, just to show me that she had shaven her nice sweet labia that same afternoon.

We paid for our tickets and entered the dark theater. The light from the screen barely lit up the large room. There were no more than a handful of men seated in separate rows, who obviously wanted their own privacy.
I quickly scanned the seats, found an unoccupied row and led my sexy wife all the way in to the end nearest the wall.

As we made ourselves comfortable, we were aware of the heads of several of the men turning in our direction.
On the screen, a young woman was kneeling on a couch, bending over the back of it, while two guys on either side of her, licked and stroked her pussy and asshole. I put my arm around Anita and gave her what I thought would be a quick kiss. Instead, my sexy wife pulled me to her and passionately pushed her lips into mine, thrusting her tongue into my mouth.
While we locked lips, I rubbed her nice round boobs through the thin material. Ana started to breathe hard as we broke the kiss.

Her eyes were locked on the screen as I slid my hand up her thigh toward her heating pussy. I lightly stroked her leg as her dress parted slightly, revealing just a bit of her shaved cunt.
As I began to brush her pussy lips with my fingers, her own hand wandered into my lap and stroke my hardening cock through my pants. I reached down with my free hand and undid my zipper, pulling my now fully erect cock out of my pants. Anita’s soft hand wrapped around my stiffness and she started to lightly jerk me off.

It was at this point that I was aware of someone moving in the theater.
One of the men behind us, who had obviously been paying close attention to our movements, moved into the row ahead of us, and sat down directly in front of me. He turned his head to look back and could see Ana’s hand on my casino oyna cock and my hand on her pussy, but her dress was still covering her.
Ana’s cunt was dripping wet and I could feel her body tightening as I rubbed her more deliberately. She stopped jerking me and just held on tight to my cock, while she concentrated on her approaching orgasm.

With my free hand, I started rubbing and stroking her boobs through the thin material of her tight black dress.
Now I could hear her breathing quicken and I really wanted to expose my sensual wife to this curious stranger. Then I unzipped that sexy dress and pulled it down her waist, exposing Anita’s body to his gaze.
The man did not take his eyes off her body, but he seemed to be fiddling with his pants, trying to take his cock out. Throughout all of this, Ana’s eyes had been glued to the screen, taking in the wild sex images in the movie.
She seemed to be looking past the stranger guy, but clearly she was fully aware that he was staring at her naked writhing body and I was sure that it was turning her on more than she could ever have dreamed.

I knew it was just about time for her to let go; so I speeded up my stroking as Ana began to thrust against me. I moved my face to her nice round boobs and began sucking on her dark stiff nipples.
Just a minute later, her breathing shortened as she began moan quietly and then she came onto my fingers. She jerked wildly as her orgasm washed over her and our lucky voyeur on the next row watched every twitch of it.
My cock was drenched in pre-cum. As Ana began to come back from her wild climax, she looked at me with a satisfied smile. While she started again to stroke my slippery hardness, she whispered in my ear, asking if I had come already. I told her I was ready to.
Ana dropped her head into my lap and began to lick all around the head. She was licking all the pre-cum off of me and she turned her head back up to mine and gave me a wet cum tasting kiss.
My sensual wife quickly moved back to my cock and began in earnest, to suck me deeply into her soft warm mouth. She began to bob her head up and down in my lap and then I knew I was not going to last long.
I let my fingers glide through her curly blonde hair and for the first time, I made eye contact with stranger in front of us.
He smiled and moved his hand over the seat, holding canlı casino siteleri it above Ana’s head. His looked seemed to ask a question that I understood and I hesitantly removed my hand from her head. He slid his hand to replace mine and began to stroke her curly hair, as her head slid up and down in my lap.

I watched as this unknown man firmly pushed my wife’s head down onto my cock and I just lost it. I began to cum, as my sexy Ana tightened her sweet red lips on me. I thrust up into her mouth and shot spurt after spurt of hot sperm into her throat. Ana swallowed all and I knew this time it was a big amount of warm semen.
Our new friend released his hand from her hair and Ana came up to my face, giving me a wet cum deep kiss.
I was so turned on that my cock just stayed hard and I knew that we were just beginning.

As I turned to face Ana in her seat, I suddenly became aware of someone directly behind us. Another voyeur had moved into our area. I turned my head to just barely take in this new presence and saw that he was another young man; his hands wrapped around the biggest cock I had ever seen.
He must have been playing with it, while he watched Ana sucking me.

Anita lifted her buttocks and she pulled down her sexy dress to her ankles. Now she was fully naked, except for her stilettos.
I turned back towards our new visitor and made eye contact with him. Then he reached out and began touching my wife’s shoulders and the back of her head. I still had my arm over her shoulder also; so Ana had no idea that she was now being massaged by another complete stranger…

Then I took my arm off from her and moved one hand to her boobs and the other one to her swollen pussy lips. Ana soon realized the hands on her back were not mine. But she relaxed a bit and the guy behind us kept massaging her back.
The new stranger then moved his hands down and brushed his fingers over Ana’s hardened nipples. She pushed against my fingers, which were still in touching her pussy and she began to breathe a little harder.
The guy moved his head down to the other side of Ana’s head and whispered something into her ear. She turned to look at me, asking if I was sure about all this matter. I nodded my head in silence…
Then Ana slowly slid her arm over the back of her chair, turning as she did to allow herself better access. Her canlı bahis hand deliberately moved up towards the new guy’s crotch. She still was not looking at him, just feeling his leg. When her hand finally made contact with the flesh of his cock, she gasped at the size of it.
She whispered to me that it was really huge and it was a white man…
Then Anita looked into his eyes and ran her soft fingers up and down the length of his cock. He reached up and touched the side of her face.
I had two fingers buried in her soft warm cunt; my other hand on my own throbbing erection, when the young man put his finger up to Anita’s lips.
She kissed it and he rubbed it across her lips, eventually working it into her now open mouth. He pushed it in deeper, making Ana suck it like a small dick.
Then he put his stiff cock right into my wife’s face. She opened her mouth and licked the head of this giant piece of meat. She worked her tongue and lips, back and forth, across the underside of his cock, licking at all the drops of pre-cum that had gathered there in his excitement.
Ana turned and knelt on her seat, now facing the young guy. She leaned back over the chair, to take that massive cock into her mouth. As she did it, her nice round buttocks were clearly visible from anywhere in the theater…
She stroked that huge dick and took a good four inches between her wet red lips. She sucked him in and out, in a slow but rapid movement.

While my sexy wife was busy giving that nice public blowjob, I turned my attention to her exposed nice buttocks. It was also in sight for the first man in the row ahead of us.
We both had the same idea and reached our hands up to touch the cheeks of Ana’s ass, stroking and squeezing the soft firm flesh. Ana groaned a bit.
I lowered my hand to her pussy, which was wetter than I had expected and I slid my finger in. For a while I just finger fucked her. Then I pulled out and shove that lubed finger up her tight asshole.
I felt Ana’s body tighten and then I rubbed her clit with increasing pressure, while my sweet babe came against my fingers, groaning around a mouthful of cock.
I was sure Ana really needed to be fucked now, right after a good orgasm.
But I wanted to wait, because I really wished to see my lovely wife being fucked by another man. I looked at the first guy and told him my wife needed a cock in her right now.
He just smiled, with his trousers down to his knees. Then he quickly moved up behind Ana, rubbing his hard cock between the crack of her nice ass.
When I saw it, I knew it was going to be a night that both Ana and I would never forget…

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