Ana describes me her night out


Ana describes me her night out
I came back home stressed and very tired from my office; finding my sweet wife had dressed up real sexy and was in the mood for going out.
Ana told me it had been a stressing week for her too and she wanted just to have some drinks and relax outside.
I barely could stand on my feet; so I wished her luck and locked myself into the bathroom for a nice warm shower.
When I came out, Ana had already gone.
So I stayed home sipping a good glass of whisky and finishing some damn extra paperwork at my desk.
I lost track of time; when suddenly Ana came back after four hours.
Her hair was mussed and her skirt wrinkled.
I thought she had been in an accident, but then my sensual wife told me about her night out. She was just sitting at the bar with her sexy short black dress and her stilettos, letting all the men there see what a gorgeous woman she was.
After the fourth margarita Ana started feeling a little tipsy and she had noticed a tall guy had been giving her the eye for awhile.
Then Ana decided to give him a smile and a wink just to tease him. He took the hint and came over and asked her to dance.
They went out onto the dance floor and he pulled her close to him. He whispered in her ear about how damn sexy she was and what a great body she had. He was getting aroused for sure and she told me that she could feel his hardened cock against her leg.
Ana was curious about him for his dick appeared to be very large.
Being tipsy she let him know what she was wondering about and giggled. He suggested that they could go to the restroom and he would let her take a peek at his large dick.
Then he pulled her by the hand to the restrooms in the back and then he pushed Ana inside a stall, closing the door behind him.
My güvenilir bahis şirketleri wife was getting aroused and excited.
The guy smiled as Ana unbuttoned his fly and zip down his jeans. He pushed the jeans down to show his boxers with a big bulge…
Ana told me that she could hardly wait to see; then she just slid down the boxers and saw a thick dick, the size of a cucumber.
The man was not fully erect yet; so it hung out in front of him half hard but pointing toward the ground.
He smiled and made Ana sit down on the toilet; telling my wife to get it hard for him. She wrapped her hand around and felt it pulsing. Ana moved her hand up and down watching the foreskin move back to expose the bullet shaped head.
The guy was fully erect in no time. He wanted Ana to suck him off so she took as much as she could in her mouth tasting him; but she could not get it in her mouth too far.
Then she offered to jerk him off; but he demanded Ana to bend over the toilet and present her wet pussy. Although she was fuzzy, Ana was able to protest, saying her wet pussy was only for her husband. But then the guy got really angry with her, saying she was a slut teaser and now she did not want to surrender her wet cunt.
She calmed him down by stroking his cock very slowly and asking him if he had ever fucked a woman in the butt before. He laughed and said that not so many bitches had let him even a try…
Ana then reached down into her purse and came out with a bottle of hand lotion. She smeared something on his hard dick and she massaged it slowly.
My sexy wife confessed me that she did not know if she could take it in her ass; but she knew she had no choice. She stood and lifted her black dress and pulled her thong down to her ankles.
Then tipobet she turned around and leaned over the toilet bracing her against the wall for what was to come. She waited there with her nice round butt exposed knowing that she would be getting her ass fucked tonight.
The man moved in behind her and she felt his cock brush against her tight rear entrance. She reached down between her legs and grasped his big cock. She guided it to her tiny rosebud and held her breath.
He was very excited and leaned into her and pushed gently. Despite trying not to, Ana yelped and tried to move away; but the bastard held her while he waited to let her get used to the pressure.
The cockhead finally made it past her tight sphincter muscle and slowly he moved back and forth getting a little more of his prick into her anus each time.
Anita held her breath trying not to move as the pain from his assaulter went all the way through her. When she felt his balls slapping against her pussy she felt relief and the pain started easing away and then the pleasure began.
She thought about how hot it was that she could take this guy that no other woman could and started pushing back against him.
My sweet wife reached out for her clit with her long fingers and soon she started coming with that huge thick cock buried deep into her anus. The guy could not last longer.
Ana felt the fullness in her butt and the liquid ooze as he thrust a few times more after his climax. She did not move just stayed bent over feeling his cock pulsing inside of her now fully stretched anus.
Then he slowly pulled out. Ana turned and saw his large dick hanging down and dripping semen. My wife pulled up her thong with much of his warm cum still in her and some tipobet giriş leaking out…
The guy told her that he had never met such a wild married slut who would let him fuck her in the ass…
My sensual wife thanked the stranger for that anal fuck session and then she left the place to come back home.
After Ana told me the story she pulled up her dress and I could see that cum soaked thong. She pulled them off and lifted the black dress while bending over and putting her hands on the bed.
Then she looked at me and begged almost crying to tears to forgive her by such a slut behavior with a perfect stranger.
I said it was fine for me and Ana asked me to fuck her pussy hard.
I could see her ravaged anus still gaped open a bit. More cum trailed out from her asshole to her pussy. I dropped my pants and moved into her.
Ana was very wet. I fucked her hard and pushed my fingers into her back door, feeling the ease of insertion with amazement.
I made her tell about what it was like getting fucked up the butt by a stranger huge cock. My slutty Ana came each time I made her think about seeing the stranger’s cock.
Her intense orgasms squeezed my cock so hard that I shot a huge load of cum into her soft warm cunt…
I stayed inside her and she felt me pulsing over and over in her.
When I was done with her pussy I pushed her face down on our bed and climbed on top of her to hold her down.
I was hard again and wanted to shove my cock into her ass as hard as I could. Ana screamed loud and squirmed but I kept pushing deeper into her stretched asshole for several minutes.
I finally rolled over and ordered Ana to get on all fours onto the carpet. Then I made her to take my hard dick into her mouth.
Anita has her nice eyes full of tears as she sucked hard; until I pushed her head back and came hard into her hot wet mouth.
After I licked her asshole and pussy until she came one last time. As we took a warm shower together, I told Ana she could go out alone the next Friday; I would wait her at home…

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