An Unexpected Union

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Note: Thanks to many of you for your responses.

Here is another story, hope you enjoy.

I am Raja, I have a family of my wife, Rukmini, and two kids, everything is normal at home, only thing different from normal is the mother of my children is also my mother.

I was 18 at the time, my mother was 37, having been married as soon she was 18 as the tradition was during those days where a girl was married as soon as she was eligible. My father left her before I was even born, and she just ended up being cursed for it. She was forced to live alone, her parents sent her money to live by, but would not let her back into their home for fear of incurring the community’s wrath. My mother raised me in these circumstances and I grew adoring her strong self inspite of all these difficulties and not having an education to support her. As I grew older , I wanted to help women who were victims of these social circumstances to resettle in their lives. Men, whose wives left them could easily remarry, but women had to live with it their entire life. This bothered me seeing my mother suffer by herself trying to raise me. My opinions about these got stronger and stronger and I used to voice the same to anyone who would listen. My mother was proud of me for that and would encourage me.

I asked her if she wanted to marry anybody and she said she did not have that interest in anyone and thanked me for asking her. “You are my life, my dear son, I am so proud you want these things for everybody, but as for me, I am quite content now,” She used to reply to me. I used to tell her “You would be a good catch even now, mom”. My mom would just smile back and tell me “Let’s see whom you catch,” and tell me to do my work. I admired mom for the way she handled everything. I would wish for a woman like her to come into my life.

I used to smile at the thought and smile back at her.

Mother used to smile back saying I was a little naughty and used to pat me on the back, saying her handsome son will get a lovely woman. We used to flirt lightly, of course I did not know whether mother had such thoughts!!

There was a young woman in our village whose husband had left her and she lived alone, and another man who had fallen in love with her. Both of them wanted to be with each other and get married. The village elders used to frown upon these kind of things and they knew they had a very little chance of success in their love lives. I was 18 at the time and they knew I was sympathetic to their cause, they asked for both my help and my mother’s help, mother was sympathetic to their cause and promised we would help them and asked me to help them. I started telling everyone in the village, they should get married and we should help them do that, this way both of them will be happy. These only infuriated the village leaders and they called me and warned not to spread these thoughts, otherwise they would make me pay for my actions. I cared a damn, knowing fully well, I would be in trouble, my mom also encouraged me.

Finally, tired of me making trouble for them, they called a meeting and told me, I should stop doing all these things as it was against the traditions, and that it is fate that such things happen and I should not be tempting fate.

“But you cannot destroy a person’s life for no fault of theirs,” I retorted.

“This village traditions cannot be broken, and she must have been bad for this to happen to her” They replied.

“What if it happened to any of your daughters or sisters?” I asked

“They are not bad for this to happen to them” they replied mocking at me.

“All of you are playing with others, this is not right.”

I told them.

“Dont preach to us, why don’t you get married to the so many abandoned women?” they asked.

“I will marry a abandoned woman only,” I said.

“So you think you are a saviour?” They asked again.

“No, I just do want to make it difficult for people who suffer for no fault of theirs” I said

“You are just a bad seed, like your mother” They shouted at me.

I was so angry and shouted “You are all idiots who think you know everything”

“Why don’t you get your mother married, then we will let this couple married,” They said mocking me knowing my mother had said publicly she did not want to be married.

My mother listening to this, came to my rescue.

“I am ready to get married now,” she said.

“Thank you mother,” I said.

“What do you elders say?” I asked them now.

“First get her married, then we will see,” they said

“Who is willing to be married to my mother?” I shouted addressing the crowd.

I saw everyone silent, including some of the men who had shown interest in her , but feared the leaders’ wrath. I was so angry at their response.

“Well, it seems like nobody will marry her,” they told me.

“I will get her married to some other person in a different town,” I said

They started laughing, “Yes, you will , where they don’t know your mother’s history.”

I was pissed at them for saying this “What is your problem?”

“Get her married to some one amsterdam shemale from this village and we will let this couple marry,” They replied.

None of the faces in the crowd was up as I searched their faces. As I kept my face not knowing how to resolve the situation and getting more and more angry at each instant.

“Only you are left,” One of the leaders said coming near my and lifting my face.

I pushed him aside and announced “I will marry her.”

All the people were completely shocked, the leaders looked at one another and started whispering amongst themselves.

“He wants to marry his own mother, he is going to destroy his own life and hers, let him do what he wants, at least we will be rid of him, everyone will lose respect for him” They came to an understanding.

“We have no objection, but have you asked the bride?”

I walked to my mother, who was so shocked at the development as much as I and everyone were, and fell at her feet and asked her forgiveness for making such a bold statement and it was in her hands to save me. She lifted me up and hugged in front of everyone and announced “Son, I don’t know how your life will become after this, but you should not be ashamed in front of these people, I am ready for this marriage.”

“You have to marry now itself,” They said and gave me two garlands and mangalsutra they had ready as on such occasions, it was customary to come equipped.

“Then you should not object to anybody marrying anybody, when they are not harming anybody,” I replied.

“Yes, we will let these women get married as long as you remain married happily” They said and gave a sly smile.

I put the garland across mother’s neck and she did the same to me. I tied the mangalsutra around in front of so many people watching me. I again hugged her and smiled at the leaders at my victory, while they smiled to themselves thinking of the difficult situation I was in. I could not marry anyone else, without abandoning my own mother, who had married me to save me, if I did want to marry someone else, I would go against all that I was fighting for!

I told them, the couple that I fought for, should also get married immediately, and they agreed and they thanked me and my mother wishing us the best.

The crowd congratulated us one by one and it was really strange, I had no words to say but smile and my mother did the same. I hardly looked at my mother at the whole time. As the crowd dispersed we were together alone for the first time since our marriage. I looked at mother and she looked at me, both of us unsure as to what to say. I started walking towards our house and she followed me, there were a few women who went before us to welcome us, the newly married couple. As my mother stepped into the house, they blessed her and asked her to be a good wife and bear children. I was finding it difficult to react, then they blessed me and and asked me to take care of my wife and keep her happy always. I thanked them and after they left, my mother was alone with me.

“Mother, Are you okay?” I asked.

“I am your wife now, please remember that” She replied.

“Should I not call you mother anymore?” I asked.

“You can, if you want to, but remember you married me and you should not call your wife as ‘mother’,” She replied.

“Oh, but mother, I did this only to help the couple, are you angry with me for that?” I said.

“I am not angry with you for helping the couple, but you married me for that, Raja, so I am your wife now, so please call me by my name or any name you want to.”

mother replied, her tone somewhat different.

“Mother, I am sorry if I hurt you” I apologized.

“Do you want us to be mother and son in the house, and outside do you want us to be husband and wife?” She asked.

“Mother, I don’t know what I have done, now I am caught in my own web,” I replied.

“Raja,Take Rest, we will discuss later, it has been a long day, it will be okay,” She replied patting my head.

As she walked towards her room, I could not help notice the way she walked as she swayed her hips. I was having a sexual awakening, a sexual realization of how beautiful mother was. I retired back to the room and our next few days was really uneventful. People around asked where we would be going for our honeymoon, the couple you got married has gone to the hill station nearby, they would hint. This got things thinking inside me of my own mother in bed with me. Mother meanwhile would have women drop in and tease her of newly married status and remarked she must be having fun with her husband a lot. Mother would just smile at them not wanting to speak to them or give the leaders a chance to laugh at us. Mother tied her sarees more loosely then ever when they were around to give the impression we were okay with the marriage giving me a glimpse of her lovely breasts, this made me start thinking more and more of her as a woman. I would notice her as soon as she came out of her bath drying her wet hair as she moved, her wet long hair swaying across her back. Things were tense inside the house as mother noticed I had become rotterdam shemale less talkative, but kept quiet anyway. I also wanted to take mother out for a vacation to escape the tension in the house and the village.

“Mother, Let us go for a small vacation,” I said.

“Where do you want to go, Raja?” She asked.

“Anywhere, far from here,” I said.

“I will go anywhere you want to, Dear,” She said.

“Thank you, mother, we will go the hill station nearby,” I said.

“Is this going to be our honeymoon?” Mother teased.

“Mother, you are embarrassing me,” I said, my head lowered.

“My darling son is embarrased to go with his wife?” She queried lifting my head.

“Oh no mom, not like that,” I said.

“Hmm, ok we will go wherever you want, I don’t know whether you are taking your wife or mother,” She said and starting packing both our bags.

Mom had always been on the thin side, at 37, she only had a small tummy to show for, otherwise, she looked lovely. I did not have an idea of how she looked without her clothes though I imagined her a lot in the last couple of days.

We packed and I told everyone we were going on our honeymoon and my friends told me to have fun, while mom’s friends told her to come back pregnant!!! We both smiled at their comments and left for the hill station.

We went to a hotel nearby and I asked for a good honeymoon room smiling at mom. The manager was a friend of the couple we had helped and had heard of our marriage and gave us the best room they had.

As we entered the room, I noticed the bed with rose petals on them and mom looked at me smiling and encouraging me , whispering “That is a honeymoon bed, dear”. “Yes, my sweet wife,” I replied. Mom kissed me on my cheeks as I said that, whispering “That is the first time, you addressed me as your wife”. I smiled and kissed her cheeks still unsure how to go about it.

The porter interrupted us for the tip and I was generous with it as he said “Every couple has gone very happy from here and winked at me”.

As we were alone in the room, mother looked at me and said she needed to change and freshen up, I looked at her and offered to leave her alone, she got angry with me.

“Are you not my husband?” She shouted.

“Yes, Mother.”

“Call me Rukmini.”

“Yes, Rukmini.”

“Then stay here while I change,” she smiled at me.

“Yes,” I said looking at her so eagerly.

“And You will just see, no touching, okay” She said flashing a very naughty smile.

“Yes, Rukmini.”

She pushed me on the bed as he slowly removed her saree, removing it slowly all the while looking at me and smiling, as the saree fell down with a slow thud, she was in her petticoat and blouse, her 34c breasts and nipple piercing thru the blouse as my hard cock started to raise in appreciation of what I saw and wanted to see so badly. She slowly undid the blouse and was in a beautiful sexy lace bra her nipples and lovely boobs so visible and her tummy protruding, but all the time sexy, my hard cock just not able to withstand the pressure in my pants as she smiled noticing it and driving me more crazy, she blew a kiss at me as she untied her petticoat and was in a sexy lace underwear, showing her thick bush.

We were both tired and after noticing my cock rise in acknowledgement of her sexiness, she quickly changed into a see-thru nightie and was ready for bed.

As we both lay in the bed, me occasionally glancing at her and she smiling at me every time I glanced at her. She kissed me on the cheeks and said good night. The tiredness of the travel was evident plus the fact I had been awake the previous night unable to sleep thinking of this made me sleep even when I did not want to, though it was a restless night. When I woke up in the morning, I saw mom awake and my hands over her waist and breasts and my leg on top of her legs and me pulling her near me. She just smiled at me and kissed me on the cheeks.

“Good Morning, Dear Husband,” She smiled and winked at me.

“Good morning, my darling wife,” I said not knowing how to react.

“Darling, Are you afraid of accepting me as your wife?” She asked.

“Oh no, I love it that you are my wife,” I said.

“Then why are so aloof from me, you slept so soon,” She asked with a disappointed look.

“Mother, I just feel a little afraid,” I answered.

“Afraid of your wife or your mother?” She asked.

“Afraid, this might not be real,” I said boldly.

Mother smiled at that.

“I did get a lovely woman, mother, a daughter-in-law you would be proud of,” I said.

She smiled at me again and she closed her eyes and I pulled her closer. She smiled at me and kissed me on my cheeks again and playfully tugged at it.

“Are you happy, Rukmini?” I asked.

“Oh, Very much, my husband, you were the only man, I ever wanted for a husband, I would have been jealous of any other woman, but now I am very happy to be my Raja’s wife” She answered closing her eyes.

As I released my hands and put my hands in the air looking at the ceiling thanking the heavens blog shemale above, she got up from the bed and her nightie fell down.

She looked at me and started walking towards the bathroom swaying her legs and walking like a model, as I started walking towards her, she turned back and signalled me to not approach nearer, and I was just content to do what she wanted me to.

As she walked into the huge bathroom and the huge bathtub, she slipped out of her panties and bra and into the bathrub and made me just stand and watch her as she started filling the tub with water and bubbles, my hard cock just so strained, I did not know how long I could keep up like this, my mother seducing me so bad as I walked towards the tub and my mother looked at me, she unzipped my pants and let out the monster in my pants.

She took it in her hands and rubbed it all over her face as if it was soap.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, my husband’s cock is so wonderful,” and squeezed my cock moaning.

“Oh mom,” I moaned.

“Call me your wife, for some time at least,” mom said looking angry and squeezed my cock more.

“Oh Rukmini, my darling wife, my sweet wife, my sexxy mother wife,” I moaned.

Mom looked so hot and radiant as her fingers played with my member, my hands slowly rubbing her shoulders and as I leaned forward, mom’s hands stroked my face and my cheeks as our mouths met for the first time and my tongue pierced her mouth, and she did the same as we kissed in unison, a pleasure so delightful, my hands roamed downed her waist and pinched her real hard as she moaned “Oh Raja, my darling Raja, squeeze your wife more, touch my nipples please”. My hands now roamed up her stomach in the water and patted her tummy as she looked eagerly at me as I kissed her again and while kissing moving my hand over the contours of her lovely shaped breasts, pinched her nipples as she moved her hands over my chest, the hairs on my chest circling her delicate fingers as I bent kissing her neck while one hand massaged her back, the other playing with her nipples, as she moaned “Ohhhhhhhh Raja, my husband, my lover”.

I continued to massage her back and then put both hands on her cheeks and gazed into her eyes as she looked at me and I whispered slowly “I love you, Rukmini,” and kissed her lips as our tongues locked, and our eyes closed.

She hugged me tight hearing and whispering shyly “I love you, Raja, my husband”. Then I got up and Rukmini closed her eyes and pushed her face down to where the water dripping down my cock and rubbed her nose on my legs.

I moaned “Oh Rumini, my mother wife,” and I lifted her up and we embraced , our naked embrace so hot and I slowly slid down near her legs trying the catch the water dripping of her as she pushed my head into her cunt.

“Suck your wife, your mother wife, my stud husband, my son husband,” she cried as I starting licking the outsides of her cunt, her moaning increasing more and more as I played with my tongue in her cunt.

I squeezed her nipples and pulled hard at it as I shouted “Mother, you are mine in every way”.

She smiled “Yes, I am your wife and mother,” and I pinched her inner thighs and then got up and kissed her and pushed her head down to my thighs and she took my cock in her in obvious delight and starting sucking hard and as I turned on the shower, draining the water in the tub, we were fondling and kissing each other, soaping each other, as We climbed out the tub, I licked her body from top to toe whispering “Mother, beautiful, I love you,” I whispered in her ears.

She said whispering, “Son, Handsome, I love you”. I lifted her off the bathroom floor and carried her to our bed and dropped her on the bed kissing her sides.

“I always wanted you for a wife,” I confessed.

“I always wanted you for my husband,” She confessed and we both laughed and kissed each other.

“They did us a huge favour,” I told mom, she nodded agreeing and kissing me. “You are a great catch, Rukmini,” and I slowly mounted her.

My hard cock opening the doors of her cunt as she held my ass and pushed me inside her cunt as I started to kiss her and thrust into her at the same time all the while screaming “Rukmini, my sexy one, Rukmini, my lovely one, your cunt is all mine,” as she closed her eyes moaning at each thrust.

“Oh Raja, fuck your wife hard, fuck your mother hard”. She cried as my hands moved all over her lovely body, squeezing her breasts and nipples as my thrusts got harder and harder as I came in torrents in her cunt as we hugged each other tight at our first lovemaking whispering sweet nothings to each other.

We were still hugging and kissing each other and I confessed to mother “You were the woman I wanted to always marry mother, my sweet Rukmini”.

Mother smiled and kissed me, “Me too, dear son, everytime you said I should be settled again, it was you I had in mind,” and we kissed again. It was wonderful, mother did not mind anymore that I called her mother or wife, all she wanted me to do was kiss and make love to her all the time. After the eventful week of a honeymoon, we went back to the village and everyone wanted to know how it went. Mom told her friends, that she was real happy in this marriage and I told my friends, that I got a sexy beauty for a wife. We thanked the elders for making this happen and the leaders did not know what to say.

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