An Unexpected Encounter

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Hi Naughty Readers! I am Gaston B., a single man in the mid-fifties. By the way sorry for the ‘naughty’ but am a very naughty guy as far as sex is concerned; may it be with guys or women. However, it was not always the same with men.

In fact, I was born is a very conservative town, in a very conservative family. For my part I didn’t mind gay people as long as they don’t come near me. I felt very awkward even when men touched me. The word gay, itself or even the thought of it was taboo for me and people around me. I still remember the day I had to help pull out the long fat cock of a sick friend to help him peep. I was so disgusted by that, that I went to wash my hands every time I thought of this incident. Needless to say, that if I can get this very same cock now I’ll very happily enjoying it in all the way possible, but unfortunately, my friend is far from being gay. So, as you may have guessed nothing prepared me for what will happened to me next.

It was a late end of summer evening. It has started to chilled outside. A light rain was falling. The moon was playing hide and seek among the clouds. I was returning home from a friend’s place after a few beers in a practically empty bus. After sometimes I start feeling my bladder filling. I did all king of funny bahis firmaları movements with my legs to hold as long as possible.

As soon as the bus stopped, I ran to a hidden spot I knew very much. I was behind some trees nor far from an old abandon shop. I pulled out my cock and started to pee with relief. Suddenly, I felt a presence by my side. I discreetly looked in the corner of my eye and realized that there was another man peeing by my side. What surprised me most is when I realized that he was spying at my cock. At the same time, and in the dim moonlight I noticed that he was already hard. I don’t know what happened to me at that time, I felt a knot in my stomach and my cock jumped hardened to its full size. I heard a slight whistling me and welcomed the appreciation. I was proud at my eight-incher though not too thick. Without thinking, I grabbed the top of my pants and while still peeing I walked towards behind the old abandoned shop. With the cracking sounds of twigs sound behind me, I knew that he was following me. By that time I have stopped peeing I could feel his breath on my neck. I knew that he was right behind me.

Suddenly, I felt a hand seizing my iron hard cock. I started breathing heavily. He turned me and knelt. I felt his wet mouth wrapping kaçak iddaa my cock. This was one of the greatest sensation I ever felt during all my rich sexual experiences. He peeled my cock and stated licking my cock head. “Wow, that’s really great!”. I started moaning loudly without caring whether someone else may hear us. I started twisting and pumping his mouth. As if he knew I’m ready he started bobbing on my cock. My cock contracted. As I was trying to pull out, he held my ass cheeks tightly absorbing my whole cock deeper in his throat as if he wanted to swallow the whole of it. Suddenly, I exploded long threads of cum in his mouth. He kept sucking hungrily at my cock, drinking every single drop of my thick white sperm. He only stopped and pulled out only when he made sure he had got it all. Still he didn’t leave my cock. Once it’s out, he licked my cock head a few seconds more.

Then he stood up adjusted himself and tried to go away. I didn’t lose any minute. I grabbed his flies and took his cock out. It wasn’t a long one as mine but it was rather thick, much thicker than mine. I knelt and put his thickness in my hungry mouth. I can smell the musky smell of his gorgeous sex and that was driving me crazy. My cock once more hardened. However, I must say that I kaçak bahis had a little problem adjusting that monster in my mouth. He was already precumming abundantly I finally fitted it in. I started licking and twisting my tongue on his cock head. The taste was indestructible. I simply loved it. He moaned a lot and suddenly he sized my head and pushed his cock violently deep in my mouth. With the same vigor, he fucked my mouth. It didn’t take him long. His fat tasty cock contracted and shaked and exploded in my mouth. I had to hold tight to avoid it from coming out. However, I didn’t know what to do at first. Sperm was filling my mouth and I was suffocating. Finally, I started swallowing the cum. I realized that sperm was tasty so I did my best not to missed a single drop of it. It was warm, thick, sticky salty…

When his cock stop pumping sperm he just pulled his cock out as brutally as he had put in my mouth, adjusted his flies and went away. He left frustrated on the ground. I wanted more and I regretted not being able to drink all his sperm. While I getting up I felt a tingling sensation in my anus. In fact, if he had stayed I would have gladly let him fuck my ass. Once home I didn’t even wash my mouth. I wanted to leave his cock and sperm taste to last as long as possible. That night I jacked off at least three or for times and woke up frustrated and tired the next morning. I then knew that I will go hunting for my mysterious cock and wont stopped until I get complete satisfaction.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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