An Arab in the USA


An Arab in the USASome ways out from Omaha, Nebraska, near Columbus, an Islamic family. Hamid Abdi took his family to this sparsely populated location because it was the only place he could work as an insurance salesman outside of Omaha. His wife, Abra, was a stay at home mother raising their two daughters, Barirah (18) and Asha (16). Barirah had been happy living in Dearborn, Michigan. Her family had moved from Saudi Arabia before her birth. She was saddened by the news that they would move to Omaha and felt even worse when she heard they were moving to the middle of nowhere more than 100 miles away. It was hard enough for her to make friends in Omaha, she was worried what it would be like to do so in her new home town. Barirah was a meek girl. Shy and quiet, she dressed in partly traditional clothing, her parents having her wear a hijab in public. Otherwise, her dress was western, preferring a nice pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Like the rest of her family, her skin is brown, her hair and eyes dark, her nose was moderately sized with a straight protrusion, and she is short; a wholly unintimidating 5’2. She is, however, very tone. Weighing about 127 pounds her thighs are thick and toned, her ass shapely, firm, and large. Her abdomen isn’t cut, but it is flat and hard when flexed. Her chest was a full 34D and her breasts were surprisingly perky. Her arms are not particularly defined, but that happens when hiking and jogging are your main forms of exercise. In fact, Barirah loves to hike, taking long walks through forests and meadows. The wide open land and dotted forestry were the only things she looked forward to before moving to her new home. Barirah certainly was a fine specimen. It’s the first week since they arrived to their new home in their small town. Barirah is preparing herself for her first day at her new high school. It was hard for her to make new friends in Omaha and she knows it’ll only be harder here. She was part of a tiny minority in Nebraska and in this town she was the only Arab, let alone Muslim, for miles. She dressed herself in lightly washed jeans, a white longs sleeve shirt and a light pink sweater made of light material on top. On her head she wore a black hijab, tightly wrapped around her head, framing her delicate face. When she ran down the stairs she found her sister and mother at the kitchen table eating some ful, eggs, and pita bread. She sat down and joined them. The family never spoke much at the kitchen table, and this time was no exception. They finished their food with few words and Barirah and Asha started down the road to school. The few people they ran into on their way to school gave them plenty of stares. They aren’t used to seeing a pair of young Muslim girls in a traditional garb walk down their streets. Luckily, home isn’t far from school and they stole away into the building to hopefully avoid more prying eyes. That wasn’t the case, though. Each student they came across gave them a long glance. They were an interesting sight, few had ever seen such people up close. Ignoring the whispers and stares each of the girls got to their classes. Barirah was met with many questions on her first day. People asked her about her manner of dress, the country she originated from, and about her culture. By the end of the day she was drained. She removed her hijab at home, forced herself through some light reading and sat down for dinner.”How was your day girls?” Hamid had a voice of low tones and coughed his way through his words due to his chronic illness.”It was good baba.” Barirah replied.Asha’s answer has not so simple, “I don’t like it here. People stare more than they did in Omaha. They ask me so many questions, baba.””That shouldn’t be surprising, Asha. You are new in town and of a different background. It’ll end.” Abra gingerly poked at her lamb and chewed softly.”Why did we have to come here? What was wrong with Omaha. What was wrong with Dearborn? I had so many friends there.” Asha whined.”Enough Asha!” Abra commanded.”Asha, you know we’re here because of my work. Now, please, eat your food.” Hamid said lightly.They continued their meal with some talk about their days. Hamid’s at his new job, Barirah and Asha about school, and Abra about the stores. Things remained the same for Barirah and her family for a while until two weeks later when a girl approached casino şirketleri her. She was a blonde haired, blue eyed senior from her English class, “Hey Barirah! Wait up!” she yelled as she chased her down in the hallway, her small perky breasts jiggling. “Hi Anne” She responded sullenly. It was another long day for her.”Hey, remember I said you should hang out with me and Rick some time. Well, you should come over today to his house. We’ll have some iced tea and doe some English work.””I don’t know, today might not be good.” Barirah liked Rick. She thought he was handsome, but he was dating Anne.”Oh come on, B! You should come, okay? You already know where he lives so we’ll see you there!” Anne ran away down the hall to Rick who waved to Barirah with a grin drawn across his face.Barirah put her things away in her locker and stood for a moment. She decided to go to Rick’s house and spend some time with them. It would be good to have some friends now. She made the 20 minute walk to Rick’s. He lived on a small a****l farm a few miles from the school. When she got the door of the small white house she knocked and waited. Rick answered the door quickly. He was a dark haired boy with light skin and rather muscular. He smiled immediately, “Barirah, I’m glad you came.” He stepped aside to let her in.”Where’s Anne?” She asked in a low tone, her head pointed to the ground as she stepped in. “Oh, she ain’t here.” Rick watched her walk passed. He noticed the way her large breasts jiggled lightly in her bra and the way her jeans tucked in underneath each of her cheeks. “She said we would hang out.” Barirah’s voice trailed off.”Well, it’s just us today.” He smiled and walked towards the kitchen, “You want something to eat or drink?””I’m okay.” Barirah responded in almost a whisper. She followed him into the kitchen. Rick was a rather large young man. His size was all the more apparent in the small kitchen. Barirah liked his dark hair and green eyes and the way his veins stretched along his forearms.”So, how are you likin’ Woburn?””It’s nice. It’s less busy than Omaha is.” Barirah began fiddling with a cloth on the counter as Rick fixed himself a cup of water.”Yea, this place isn’t a hot spot or nothin’, but you’ll enjoy it if you can fit in.””Yea…” Her voice trailed off as she thought about all the stares and questions she’s gotten recently. She wondered if she could ever fit in. As Rick sipped at his water he lead them to the living room where they watched some TV. They chatted for a while and Rick learned about how Barirah ended up down here. She was surprised she told him about the problems her dad had with his previous job. It wasn’t long before Rick suddenly changed the topic.”Hey, come with me. I want to show you the barn!” Rick said excitedly.”O..Okay” Barirah was unsure what to do or say so she followed him out of the house and into the old brown barn. Inside she just saw several stacks of hay and some tools. You could see patches of wood floor, but otherwise it was covered in dried up dirt and loose strands of straw. When she turned her head to talk to Rick she saw an older man sitting in the corner. She stopped her lips and stood silently. Rick noticed her hesitation.”That’s my dad.” Rick whispered to her. “He’ll be watching.””Watching? What do you mean?”Rick put his hand on one of her cheeks and gave it a squeeze, “That feels really nice, Barirah. Move over here a little more.” He pushed on her bottom over to a stack of hay and closed the bard door. Light still leaked in through a few windows. Compared to the outside, it was quite a bit cooler.Barirah was blushing and her heart began to race. She wasn’t sure of what to do, “W..Why? What do you want?” She asked meekly.”I know you like me. I could see it in your eyes since we first met. And me? I’ve never done it with a Muslim.” He spanked her ass.”But..But Anne…””Don’t worry about Anne. This was her idea.” Rick said with a mischievous grin. He put a hand on her waist and looked her body up and down, “Look at you. You’ve got a damn good body. You take good care of it, Barirah”.She blushed and turned her back to him, taking a few steps away from him, “I want to go home now, my family is waiting.””I’m sorry, but you can’t go just yet. Not until you’ve helped us out a little bit. Running this farm is hard work.” Rick stepped up beside casino firmalari her and wrapped his muscular arms around her chest, taking two handfuls of her voluptuous breasts. He bounced them up and down, squeezing them every now and then. Barirah could only manage a dark red blush, “Why don’t you go ahead and lie on your back on that hay stack and have your head hang off the side.”Barirah hesitated, staring at the sturdy stack. She couldn’t even move until Rick urged her to do it again. She stepped up and laid on her back, her head dangling off the side. The fabric of her hijab dangled in the air, holding strong around her head and jaw-line. She looked up and saw Rick smiling down at her, “Good job, Barirah.” He said between his smile as he began to undo his pants. His jeans slid off and Barirah could easily see a protrusion in his boxers. It didn’t stick straight out but it extended downwards for 8 inches, not that Barirah had the presence of mind to measure. It wasn’t long before Rick was sliding his boxers off slowly exposing his enormous American cock inch by inch until it bounced lightly as the waist band passed the tip. It wasn’t fully erect yet, but it was certainly getting there. The large veins were pumping his cock full of blood and Rick felt the heat as he took a hold of the shaft and pressed his head against Barirah’s lips.Barirah just laid still and felt the heat of his blood filled head as it touched her lips gently. All she could see now were Rick’s toned legs, his heavy sac and the bottom of his large shaft. She could still hear him, however, and he was breathing hard with anticipation now. He pushed his hips forward and his tip pushed passed her lips and into her warm mouth. He began to piston his shaft very lightly, his head sliding along her tongue. Barirah just watched his scrotum gently dangle back and forth as Rick reached to his side for something. His hand returned with some shears. He pulled on her shirt and cut right down the middle, moving the fabric aside to expose her black bra. He quickly cut the strap between the cups and pulled the bra away, revealing her perky brown tits. Barirah couldn’t see it, but Rick smiled instantly, his cock growing harder just by the sight of them. He began playing with them, giving them each a few squeezes and gently tweaking each nipple. Rick’s father was still in the corner, seated in his chair. He was rubbing the crotch of his pants as he watched his son who was now moving his hips a bit faster. Barirah could feel the veins pulsate on her tongue as his cock quickly filled her mouth, stretching her jaw with each thrust. Rick took to slapping her large breasts when he wasn’t pinching and tugging on her nipples and it wasn’t long until he began pushing in further. Barirah could feel the tip of his cock near the back of her throat and when the thrusts slowly brought his head there she began to gag lightly, the head pressing against her tonsils. By now his shaft was coated in Barirah’s saliva, enough so that it just dripped down to his hilt.”A gagger, huh?” Rick said as he put one hand on the back of her head, the other under her chin wrapped along her neck. He stopped his thrusts and began to push his shaft into her mouth, inch by sloppy inch. It wasn’t long before her jaw was stretched open and his head was pressing against her tonsils. Her face turned a light red and Barirah shut her eyes tightly as the back of her throat contracted. His tip squeezed passed her tonsils and into her throat and his shaft was now bathing in saliva. Barirah’s face turned a dark red, her eyes welling with tears. Rick could see her stomach move in and out as she tried to get air. He pulled out of her throat then out from between her lips and let out an extended, “Breath.”Barirah gasped for air and tried to lift her head, but Rick kept her down. Spit was running down her face, into and around her nose and down to her eyes. She turned her head enough to catch a glimpse of Rick’s dad now jerking off his exposed cock. Her moment of respite did not last long and Rick was pushing his member into her mouth again. Now, he began to face fuck her. He moved his hips quickly and deeply, his tip moving in and out of her throat. Barirah couldn’t help but drool on his shaft and each time he pulled his cock out for her to breath, thick globs of spit dumped out and güvenilir casino rolled down her face. She couldn’t open her eyes anymore and her nose was so thoroughly clogged with spit she couldn’t use it to breath. The moments she wasn’t gagging she could only think what her family was doing, what Anne was doing, and about the heat between her legs.Rick finally stepped back and released her head, “I want your little Arab ass where your face was.” His hand wiped a bit of his own drool from his lip as he caught his own breath. Barirah slowly repositioned herself, laying on her stomach. Only the tips of her toes could reach the ground, and only barely so. Rick reach around her waist and undid her jeans, sliding them off. He thumbed her panties as well, not even wanting to take the time of seeing her in them, “Look at that ass..” He whispered to himself as he gave it a slap and took a hold of his slippery shaft, “Now spread your cheeks.”Barirah had never given a man a blowjob, let alone ever slept with one. Her heart raced and her hands shook as they reached behind her and spread her thick buttocks. Behind the flesh was glistening slit, lips tightly pressed together. Rick drank in the sight, but could barely contain himself. He positioned his head at the entrance and began to push, “I hope you’re a virgin”. His head squeezed passed her lips and quickly found her hymen, breaking passed it with ease. She didn’t bleed to Rick’s pleasure, he didn’t like blood. Barirah could barely contain herself, the pain that shot through her body was too much and she let out a scream. Rick only slapped her ass in response as he let his cock sit still, “You’re so damn tight. Mmph I might just cum sitting here like this.” He began to push his cock further again when he felt she was ready. It wasn’t long before he was giving her soft, short thrusts. He could feel her hot walls wrapped tightly around his cock as he oozed pre-cum inside. Her juice mingled with her spit and made his movements very easy. He soon picked up the pace, and in no time he was giving her pussy strong thrusts, stopping his cock just before her cervix. Barirah could feel every inch of his cock. As the pain lessened her screaming stopped and she took to low grunts. She still couldn’t believe what was happening and thought maybe this wasn’t real at all. Her thoughts were quickly interrupted as Rick began to pick up his pace. His dad masturbated in his chair, a sick smile on his face. He spoke for the first time in one of those low, smoker’s voices.”She’s got strong legs. Like a horse.” He said as her thick Arab thighs shook after each powerful thrust. She grunted each time the head pushed the walls of her pussy aside, his heavy sac swaying into her clit with a loud smack. Every few thrusts his hand would come down on one of her thick buttocks, sending a loud slap echoing through the barn. It wasn’t long before her ass was red and she began begging for mercy.”Mercy? You want mercy you little Arab cunt?” Rick said out of breath, his hips driving forward. He reached down and pulled her hair through her hijab, using his other hand to fishhook her when her mouth was in reach, “You won’t get any here.”Her back was arched and she continued to grunt between her clenched teeth. She didn’t notice the sweat that covered her body and ran down her powerful legs. Or the fact that it mingled with the juice that now began to slip out between Rick’s thick white cock and her clenching lips. Her heavy breasts heaved back and forth as her nipples grazed bits of hay. Her hands began to clench at the straw now as Rick’s sac began to tighten. He pulled out quickly and pulled Barirah by her hips onto the floor. She landed on her ass with a smack and he quickly began to jerk off his shaft with his head inches away from her face. With a loud grunt thick ropes of cum began to spew from his engorged tip, landing on her black hijab. Barirah could do nothing but blush as his hot cum soaked her hijab and began to drip down her forehead.”Now…Go to my dad.” Rick said, panting. He leaned against a pile of hay as he tried to collect himself.She looked over to his dad and was about to get up when he commanded, “Crawl.She got back down on her hands and knees and crawled over to him, her skin dragging against the wood floor, collecting some of the dirt. When she got to him she knelt between his long knees and looked upwards. His face was worn and wrinkled, his blue eyes slim and focused. There was a long drawn out silence as he slowly tugged on his shaft. However, it was finally broken by the already familiar raspy, “I won’t be as easy on you.”

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