An Anonymous Relationship VII


An Anonymous Relationship VIII started my car and slowly drove out of the park. I did not know what else to do so I started to drive toward Melanie’s house. Then I noticed that the police car that had been behind me was there again. He was definitely watching me.“I see you back there.” I said under my breath as I turned the opposite way from Melanie’s house.Instead I headed toward the campus and decided the best thing to do was to go about my day as normal as possible. It was hard to concentrate on my classes as I tried to think of what I could do about Ms. Johnson and her evil fellow conspirators. It was frightening to think about the way they seemed to bully anyone who might to reveal their perverted use of the teen girls of this town. Then it occurred to me that Ms. Johnson must be acting out of fear at the sight of Melanie and Stacy just talking on the street. “What does she fear so much about those two talking?” I asked myself.No doubt Ms. Johnson feared that Stacy would talk about her experience with the old bitch and her two male partners. No doubt they watched her for any sign that she might be telling anyone about what they made her do but what about Melanie would threaten them so much? Melanie was just the editor of the local newspaper if you could call the Town Messenger a newspaper. Mostly it had advertisements and want ads, birth announcements and obituaries. It was only published once per week. Finally my classes were over and I decided to cut my day short and go home. As I drove out of town I saw the Sheriff once again follow my car. As I left the city limits he turned off and I went home as quickly as I could. I was just pulling into the drive when I saw Melanie’s car parked in the drive. I pulled behind the barn as I suddenly decided I wanted to see what she was up to. I quietly moved to the house and entered through the back door. I could hear my mom and Melanie talking as I came to the opening of the living room.“I’m sorry Bev but I have to leave and I will be gone by tomorrow morning! I had to be careful to just get out of town without being seen.” Melanie was saying.“Who is scaring you so much?” Mom asked with concern and sadness in her voice.“The less you know the better. I just wanted to see you one last time before I disappear. Bev, I truly do love you!” She said and then I heard the sound of a passionate kiss.“Take me with you! I need you so much!” Mom said as she started to sob.“I wish I could but you need to take care of Dave and Heather. They need you even more than I do, especially Dave. You know I still love him more than any man I have ever known.” Melanie said as she too began to cry.“Then you do still love Dave! Why did you stop being with him?” Mom asked. “It is hard to explain but just know that I did it for his own good and yours too! That is why I am leaving.” Melanie said as she tried to sound brave.“Please make love to me again before you go!” Mom said in desperation.Things grew quiet but then I heard clothes being removed. I chanced a look around the corner to see them again kissing samsun escort passionately as Melanie stroked my mom’s tits. Mom moved her mouth to Melanie’s neck and ear as her hands cupped the sexy red heads ass. They both groaned as their hands explored each other’s curvy bodies. I could not help but feel a little guilty as I found myself examining their bodies. Mom was shorter with dark hair and blue eyes. Her tits were large and were sagging some but looked so wonderful. Melanie had fiery red hair and green eyes. Her skin was light and had fine freckles all over. Her tits were even larger than mom’s but they did not sag.I watched as my mom moved her mouth down on to one of Melanie’s nipples. Melanie threw back her head and moaned in ecstasy. Mom’s hand moved to her lover’s pussy. Her fingers softly stroked the puffy lips and then rubbed her clit. I could see Melanie’s pussy was already slick with her love juices and I found myself licking my lips as I remembered the sweet taste of Stacy’s pussy. Two of Mom’s fingers began to fuck her lover. Melanie started to pant as her excitement grew.“Fuck Yes! Bev you always know how to press my buttons!” Melanie moaned as her hips jerked.Mom slipped on her knees and all I could see was the back of her head move as she was eating pussy. Melanie pulled on her nipples as her head rolled from side to side. My own hand slipped to my aroused pussy and I started to rub it. Melanie was having an orgasm as she grabbed Mom’s head and humped against her face.“Ohhhh Yesssss! Eat ME!” Melanie screamed.Mom looked up at her and I could see her face coated with pussy juice. Then she lowered her head and lightly kissed her thighs.“Are you sure you want to leave?” Mom asked as she licked her lips suggestively.“Bev, you are sexiest woman I have only known! It is going to be hard without you! First I had to give up my favorite cock and now my favorite pussy! I have no idea on how I will even exist without you and Dave!” Melanie said as she stroked my Mom’s cheek.Mom pulled Melanie onto the floor. I watched as the two women went into a 69 position with Melanie on top. They were deep into their love making and they did not hear my Dad’s old pickup pull up out front. I quickly ducked back behind the corner as I waited for fireworks to go off when he walked in. I could hear the door open over their grunts and moans as they consumed each other’s pussy. Dad’s footsteps could be heard and then I heard him inhale sharply.I again I took a quick look and I saw my Dad standing there watching the women make love. He had a large bulge in a pants and his hand began to rub his erection. I wanted so bad to go over and suck his big cock right there and then. Suddenly I saw my Mom’s hand and arm appear from the tangled flesh of the two women. She then extended her index finger and slowly signaled my father to join them. I think it may have been the sexiest thing I had ever seen.I watched as Daddy removed his clothes. I had to stifle a groan when his cock sprang free. For a man in his mid-forties he was in excellent escort samsun shape from his long hours of working on the farm and in construction. He knelt behind Melanie and I was certain she had no idea he was there. Mom grabbed his cock and guided to the pussy she was eating. Melanie’s eyes flew open as she felt the stiff cock slide into her. I waited for her scream in protest but she just turned and looked at my father.“Fuck me baby! I need your big cock!” She said as she lowered her face back into my Mom’s pussy.Dad began to fuck his cock in and out of her as Mom was licking her clit and his balls. I slipped to my knees and rapidly fingered my own horny pussy. I watched as Melanie’s tongue flicked over Mom’s clit.“Fuck her baby! Fuck her pussy good! She has been wanting this for so long!” Mom said with a muffled voice.Melanie lifted her head and moaned loudly as she began to cum on Daddy’s cock. Mom’s hips were jerking as Melanie rubbed her pussy and Daddy was so fucking hard it sounded like he was spanking Melanie. I could tell he was going to give her his nut and it would be soon and sure enough he grunted as his sperm filled the mature red heads pussy.“Oh fuck Dave!” she moaned as he started to pull out.Mom grabbed her hips and put her mouth on Melanie’s freshly fucked pussy. I could hear her sucking and lapping as she extracted the sperm. My father just grinned as he watched my mother. Melanie rolled on her back as my mom moved up to her. They began to kiss and I watched as the sperm slowly dripped from Mom’s mouth. Then they looked at Daddy and smiled as they slowed his cum.“That sure brought back fond memories!” Daddy said as he grinned and both women giggled.“Yes it did! I love you both so much!” Melanie said.“So does this mean that I am not in the dog house anymore?” Daddy said hopefully.“Melanie is leaving Dave! Tell her to stay!” Mom said in a pleading voice.“Why would you leave?” asked my father in a perplexed voice.“I have too! If I don’t, we could all be in serious trouble! You do not understand what these people are capable of! You will all be safe once I leave.” She said sadly.“Who is making you leave? I’ll bust them a new one!” Daddy said with growing anger.“I cannot tell you and I will not tell you.” She said sadly but with resolution as they all looked at each other.“Well I can.” I said as I stepped into the room with the three naked adults.“Heather!” Mom said as she tried to cover herself while Melanie just sat with her mouth open as Dad grabbed for his discarded shirt to cover his now limp cock.“What are you talking about?” Daddy asked but was clearly agitated about being caught by his daughter just having sex with two women.“I know who is forcing Melanie to leave town but what I do not know is why. It’s Ms. Johnson, the Mayor and the Sheriff! Am I right?” I said as I looked into Melanie’s eyes which were filled with shock and then tears. Then her head slowly nodded that I was correct.“Why would they make you leave town?” Daddy asked as he looked her.“I’m not really sure myself but it samsun escort bayan started when a woman that worked at the bank told me that they all had a joint account and there was a lot of money in it like a million dollars in it. I started snooping around. I was thinking that it was bribe money or perhaps something to do with politics. I guess I had delusions about be a real journalist. That was when I was informed that they could put me and the people I love in prison so I backed down. They always reminded me to keep my nose clean but other than that they left me alone until today but then they told to get out or else.” Melanie said as her eyes went around the room.“It was when Ms. Johnson caught you talking with Stacy in the park.” I said and again all three looked at me in amazement.“That is right; I have never seen anyone more upset than she was. She told me that if I did not leave that she would see that we all went away. She then told me we would not be the first to disappear.” Melanie said and sound more frightened than ever.“I know where the money comes from and what they are up to but I really need to know what they have on you Melanie. What is it that could put you and my parents in jail?” I asked and even as my words came out I could see fear grow on her face but then she sighed and lowered her head.“I really did not know, Dave! Please forgive me!” Melanie said as she began to cry.Mom hugged her and was no longer trying to hide her naked body from me. Daddy also put his arms around her.“What is it Melanie?” Daddy asked.“I’m your half-sister! We have the same father! They said they would show that we had been having a lifelong i****tuous affair! We would be ruined here in town and the Sheriff said he would have us prosecuted.” She said as her body was racked with sobbing.My father just sat there with his mouth open as he realized he had unknowing been having sex with his sister since he had been in high school. My own mind flashed on my own taboo relationship with my dad and suddenly I was tempted to tell my father that I was the woman he had been meeting at the glory hole.“When I found out I tried to stop loving you. I guess I must have been a real bitch. Then there was Bev. You know how I love her and cannot resist her in bed.” She laughed. “I guess you thought I was stealing her away. Forgive me Dave but tonight when you put your cock in me I felt alive again. If I could I would still be your lover.” Melanie rambled on.They all hugged as they tried to comfort each other.“Now I see why you have to leave but I have another idea. I think we will sell the farm and move away where we can be together. I hope I am not shocking you Heather but I cannot imagine my life without the two of them.” Daddy said as he looked at me.“I’m not shocked Daddy, I have known about the three of you for a while now. Not about Melanie being your sister and that does not bother me but I think there is another solution other than moving away.” I said as I smiled and a plan slowly formed in my mind.Stay tuned for the sexy conclusion….(A word from the author: So what will Heather do? This story has come a long ways with many twists and turns but we are coming to an end….If you are enjoying please tell me so with a thumbs up. As always I enjoy your messages and comments.)

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