Amanda our Cleaner


Amanda our CleanerI did promise I would let you know how my regular sessions with Amanda came about. She and her mother are our regular cleaners coming in once a fortnight to clean through. We are about equal in height standing around 5 10 in our stocking feet, Amanda is a lovely slim girl and very easy going, cheeky as well. With the Emerald Green eyes and light blond hair tied up in a bun. Sadly, she has not got a lot of bust but little is plenty as they say. My girlfriend has been around when the cleaners are in so our patter never raises a concern for jealously although I have to say I we are alone even for a brief moment, there is a look between us. The fact my GF and her mum are around means forbidden territory. Idly talking one day, my GF let it slip that she was off to Italy to see a client and would be away for a few days. One of those days co-inside with the girls visit to us. On the day, all was normal and they left around mid-afternoon. I had not bothered with a super that day choosing to continue working in my office till late. I heard the front door close but thought nothing as we hear the people next door occasionally. Shortly The door opened behind me and as I turned around, Amanda stood there trying to look a little surprised, not. “Hi, not cleaning day again is it” too which she fumbled an apology saying she had lost an ear ring and as no light were on at the front of the house, she thought I was out. I could not help it, but had a grin when I said “I take it you have check all the rooms”? She grinned obviously, our chemistry was working well as she turned erzurum escort and slunk away and smiled over her shoulder as she said “not checked the bedroom yet”. “I’ll give you a hand” with that I got up and followed her through to the main bedroom. I followed a short distance behind her and could not help notice how differently she looked out of her working clothes. Amanda wore a short skirt with a tight role neck jumper, slight heals which showed her slim legs to their best. She had also let her hair right down which I never would have guessed was shoulder length. I had not made the bed that day nor drew the curtain which to some extent was a good thing, nosy neighbours and all that. She has slipped her coat full off as we walked through the door, she took one look and turned to me with a very sexy smile saying “you did not make your bed your naughty boy” and taped me playfully on the hand. As she lent over to pull the covers strait, her skirt rode up revealing stocking that hold themselves up and a skimpy pair of Black knickers. I walked up behind her and took hold of her by the hips, gently letting my hands wonder around her body. Amanda did not object in anyway so I knew we were finally going to get it together. She pushed back into my hands so that her bottom was right up against my now hardening dick and as she did so give a little intake of breath and reached between her legs and gave old Percy a rub. “Is this for me she said looking between her legs at me, “yes, as much as you want” I replied and my hands slipped under her erzincan escort skirt and softly massaged the outside of her thighs which were warm to the touch. The feel of her soft silky stockings and knickers, there was a faint aroma of sex in the air, a smell of damp knickers which was almost too much to handle for poor old Percy. “Hmm” she said, “something is stirring” and squeezed a little tighter. Amanda slowly stood up and lent her whole body against me, while I let my hand wonder up her body one arm around her waist, the other full on to her breast. Amanda’s head dropped back onto my shoulder as I took her weight. Kissing her gently on the neck and ears, I could feel breathing becoming shallow, her body tensing as she enjoyed the moment. She pulled back a little and turned full onto me, pulling me in close. Poor old Percy was pushed right up against her groin now as I dropped my hands to her bottom and pulled her in. We kissed a very deep passionate kiss, out tongs exploring each other mouth lustfully. I undid the two shoulder buttons on her role neck and pulled the jumper over her head and we resumed our kissing. Amanda had undone my shirt, removing it and clawing my chest and back together we fell back onto the bed. She felt so warm and passionate but neither of us were going to stop now. My hands wondered around her body as her did. I slipped a free hand between her thighs, not feeling any resistance, my finger then rubbed the very wet material and pushed it a little between her pussy lips. It was becoming a little more çeşme escort intense now and I did not want her to scream the house down. I rolled onto my back pulling her over with me which allowed me to undo her bra and skirt. I rolled her back so I could pull the skirt off, almost immediately followed by those slimline Black lacy knickers she was wearing. I had Amanda naked now on our bed. We still kissed quite passionately as I tried to remove my trousers but eventually, we were two naked bodies together. Amanda pushed me away slightly so Percy could stick right out at her. “Fuckkkk, give me that” she said as I slowly lowed myself down and let the end rub against her moist pussy. She looked up at me as I pushed gently into her, she must have read my sudden thoughts as she whispered “don’t worry, I’ll get the morning after pill. I want to feel your skin next to me” and I pushed Percy all the way in. our pelvic bones met and ground against each other. It was not long before I was hard fucking her with squeals of delight ringing in my ears. All too soon I heard her growl and started to tense up as her orgasm hit making me push harder and deeper into her as her legs rose around my back. She squeezed her thighs to stop and hold me as I wrapped an arm around her neck pulling her into closely. My cock suddenly gave way to masses of pulsating spasms shooting all I had in store right up into her. She too was pulsating as I could feel her pussy throbbing around my cock, then gently it was over and we just lay there with me inside her till I fell out and a sticky wet patch formed. I asked when she had to go and Amanda said that she arraigned the babysitter all night as she was going on the town with a girlfriend and would stay at her place. I looked at her and we both grinned but suddenly I felt Percy getting hard. She looked and asked, “does he know where to go” and giggled…

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