Am I An Angel Or Devil Part 7


Am I An Angel Or Devil Part 7deleteddeleteddeleteddeleteddeleteddeleteddeleted Well going to the story straight without wasting your time…Few months passed and I had few sexual experiences with my friends and with my dad too. But I was just having a feeling to do public activities as like Shyam did to me. It had been like three months since that happened to me which completely changed my life. But I never know that luck was on my side until one day.It was during our semester exams. Before the last few exams, i was in my college. I saw few of my friends talking seriously about something. They are my classmates. I just went near them and asked what they are talking so seriously. They just said that they are discussing going for a trip to somewhere in our holidays. I just thought for a while and asked them that I will too join them if they don’t mind. They saw one another and said that they will tell me after they discuss about it. They just felt weird when I asked them and I could see that in their faces.It was the night when I got a message from one of them. He told that they were planning a boy’s trip so it would be very rough and odd for me. So he asked me to think a lot before I say okay to them. I just replied that am ready for that. He said that he will get to me soon.After few mins, I got a message. He said that if I am ready to go for a trip with them I should agree to the conditions they say. Only then I can join them. I just thought for a while and said that I am okay with asked what the conditions are. He told me that he will say that tomorrow in college.Next day after finishing my exams and going to home i got a message from them. He told that they have few conditions for me and only if i agree to those i can join them. If i don’t like any of those i cannot come with them. The main important conditions are like these…(many are not important to mention here)• I should do whatever they tell me to do• I should never tell anyone about it• I should never tell my identity to anyone during my trip• I should never make my dad involve in this• I should never call police or others for anythingAfter maltepe escort reading those i just thought to myself that i am going to be used and treated like Shyam did to me in past and also i am very excited to see whats waiting for me. Actually they have planned a trip for goa. They were three boys bala, David and john and i being the only girl in that group. Actually i had sex with john alone one time in college. But they all knew well about me. I told them i am okay with all those conditions but they should never blackmail me by taking pics or videos of me. They said that they wont but they will take videos for their own and they promised me that they will never show them to anyone.I got a message that we will start the trip after two days and the conditions start from now onward and i have to do whatever they say from now on. If i don’t obey to them then they will not take me with them. And they clearly said that this is going to be worse that Shyam did to me. They again told me to think even now. I said that i am ready to have another adventure of my life.Next day i received a message from john. He asked whether i have shave my pussy hair. I said i dint shaved for a while. He told me not to shave but wax my entire body except pussy hair. I dint shaved for a while and i had a bush down there.since I used to shave a lot my pussy hair has grown a lot and I don’t mind it too. So it was covering all my pussy from my waist line to the asshole. I wondered why they asked me not to shave my pussy hair. I went to the parlour and waxed my body to look good.i waxed everywhere except my pussy.i remover even the hairs in the asshole. When I style in front of the mirror without clothes I could see myself very beautiful and shinny without any hair in my body except the thick bush in my pussy. The tattoo in my upper right boobs and the waist chain with the piercing added extra beauty to my body.I then called them and informed them that I have done waxing. The day passed and it is the day we have planned to start the journey. We have planned to start the journey at 7 in the evening. It’s a 550 km escort maltepe travel approximately. It takes approximately 18 to 19 to reach Goa since we planned to reach non stop and also they three were good at driving. I informed my dad about the trip. He was out of the city for a business trip. He told me to be safe and call him I case of any emergency. He was very concerned about my safety since the incidents with Shyam. He told me to enjoy the trip to the best.It was 7 when they reached my house. They parked the car at a distance from my house and told me to come to it. I was in my normal t-shirt and jeans with all my inner wears. I packed some dress and cosmetics with it too. I reached the car. They saw me and told me to leave the luggage as they have all my dresses and cosmetics. I left everything in my home except my cellphone and my purse. They were happy to see me and welcomed me.They brought an Innova for the ride. Bala was riding the car while me John and David were sitting at the back. It was well spacious enough for us. We were riding for about an hour and they never touched me or did anything naughty. Then Bala stopped the car in an isolated place. They told me to get down the car and I too got down along with them. We were standing in front of the car and I can see no one around the place or any vehicles. They told me to remove my dress as they want to inspect me. I just looked around and after ensuring no one is around I removed my clothes on by one and stoked naked in front of them. They were very astonished by seeing such a beauty standing nude in front of them. They said that they want something in my body to add some extra sexiness. I wondered what they have planned to do with my body and also I don’t cared much as I like to enjoy a lot. Then they told me to wore my clothes and we started to drive. Bala drove the car in the outskirts of the city and stopped in a tattoo shop. I thought that they were going to make me put some tattoos on me. I asked them not to put a permanent tattoo in my body. They just laughed and said that we were not here for tattoos .We entered the maltepe escort bayan tattoo shop. David said something to the owner. He went and closed the door and kept the closed sign on the door. He then asked me to remove my jeans and lie in the bed. I wondered what they have in mind but I never asked anything and listened to them. He then came to me and pulled the panties down. I was now nude at the bottom with four men in front of me. They were seeing me with full of lush in their eyes.He wore a gloves and gently played with my pussy hai and stared at it for few mins. Then he took a pointy trimmer and came near my pussy hair. He told me to open the legs wide and lay still without any movement. He started to trim my pussy hair. It already made me wet and I started to leak as it was long time since I have done such public activities. He laughed at me and cleaned my pussy with a cloth and again started to work. He trimmed my hair for about 10 mins and wiped it clean. I was not able to see anything since he had put some clothes in my stomach and legs for not to hair to s**tter around. He then started to wax my pussy. While waxing I felt there is still some hair above my pussy. After waxing he took a purple hair colour bottle and applied it in the hair above my pussy and dried it using hair dryer. Then he took some lotion and did the same. After five mins of drying my hair he removed the clothes and wiped my pussy clean. He told me to stand and see in the mirror.I was just surprised what I saw in the mirror. He have trimmed my pussy hair saying SLUT with the hairs itself. It was trimmed above my clitoris in the public area and it was shining in purple. I never even thought that I could do such a thing with my pussy hair. It was purple and shining in my white body. It was well trimmed that SLUT looks clearly without any flaw. It was really a good work. They too appreciated the owner and paid him well. I started to wore my clothes and we went to the car. I was really very surprised by his work. It was around 9 when we started to drive . Now they all have become little naughty and I could see that in their eyes too.maybe it’s because they saw the beauty under my dress. They started to touch and slowly I too responded.That’s all guys and I will surely write as soon as possible as many were requesting me to post soon. comments to my Stories

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