Am I a pervert?


Am I a pervert?I might be thrown in jail for what I have done. I pray I never get found out. My career would be ruined.I’m a 41 year old criminal defense attorney. I love what I do. Most of my work is in the criminal world where I meet people of all types. It can get a bit seedy at times-you might say I’ve become tainted-but I love helping people out of tight jams, and sticking it to the man. Nothing pleases me more than getting charges reduced for someone facing serious jail time or better yet, the thrill of an acquital. I rub shoulders with people involved in d**gs, prostitution, forgery, indecent exposure, tax fraud and a whole host of other serious crimes. Someone has to do it.There are lots of ethical rules we attorneys are held to, most of them obvious, common-sense things, but the one in particular involved in my story is the prohibition on having sexual relations with clients. I never thought this would become a problem for me.It was about 2 years ago that I first met Anna. She was a 36 year old married professional woman with long, flowing red hair, blue eyes, wide hips and large breasts. She came to my office extremely well-dressed and nervous having been charged with some very serious crimes and wanting me to help her find a way out of the charges – and perhaps save her marriage to her rich husband who had inherited lots of real estate. I asked her what she had been charged with and was somewhat shocked to hear her say “indecent exposure is what they call it, I’m guilty as hell.” I asked edremit escort “What were the circumstances exactly?” and she leaned forward and whispered “I love to watch men masturbate. If I undress in front of them, they usually jack off for me.”With that, she leaned back, unbuttoned her dress and exposed her large breasts and huge erect nipples. I had never seen nipples so hard and erect. I immediately felt my crotch area bulge out as my cock hardened. I thought of asking her to cover herself up but I was getting a raging hard on. Anna then stood up and allowed her dress to fall to the ground. She was wearing no underwear! There she was, nude in her red high heels. My god her hips and ass were glorious! She had trimmed her crotch area to a strip of dark red hair that drew one’s attention down to her meaty cunt lips. I wanted to just fuck the hell out of this sexy woman. She started to become aroused and quiver a little realizing that I was now fully erect. It was then that she said “I want you to pull down your pants and jerk your cock. Do it!” My head was spinning and my body trembling from excitement as I dutifully pulled down my pants and stood up across from her. “Don’t touch me!” she said. “Just jerk it, jerk it for me, now.” I slid my boxer shorts down, my engorged cock fully exposed and proceeded to masturbate for her. She then sat back in the chair, spread her legs open and ordered me to “Shoot your cum on my pussy.” I soon reached a climax and unloaded my hot cum juice on her bare pussy edremit escort bayan and up on her belly and tits. The cum kept squirting out of me and I got it everwhere. As I finished cumming I noticed her back arch tight, her hips heave and her tits quiver. She was having an orgasm.After cleaning up, she explained to me that this was the only way she could reach orgasm, watching men masturbate. It was something that had happened to her when she was young that had caused this psychological reaction. As a teenager, she had spied her father standing in front of her mother masturbating one night as her mother lay aroused. The image could not be erased from her mind and with time overwhelmed her thoughts. Now as a mature, fully sexual woman, she had been involved in this activity with hundreds of men. She got in trouble with the law, when she tried undressing in a public park and was immediately noticed by a patrol officer who had her arrested. She needed me to get her off as her husband knew nothing of her behavior.I worked on the case over the following months and eventually reached a deal with the prosecution. After pleading guilty to the reduced charges, she came back to may office and asked to meet with me alone. She still owed some on her bill and explained to me that she was having trouble paying my fee since her husband watched her expenditures so carefully. “I appreciate what you have done, but I can’t continue to pay you. Can we, maybe work out something for services? she said. escort edremit “What do you have in mind?” I asked. “Well, umm, I could strip for you and you could jack off on me. We can do it as many times as you like until you feel the bill has been paid.” The memory of her naked body and our previous experience was burned in my mind. My head felt light as I stood up and dropped my pants. “Okay” I said, “show me that sexy, fucking body you have and I will cum all over it.” She proceeded to strip, I jacked off for the next few minutes and she climaxed just as I began to squeeze the cum out of my rock hard dick. Oh my god I loved this. With time, we repeated our perversion over and over, I lost count after awhile and she never objected to it even though her bill had been paid in full for months. In fact, it became such an obsession with me, that the thought occurred that I might try this with my young, single, just out of school secretary, Miranda.When the opportunity presented itself and we were alone I swore her to secrecy and explained to her what I had been doing with my client, Anna. I asked her if she would mind getting naked letting me jack off on her virgin body. Her reply startled me “I’ve known about your activity with Anna. I’ve watched you through the blinds of your office. My god it made me so horny.” With that, she slid off her jacket, unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her perky, tiny tits and slid off her skirt baring her school girl ass and hairless pussy. She turned around, stuck her ass out and spread her ass cheeks with her hands. “Shoot it on my ass daddy, on my ass” she said. Oh my. I dutifully obeyed.Now, not only have I broken ethical rules, I am caught up in this and cannot stop. Oh how I hope this never becomes public.

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