Almost perfect


Almost perfectInspired by Luv_Lucy 😉 Thanks hun. xxxI’m a slut! Lol ever since I first touched a cock (the feeling of slutiness was exacerbated once I touched a pussy- but that’s a different story) Previously I never really wanted to share any details until I read Lucy’s story.I’ve been having sex with my fuck buddy- lets call him Mark for about 6 months now and to be honest sex is great- FANTASTIC! And I’m sure he’ll love reading this. Anyway I got him to read Lucy’s story whilst I gave him a blowjob one night and told him how much it turned me on. He had a wicked glint in his eye and I thought I’d push it a little further. “Of course you could share me with your mates if you reeeaaally wanted.” I teased coyly as I licked the tip of his cock. “Would you really want to?” He asked. “Mmmmmhummm!” I replied as I engulfed his cock in my mouth whilst looking up at him.He cum bucket loads instantly into my throat! Yummy!!!So; when, where, how, who and loads of other questions were the topic of our conversations for the next week or so. But there’d never been an official ok from Mark. Eventually I just said, “Look we’ve been fantasising about this all week. Are you going to let your mates fuck me or not?” “Ok” he replied.GULP!!!!As soon as he said “Ok” I was so scared… But so turned on I could hardly wait. He had 2 friends who I’d put into the “Yes I would do him” bracket. Let’s call them Tom and Jerry. (sorry first names that popped into my head… not including real names)So; a tip from Lucy was “not to prepare” thanks babe. So we didn’t prepare. Well I did the appropriate waxing, moisturising, manicuring etc but no real preparations. The plan was we’d go out as a group, get smashed and see what happened.Meanwhile Mark got in touch with Tom and Jerry and arranged the night. We were going into Town which has hundreds of bars and is a favourite haunt for Stag and Hen do’s. Basically people get pissed a lot!I was so excited to go out. It had been a while for me to go out in town so I wanted to make it a good night. I bought myself some new shoes (very high heels) and a nice figure hugging short dress. Very summery I thought! ;)So a bit about me- 5ft 2 tall (hence the need for very high heels). Size 8-10 with breasts referred to as ample. Long dark hair and hazel eyes. Nicely toned and fairly flexible. With a nice tan too. (Yeah I live in the North East of England so it’s a spray on tan lol!)We met in one of the quieter bars and had a few drinks and some catch up. I was pleased with Tom and Jerry- they both looked well fit and had just come back from holiday the week before so were still tanned and had that after holiday glow. I always flirt and the lads don’t mind so they didn’t think anything of it when I rested my hand on their arms or thighs as we chatted and laughed. I on the other hand was getting wet!We moved on to another bar and the lads were instantly clocked by a group of girls on a hen night. As is tradition they were all dressed up in some scanty outfits. Schoolgirls, nurses, policewomen etc. Some I have to say looked pretty hot and if I hadn’t had my mission in mind I’d have liked to have a go at them myself. (But I had my mind set on other sights tonight! ;)Anyway girls on hen do’s always get maraş escort sooo drunk lol. And they always have those funny dare cards. “You must ask another guy for his boxershorts” or “You must snog the first guy you see” etc etc..I love hen nights and always try to spice them up a bit. I always get my dare cards from a saucy shop on line which has more risky dares… “You must spend the rest of the night with no knickers on” “You must snog the hen” or “You must pick a guy and show how you do deep throat on his bottle of beer”. Hen nights I go on always seem a bit wilder…Anyway it turns out that this particular hen do must have bought their cards from the same place I went to. This girl come over to Jerry, showed him her card, took his bottle off him and started to suck it. To much cheer from the other girls.Not only was I drunk and jealous of the attention she was paying him, I was appalled at how badly she attempted to deep throat the bottle! That’s rubbish I yelled, “I’ll show you how to do it!” To which I took the bottle out of her hand, gave her a wink looked Jerry in the eye and started to deep throat the bottle. I obviously impressed. 🙂 The girls cheered, Jerry looked stunned, Mark patted me on the bum and said “That’s my girl!” I smiled at Jerry afterwards and asked, “Did you like that?” Then followed it up with, “I loved showing that girl how to do it properly. It’s one of my favourite things.” I giggled then turned and started chatting to one of the other girls. A gorgeous red head with a naughty police woman outfit on! Who was the hen? Who was out? What were the dare cards? Etc.We had a laugh and the girl I was talking to showed me some of the cards. Quite racy but nothing outrageous (in my book). I asked her which card she had picked? “You must spend the rest of the night with no knickers on!” She giggled. I winked and asked “Are you?” she nodded, “That wouldn’t be a good card for me to pick, I’m commando too.” She just gave me a knowing smile. Tom however heard our conversation, “Hey Sara, have you got no knickers on he asked?” I turned and lifted my skirt up a bit and showed him my left bum cheek. “I don’t know Tom, maybe you should have a feel and check.” I winked at the girl and could tell she was impressed at my brazen hussy attitude. Then Tom did have a feel. I smiled as he probed under my skirt feeling my but cheeks and realised I was telling the truth. I pressed my butt against his hand and asked, “Are you going to leave your hand there all night?” Then whispered “Please!” He apologised and said “Well you can hardly blame me!” obviously not hearing me say please. The girl just giggled, she was gorgeous and to be honest I think she would have been up for some fun but her mates were calling her to move on to the next pub. When they left I was alone with Mark, Tom and Jerry again. By this time we were all getting a bit drunk. I kept sitting on Tom and Jerrys laps, trailing my arm over their shoulders and round their neck. I noticed my dress was riding higher over my tanned thighs as well. I’d either stopped pushing it down or subconsciously started pulling it up. Either way, I didn’t care!I noticed that Tom and Jerry were looking at me in a more letcherous way as the night escort maraş wore on. And Mark just kept grinning! They’d hold on to me if I sat on their laps, start to hold my hand when we were chatting and stare into my eyes more than normal… (Round 1 to me I think! Haha) And as the night wore on; I caught them staring at my legs, breasts or bum more often… I just gave them a sly smile, maybe a lick of my lips or even on occasion a very subtle wink. I felt amazing that these guys appeared to want me so much!Mark, who is always quick to notice whatever is going on just kept smiling! The arrogant git knew I was his and if the other guys picked up on my flirtations that was up to them or not. If they didn’t he still knew I’d be his. For the rest of the night the flirting continued, the flesh display went on and the guys just got drunker…. And I got wetter! ;)We eventually decided to call it a night; as we dragged Tom away from a local lap dancing club. “But she’s gorgeous!” He slurred. “So’s Sara!” said Mark and Jerry at the same time. “Hmmmm, maybe things were working?” I thought…We got back to Marks, had a smoke and food. The music on the radio was crap so we put the TV on. Adult channel freeview! “Jackpot!” I thought.. “This’ll get em going”While Toma and Jerry were engrossed in the TV I asked Mark to “help” me in the Kitchen?Once in the kitchen we chatted for a bit about how things were going. I commented, “I’m feeling really horny Mark. Will you still let me do it please?” He asked “If I still wanted to?” to which I replied, “if you don’t mind.” He smiled and I said “Thankyou!” as I dropped to my knees and undid his belt and jeans. Opening his boxers I took his cock into my mouth and slowly felt it get harder. I was a happy girl!I stood up and bent at the waist so that my head (more importantly my mouth) was at the same height as Mark’s cock, my bum wriggling in the air, no panties on and my high heels making my calf muscles taught! I went to work on Mark slurpin, licking and generally having fun! I was really enjoying myself when I heard a noise from behind. “Don’t mind me” I recognised Tom’s voice. “Just came in to get a drink!… Carry on!”I looked round to see him standing there, kind of shy and embarrassed but staring at my tight arse. I looked at him, smiled, winked, licked the tip of Mark’s cock and said, “That’s why I came in here… to get a drink as well… I’m reeeeallly thirsty! I want as much as I can get.”Tom smiled and shifted about uncomfortably not really getting my hint, just staring (was he stoned?). I wiggled my butt from side to side playfully and said “For fucks sake Tom get your cock out will you!” I laughed. This seemed to give him a jolt. He smiled and quickly obliged. Yes! For the first time in my life I had two cocks to play with… and what a pair! Mark’s is my favourite and always will be but Tom’s made a good impression on me! Fat and long with heavy balls. Shaven as well. Nice one Tom! ;)I took my first lick of it. Nice I thought. But not enough! “Go get Jerry” I pleaded with Mark. Mark left the room to get Jerry, I sucked on Toms cock deeply, told him to lie back and I just mounted him. I was the dominant one for now! HahaI was dripping with excitement and it slid maraş escort bayan in perfectly… up to the hilt. Mark and Jerry returned to find me ripping open the top of my dress to expose my breasts, the back of my dress rising over my nicely curved butt. I looked up at them. Mark’s cock already in my face. “Jerry I want yours too!” “I want cock now!” I was shocked at my sluttiness! It really made me feel confident! Jerry was quicker than Tom! Shirt off and strides down in a matter of seconds! I rode Tom for a while as I sucked on Jerry and Mark. Mark fucked me missionary as I sucked on Tom and Jerry. Then Jerry fucked me from behind while I sucked the other two. “Fuck me!” I was loving it and having loads of orgasms! Lol. Sweat ws dripping from me. My pussy juices pouring down my thighs. My nipples taught and my breasts heaving! Three cocks to play with was so much fun! Was I happy!!As we fucked Jerry got a little enthusiastic and tried to stuff his cock up my ass. “Woah there fella!!! I’m only little and I don’t like pain!” I pleaded. Then said, “Anyway, I want you to come in my mouth!” He was understanding of my protests! haha. Either that or he was happy at the thought of cumming in my mouth!At this Tom asked, “Do you want us all to cum in your mouth?” I moaned and said, “Cum wherever you want hun!” “Please!”This had the desired effect. It was like a cascade action! As soon as I said it Tom just stepped back, started wanking that big hot cock of his and within seconds he shot ribbons of hot cum against the side of my face. I turned my head and caught some in my mouth. Another rope hit my neck and dribbled towards my breasts. I liked it!As soon as he finished Mark started to cum to. He was pumping his cock right next to my mouth and I kept flicking my tongue out to tickle the end. Eventually he came. A huge gobbit full poured down my throat. I swallowed! “Mmmmm that’s 2” I thought to myself. I was loving it!Next was Jerry. He positioned himself in front of me. I was still on my knees while he was wanking his cock. It wasn’t huge but his balls were tremendous! Like two pendulums hypnotising me as they swayed back and forth as he wanked. Then suddenly they erupted. Peter North eat your heart out! OMG! There was gallons. And there was no way I was missing any of it. I opened my mouth as much as I could. It hit me in the face, in my hair but I’m proud to say I got most of it in the mouth. Any that I missed ran down my breasts and was wiped up, along with any stray globs of Mark’s and Tom’s cum, and eagerly licked off my fingers. Wow! What a pasting! :)I have to admit I fucking loved it. I was soaking wet. I was satisfied every way possible and I’d just done my most slutty thing ever. Next to wanking a taxi driver off for a free ride home! (again another story) Unfortunately real life sex isn’t like the porn films we all live to love! Three guys who are pissed and stoned aren’t going to stay awake for long after they’ve just had sex like that! I on the other hand wanted more. They had different ideas. They all slumped off into the settees exhausted (by me! Hehe) and went to sleep in a stoned daze!The ba****ds! Lol.And there I was, covered in cum, still horny and only the freeview dult channel to watch. Dam I wished I’d brought the girl from the hen party back with me! That would have been perfect! Please be kind. Give me a clue as to what you think of my event which is true and happened in June this year. Thank you! Saraxxx

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