Almost fucked my mom, but came too soon…


Almost fucked my mom, but came too soon…First off, my mom was/is a real slut. My parents divorced when I was young because he found out she had been cheating on him. In fact both of my sisters, which she had while they were married, are from two different men (which my dad didn’t find out about until later). I remember going around with her and other boyfriends as a young k** after they divorced and perhaps even before, I’m not sure. In addition, she did/does drink a lot. Not sure I’d say alcoholic, she is a professional and was always very responsible professionally actually.So anyway, she re-married when I was around 8 and remained in that marriage until I was in college. I lived with my dad, but visited her 3 times a year every year, 1 of which was about 2 months in the summer. My sisters lived with her.In their house I had a bedroom in the basement. It wasn’t really a real bedroom, but a room in the basement with a bed, that I would stay in when I visited.When I was a teenager sometimes when I visited in the summer they both still had to work and my sisters were still in school, so usually there would be a few days or a week or so when I would be home alone sometimes.Early on, as a young teenager, I had found my step-dads Playboy collection, actually I think my sisters told me about it. So as a teen I would sneak in to their room when everyone was gone and look at his Playboys.One time I found some VHS videos. I had a TV with a VCR built in in my room, so I took them canlı kaçak iddaa down there. They were copies, with blank labels, but they were with his Playboys so I suspected they might be porn.They were. There were two videos. One was the movie Taboo, the other was Taboo 2. If you don’t know what these are, look them up.These were so hot, and I watched them every chance I got, especially the scene where the mother fucks the son. These were the only movies I ever found.They got me to thinking seriously about fucking my mom and wondering if she wanted to fuck me. Why else would she have these right?The thing is, she had always been very risque around the house and now I was noticing it more. My sisters even complained about how she dressed and acted around the house, and one said to me once that she “was worse” when I was there.She wore silk lingerie around the house at night a lot, and she went without panties, even during the day a lot. She was an attractive woman too. She was sandy blond, about 5’6″, 120 lbs, C cup in her late 30s at the time.On multiple occasions she would be drinking and talk to me by myself, in my room or outside (we lived in the country) or around the house when others weren’t around, just about various stuff: life, what’s going on, school, philosophy, family, etc. When she was drinking she’d be kind of sultry in how she talked to me, and on many occasions, not just when talking to me, she’d be wearing just something like a short canlı kaçak iddaa silk slip and she’d bend over and you could see her tits or could tell she had on no panties.So anyway, one night, after everyone had gone to bed and I had just gone to bed, she came down into my room. I could tell she had had a few drinks, but this was nothing too unusual. This was about 2 years after I had first discovered the Taboo videos. She came in and asked if she could talk to me. She then sat on the side of my bed and I turned on the bedside lamp and sat up (me under the sheet, her on top of it).She was wearing a low cut turquoise silk slip that came down to the top of her thighs. She had kind of a starry look in her eyes and she was rambling about just general stuff, about me growing up and stuff. The way she was leaning I could see her tits hanging down, kind of swaying around as she talked. Then, I’ll never forget, she hiked her leg up on my bed, like in a figure 4 position, and I had a straight clear view of her pussy.I looked right at it, and probably had a surprised look on my face. She said, “Whaaat?” in kind of a ditsy way, then she looked down at herself, and was like, “Oppps, sorry”, and put her leg back down.I was now getting a boner tough, and I was wearing just boxers so I was trying to shift around under the sheets so my boner wouldn’t show.Then she was like, “Anywaaaaays,” and started rambling on again, but she kind of had the giggles and was being very distracted.Then canlı kaçak bahis she looked at the foot of my bed and saw that my comforter had been pushed off onto the floor, so she started reaching over trying to pull it up saying something about not having blankets on the floor, and she was kind of “fake” struggling with it, then she pivoted around and got up on my bed on all fours, facing away from me and reached over the back of the bed to pull up the comforter. At that point her whole ass was completely exposed up in the air pointed right at my face.I then reached up and put my hand on her ass, to which she did nothing, then I slid a finger across her lips, to which she panted. Then she swung her leg over me, straddling me, still facing away, and backed up, while pulling the sheets off me. We got into a 69 position and I buried my face in her somewhat hairy pussy. She was super wet and her pussy gaped when I spread it open. She was now sucking my cock hard, and before I knew it I started to cum in her mouth. I was like OMG.She climbed off and was like, “It’s okay. Sorry. Don’t tell anybody, etc.” I was just like, “It’s okay mom, I’m not going to tell any body.”Then she left. I went upstairs to go to the bathroom about 10 minutes later (I’m guessing, hard to tell the time as my mind was spinning) and I could hear her having sex with my step-dad. I went back to my room and jacked off again right away.The next day I waited a long time to come up stairs, but she didn’t say anything and it was like it never happened. We’ve never talked about it since and nothing like that ever happened again, to my disappointment. I wanted to fuck her really bad after that, but she never put herself in that position with me again.

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