All work and no play, NO WAY


All work and no play, NO WAYWritten for are at work and I come in to VISIT and close the door behind me.I walk over to your desk and sit on edge bending down I reach out taking hold of the back of your head and pull you to me, kissing you hard and forcing my tongue deep into your mouth. I can feel your tongue as is rubs against mine and your hands as they reach out and grab my head.It has been awhile since we last fucked in the office and we both are horny. Your phone rings and someone is going to drop off some papers. I do not want to wait as I want your body now and I have such a hard on. I drop under your desk and pull your chair in. You are wearing a skirt and I push it up and pull down your panties. You help by lifting your ass up and then your feet. MMM I stuff the panties in my pocket. I push your knees apart and kiss your inner thigh. You shiver as you feel my tongue and lips move lightly up and down your thigh. Your skirt is around your waist. My fingers are teasing your pussy lips and grasping them and then pulling out and apart. My thumb and forefinger of each hand have grasped the nevşehir escort pussy lips and pulled out and apart. You like the feel and spread your legs as wide as possible in chair. Now I attack your pussy with my mouth. First I lightly lick your lips and the tip of tongue move up and down and then the tip finds the clit.** too bad you cannot print this off or some hot take to a private area and use your finger like it was my tongue and cock.**The tongue wiggles and pushes on it and then my lips close around it and I suck you clit hard. You can feel your clit and the surrounding skin move into my mouth. You feel it as it crosses the edge of my teeth. You body tenses and shakes as I suck harder and it moves deeper into my mouth. My fingers are now probing your pussy and the index finger if each hand in just into pussy stretching it opens.Now I push on the index fingers and they both enter you and go deep. I can hear you give a soft moan and scoot your ass forward so I have better access to you. There is a knock on the door and someone walks in. You sit at your desk and I am under eating your pussy while a clerk hands you some escort nevşehir papers and starts to explain what they are about.I suck hard on clit and wiggle fingers in pussy pushing deeper causing you body to tense and I feel a slight quiver in your belly and hip.I can hear the conversation and you are getting upset they have not left and finally you tell her that you know all about it and she can go.She leaves and as the door closes you roll back grab my head and pull it to you hard then you wrap your legs up over my shoulder and around the back of my head. Now you have my head in a headlock with your legs and you arch you back and moan as I suck harder. My fingers are wiggling deep and fast.My tongue is licking your clit inside of my mouth as it is sucked deeper.My hands, now that we are alone, move up under your blouse and push up the bra to cup, squeeze and then pinch the nipples. I roll your nipples between my fingers making you moan and arch your back. Your clit is sucked deep into my mouth sending tingles of delight through your body while my fingers are inside you looking for the g spot. Then I keep one hand on tit nevşehir escort bayan one in pussy and lips on clit.Working each fast hard until I feel your body tense and then a moan and you call me all sorts of names as you orgasm.The feel of your body quivering under my hands send thrills through me. My cock is hard and I stand up.You are just finishing your orgasm and grab my pants opening them and pulling my cock out. You then start to lick and soon hand the head in your mouth. I feel you teeth and the tease the cap of my cock and then I moan as I feel your lips move down the shaft taking the entire cock into your mouth.I am so hot and horny that you only have to caress my balls a few times, finger the base of my cock at that spot that drive me crazy and then I exploded and you take the whole load in your mouth.I bend down and kiss you.Dam that was good to bad you don’t have a bed in your office and the floor is just too hard. Well mmmmmmm maybe not. Want to try that or do you have more work? You stand to straighten your skirt and someone knocks again. Same woman and she looks a little surprised to see me. She cannot remember seeing me the last time she came into the office. Oh well you can explain it to her. Bye.I hope this gets posted okay as I am just learning to use this site. I have several stories to post and if you like my work let me know and maybe I can write a story for you.

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