All Ends Well

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Heather had just graduated high school and the eighteen year old girl was thinking about College when her mother came home early from her job at the bank. Heather asked, “Why are you home so early mom?”

Her mother Carol replied, “I got laid off and it couldn’t have come at a worse time. The job market is tight and we are really in danger of losing the house. In the morning I’ll go looking for a job. Perhaps I can get lucky. Wish me luck baby.”

Heather thought about how difficult it had been for her mom ever since last year when her father ran off with another woman and left them to fend for themselves. She added, “Mom we will both find a job in the morning and everything will work out. Let’s scan the paper today and be ready for tomorrow. Please don’t worry mom everything will be alright.” They each searched the want adds and wrote down every prospect. After dinner they both bathed and went to bed early.

The next morning they drove downtown and Carol dropped off her daughter at a corner she requested. As she stepped out of the car Heather said, “There is no telling how long each of us will be so don’t try to come back for me. I will take the bus home and hopefully we can share some good news.”

The young girl was nervous as she entered the building. As she checked out the directory she was approached by a very attractive light skinned black girl who inquired with a broad smile, “Can I be of assistance my dear? This building is huge. What are you looking for?”

Heather blushed as she answered, “Black Lesbian Experience. They advertised a job opening in the paper and it said the pay was extremely generous.”

The good looking black girl stated, “This is your lucky day my dear. My name is Naomi and I work for Amanda Jackson. That is who you are looking for isn’t it?”

Heather said, “Yes it is. I need a job so badly. My mother just got laid off and we could lose our house. Maybe you would be so kind as to put in a good word for me.”

Naomi held her hand and offered,”I’ll do better than that dear girl. Amanda won’t get in for another hour. We can go to the office on the seventh floor and I’ll get us some coffee and brief you on Amanda Jackson and the job. I know she is going to like you a lot; come with me dear.” The rode the elevator to the seventh floor. Naomi unlocked the door, seated Heather, and put on the coffee pot. Naomi sat behind a small desk and explained, “You can tell by the name that this job has much to do about black lesbians. Are you a lesbian my dear?”

Heather answered, “No I’m not but I am willing to do what ever it takes to get the job.”

Naomi looked Heather straight in the eyes and informed the girl, “Amanda will have you on your knees in no time at all. I won’t reveal the amount but the salary will be high. As her personal assistant you will be expected to cater to her every need. Couldn’t help but notice that when you speak your tongue gets in the way. I have to tell you girl that when you talk and that long tongue of yours moves my pussy quivers and gets all wet. No doubt that you will have the same effect on Amanda but if you really want the job then you will have to put that tongue of yours to work. Are you ready to eat some black pussy?”

Heather answered, “Like I said before I am willing to do anything to get the job but I’ve never done that before. Will my lack of experience be an obstacle?”

Naomi smiled displaying her perfect white teeth and stated,”My dear girl sometimes experience can be bad if you haven’t learned correctly. To me there is nothing better than breaking in a straight girl and teaching her the proper way pleasure a woman. Don’t worry about a thing and just give it your all. Remember that all white women adore worshiping black pussy and with that tongue of yours I’m willing to wager that Amanda will hire you. If she wasn’t going to be here shortly it would be my pleasure to feed you my juicy cunt but if she walked in on us she would be angry as hell and that would hurt your chances. She should be here any time now and I will do everything I can to help you get the job.” Heather shyly thanked her.

Ten minutes later the stunning Amanda Jackson stormed through the door and snapped, “Naomi bring me a cup of coffee and what is the girl doing here?”

Naomi answered, “Yes Ms. Jackson right away. This is Heather Stone and she is here for the job.”

Amanda stated,”Very well. Permit me to enjoy some coffee and I will buzz you to send the girl in.”After Naomi brought her boss some coffee they waited several minutes before Amanda called and ordered, “Bring her in now.” Naomi led the nervous girl by the hand into Amanda’s spacious office. Amanda sat behind her huge desk as the two younger girls stood before her. Amanda was dark black, stood just over 6′, had huge breasts, and a big rear end. The thirty-three year old woman asked, “Tell me young lady why I should hire you. Do you have any experience?”

Heather was so intimidated by the authoritative black lady in the low cut red dress. canlı bahis The giant black globes threatened to pop out of the plunging neckline at any time as the woman stared at Heather intently waiting for a reply. To make matters worse Naomi had her hand on the white girl’s back and it slowly descended to her cute little ass. Heather was becoming increasingly aroused but managed to utter, “I ah don’t have experience but am a quick learner. I really need this job so please hire me.”

By now Naomi had her hand under the girl’s skirt and it was driving Heather crazy with lust. Amanda stood, opened the top of her dress and liberated her massive tits. The reaction from Heather was just what she desired. Wide eyed and opened mouthed all Heather could do was stare at the alluring ebony sex goddess in awe. Amanda stated,”It’s already been established that you have no work experience but do you know how to please a sexy woman? You need the job but in order to get the job you must satisfy all my needs. Surely with that tongue of yours women and girls have shown you what to do with it. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Heather mumbled, “I’ve been teased about my tongue but have never done anything up until now. You are stunning and I am willing to gladly serve you in any way that you desire. Your order is my command.”

The imposing black woman stated, “I like your answer girl. Now it’s time to put that tongue of yours to work. This is your audition so make it real good baby. Lets get naked and I’m going to sit on top of the desk. You haven’t been able to take your eyes off of my tits so you can start by sucking them and then work your way down to the prize. You may go now Naomi.”

The twenty year old black girl protested, “Please let me stay. I can keep her hot and horny so she will be able to please you all the better. I’m begging you please!”

Amanda relented, Oh alright, you have been playing with her and I suppose you have earned the right to play too. You two have become quite close in such a short time. When I walked in the office it looked like she was your girlfriend but she is going to be my submissive little cunt-lapping bitch and don’t you ever forget that she is mine and you are permitted to do only what I give you permission to do. Now get over here white girl and nurse on my tits. Naomi you can eat her out while she gives me pleasure.”

The three naked females assumed their positions Amanda hand fed her ebony jugs to the sucking white girl’s hungry mouth. After awhile she pushed the girl’s head down to her craving cunt. She couldn’t wait to feel that long tongue deep inside her. Heather marveled at the sight of the mature black woman’s fuming cunt. The swollen pussy lips, the forest of curly black pubic hair, and the aroma of the dripping pussy all worked together to fill her with carnal cravings. Naomi was fucking her pussy and ass with her tongue and Heather reached her first orgasm as she kissed her first pussy. Amanda commanded, “Hell yes girl. Chew on them pussy lips, stick your tongue up there as far as you can. Yesssssss! Suck! Lick! Fuck yeahhhhh. Drink my cum slut. Some ran down to my sweet ass so lick it all out. Yesssssss1 So fucking gooddddd. Hell yessss!Don’t stopppp. Ohhhhhhh.”

Saying she needed a short rest Amanda told Naomi she could sit on the girl’s face and experience that fantastic tongue. Watching her secretary ride her new assistant’s face turned her on all over again. She sampled some white pussy before standing in front of Naomi and feeding the younger black girl her needy cunt. Heather enjoyed the bald tan pussy almost as much as the black hairy one. She lost count of how many orgasms she had. She was lost in lust and loving it. Amanda announced. “That’s enough fun for now. Naomi get back to work and let me go over Heather’s duties with her.”

Heather shouted out with glee,”Does that mean I got the job? You won’t regret it Ms. Jackson I’ll give you my everything.”

Amanda chuckled and added, “With a tongue like that there is no way I could let you go. For your first time eating pussy you were simply divine. In no time at all you will be the finest cunt lapper the world has ever seen. Beside fulfilling my obvious needs you will be expected to help plan events and use your newly acquired skills on some of my clients. They are all female and mostly black. You my dear girl will be a deal closer. I want you to come home with me tonight and tomorrow Naomi is going to take you shopping. We will purchase many uniforms for you to wear. Different clients have varied desires so we will make you up to look like everything from a trashy slut to an innocent school girl. Get ready for the ride of your life baby and I’m sure you will enjoy it.”

Heather excitedly declared, “That sounds exciting but I promised my mom I would meet her at home to tell her the good news and find out how she made out.”

Amanda sternly stated, “Now look here child you will do as you are told. I am your boss and mistress and you will always obey bahis siteleri my every command. As soon as we have time I will buy you a new car of your choosing. Your salary will be $1500.00 weekly and you shall not want for anything. Don’t ever defy me again. You can call your mother from my place and then I have a big surprise for you.” Heather agreed never to question her mistress again.

The white girl was wide-eyed once more as they entered the driveway in Ms. Jackson’s spacious estate. A young black maid ushered them in the huge house. The house was breathtaking and so was the sexy maid .The authoritative black woman instructed the maid to bring them some imported champaign to the bedroom. Amanda showed the excited blonde her spacious bedroom with a king size round bed in the middle of the room. Amanda told the girl to get naked and call her mother before she gets her surprise. As the girl called her mom Amanda disrobed herself. Heather looked so disappointed so Amanda questioned, “What’s the matter baby? Look at my sexy body and smile girl. I hate to see you looking so sad.”

Heather covered the phone and stated, “Your scrumptious body is a welcome sight but my mom could not find work and is down in the dumps”

Amanda grabbed the phone and stated, “Don’t worry Mrs. Stone your daughter has a great job and I will make your house payments for you. Give me a few days and I will provide a position for you as well so don’t worry about a thing.” She then handed the phone to Heather as Carol was expressing her gratitude. Heather spoke briefly to her mother and was in a much better mood.

The maid entered the room with the beverage and smiled at the sight before her. Two naked women of different color, size, and shape. Amanda noticed the smile on her face and lust in her eyes and commented, “Thank you for the drinks and I know you would like to stay but not this time. Dee I would like you to meet Heather. Tonight we want to be alone but I’ve no doubt that you two would like to get to know each other better. Don’t worry Dee it will happen soon. Dee and Heather embraced and the maid left the room.

Amanda told the lovely white girl to get in bed on her back and to just enjoy. Heather squirmed and wiggled with delight as the amazing Amanda proceeded to devour her pink pussy with fervent passion. The young white girl squealed with pleasure as the sexy black bombshell sucked out all of the girl’s love juices. Then to her surprise Amanda strapped on an 8″ dildo and plowed right into the girl’s tight pussy. Amanda let the dildo slip out of the wet pussy and roughly stuffed it up her virgin ass. Heather screamed out in pain but soon the pain became pleasure and she felt her own body hump back at the invading dildo. Amanda declared, “Now you are my bitch. That’s it baby fuck back at my black cock and cum again.” The sexy black woman withdrew the dildo and put it to the girl’s lips ordering, “Suck my cock slut and taste your own pussy. I know how much you love tasting cunt so suck it clean slut.”

Amanda then hit the buzzer beckoning Dee. When Dee arrived Amanda said, “I’ve changed my mind Dee. My little slut loves black cunt so fucking much that I decided to give her a double treat. I’m going to get on my back and you can strip and get on top of me. That way the white slut can have a double decker black pussy treat. Heather you have two black cunts and two ass-holes to lick and suck so get to it bitch.” Heather licked and sucked the four holes with fervor. She was called nasty names and humiliated without mercy but to her own astonishment she totally loved it and reached yet another orgasm while eagerly satisfying the two demanding black women. When the three awoke in the morning Heather once again feasted on the horny black women without ever even being told. There was not a doubt that she really enjoyed gobbling up black pussy.

The next day Naomi took Heather shopping and bought a ton of clothing, makeup, lipstick, and fuck-me-pumps. They stopped at a lesbian bar on the way back to the office. They sat at the bar and Heather drew all kinds of attention in her new outfit. She was dressed as a street walker complete with too much lipstick and makeup. The patrons of the Black-Kitty-Club where of all colors but the staff were all black females. When the advances became too aggressive Naomi let them all know that Heather belonged to Amanda. They left without finishing their drinks before things got too out of hand. On the way back to the office Heather learned that Amanda owned the lesbian club a well. Naomi told her, “If anything had happened back there Amanda would be on the warpath and trust me we don’t want that. Hell it’s not easy for me not to molest you myself but that can only happen with the boss’s approval. Hopefully we can get together again very soon. I still get so fucking turned-on at the sight of your tongue and the thought of tasting your sweet pussy again is driving me insane. You are lucky to have this job but Amanda is extremely lucky to have you.” They lugged bahis şirketleri the fruits of their shopping spree from the parking garage to the office and were greeted by Amanda.

Amanda observed, “Heather you look so fucking sexy in that outfit. I have a client coming to my office in about an hour and you baby doll will seal the deal for me. Just watch, listen, and learn.” Amanda escorted Heather into her office and instructed Naomi to announce the arrival of Rhonda Brown. The tall black woman gave Heather a closer inspection and approved of the short skirt, no panties, thick lipstick and makeup, and told her that she made such a good looking little white slut.

The buzzer rang and Naomi told Amanda that Rhonda Brown was here to see her. Amanda said, “Please show her in Naomi.” Once Rhonda was in the office she was introduced to Heather and had a seat. Heather listened intently as they discussed how many videos Rhonda would purchase for her distribution company and at what price. They were going back and forth with offers and counter offers when Amanda stated, ‘That is as low as I am willing to go but my assistant here will make it well worth your while. She is prepared to use that extraordinary tongue of hers to take you on a fantastic trip to paradise. Sure beats haggling over a few dollars don’t you think? I know that you have a huge appetite for sex and my girl will satisfy every craving and yearning you have. Shall we all disrobe and let the party begin?”

Rhonda stood and said, “What the hell why not? I’m overheated just looking at the slut and you know damn well I noticed that tongue of hers right off. I could go elsewhere and save a little money but look at all the fucking fun I would miss.” As they disrobed Heather checked out the client and guessed her to be around fifty, medium height, flat chested but a big butt. No pubic hair but a tattoo with an arrow pointing down to her womanhood. She moved her finger beckoning Heather to come to her. Rhonda then announced, “Get on your knees slut and eat the fuck out on my juicy black cunt. Amanda you just watch us and play with yourself. I want this all to my self and to be honest I am paying for it.” Rhonda sat on the chair and spread her legs lewdly telling the white girl to get on her knees and eat it. Heather wasted no time diving right in and chowed down on the tasty treat offered to her. While eating away she inserted three fingers in the oozing slit and pumped madly. That was something she learned last night from Amanda. When the black woman shook with her orgasm her legs held Heather’s head in a vice grip and she could not breathe but was released just in time. As she left Rhonda said, “That was fucking great. We’ll have to do some more business again real soon. Goodbye for now.”

Amanda let Heather know she did a wonderful job and informed the girl that she was going to meet her mother tomorrow. They would go buy a car together for Heather, go to lunch, and take Carol to her new place of employment.

The next day Carol arrived at the office and the three of them were off for the day. First stop was at the Mercedes showroom and Heather excitedly picked out a red convertible. It was to be delivered at Amanda’s mansion at six- pm. They then went to the a fancy French restaurant, had wine and roast beef. Carol turned beet red when Amanda whispered in her daughters ear and then Heather’s hand went under the table. She was shocked at the disgusting display in a public place and with her own daughter but was afraid to speak up. Amanda noticed her reaction and taunted, “You see Carol that your slut daughter just can’t keep her hands off of my smoldering black cunt. Ever since she first tasted it she has been addicted. All white women were meant to service superior black women. Before saying something you will regret later let me remind you that I’ll take good care of Heather and you. Tomorrow I will pay your mortgage for you. When we leave here I’ll show you your new place of employment. I suppose we should go now.” Amanda took Heather’s hand from her flooding cunt and put the girl’s hand to her mother’s lips and made the totally embarrassed woman lick her daughters fingers clean. Heather was equally embarrassed.

They arrived at the Black-Kitty-Club and sat at the bar. Monica the manager came over to meet Amanda and was introduced to Heather and Carol. Amanda informed Monica that Carol was to be her new employee. Monica then invited them to come back to her office and fill out the application and get fitted for a cocktail waitress uniform. Amanda told them that she would meet them there after she ordered drinks. She told the bartender to spike the rum and coke. The spiked drink for Carol would make her relaxed and horny as hell. Amanda brought the drinks to Monica’s office and watched Carol carefully.

As Carol filled out the form she noticed movement out of the corner of her eye and was stunned to witness her loving daughter sitting on Amanda’s lap and nursing the huge ebony globes while the older black woman played with the girl’s pussy. Monica noticed her disapproving expression and told her, “That’s love for you. They just can’t wait to be alone. Kinda gets you all hot and bothered just watching them go at it don’t you think?”

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