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All BusinessMy job requires a lot of travel. I have to travel different places with coworkers for weeks at a time. My husband hates it and so do I. Most of the time I go with some girls right out of college. On this trip due to a mix up at the hotel we have to share a room. The two girls are about twenty four and very good looking. They went out one night to let off some steam. I stayed in the room to go to bed early. Well the girls came back but they were not alone. They were sneaking in and trying to be quite but being that they were all super drunk they made plenty of noise and woke me but I kept like I was sleeping. They only had a light on for minute then it was dark. I could see silhouettes as they proceeded to make out then fuck these guys. I laid there in the dark listening to the fuck noise getting super wet and horny. After some time I awoke thinking the visitors had left so I thought I would get up to pee. In the dark I made my way to the bathroom. Closing the door as quite as I could turning on the light and sitting to pee. I finished and stood up and stood before the mirror looking at myself thinking I was not bad ataşehir escort looking but I not as hot as those young girls. I was just starting to touch myself when the door opened and in walked this young man, naked. His cock was half staff and he seemed to not to mind me being there. I dropped my night shirt to cover myself as he peed. His body had no hair on it what so ever. And his toned, tanned body made me even more horny. He finished and turned to me and smiled. Then we kissed. I could smell pussy on his face and it made me want him even more. We kissed for a few seconds then he knelt down and started to eat me out as I leaned back against the vanity. I was a little worried as I was natural and the other girls were shaved but he seemed to be okay with it. I could not believe what I was doing but thought he would get me off and that would be the end of it and we go back to bed. I was really getting into this when the door opened and the other young man came into the room. He just smiled and started to kiss me and feel my boobs as the other young man continued to kartal escort lick my pussy. I could not believe what I was doing but could not stop. I grabbed the cock of the man kissing me. It was hard and smooth. I was just getting wetter and wetter and flying towards a much needed orgasim. Then all of a sudden the man eating me out stood and plunged his cock into me. I was going to protest and make him stop but my body wanted him to fuck me. His hard young cock felt so good deep inside me. Then he stopped and puled out. The other young man pushed his cock into me as the other man started to kiss me, I could smell my own pussy on his face. As the second man slow fucked me it occurred to me that I am standing in a bathroom fucking two men and I do not even know their names and they had just been fucking two girls earlier this evening. Then the second man pulled out of me and the first guy took over with a much harder faster pace. I was nearing my own orgasim as I felt his cock swelling. Then he made last thrust deep into me and I felt his cum flow into me as my own orgasim crashed pendik escort over me. I held him tight as my cunt swallowed up his juice. Then he pulled out of me. We looked each other in the eye and he whispered thanks. Then the other man pushed into me and started his fevered pace as the first man quietly left the room. As he pumped me cum covered my inner thighs and soaked my bush and ass. Then he came deep inside as I rolled off another orgasim. He pulled his softening cock from me and smeared the last few drops of his cum around my pussy lips and walked over to the toilet, pissed and left the room. I stood there looking down at my well fucked pussy, dripping, cum soaked pussy feeling amazed at what had just happened. I turned out the light and made my way back to my bed and laid there with the cum from two strangers leaking from my cunt and fell asleep. Next morning I awoke and the young men were gone. The girls woke and were very hung over. They asked if they woke me and I told them no. They told me about these guys they had met and brought back here and fucked but could not remember too much as they were so drunk. I told them I slept right thru it all. As they talked about the great fuck they had my gooey cum filled pussy tingled. I told them they should not be out having sex with men they do not know. They laughed at me and told to lighten up and then told me not to knock it till I try it. I can’t wait till the next time we share a room.

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